by H. Millard (c) 2003

I'm going to scream and shred a taco to smithereens if I hear one more numbnut, with an institutional or personal Genovese Syndrome or other neurosis, say that enforcing our immigration laws is a federal responsibility and that it is none of our business as (lowly) citizens of towns, counties, and states.

No, you jerks, it is our responsibility and it is our business! Let me scream that again: IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY AND IT IS OUR BUSINESS! Why? Because we are CITIZENS. This is OUR country. It is OUR home. We own it. We not only have a right to ensure that our country isn't invaded, it's our responsibility. Our country is being murdered before our eyes, and we have the responsibility to stop it. If we don't do it, no one will. Certainly, we can't rely on the vast majority of our foo foo politicians. Many citizens believe that too many of these politicians are craven and stupid self promoters who should be dragged out of their offices as their historic counterparts in France once were. Personally, when I see national politicians doing nothing about our immigration problems, and when I hear state and local political hacks say that immigration is a federal problem, I'm sometimes reminded of Kitty Genovese.

Winston MoseleyCatherine "Kitty" Genovese as young girlThirty nine years ago, Ms. Genovese was returning to her high rise apartment building in New York when a man attacked her with a knife in full view of 38 of her neighbors who heard her screams and who then watched from their windows as the attack progressed. Some watched the whole thing as though it was a sporting event. Not one of them called the police or tried to help Kitty. Over a period of 35 minutes, Kitty's killer returned three times to stab her some more to be sure she died. She finally did. When the 38 witnesses were later asked why they didn't do anything, they replied by saying things that indicated underlying attitudes that might be expressed as: "It wasn't any of my business," "I'm not the police," "I didn't want to get involved," "It wasn't my responsibility." Right. "Hey, it's the responsibility of the authorities. Why, people shouldn't take the law into their own hands." Those are the same stupid things that some people are now saying about illegal aliens.

There is also a seldom stated reason why many of the mostly white citizens watching Genovese's murder didn't get involved: Kitty was white and her attacker was non-white. For some whites, given the conditioning they have experienced in this nation, such a situation probably caused an approach/avoidance conflict that they couldn't resolve. They may have wanted to approach the situation to save Kitty, and probably would have, had the attacker been white, but, in this case, they also wanted to avoid the situation because the attacker was non-white. They may have feared, perhaps subconsciously, that their intervention might really be motivated by what society had been telling them was their inborn but often hidden racism (racism is defined here to mean racial hatred). Thus, some may have been psychologically paralyzed.

Hypnotized - "I am a racist chicken"The subconscious mind is very open and receptive to suggestion. Tell people that they are born racists long enough and many will internalize this as uncritically as a stage hypnotist's subject will internalize the belief that he or she is a chicken. Soon, these whites, who may otherwise be perfectly normal, become neurotic about race and treat it almost like a hidden birth defect or, like an original sin that they were born with. Thereafter, they often try to expiate this original sin of racism, that they think they have, by treating non-whites differently, usually better, than whites, and to give non-whites the benefit of the doubt. "Gee, maybe that woman down there who is being stabbed, had it coming. Golly, maybe she's a racist."

hear no racism, see no racism, speak no racismIn some cases, the whites who failed to act to save Kitty may have simply been afraid that others would see them as racists if they reported an attack on a white by a non-white, especially if it later turned out to be a simple domestic dispute of some type where the white wasn't really in danger. "You're just a racist. You reported this nothing argument because it was a black man and a white woman, right?"

Today, some of the hateful dopes who want open borders are trying to play on this white neurosis and fear by using the word racist and its progeny to cudgel citizens into silence. While this still works with the hopelessly neurotic, the terminally stupid, and the congenitally cowardly, it may actually be backfiring on the haters who have let the term drool from their flaccid lips and slack jaws with such regularity over the years that the term is starting to lose its sting among most good, decent, mentally healthy white people. At least it appears that many white people are speaking out on issues such as massive Third World immigration, and more and more aren't first timidly saying (in an attempt to head off the inevitable charge of racism with a preemptive denial), "Oh, I'm not a racist, this is about immigration, not race." Those who do try to head off the charge of racism this way are just telegraphing their internal sensitivity to the issue. This quickly tells the haters that charges of racism can be used to neutralize the person and hijack the issue of immigration.

At any rate, we need to reverse the Genovesing of America. Having a nice, safe, prosperous nation where citizens can pursue happiness should be every citizen's concern. Indeed, even on a more basic level, we, as human beings, have a responsibility to ensure that we and our families are safe, happy and prosperous. That's the whole reason for having nations--to serve the common good of the members of the nations--its citizens. If our nation doesn't ensure the safety and prosperity of its citizens so that they can find happiness, then why even have a nation? What use is it? We'd be better off in another nation or as lone individuals without the burden of being part of a nation that is dysfunctional and, in many cases, works against our own best interests. And, yes, the elites who are running America today really are making our nation a place that is working against the best interests of us.

"Elites"They're allowing the invasion of millions of Third Worlders. They're deindustrializing America. They're importing engineers to replace American engineers. They're sending billions of OUR dollars to foreign nations. What are these elites doing for us? Not much. Instead, they're treating us as though we are peasants who must do what these elites want.

Some will say that we are a complex society and therefore it is naive to believe that citizens should be responsible for their own well being as it relates to "national" issues such as immigration. I say, nonsense. In the first place, those who try to dismiss citizens with talk of complexity are either confusing complexity with size or are trying to diminish the role of citizens in our society. "Oh, golly Beaver, our betters are right. We're a complex society. We'd better leave everything to the grownups--the politicians." Baloney. In the first place, we don't have any betters. We are a citizen driven country. Secondly, America is no more complex than a small village where one guy makes shoes and trades them to another guy who makes arrow heads. Repeat that system millions of times with slight variations while factoring in logical permutations and those things that flow from that system and you have our society. It's all just simple elements repeated and repeated. Period. The basic elements and principles that are true at the neighborhood or town level are also true on the national level.

shoemakerSome people might be confused about our role as citizens because we have delegated certain of our authority to others to protect and serve us--a simple division of labor (shoes and arrowheads, again). However, we have not, and never can, delegate our responsibility to others or groups of others. We are always, at all times, in all ways, responsible for our own safety and for our own prosperity or lack thereof. If we make arrowheads and have delegated our authority to another to make our shoes, and if he fails to make our shoes, are we simply to go shoeless? Of course not. If he fails us, then we have to make our own shoes.

Again, in our society, we have only delegated our authority, not our responsibility, to those who govern. They are our shoemakers. It is a fool who thinks that the federal authorities, local police, or anyone else has been given the responsibility by us to act in our stead. We can not give responsibility. We have only given them the authority that we possess, and we may take it back if they fail us. This same principle of delegating authority extends out in ever widening circles beginning with us as lone individuals, then to our families, then to our neighborhoods and finally to the whole nation. Unfortunately, as our delegation of authority extends out, it is only natural to feel more isolated and confused about the principle, which, again, is: We can delegate authority, but we can't delegate responsibility.

Invasion!President George W. Bush  celebrates victory over Iraq May 1, 2003So here we are. We've delegated the authority to protect our borders to the federal government. In exchange we're paying taxes and doing other things. We're upholding our part of the bargain, but the feds are failing us. They're leaving us shoeless. Our federal officials, from George Bush on down, are not wisely using the authority that we gave them to protect us. We have laws and we have borders. We want the former enforced and the latter protected. Is Bush doing either? Nope. Figuratively speaking, we are a nation of Kitty Genoveses being attacked and murdered on the streets by illegal aliens, while our elite politicians look out their windows and do nothing all the while telling us that we should leave immigration control to the federal government. Well, the friggin' federal government isn't doing what it's supposed to be doing. I know that isn't a revelation to anyone with any half-bright level of consciousness of what's going on in this nation, but it needs to be repeated over and over again. President Bush and his pals, would rather send our soldiers to protect the borders of Iraq than to put them on our own borders to protect our borders for the citizens of this country. They would rather send our tax money (more than $87 billion, remember) over there to benefit citizens of a foreign nation than using it right here to help us. This stinks. This is obscene and it has to stop. However, when citizens complain we are given neo-let-them-eat-cake types of answers.

neighborhood watchCitizens need to start taking personal responsibility for this nation just as they do when they join neighborhood watch groups and report suspicious activity. America was built on citizen involvement, but many citizens seem to have forgotten this. Citizens should be reporting illegal aliens just as they report other suspicious persons. Of course, the problem with this is that President Bush and his administration aren't on the side of citizens of the U.S. They treat us as though we are poor, dumb relatives who they can just smile at and dismiss with sweet nothings as they change the subject away from illegal immigration.

city council meetingCitizens can't afford to just sit back and wish and hope that the political hacks will fix things. We can no longer just whine and call into conservative radio programs. However, it's just not practical to take up arms to try to defend the border in the present political climate. There are too many slimy haters who will try to create incidents making the armed citizens look like whack jobs, and the government won't back up these citizens against illegal aliens and their supporters. However, if we ever get a government that is responsive to the needs of citizens and if the "government of the people" (what a difference that would be from our present government) ever does call for armed citizens on the border, then you'd see the flow of illegal aliens into this nation stop almost immediately.

city council meetingOf course, the reality is that we're not going to get a government of the people until we take back our government. So, what can powerless ordinary citizens do? First, they can stop thinking that they are powerless ordinary citizens. Then, they can start getting themselves into politics by running for office. Yup, as distasteful as that may sound to some citizens, that's the way you get power. In the past, when some on our side of this issue have tried to get into office, they have often run for very high offices that they didn't have a chance of winning. Also, many ran campaigns on one issue: stopping illegal immigration. This was and is a mistake.

city council meetingNow we need to get realistic, and we need to start moving into positions where we can fix this broken country. The place to start is with city governments. Immigration activists need to start getting themselves on the many city committees that all cities have. They also need to start regularly attending city council and planning commission meetings to learn how things work and to network with others who regularly attend these meetings. Then, they need to start running for their local city council. City council seats are winnable for good candidates who are pragmatic and who have some political instincts and who tune into the discontent that they are sure to find in their communities on a number of different issues. The campaigns are also relatively inexpensive. Candidates shouldn't run from the illegal alien issue, but that should only be one part of a winning campaign--perhaps not even the main part--that should be rounded out with other local issues.

If we want to win, we have to be smarter than the other side and we need to have political power.

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