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"Hey, man," said Homeless Jack, "here's buncha stuff with implications for those of us who follow Arman's religion that I been wantin' to tell you about, but which I don't want to write no full columns on.

"In Florida, this week, a Jewish woman just got the Attorney General of the state to order her condo association to change their rules to allow her and all Jews to put Mezuzahs on their doorposts.  Mezuzahs are small cases with religious messages. 
"The director of the attorney general's civil rights division said 'We represent the public interest, which includes the right of all Jewish residents there now or in the future to display mezuzahs in accordance with their religion.'
"That ruling is important for Armanists because we are commanded to display versions of the spiral, including Arman's rounded swastika, on our doorposts and in other places as well.  We're also supposed to have these religious symbols with us at all times.  What's good for one religion is good for all. 
"Arman prefers that the symbols--swastikas/fylfots, spirals, circles be hand made and "crude" rather than being made on a machine. The specific form of the symbol is left pretty much up to the conscience or the believer.  The most devout often use the full-on swastika/fylfot design which looks similar to the Nazi swastika but is more rounded and has a central hub similar to a spiral galaxy. As I told you before, Armanists use the symbols in tattoos, on jewelry and in their homes.  The one on the doorpost is usually made of metal, is dark colored, and is often about the size of a silver dollar and is banged in with a nail.
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"I read this week that scientists studying dogs have  discovered that a small piece of regulatory DNA shuts off  a single gene, IGF-1, which is the blueprint for a protein that plays a role in growth. All dogs under 20 pounds have the piece of DNA that switches off growth.
"Also, did you know that dogs are genetically about 85% the same as humans, man?
"This 85% genetic sameness between humans and dogs just goes along with what Arman has been teaching for years.  He says that all things in existence, both animate and inanimate, are made from the same stuff, but that everything is also different because of the order of things.  See, DNA in dogs and plants and all living things that we know about, including humans, is the same four chemicals.  They're just ordered differently.  It's the same with different types of humans--races.  We're all the same, but we're all different.  That's what nature does to evolve things and cause them to adapt to survive. It causes constant tiny changes that have big differences.
"In our blender society today, the culture of genocide has taken over and people seem to want to destroy who and what they are by homogenizing themselves with all other humans.  Arman says that's evil and goes against God's laws.  Arman also says that we shouldn't believe the evildoers when they say that we should overlook differences between different types of people, because it is the differences, no matter how seemingly small, that are important.
"Did you get that, man?  It is the differences that are important, not the things that seem the same. And, the differences are to be made greater to follow God's plan of evolution.
"And, how does the God of all that is cause changes? By the spinning, man.  The whole of existence is full of spinning engines and spirals and circles and cycles and turnings. Stop the spinning and everything will flame out, man.  Nothing can exist without the spinning.
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"I also saw a photo this week of the spiral galaxy NGC 1672 taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.  It just reminded me that Arman says what we see in outer space, we also see within us right down to our DNA level.
"Everything is hooked into the spinning and spiraling, man.  Understand that, and you're on your way to understanding even more of God's plan.  What do you see when you look at a spiral galaxy, man?  You see a swastika.  You see God.  You see the engine of construction and destruction. You see what makes existence possible. Without the spinning, there would be nothing but darkness and non-existence. The spinning is the cosmic dance.

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