Comrade War Hero Bush

by H. Millard © 2006

You sure gotta hand it to George W. Bush--he really knows how to screw up the world. The guy's like a bull in a china shop.  

What's he done?  Well, he got us in a war in Iraq where to date we've lost more than 2,600 troops. No, not troops.  Someone's kids or brothers or sisters or uncles or cousins or fathers or mothers. Live people.  Dead.  Gone. And, for what? For nothing. Bush has also wasted more than $ 430 billion of our hard earned tax dollars in this same meaningless war. To make matters worse, he's caused people all around the world to hate us--we're all ugly Americans again, dear friends, whether we agree with Bush or not.  It's the birds of a feather thing and we birds are in the same American coop with Bush and his neocon pals. 

While Bush is busy screwing things up in Iraq, he and his shills are ramping up war fever against Iran and maybe North Korea.

On the home front, Bush has left us with open borders so that we're daily being invaded by Mexico and every other Third World burg that can send its people our way.  And, send them they are; by the uncounted millions.  Like an incompetent and disengaged--maybe even mentally challenged--parent who has self-indulgently installed a swimming pool but no fence, Bush is seemingly oblivious that the American people have toddled off and are drowning in that swimming pool while he mindlessly watches over the Middle East.  When America drowns, Bush will shrug his shoulders and say it wasn't his fault. "Really sorry about that.  But, hey, what could I do. I'm just one man." The metaphors pour over us.  Fiddling while Rome burns.  Failing to take a stitch in time.  Not taking an ounce of cure.  Out to lunch.  Not minding the store. Lack of priorities. Silver spoon dandy.
Under Bush, the American people are dieing a thousand deaths and he's not even noticing. Illegal aliens attack American citizens and the American citizens get arrested and thrown in jail under Bush.  Right now, two border patrol agents, who were just doing their jobs, face up to twenty years in prison because they shot an illegal alien drug smuggler in the butt. Is Bush doing what an American president should be doing to protect the border patrol agents?  Of course not.  They can rot in hell as far as Bush is concerned. What about ranchers whose lands are being savaged by illegal aliens?  They better not even give a sidewise look at the illegals or Bush will have their asses in jail.
This is how it is in post-American America, dear friends.  This is how nations end.  This is the winter of America. This is how greatness is reduced to smallness.  This is the way soaring visions flame out. This is why America is in a funk.
Watch the upcoming elections. My guess is that millions of Republicans will simply not vote, or will intentionally vote against most GOP Bushniks.  Nope, I don't have a crystal ball, but I can feel it in my gut, and my gut has been right much more than it's been wrong.  My bet, in contrast to my hope as a Regan Republican, is that  the GOP is going to lose big in this election unless those running for office distance themselves from Bush.
 Bush is not only a liberal, this guy is positively left wing and so incompetent that he shouldn't even be running a neighborhood lemonade stand. Real Republicans see through his GOP mask to the liberal Democrat underneath. 
Bush has alienated the base, and his shills such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity--two mouth warriors who never served in the military but who talk as though they're both a couple of Rambos--can't repair the base.  Their silly, intelligence insulting prattle in defense of Bush is being seen more and more as absurd.  These guys apparently buy Bush's  nonsense that we're being attacked because of our "freedom."   Good grief!  What a stupid statement. This sort of garbage is turning off real Republicans, real conservatives, and real people. The shills talk on radio or TV and then more shills call in to tell them that they're right.  Are you fooled? Not me. I know how it works.
Bush's screw-ups go beyond his meaningless and bloody war and his letting the U. S. be invaded by illegal aliens--it goes right to the heart of what he, as the president, should be doing to help American citizens live happier lives--remember them?  They're us.
I caught a few minutes of  Bush shill Rush Limbaugh's clown act the other day and heard him saying that  the American people shouldn't be looking for the U.S. government to be paying their medical bills. No doubt Bush would agree. Yah, you lousy bums.  You should just keep paying your taxes so Bush and his neocon pals can waste your money and the blood of your kids in their misguided military adventures which, if you ask me, have the ultimate goal of blending the entire friggin' world into one race, one nation and one religion. 
 Again, if you ask me, this blending is not in the best interests of anyone who understands that the way to a better world is not through creating a lumpen mass of humanity, but by having different peoples struggle and leap frog up the evolutionary path to a better day that they themselves create.  Evolution, defined here to mean advancement, requires diversity, not blending. It requires a constant inching forward in different directions by those who are not clustered under the center of the bell curve in a stultifying conformity.
But, Mr. Limbaugh--Mr. Neo Con--Mr. Intentionally Childless--Mr. Zero Evolutionary Fitness Scorer (and thus a real loser in life's struggle)--please tell us why American citizens shouldn't expect a reasonable return on their tax payments?  Why shouldn't  American citizens expect that their taxes will help them live better lives while not having to worry about medical care and other similar things?  What are they getting for their money being wasted in the Middle East?  A stronger Israel?  Israel isn't one of the U.S. states.  Charity truly does starts at home, and American citizens shouldn't have to worry about medical costs, while their money is being thrown away in the Middle East.  Bring back our troops, Mr. Bush.  Let the people of the Middle East solve their own problems.  If they want an American style democracy--Allah help them if they get a two party sham as we have--then so be it.  If they want some other form of government, then so be it.  Let all distinct peoples and nations seek their own self-determination and don't force our ways on them.
I'll tell you, Mr. Limbaugh and Mr. Bush, what American citizens are getting from the Bushniks:  They're getting cities that are crime ridden no-go zones.  They're getting illegal aliens stealing their jobs and turning this nation into a Third World cesspool.  They're getting a long term weakening of this nation.  They're getting a reputation around the world as war mongers.  And, eventually, they may get nukes dropped on them by all those around the world who hate America so much because of our lack of honest even-handedness in our dealings with other peoples.  We have become Sodom and Gomorrah.  And, when the next angels come to our cities, will they find any righteous people to lead away to safety, or will we all sink together because we are seen as supporting Bush's wrong headed world view?
Hey, Limbaugh, let me put it to you directly:  Instead of wasting $ 430 billion of our dollars in Iraq, why not use some of that money to make sure our own citizens are taken care of?  What's wrong with that?
You want to know what to do to get things on the right track again?
1. Get out of Iraq.
2. Stop the mindless support of Israel and be even handed and honest in our dealings with foreign nations.
3. Stop all illegal immigration and cut back legal immigration.
4. Start caring for American citizens by ensuring that they get the benefit of their tax money.
5. Stop the stupid PR one liners that no one believes. "Hate us for our freedom."  Come on!
6. Stop the idiotic multi-cultural nonsense and affirm traditional American values no matter who doesn't like them.


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