(or, Here's the frequency Kenneth)
by H. Millard (c) 2005
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"When you see a white married to a non-white, there you see a white person who is insulting God and all other whites, and who has broken one of God's most important law for us," said Homeless Jack. "You're also seeing a person who has broken a genetic line going back to the time before history was recorded. Just like that, the line has been snapped and that particular white line has been wiped out. Kaput. Gone. Extinct. Contact with God is now no longer possible for this line as it was before, and their names are automatically struck from the books of the people.

"Our bodies really are temples and they must not be defiled. God is within us as well as outside of us. Those who mate outside the race are destroying the temple. Let me explain this another way. I've told you this before: Whites have Essence. They get it just by being born white. It comes with their genes. But, it's kind of like the ghost in the genes or something. It's one of those unexplainable mysteries that only God truly understands. Essence exists only because of the white genes. Without this particular bouquet of genes, it can't be. It's a contradiction in terms. But, it's more than just about genes.

"Essence is the receiver and broadcaster connecting us with the frequency of God. The purer the genes are, the better the Essence is, and the stronger the potential frequency. With the right belief and right actions, the Essence lets us tune into God or nature almost as though we're tuning into a radio station. Armanism teaches how to find the right frequency. It's the manual on how to twist the right knobs and push the right buttons. When we pray, and if we have right genes, right belief, and right actions, our prayers are sent to God. There are things magical and weird in this, man, and we're the only people who have the keys.

"This Essence we are privileged and humbled to carry is passed down to our offspring through our seeds if we are male and through our eggs if we are female. Our seeds and eggs don't belong to us. They belong to God. We're their carriers. We are the hosts of the God within. We are His steeds. Our duty is to preserve and protect our eggs and seeds and to have them bring forth as much of our kind of life as possible. Simply put, this means that we are to have as many children as we can during our too short lives. We will live forever in our genes so long as our lines are pure.

"This doesn't mean that a couple should have as many children as possible for the couple; it means that each individual should have as many as possible. This is an important distinction because females are limited in the number of children they can bear while males are not limited. God made it this way for a reason and a purpose. As with so many things, we may not be able to fully understand why God had set things up this way, but that's the way it is. He's the big engineer. So, while a female is limited to having maybe 12 to 15 children in her life time, a male can have several hundred.

"You want to know something else? I've seen statistics that indicate that there is a greater chance of having better, smarter, children if the father is years older than the mother. Now, why would that be? Could it be that male seeds pick up life experiences or are in some way modified as the males get older? Or, maybe it's just a matter that female eggs are better when they're fresher. I don't know, but such a fact seems to indicate that it's better for us as a people to have our males keep having babies for as long as they live. Arman says 80 and 90 year old men should be having children.

"I thought you believed in individual freedom, Jack," I said. "This stuff about just marrying our own kind sounds like you're saying that people should not be free to marry people of other races. What gives?

"I do believe in individual freedom, but there are limits to it. Individual freedom within the gene group is what is appropriate. We do what God has told us to do in this and all other regards. Screw the what's happening now humans with their ever changing laws, mores and rules. We obey God. Period. God demands that we be a people apart and that we mate within our own group. if we mate outside our group, we'll be punished by God and we will also lose who we are. We become other people. We lose our Essence. We begin to blend back into the masses of humanity instead of distilling ourselves out to become more and to evolve ever higher."

"Well how do you answer those who say that since God is the God of everything in existence that he loves everything in existence just the same?" I asked.

"That's a lot of bull. That's people trying to make God be what they want Him to be. Why would God love everything in existence just the same? Are your toenails as important as your brain or your heart? That's kind of the way it is with God. Nothing is equal in nature. Everything is different. Being equal is a man made concept.

"You know what else is bull? That gushy crap about all paths leading to God. What a bunch of baloney. That's like saying you can bake a cake by throwing anything you want into the bowl."

"You do know that what you're saying isn't very popular these days," I said.

"Not popular? So what? God isn't popular as He truly is, but He is as He is. He sets the rules. We follow them. That's because He's God and we're not. Get it? God just wants us to do what He says we must do. It's his creation. He's set his rules and his laws in everything that exists. We need to try to understand them and obey them. If human laws follow God's laws, then, they're just. If they don't, then they're not just. It's no more complicated than that. We can do what humans want us to do or we can do what God wants us to do. We have a choice, and we'd better make the right one."

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