Uncle Sanchez - (c) 2003 by NNN
by H. Millard (c) 2003

Look around you. You're not living in America anymore. You're living in post-American America. It is an America where European-American citizens are rarer and rarer and where citizenship doesn't mean anything. It is a place where the responsibilities of citizenship--that are often legally and psychologically put on those who still believe that citizenship means something--still exist but there is a diminishing level of privileges. To put this in slightly different terms: We get the responsibilities of citizenship--obeying our laws, playing by the rules, fighting for this country, paying taxes--but we don't receive the special status with its benefits and advantages that citizenship is supposed to confer. We give, but we don't receive. And, at the same time, millions of illegal aliens who don't play by our rules are getting the advantages of citizenship that are denied us.

Citizenship used to be like a mutual protection and mutual benefit club. Those who were citizens would get the privileges of being members of the club. Those who weren't citizens, didn't. The club even had ways to bring in new members who the club members felt might be good members and who could help the club prosper.

Today, non-citizens are flooding this nation and are getting the benefits but do not have the responsibilities of citizenship. They are stealing citizens blind and they're driving our nation down to permanent Third World status. They're attacking and killing citizens. They're destroying our cities, our schools, our hospitals, our way of life. They're also changing the genetic recipe that made America great.

In California, illegal aliens who snuck into our country now can get the privilege of having a driver's license. Just like citizens. The driver's license is the primary identification for citizens, now it'll also be the primary identification for illegal aliens and no one will know the difference between citizens and illegal aliens.

Now there's a bill in the California legislature to give free college tuition to illegal aliens who have little money. What's bizarre about this is that U.S. citizens from other U.S. states won't get this benefit in California, but illegal alien criminals from Mexico will. Illegal aliens already get lower in-state tuition in California colleges than U.S. citizens who live in other U.S. states, so this latest move, which just cheapens citizenship, should be no real surprise, even though it's a disgusting sign of the disrespect that some politicians have for citizenship.

California is also on its way to giving the vote to illegal aliens. The way this is developing is that various cities in the state, when faced with major decisions in these cities such as redevelopment, don't put these decisions before the citizens in the form of questions on ballots so that only citizens can vote on the future of their city. Instead, the cities seek to go around this citizen/voter aspect of our system of government by not having votes on important matters. Instead of votes, they hold city meetings of all "stakeholders" and seek consensus of these stakeholders.

Of course, the term stakeholders simply blurs the line between voting citizens and nonvoting illegal aliens. At such stakeholder meetings, often held before City Councils, illegal aliens are put on the same footing as citizens and they are then given an ersatz vote on the future of U.S. cities. With enough stakeholders, the will of the citizens can be overcome. That's what is happening in California and in other states as well.

One expects that, in time, this incremental cheapening of citizenship will soon give way to actually giving illegal aliens a formal vote in elections.

So what's to be done? Citizens need to demand that the politicians work for citizens. America slid down to post-American America status with the complicity of politicians and too many apathetic citizens who wrongly think that all they have to do is elect others to watch over this nation, and then everything will be fine.

What immigrants and Citizens should look likeTo reverse the slide of this nation, we need to: a) stop all Third World immigration to the U. S.; b) kick all illegal aliens out of the country; c) encourage European immigration and European-American births; d) make citizenship mean something again.

Nations are what they are because of the people in those nations. Countries, no less than stews, may have a variety of ingredients, but there's still a recipe that makes a particular stew good and others not so good.

Ultimately, all is for naught unless we get back to the genetic recipe that made America, America. We need to get the diverse human ingredients of this nation back in their proper proportions in the recipe.

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