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"You know, man, my religion isn't stupidly dogmatic as some other religions are, and it's based on the truths of science which are revealed by God in an unfolding evolution as we struggle to understand.

"Some religions are based on things that are anti-science and are thus anti-God, yet they think they're about God."

"And, your point is?" I asked, knowing that Jack might now go off in any of a thousand different directions.

"Well, I was thinking about the nature of man and why there are different races and all that and about God's plan for us. I mean, white people are different than any other people on the planet and we're a very small minority. I've seen it written that we're only about 8% to 10% of the humans on the planet. We're the minority on this brown planet, man. We're the ones who are in danger of dying off. We're the ones who can be swamped with alien genes. We're also the next step up for man.

"We evolved from the others and so long as we follow Arman's religious teachings we'll continue to evolve ever higher. We don't buy that stuff that we didn't evolve. We did. We started off as inert chemicals and we moved ever higher through many different levels of evolution. We have a million mothers and billions of branchings.

"Scientists now think that about 200,000 years ago, a woman was born in Africa who became the "mother" of all subsequent humans. This doesn't mean that she was different than those around her, but it does mean that, for whatever reason, her genes became the ones that went forward. It doesn't even mean that her genes were the best. It just means that her genetic line survived and spread out, while some others didn't. It may be that she was just lucky and didn't die from various accidents or diseases before she had a chance to breed. Had fate been different, she might have died off and it would have been a different woman. Scientists say they know about this, because we all have a part of this woman's mitochondrial DNA inside us.

"Some whites might be upset by this, but Armen aren't. We can accept that, because we know that we also have much in common with even lower animals and plants and minerals and sub-atomic particles and all the rest. Hey, we're in this universe and we are made of the stuff of this universe. Arman teaches that most of the differences are because of the order of things, not because they are fundamentally different. It's back to the spiral and the Big Shuffler in the sky, man. We also know that there is a constant branching off and we have our eyes on struggling to branch off more and more so that we move ever higher as God wishes.

"And, if that out of Africa theory is thrown out as scientists discover new things; no problem. We can accept the new one also. We can accept all that true science discovers and teaches, because that's the same stuff that we teach. See, we're not bound by false ideas and our religion isn't dependent on lies. Our religion is natural and true and it accepts what is natural and true. Nature is as nature is. One of our struggles is to try to read nature and understand it and live as part of it, for that way lies God. However, don't get the idea that we're a bunch of do your own thing hippies traipsing around the fields and woods, man. That's part of it, but that's not what we usually mean when we speak of nature in this way. By nature, we mean all the processes and natural laws of the universe, seen and unseen. Also, our religion is revealed and its revelations are the absolute truth, directly from God. They must be believed and obeyed. We do what God wants us to do. God, as He really is, and as He reveals himself to us, is not anti-nature. Those religions, for example, that are anti-sex and which teach that sex is evil, are, themselves, evil. Sex was engineered by God so we would be sort of self-replicating carriers of His Essence and so that we would multiply as much as possible and struggle to be the dominant genotype and phenotype.

"Some scientists now think that about 65,000 years ago, some of the people who were descended from this woman, who I just mentioned, started moving further and further afield and spreading out over the whole earth. And as they did so they evolved and branched in different ways to adapt to different conditions.

"Anyway, these scientists now think that about 40,000 years ago, some of the people arrived in Europe. They had left Africa and in a relatively short time branched off from what they had started out as and became something new. Back then, before man's ability to control his environment, humans were subject to their environment and had to evolve to feel comfortable in different surroundings. And, remember, Arman says that all living things have a will to comfort. They try to avoid those places and things that make them uncomfortable and they go to and experience those things that make them comfortable. So, as humans gradually moved north, seeking comfort, their genes started changing them inside and outside so that they'd be comfortable in changing conditions. You probably wonder why they didn't just stay where they were when they found comfort, right? I mean, why did they keep moving? First, they mainly moved for food. Second, comfortable doesn't just mean being physically comfortable. It also means that one must be psychologically comfortable. Third, as Arman teaches, all is struggle and the struggle is built into us if we are mentally healthy. It is natural for us to struggle. This means, in part, that we're never comfortable in one place for long, we must make other places, our places. We must conquer, as surely as a cat must play with a mouse. It is our instinct. Fourth, some of us are just more comfortable when we're moving and exploring and seeing new things. Remember, Arman also teaches that we have a need to fill our senses. We want to experience and see and feel new things. And, this is good. Maybe one of our genetic characteristics is that we have some sort of racial ADHD.

"The lack of mass transportation which kept others from mixing in with the people as they traveled, the isolation, natural selection, genetic drift and other factors caused the people to genetically adapt to less sunlight and colder temperatures as they moved north. Their skin got whiter and whiter to let in more sunlight. It also got thinner, for the same reason. That's why whites bleed so easily. In other words, we were a people in the process of becoming a new people.

"We were well on our way to becoming a separate species and having an even greater divergence from the others. Then, we invented the modern world. This was our destiny and it is not something to be eschewed, but we need to understand the negative aspects of the modern world and how contact with others, that has been made possible with our invention, defiles God's Essence. Our modern world is being used against us by evil doers who hate us and who want to destroy us. It is not our way to pretend we have not thought the great thoughts and that we haven't invented the things that we have invented or that we haven't discovered the secrets of the universe that we have been allowed to discover. We need to know, that what we think and what we invent are often used by the others and we need to compensate for this in order to survive as a people and to keep evolving until we really do become a separate species incapable of interbreeding with the others. This is our highest destiny. This is what God wants, and if we follow his revelations, He will help us. This is our Struggle. And, remember, Arman says that there are secrets in His words and symbols. Take understanding from this.

"Many of our people can't see the truth and they're breeding with the others and they have stopped evolving. Now, they are devolving. They are being pulled down so that they are becoming the others. They have chosen poorly and they have offended God. They will no more be of the people and they shall return to Africa in their blood. By mating wrongly, these evil ones are removing the characteristics of the people from their family lines and they are destroying their family lines. They are a contraction not an expansion.

"They were bubbles arising from but floating above the seething mass. Now, through their own evil actions they are being sucked back down into the mass and eventual non-being and non-existence. They are moving back to being inert chemicals. They are returning to Mammy.

"The destiny of believers is different. We are moving toward ever higher consciousness and awareness. We are moving in accord with the wishes of God, through the aid of the spiral. We are being sorted out so that we may branch off and become a new people closer to God. That is the purpose of our lives, and it is the purpose God has set for those who struggle. We are the beginnings of the new people. It will be our genetic material that will go forward, God willing."

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