Lebanese casuality

by H. Millard © 2006

 "I saw an article in a newspaper this week, man, in which the writer says that Bush's real goal in Lebanon is to lessen the influence of Iran and increase the influence of the U.S. not only in Iran, but in the Middle East as a whole."

"So, isn't that about right?" I asked.
"Crap! Man, haven't you been listening to me all this time?  Sure, Bush wants to lessen the influence of Iran and increase the influence of the U.S., but that's just part of it. Goddamn, man. That'd be a little like saying a guy put on some nice clothes and combed his hair because he wants to look nice.  I mean, doesn't that beg the question about why he wants to look nice?  Same  thing with Bush. The question really is:  Why does he want to lessen the influence of Iran and increase the influence of the U.S. in the Middle East?"
"Because he wants peace in the world?" I offered.
"Whaddya think he is, a goddamn hippy? Look, man, this ain't no $ 64,000 dollar question. This don't require no real brain power.  Just connect up a few of the friggin' dots and it's right there like a paint by the numbers masterpiece.  I've said it a hundred times before.  Bush is a blender, man. Blender, blender, blender, blender, blender.  That's what motivates the guy. He and his blender pals are hiding it all right in plain sight, but most people are too stupid to see it.  Here's another clue, man.   Every time the Israelis kill a whole bunch of kids, Bush and Condoleezza Rice and the other blenders try to divert attention from the atrocity by gushin' about what they call a "tremendous opportunity to transform the Middle East." Here's what Rice said last week: "What we're seeing here, in a sense, is...the birth pangs of a new Middle East. 
"Baloney.  What we're seeing is the killing of a whole bunch of Arabs and other Muslims for no real reason.  Thinning them out.  Cutting down on their numbers. Decimation from the air, man.  Fewer breeders. And at the same time, we're seeing the blenders using positive reinforcement--read bucks under the table--to buy new Arab and Muslim "friends" to carry the blending message. It's carrot and stick stuff, man.
"What kind of Middle East do you think Rice is talking about?  I'll tell you man.  She's talking about blending the Middle East into a sort of U.S. but with more sand.  A place full of greedy Americanized oil barons. Gonna get those chicks outta them there robes and into thongs.  Make 'em into a buncha beach party bunnies for starters.  Get them all westernized, man.  Get them all drugged up with our music and our culture. Get 'em all divided and fragmented like they were before Muhammad came on the scene. Make them into consumers and mall denizens, man.  Convince them that what's really important in life is buying the latest style jeans or shoes.  Bring 'em outta the 8th Century and into the 21st Century where they can melt themselves away into the Tan Everyman like everyone else. 
"Look man, you gotta start with this basic axiom: Bush is a blender. This means that he wants to blend away distinct genetic peoples, distinct nations, and distinct religions.  He wants all humans to conform to what he thinks is best.  He wants to control the whole planet, man.  He's tryin' to take over the world for his vision. He's out to pablumize the world, man.  He wants conformity.  He wants one race, one nation and one religion.  It's no more complicated than that.  Differences cause conflicts, man, and he's trying to eliminate the differences that have been most involved in conflicts: race, nation, religion.
"Why the Middle East?  He's an opportunist.  That's just what popped up.  But, he's doing the same thing in other places.  Look at the U.S., man.  Bush is flooding the place with people who are different from those who have mostly built the place.  It's all part of the big blending of the planet.
"So, while the U.S. is letting Israel wipe out entire families and kill hundreds of little kids in Lebanon, and while Condoleezza Rice is shedding crocodile tears and mumbling the usual "war is terrible," crap but not stopping the Israelis from killing people, Bush and his other pals are pushing to homogenize us all in all possible ways. 
"You think the crap the Chinese are pulling in Tibet by trying to blend the Tibetans away, partly via a new rail line from China to bring in thousands, maybe millions of Chinese, is genocide, man?  You ain't seen nothin'.  I figure that's what Bush and the other blenders want to do with the whole planet.  I wonder how many numbnuts are buying the Chinese crap about wanting to help the Tibetans by connecting them up to the modern world?  It's probably the same ones who are buying Bush's crap about the Middle East and about immigration in the U.S.
"Keep your eye on Tibet, man.  It's a microcosm of what the blenders are doing.  The place is already filling up with Chinese.  When young Tibetans reach mating age, they'll look around and they'll find fewer Tibetans as possible mates and more Chinese.  Give it a couple of generations and all the Tibetans will be gone, man.

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