Bush bumper car - (c) 2004 by NNN
by H. Millard (c) 2004
H. Millard

"Hey, fellas, I'm here to kick those...what do you call them...those black things on the bottom of those cars."

"Do you mean tires, Mr. President?"

"Yeah. Tires. Boy, it's sure good to be down here with folks just like me...with the real people of America...so we can talk about brakes and lug nuts and guy stuff and those little things in the engine that ignite the fuel."

"Sparkplugs, Mr. President?"

Okay, the above conversation probably didn't take place. Still, didn't it seem phony and contrived that silver spoon preppie President Bush would show up at the Daytona 500 to try to bond with all those so-called "NASCAR dads"?

NASCAR dads? That's the latest in the list of phony euphemisms--used by a mad society that has incorporated and institutionalized the blending away of human differences into just about everything. The female half of NASCAR dads are called "Soccer moms."

Country singer Leann Rimes perfoms the national anthem before the start of the Daytona 500 race The truth, if you can stand it, is that NASCAR dads and Soccer moms are mostly white people. Many of them are even married to each other. There, in two terms--NASCAR dads and Soccer moms--can be seen a blending denial of their true identity and a psychological divide and conquer construct grounded in both sport and gender. These white people have been dehumanized and "deraced." A more accurate and identity affirming description of these people might simply be white people, or non-elite white people, or average white people, or working class white people, or, dare I say it?--I do--Aryans. "Oooooh," say the haters of white people, "he used two words that the thought police don't want used...he said white and Aryan. We don't want any of that hateful, bigoted, prejudiced, intolerant, racist speech around here."

Meanwhile, back at Daytona, Dubya is heard to say, "Whooeee, look at all those white people in the stands. I want their votes."

"Redneck race car"No, he probably didn't say that either. I wonder, though, if he did think something along the lines of, "Damn, look at all those white racist rednecks. They're probably all married to their sisters. I hope they'll be fooled into thinking I'm a regular guy by me being here. Just in case my Latino strategy doesn't work, I may need the votes of these gringos."

It's difficult for the elites (who are mostly blenders) to say "white" when it refers to people except when it is used in a negative way. To refer to whites in positive ways as whites might tend to reinforce a white identity that the elites have been trying hard to erase to facilitate the blending away of whites via bedroom genocide. On the other hand, if whites do start finding their natural white identity again they may then start thinking of themselves as a distinct people different from other peoples--which they are. Thinking of themselves as being different from other peoples might then lead to a desire to remain different and unique. This is not what the blenders want.

New Hampshire race"Oh, no," say the haters of whites, "once whites see themselves as a distinct people it's just a few more steps to call for the protection and preservation of their people and for self-determination and separation from people unlike them. There's no telling where it could end." Indeed. Post-American America might be transformed into something like those old days when America was America and people had the freedom to associate or not associate with others for their own reasons without having to explain why, and when they had true freedom of speech and religion. Those were the days when most of this nation was like, say, New Hampshire and Maine are today. Of course, the reason why New Hampshire and Maine have such low crime rates and a nice quality of life today is mainly lost on the white citizens of these states who are often as brainwashed as other whites and who don't know, or who will publicly deny, that their states are as nice as they are precisely because their states are so overwhelmingly white. Lack of non-white diversity is their strength whether they are willing to admit it or not.

"No, Ward and June, it's just better to try to hide the truth from whites. When there are thousands of whites in the stands watching something like NASCAR races, it's better to not say that it is mostly whites who are watching, and it's better to make up a phony aracial term such as NASCAR dads to use as an identifier for the group. We have to keep whites in the dark about their peoplehood. Do what you have to do to keep them well opiated so they see the world through dulled senses and fogged minds. Then, they'll be less likely to see that most of the social problems of post-American America are not of their doing at all and that white America is still as nice as it always was. Unfortunately, white America is shrinking. It's replacement--multiracial, blended, diverse post-American America is growing. Some would say it's growing like a cancer and will have the same effect.

NASCAR crowdIs it worth the effort to rail against something as seemingly minor as whether or not whites are properly identified? Yes. Humans need words to think about things. Right words lead to right thoughts. The words "white people" don't often come to the minds of white people even when they stare all day at NASCAR stands full of white people. They have been conditioned against this by a society where blending has become a part of the unspoken orthodoxy of existence. However, if someone says "The stands are full of white people," many of these conditioned whites suddenly see that this is so. In seeing the truth, a few might even awaken from the conditioning. Without the words, they wouldn't have really seen it. Again, having whites conscious of their essential whiteness and knowing that they're part of a group called "white people" (or European Americans, or Aryans or any other term that they themselves choose and generally accept) is not what those who hate white people want and it is not what our present crazy society wants. The haters want whites to be aracial drones until they can be eliminated. In contrast to whites who don't "see" stands full of white people, a non-white's brain would probably form the words "white people" if most of the people in the stands are white, even if someone didn't comment on that fact. The reason for this is that most non-whites haven't been conditioned in the same way as most whites. They see race.

blindersTo blend and homogenize the U.S. it's better to keep whites in the dark about the fact that they are pretty closely related to all those other white people they see and that they are not so closely related to non-white people. To accomplish this, the blenders with their psychological manipulation and conditioning have given most white people the psychological equivalent both of rose colored glasses and blinders.

As obvious as it sounds, it may still be worth saying that people who look like you, who act like you, and who think like you may actually be related to you even if it's a couple of times removed. We have been given our five senses to make sense of the world around us. To deny what our eyes tell us is a mistake of the first order. If someone looks different, they probably are different. Welcome to existence 101. Don't trouble whites with the knowledge that most of the social problems of the U.S. aren't of their making. Convince whites that people are like M&M's and that the color of the shell doesn't matter at all. Why, all M&M's taste the same. Of course, people aren't M&Ms and their color coatings are from the inside out. They are different inside. The blenders don't want whites to understand this. It's better to keep them fragmented, divided, and blind to the fact that they are part of a group. Keep whites divided. Don't let them know that they are a distinct people. Why, if they understand that, they may begin voting in their own group interests just as Jews, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and others who see themselves as part of a distinct group, do.

Disgustingly, Dubya went to the Daytona 500 to pander for votes from white voters while planning on screwing them by legalizing millions of brown illegal aliens who are stealing the jobs and the futures of the very same white voters he's courting at Daytona. "Et tu Dubya?" might be what white GOP voters--NASCAR dads and soccer moms--might say if they understand that they are once again being stabbed in the political back.

Even though Daytona is in Florida, where Dubya's brother Jeb is governor, I saw no reports of Jeb's mestizo children showing up at the race to get their brown Mexican looking faces in front of the more than 200,000 mostly white faces at the track or the estimated 40 million mostly white faces watching it on television. Wouldn't be prudent to show that the Bush family is becoming Mexican, no siree. Might wake up those NASCAR dads and soccer moms to what Bush is doing to America and to the reality of the massive invasion of post-American America by job stealing Mexicans, and to the reality of bedroom genocide.

Just in case Dubya really does want to hear some plain talk from ordinary people, here's my attempt to help him see the light.

Now, Dubya, this is Aitch. Let's not put on any airs. Let's talk NASCAR Republican to NASCAR Republican. No, Dubya, we don't "rap," we "talk." We're white folks. Get it? It's just you and me, a couple of one letter guys, W and H, standing down here with the smell of brake fluid and burning rubber all around us. Two guys who both put their pants on one leg at a time. No President this or Mr. that. Just two equals.

Here are my guesses about the attitudes of most of those who watched the race. I don't need a pollster to tell me these things, Dubya, because like most ordinary white Americans, who the elites hold in contempt, I live and feel these things on a daily basis. Not everyone will put these things in these words or even say them, but I figure there are lots of folks who feel this way:

1. Most are opposed to illegal immigration and want illegal aliens arrested and deported. Immediately.

2. Most are opposed to sending their kids to die in meaningless wars-especially while your kids, Dubya, and the kids of the other elites are going to Harvard and Yale and other fine schools so when they grow up they can be the new elites to send future generations of kids of NASCAR dads and soccer moms to shed their blood in far away places while the elites are living high on the hog.

3. Most are opposed to the deindustrialization of America and the sending of our factories overseas.

4. Most are opposed to importing Third World workers to work in the few factories left here.

5. Most want health care for themselves and their families just like the elites in Congress get. They want you to stop spending their money in foreign nations and to use it here to help Americans. They would like their money to buy them health care instead of helping people in other nations. You see, Dubya, it's American citizen money that you're spending over there.

6. Most want you to stop your crazy spending, your enlarging of government, and your destruction of jobs. And, where are those jobs, Dubya? Where are they? Where are those jobs that Americans won't do?

You may not agree with the above Dubya, but that's because you've never been a regular American. You've never had to struggle to pay your bills. You've never had to worry about how to pay the doctor and the hospital when your kids get sick. You've never had to worry that your kids would be killed in a desert or jungle someplace after they tried to escape into the military from their towns and cities in America that are in decline and which have few jobs for them. You've never felt anger as you listen to phony so-called conservative talk radio hosts and TV shills--who, for the most part, have never been in uniform--dismiss the deaths of these mostly teenage soldiers by saying that they were volunteers. Volunteers, my ass. They were forced into the military by social conditions foisted on America by the elites. You've also never seen your town overrun with illegal alien criminals.

You don't know these things, Dubya, because you're out of touch with who you really are--your inner white core. You've been surrounded by wealth and privilege all your life and you have no empathy for ordinary white citizens. And, you can't learn these things so long as you keep listening to the sycophantic shills in the phony so-called conservative media.

Dubya, if you want to be reelected, you better do more to get in touch with white Americans than attend a NASCAR race and pretend you understand what ordinary white Americans are all about. And, you'd better damn straight deep six your stupid plan for amnesty for illegal aliens. You'd better get real. You'd better also get rid of those neoconservative creeps and get some real Americans in your pit crew.

Ben ChandlerAlice Forgy KerrOh, here's another clue for you. Down in Kentucky this week, Democrat Ben Chandler beat Republican Alice Forgy Kerr in a special congressional election to fill a seat formerly held by a Republican. Republican Kerr based her losing campaign on support of you and your goofy policies. You did her in, Dubya. Now your shills are trying to spin the GOP loss as a matter of the Democrat just having more name recognition. Don't believe the shills, Dubya. I've kicked the tires and I know what's going on. You're leading the GOP to defeat.

Jim Beam decantersIt gets harder and harder to remain a Republican, Dubya. Many of us came into the party because of RR (may God ever smile upon him) and we remain in the party only because there's no viable alternative. Most of us probably aren't party loyalists as that term is normally used. If Republicans do the right things, we'll vote Republican, but if Democrats do the right things, we'll vote Democrat. If neither party is doing the right things, we may not vote at all. And, by the way, where are those weapons of mass destruction that caused you to order young Americans--NASCAR Americans--to go die in Iraq? Dubya, you're making some NASCAR dads and soccer moms ashamed to say they're Republicans.

But, maybe I got it all wrong, Dubya. Maybe I'm the one who is out of touch. We'll just have to wait and see.

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