"Crazy George"

by H. Millard © 2007

Crazy George Bush talks about a "path to citizenship," almost as though it's a beatitude and he's a Guru just down from the mountain where he has achieved enlightenment.  

According to the polls, not many people believe Bush. Some think that glint in his eye is a sign of madness, not inspiration. This is the same guy who lied about WMDs, remember, and who may not even know that he lied.  Maybe he even thinks he's now telling the truth about his amnesty not being an amnesty.  Poor man. 
Most U.S. citizens would probably say that the only "path" involved in the immigration debate is that pathological liars are pushing for open borders and amnesty.   
Meanwhile, the Chicken Littles--who are mostly Bush shills these days--are trying to scare the American people into accepting Bush's open borders schemes by saying that the sky will fall if we don't grant amnesty to the 12 to 20 million  illegal aliens (or whatever the number is) who have broken into and who are now trespassing in our country.  According to this fou fou crew, we need all these illegal alien criminals to do the grunt work for us.
U.S. citizens, it appears, at least in the view of the amnestynuts, have now evolved to that state seen in sci-fi movies where our muscles have atrophied and we are incapable of doing even the simplest physical labor. We have become the Eloi and the illegal aliens the Morlocks who we let eat some of us so long as they keep doing the physical labor while we traipse around in our togas chasing butterflies and smelling flowers.
I say, baloney.  Not only will the sky not fall if Bush's screwball amnesty is rejected, but it'll be a lot sunnier for U.S. citizens if this thing is deep sixed.
Pruning the millions of illegal aliens from our country by sending them back to their own countries will  make us a stronger nation as surely as pruning a rose bush will make the rose bush stronger.
It's the path of nature, you see. And, that's the real path; which is far different from Bush's phony path.
Consider just one historic example of Chicken Little shallow thinking to help make the point.  A Boston businessman in the 19th Century said that once the whales were all wiped out, the world would be plunged into darkness because there would be no more whale oil to light the lamps in homes.
Not only were the whales not wiped out, but other sources of lighting were invented. That's the way it has always been with humans.  We find ways to adapt and to do things in different ways. 
That's part of what it means to be human. We don't have claws or fangs; but our brains, when they work right, put us on top. Of course, this seems to exclude the Bush, Kennedy, McCain axis of evil homies.
Keep a couple of concepts in mind as you read on.
1. All living things seek comfort (comfort may be intellectual comfort or physical comfort).
2. The path of least resistance is the natural way in our universe.
To achieve comfort, we humans use our brains to find ways to invent or discover things to give us that comfort we seek.  Cold?  We invent ways to make fire and clothes and build warm homes.  Hot? We invent air conditioning.  Not enough food when we gather it from the woods?  We learn to farm.  And, so it goes with millions of things that we have done to adapt to changing circumstances and conditions.  That's just what we do. Take no jingoistic pride in this. It's just part of our internal program. We're programmed to do it as surely as lions are programmed to hunt.
Turn back to the millions of illegal aliens that we "need."  Why would anyone think that a nation of 300 million people, such as the U.S., needs to bring in more people to provide cheap labor? Do you buy that? It's absurd. And, it's a recipe for the destruction of this nation as we know it.
Let me state something else very plainly: Nature has ways of automatically self-adjusting the numbers of living things in any niches of existence so that those occupying those niches can find comfort. 
Maybe we humans are too close to ourselves to fully understand this. Take a look at coyotes (an apt term in this context). It's a well known fact that coyotes produce more of themselves the more they are hunted.  That is, their litters are larger as ranchers and farmers shoot adult coyotes preying on their livestock or farm animals.  What happens is that the  subconscious minds of coyotes know there are fewer coyotes around and this makes them uncomfortable at the gene level of their beings. Then, their internal programs kick in and they produce more of themselves.
It's not much different with humans. When there are too few of us to make us feel comfortable, nature finds a way to make more of us.  When there are too many, nature finds a way to make fewer.
Nature works through us in this regard, by having our senses send constant signals to our brains about what makes us comfortable or uncomfortable. Our brains then interpret what they receive and send their own signals to the right parts of our bodies to make things happen to make us comfortable.
 In simplest terms, if we put a hand on a hot stove, our brain receives an uncomfortable pain signal and then sends a signal to our muscles to move that hand to where it is comfortable once again.   Similarly, we're not comfortable if there are too few humans. So, we make more. Too many humans, and we're not comfortable. So we make fewer. 
Right now, Americans aren't making enough of themselves. Why?  Because of  the illegal aliens who are here.  They crowd us and short out our internal circuits that would tell us to make more of ourselves.
And, they short out our internal circuits in two ways.
On the one hand, illegal aliens make us feel uncomfortable by crowding us so we then have fewer children of our own. We get uncomfortable, for example, when we're caught in freeway traffic. Signals are then sent throughout our bodies that there are too many people so we lose that loving feeling and make fewer of ourselves. 
On the other hand, illegal aliens make us feel comfortable by filling low end jobs that we need filled.
It's the old double whammy and it weakens us as a nation.  It makes us like a spindly rose bush that hasn't been pruned. Ultimately, we produce fewer of our own children from our loins--as they say in the Bible--because illegal aliens are crowding us. But, we keep taking in more because we need their labor.
The result is that we keep getting crowded, but not with more of us.  Instead of replenishing ourselves, we  take the path of least resistance and let illegal aliens replace us.
Our subconscious hears hundreds of kids playing in the schoolyards of America and tells us that there are plenty of children so we don't have to go through the trouble of actually having our own children. Hey, children are children, right?  At this level, our subconscious reads kids as kids, whether they're kids of illegal aliens or our own kids. Subconsciously sensing that there are plenty of kids, our own desire to produce children is shorted out.
Our own kids, who will now never be born, then can't grow up to take menial jobs while in school and make us feel comfortable by giving good service at fast food restaurants and by mowing our lawns.  To get that comfort, we hire forty year old illegal aliens.
We're a big country, and there are 300 million of us who want fast service at restaurants and who want our lawns mowed.  
The niches have to be filled to give us comfort. Since we are not filling them with our own people, we let our political "leaders"  import millions of  illegal alien quasi-slaves to do the work for us as we lounge around in the vomitoriums of America apparently never realizing that slaves, even if they are quasi, always revolt at some time and overthrow the effete masters whose fingernails have never had dirt embedded under them by an honest day's work. And, dear friends, even if we ordinary citizens are against illegal immigration, we--all of us citizens--will be seen as the masters when crunch time arrives. Count on it.
Conversely, if all the illegal aliens moved back to their own countries, we would start receiving signals that more people are needed. The love switches will be thrown, dear friends, and soon there will be more and more citizens being born from our present citizenry. 
And, they'll keep being born until we get so crowded with our own people that we no longer feel comfortable.  Then, we will either expand outwardly, or our birthrate will level off again.
Speaking of gurus. Could it be that in some strange part of our reality that some quantum gurus are thinking private thoughts about how the great field and the eternal spiraling flow of the universe have a way of balancing things, Grasshopper? Karma? Could some be watching the skies for tornadoes and fierce storms across the Texas plains and in places unexpected?  Could they be looking for synchronous events and signs born of this balancing by the sub-atomic particles and waves unseen?
No, this isn't new age mystical stuff.   This is the natural flow of things.  This is the way it works.  This is nature.
To make a strong U.S., we need to be a just and a good people. We must turn away from the shallow thinkers who worm their way into public office far too often.  We must not let ourselves be taken down the wrong paths by false leaders.  And, we must prune the millions of illegal aliens who are weakening us.  We must do this by enforcing our laws and by making it clear that illegal aliens will find more comfort in their own lands than in ours.  We do not need illegal aliens or amnesty.  We need to build and strengthen from within.
And, we also need good and just leaders who respect life and who won't take us into meaningless wars and who won't flood our nation with those who will destroy us.

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