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The world continues to get nuttier and nuttier and whites continue to be persecuted and attacked all over the planet because they're white or because they know they're white or because they speak out on matters that they're not supposed to speak out about--yeah, there is a strain of whites who are generally known for having questioning minds and big mouths and we're known for speaking out. That's why we came up with most of the world's concepts of individual freedom.  

There are those among us, however, who just don't want others to think freely, speak freely and be free. They want us all to conform to their ideas. Just question the historical event called the Holocaust in some European nations and you'll go to jail.  Yup.  That's the same Europe that many of our white forefathers fled in order to be free.  It's no freer now than it was a couple of hundred years ago. The problem is that those who truly believe in freedom are mostly lone individuals--one almost must, by definition, be a lone individual to be truly free--and these independent minded lone individuals don't organize themselves to protect their interests very well, while the bigots, being a conformist lot, are better organized and can thus carry the day far too often. Maybe it's time for the lone individuals to adapt to changing conditions and start organizing.
Yes, the old flatworld bigots are still with us but now they'll tell you that they're enlightened and golly, had they lived in the past, why they never would have attacked anyone for saying the world was round or that the earth wasn't the center of the solar system, but you see, this new stuff, this questioning of the Holocaust, why this is different.  Sure it is.  Nope. It's the same thing.  Humans have brains to think and question.  They should be allowed to do so. Stopping them from doing so robs them of their humanity and is nothing less than tyranny and the worst form of bigotry. 
But, the U.S. is on the same downward slide as Europe. In this country, if you're white and you try to defend yourself against non-whites attacking you, there's a presumption that you hate non-whites and you're the one who may be arrested.
Bill O'ReillyAnd, it's worth emphasizing that those who are doing the most harm to whites around the world are often other whites who refuse to let whites be whites. Look no further than  Bill O'Reilly of Fox News who attacked a group of high school whites for wanting to have their own rite of passage for their own people--a senior prom--that the whites paid for themselves. O'Reilly was upset that the white students didn't want to have a mixed prom--an event that is really a courting ritual for students who are about to enter the adult world and get married and begin having children. 
There's no use, here, in cataloguing all the attacks on whites and on white ways and white views. Such attacks are all around us.  There really is a massive attempt to break down white identity and force whites to blend themselves away. Call it what it is: genocide. The world is so mad that this desire on the part of many whites to be as they are and to continue their family lines as they are is twisted by the anti-white genocidists and is called hate by them in order to browbeat more whites into submitting to the blender.
This type of blending genocide isn't new.  It was tried against the Jews in many nations and it failed to eradicate all Jews, but the weakest disappeared into the lumpen gene pool.  It was tried against the Gypsies and it failed to eradicate all Gypsies, but the weakest among them disappeared into the lumpen gene pool. And, its been tried against many other peoples. 
 Will the blending fail with whites?  Truly it will fail with whites who have strong minds and a strong sense of who and what they are and who understand that they have a right to exist as a distinct people.  Whites who do not have these things will disappear into the lumpen gene pool.  It's the way of nature for our species.  One has to have a strong survival instinct and proper ideas or one will not survive.
Most whites who believe that their genotype and phenotype should be preserved, don't hate anyone.  They just want to be left alone to pursue happiness and their destiny as they see fit. They like themselves and their people and want them to survive.
Anyway, there were a couple of pretty clear examples of just how nutty and how anti-white our society has become in the news recently.
Some time ago I wrote about the attack on three white girls by a gang of blacks in Long Beach, California. If you didn't read my column, no matter, it was also written about by others.  The blacks threw things at the girls, knocked two of them to the ground, broke about a baker's dozen bones in one girl's face and knocked one of her eye balls out of kilter. 
The blacks were caught and put on trial and were subsequently convicted of various crimes with hate crime enhancements. 
This week the sentence was read.  Not one of the blacks will go to jail.  They've all been given probation and  "house arrest" for sixty days, which, in this case, means that they can go to school each day, but they can't take part in sports and they have to stay in the house from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.
You probably thought hate crimes were punished pretty severely, right?  Well, that's only if you're white and you attack a non-white.  If you're non-white and you attack whites, no problem. The Long Beach case is just the latest example of the double standard.
Not convinced that there's a double standard?  Well, stay with me.
About two weeks ago, in a city about 20 miles from Long Beach, a white guy was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison for his hate crime.  Must have been a pretty bad crime right?  You decide.  Here's what the white guy did. He spat on a black guy who was in a wheelchair and called him some racial names.  The black guy was not otherwise harmed. 
So, if you're black you can almost kill three white girls and you don't do any time, but if you're white and you spit on a black, you go to jail for almost three years.
Nutty, nutty, nutty. 

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