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'white' redskinAmerican history books are full of accounts of white missionaries who went to the Wild West and opened Indian schools to "help" the Native Americans...screeeech...wait a minute, screw that Native American stuff... Indians may be a more descriptive term since it may be that whites are the friggin' real Native Americans if Kennewick Man's bones are any clue.

Anyway, the help given by these neurotic goody-two-shoe whites was to force the Indians to have white style haircuts, wear white style clothes, take on white religious beliefs, and in all ways be red-skinned white people.

These white missionaries were praised for their compassion and for their personal sacrifices in helping the downtrodden red-people and were held up as being wonderful, kind people.

I have a different take on this. I think many of those white missionaries shouldn't have been praised, but should have been condemned as the nutcases that they were and locked up in the nearest looney bin. Many of these creeps had inadequate personalities and were Noblesse Oblige Racists with neuroses that I call Lord Jim Complex, Great White Mother Complex and Great White Father Complex.

The modern day versions of these kooks are still with us and you'll see them popping up like toadstools in manure whenever there is a real or imagined hate crime against a non-white (note that such hate crimes are often proved to be hoaxes) or to defend illegal aliens (so long as the illegal aliens are brown).

You can also sometimes see these neuroses displayed in the media as these nutcases complain, while inadvertently giving a classical example of the principle of psychological transference, that those who want our laws on immigration enforced and our borders protected, are racist. The new Indians for these nutcases are illegal alien Latinos who have pushed out blacks for this exalted status among the white crackpots.

Oftentimes, we too easily dismiss these neurotics as "bleeding heart liberals."

While this expression "bleeding heart liberals" is useful for conversational shorthand, it misses the real reasons that have led to this so-called bleeding heart condition and makes it appear that individuals who are thus described have made a conscious political decision to believe this way. In reality, their political beliefs are often just the tip of the iceberg of the neuroses buried in the dim recesses of their tiny brains.

Here are some (I think I invented these terms, but I can't guarantee it) quick definitions of some relevant terms about this:

NOBLESSE OBLIGE RACISM: A subconscious belief among some "anti-racist" or aracial white people that white people are superior (in a parent to a child way) to non-white people and that because of this, superior whites must treat non-whites as little children or pets and that whites must overlook negative things done by non-whites that would never be overlooked in their fellow "superior" whites. In other words, just as we wouldn't expect a child to act like an adult, these Noblesse Oblige Racists don't expect non-whites to act like fully functioning human beings who are responsible for their own actions and welfare. Noblesse Oblige Racists believe that non-whites must be carefully taught by whites and treated with parental kindness by the superior and wiser whites. "Daahling, the poor non-white dears can't help themselves. After all, they're not white." Paradoxically, the Noblesse Oblige Racists who, remember, subconsciously believe that whites are superior to non-whites, are often also full of racist hatred toward themselves and other whites.

Under this general heading of NOBLESSE OBLIGE RACISM we find the following sub-complexes:

"Lord Jim"LORD JIM COMPLEX: See the movie Lord Jim for a good example of this. Those with this complex seek meaning in their otherwise meaningless lives by saving "childlike non-white natives" from evil white people. Their reward is in being looked up to by the natives as a Christ-like figure. They are usually fallen people seeking individual redemption or are misfits in white society. They often seem to have a strong thread of masochism in their personalities. They would like nothing more than to be hoisted on the shoulders of smiling, shirtless, child-like natives and be carried through the dusty village streets after somehow saving the natives from evil whites.

GREAT WHITE MOTHERS AND GREAT WHITE FATHERS: The GWMs and GWFs are similar to the Lord Jim types, but they are often not as fallen and are not seeking the same type of individual redemption. These are the ones who might remind you of PTA types.

The GWMs and GWFs often state that all people are the same under the skin--which, to them, really means we are all white people under the skin. However, their subconscious belief is that because some inner white people were born with the "birth defect of non-white skin" that their inner whiteness can't find expression because evil people who were born with white skin don't like those with such birth defects and shun and discriminate against them as though these non-white people have some horrible disfiguration that makes one want to look away. And, because of this shunning--this racism--these non-whites have higher crime rates and lower school scores and more social dysfunction.

The GWMs and GWFs look for signs of this shunning and discrimination with a hyper sensitivity that would make a bloodhound's nose seem insensitive by comparison. Thus do these GWMs and GWFs find signs of white racism under every bed.

Many of the GWM's and GWF's are childless and will often adopt non-white babies over white babies in order to get that internal feeling that relieves the tensions they have in their inadequate personalities. Think cat ladies but with people instead of cats.

Going even deeper might reveal that some, if not all, GWM'S and GWF's might be suffering from a version of Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy.

MSP is a neurosis in which a parent will injure a child, often with poisons, in order to make the child sick. The real intent is not to harm the child, per se, but to make the child sick so the parent can take care of the child and show deep concern and receive attention for the parent's sacrifice and selflessness in helping the child. There are many cases of this where children are constantly sick or suffering from a wide variety of unrelated illnesses or injuries all caused by the parent.

SELF-HATING WHITES: Some of these self-haters are similar to the categories above but have more pronounced guilt complexes which are often based on imaginary guilt. These are an in the closet sub-species of the type of people who regularly show up at police stations to confess to any high profile crimes that have recently been reported. A murder? They confess. A fire? They confess. You name it and they'll confess to it.

Other self-hating whites have less severe neuroses than the type immediately above. These are the ones who go along to get along and who have a strong need to be accepted and who follow the status quo no matter what it is. These ones have internalized a broad societal neurosis that is similar to the one that was at work among black self-haters before Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat. You may recall that when Parks refused to give up her seat, and after it was widely reported, many blacks made fun of her and called her names. These self-hating blacks were similar to many of our present self-hating whites who now call conscious whites names when these conscious whites refuse to give up their "seats" to non-whites and who have a healthy attitude about race.

"professional help"Hey Noblesse Oblige racist neurotics! We see you. Go get professional help for your personal inadequacies and problems and stop pretending that your mental aberrations are anything but what they really are. You may think that you can hide your hatred of white people behind your white skin and smarmy attitudes, but more and more whites are seeing you for the crazies that you truly are.

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