Rabbi Friedman and President Ahmadinejad

by H. Millard © 2006

Join us now, dear readers, for news from a backward planet caught in a strange time warp created by ignorance and bigotry. 

"World leaders  condemned a conference that just took place in Tehran, Iran attended by science revisionists who say that the sun and not the earth is the center of the solar system."
"A leader of [formerly Great] Britain called the conference 'shocking.'  'It's beyond belief,' he continued."
"'If you're going to invite Galileo Galilei, the head of a group that denies that the earth is the center of the solar system, to a conference in Tehran, then what further evidence to you need to have that the Iranian regime is extreme?' said a world leader."
"'The conference in Iran was sickening and shows the depths of the hatred,' said another world leader."
"It is a crime to deny that the earth isn't the center of the solar system in a dozen European countries, and deniers and questioners of this truth are in prison for their hatred.
"Two professors attending the conference who have been jailed in Europe for questioning whether the earth is the center of the solar system said that not only is there is no proof that the earth is at the center of the solar system but there is proof that the sun is actually the center of the solar system and the earth is just orbiting around it.
"That statement was greeted with disbelief by world leaders who condemned such hatred.  'This is an outrage,' said one world leader.  'These haters are using scientific jargon to justify their hate.  They should be in jail.'"

Welcome to the new Dark Age.  The above statements with the obvious changes of a few words here and there, to make a point, just shows how far into ignorance and hatred the world really has fallen. 
Sadly, those statements above are pretty much what was said by various so-called world leaders, not about a previous Dark Age "fact" that we were all supposed to know and shouldn't question, but about a present Dark Age "fact" that we are all supposed to know and which we shouldn't question--on penalty of jail--in many so-called modern Western countries.
And, of course, the above statements, in their original form, are about the just ended Holocaust conference in Tehran, Iran.
Galileo was thrown in jail for repeating the fact of science discovered by Copernicus that the sun is the center of the solar system.  Today, in Europe, several people who have questioned the Holocaust have received the same treatment as Galileo.  Some progress. Some advancement.  Some modern world.
If you're not disgusted about what some so-called world leaders are saying about those who simply want to study an historic event--to use their human brains to think and discuss--then you just don't understand real ignorance, bigotry and hatred and you should probably look up the word "freedom," to firmly fix it in your mind so you can withstand the onslaught of the hateful and anti-intellectual propaganda that demands we close our minds and silence our voices.
One news report was especially telling about the reaction to this conference--but it takes us off in a slightly different direction, albeit one that is worth taking--when it reported that "The conference drew especially sharp condemnation in Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel said her country repudiated it ' with all our strength.'"
So, are you wondering why the conference drew especially sharp condemnation in Germany?
Go beyond the glib answer that the German people (and, most of them now alive weren't even born during the Holocaust) somehow share a collective guilt over an historic event that this very conference and many scholars around the world question. 
Go instead, to a more important issue for the survival of our people that is related to this in a direct but almost invisible way.
Go to thinking about the way the Native Americans were driven down psychologically so that they almost disappeared from America and felt worthless and devoid of life. A whole people feeling like whipped curs, all slinking off into extinction.
Go instead to thinking about how fragile the human mind can be and how easily it is to manipulate it into feeling despondent so that death and extinction look like good choices.  For example, the other day, according to news reports, a teenager shot himself to death because his parents were upset with him. My guess from what I read is that he felt that he had let them down. This destroyed his sense of self-worth and caused him deep psychological pain that needed to be removed. Death was his way out.
What works on one mind, can work on many minds. The same sense of worthlessness and despair can be burned into the subconscious of millions of people. And it has been.
Go instead to a people with a collective death wish and sense of worthlessness because they have been brow beaten into thinking that they did something (even though they weren't even alive then) that  parent figures disapprove of.
And, the parent figures, in this case, are so-called world leaders and others who constantly brow beat the  indigenous German people about the Holocaust and treat the event, no matter what actually happened, as somehow different and more important from all other similar events in world history so that no one can even discuss it critically as they might discuss, say, the American Civil War.
Go instead to modern Germany, a nation on the brink of national suicide as its birth rate is well below replacement levels and some of its so-called leaders are saying that it has to allow in millions of Third World immigrants in order to prop up the country and ensure that the aging indigenous German population will have people to take care of them in their dying days.
Go instead to the modern madness of thinking that genes don't matter and that people are fungible so that if these twenty indigenous Germans die off and are replaced by these twenty people from the Third World that all will be the same and "our nation" will survive.  Our nation?  Nonsense.  A nation is its people and a people is its genes.  Change the genes and you change the people and you don't have the same nation at all.
Seemingly little things can upset the human psyche  and give an entire people a sense of despair and a feeling that life isn't worth living.  Once a people feels that way, bringing new life into existence is seen as a bad thing.  Despair does not breed a lust for life and does not stoke the reproductive furnaces of a people.  It causes them to hate themselves and those like them and want to disappear into a hole in the ground..
What do I mean about seemingly little things that can cause despair and self-hate?  Well, for example, in Germany you can be thrown in jail for raising your arm the wrong way or for reading or owning the wrong books.  The nation of Germany is in an induced coma and a national state of malaise.  It has become a nation that no longer values life and the things of life but has substituted artificial values for what is real and lasting. Germans don't want to make more of themselves.
Import millions of Third Worlders to man the factories and Germany looks prosperous on paper, but in reality it is being hollowed out and destroyed where it really matters--in its flesh and blood.
Switch now from Germany to the U.S. for a further example of how nutty things have gotten. Dana Parino a White House spokesperson said the following. Note that I've put some words in bold  and underlined them for ease in my further comments:
"This gathering of Holocaust deniers in Teheran is an affront to the entire civilized world, as well as to the traditional Iranian values of tolerance and mutual respect. The United States will continue to support those in Iran and elsewhere who seek to promote human rights and dignity, and will stand with them in their efforts to overcome oppression, injustice and tyranny."
If anyone wanted another clue about why the U.S. is hated around the world, just reread that above statement that is so goofy that it wouldn't pass muster among a group of intelligent fourth graders.  It's Orwellian.
The United States will continue to support those...who seek to promote human rights and dignity and will stand with them in their efforts to overcome oppression, injustice and tyranny?" 

  We will? Then why aren't we supporting the human rights of those who are exercising their free speech rights to discuss an historical event? Why aren't we standing with those who are doing no more than searching for the truth?
And, what about supporting the dignity of human beings to use their brains to think and speak freely?
What about standing with those who want to overcome the oppression of those who are being thrown in jail for even questioning some facts of the Holocaust?
What about standing with those who want to overcome the injustice and tyranny of being denied their basic human rights to think and speak freely about the world around them and about an historic event?
Look, the real hate is coming from those who would deny human beings the right to investigate and talk about science and  historic events and all other things that surround us in existence.
Such haters are little different from those who lived during Galileo's day and they're little different from those who forced physicians to sneak around in the night stealing cadavers in order to learn how the human body works.
Truth is truth and humans have a right to discover it, to study it, to think about it, to talk about it, to write about it. Humans are curious by nature and to deny them their nature is wrong. 
Why shouldn't people discuss the Holocaust?  What is there to hide?  If events happened as we've been told by the establishment leaders of this planet, then no problem.  Why don't they want people to even talk about it?
If the Holocaust  happened as portrayed, open discussion should lead to the truth.  And, if it is not as portrayed, open discussion should also lead to that truth. Is that what some are afraid of? They don't want to know that the earth isn't the center of the solar system, so to speak, because this would upset their gingerbread-like false world view?
It's time to end the Taliban like control on our minds that we see in the West and not let ourselves be forced to live in a Dark Ages view of reality.
This is the twenty-first century, not the sixteenth.
Did six million Jews die as portrayed?  Were the so-called gas chambers large enough to accommodate so many people?  Were the ovens large enough to burn so many bodies?  Was there really a plan to kill so many people in the manner portrayed?  These and many other questions are legitimate and open to discussion.
What world leaders should be condemning is the attempt to cut off debate by human beings about such things. To stifle free thought and free speech about an historic event is to surrender to hatred and bigotry and is to enslave the human mind.
Yes, debate the Holocaust.  Yes, bring out the facts.  Yes, let's see scientific proof.  No, don't tell us that someone died during the Second World War and expect us to just accept that they died as part of some major six million kill off.  Give us the facts.  Of course people died.  We all know that.  But, what are the facts about their deaths? The truth does no dishonor to those who were killed and may lead to an appropriate remembrance of them as once living human beings.
If the Holocaust is proven to be as portrayed, then Jews and Israel will receive more sympathy from the world from all decent people who are opposed to genocide and the killing of other human beings.  If it is not as portrayed, then there should be worldwide condemnation about such a big lie.
How easy is it to manipulate people's minds?  Go no further than to polls that show that many reasonably intelligent people still believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that we were right in invading that sovereign nation and that we were and are justified in all the deaths that we have caused and still are causing.
Let the light shine from the mind of intelligent people on all of history and on all of science and on all human events and let no human being tell another human being that they can't seek the truth, think the truth, speak the truth. 
The truth is the truth. Let us all seek it. Let us all think it.  Let us all speak it. And, let us all reject those who seek to hide it or intimidate truth seekers. Follow the truth fearlessly and let the chips fall where they may.

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