Hugo Chavez

by H. Millard © 2006

So, Hugo Chavez said President Bush is the devil and wants to control the whole planet.

Well, Chavez is about half right.  Bush does seem to want to control the whole planet. However, the devil half of that statement is just the same sort of childish sticks and stones baloney that Bush and the neocon shills also engage in; so, turn about is probably fair play. 
Nevertheless, when I first heard Chavez calling Bush names, my knee jerked just a bit as a smattering of jingoism rose in me.  It was like when I was a kid and I would criticize my brothers, but would then immediately defend them if anyone else tried to do the same thing.
I almost wanted to defend Bush.  "How dare Chavez come here and insult my president?" Then, sanity returned. I remembered all the dead kids in Iraq.  I remembered the open borders and the on-going destruction of America as it is daily being taken over by Mexico.  I remembered the bloated Federal government.  I remembered Bush and his pals arguing in favor of torture. I remembered all the lies and hypocrisy. Most telling of all, I remembered back to when America was America.
And, I also remembered how Bush's surrogates, the usual gaggle of neocon shills, entered the fray with dirty hands but still whined about Bush being called names. That's the way it is with this throw rocks, hide hands crew that is making the U.S. hated all around the planet because of our stupid double standards. 
All Americans look foolish these days as our government does dopey things like knocking Iran for trying to develop nuclear power while we don't say a word about Israel having a whole friggin' basement full of nukes.
And, it's getting pretty tiring that when Bush and the neocons do their name calling, they usually say that their target of the day is the new Hitler or is insane, or both.  Frankly, I'm losing count of all the insane new Hitlers running around the planet according to the neocon shills.
Remember when Ross Perot ran for president?  The shills kept implying that Perot was crazy. Maybe a little like Hitler.  How about Ayatollah Khomeini? The neocon shills said he was crazy. Another Hitler.  Saddam Hussein?  Same thing.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Yup, another Hitler and a loon.  How about Kim Jong-il? Batty and a new Hitler. Patrick Buchanan?  Same thing.
Even Cindy Sheehan who lost a son in Iraq? Loopy.
So, with all the stupid name calling by the neocon shills, it was probably just a matter of time before someone came to the U.N. and returned the favor.
After reading the expected headlines and hearing the predictable sound bites about Chavez's comments, I took the time to read all of Chavez's speech to see for myself what he was really saying and to make up my own mind about the nature of his comments.  Thanks, but no thanks, neocons, I'll chew my own food and I'll form my own opinions.  I don't need neocons to spin things for me.  I've seen how people take things out of context and smear others. Take a hike.  Strap yourselves and your pals to the first waterboard you can find. 
In his speech, Chavez says that Bush is trying to force an American style democracy on the rest of the world.  He's right. However, there's more to it. I've long felt that Bush is after bigger fish. American style democracy is just part of it--a step along the way. I'll say it again:  I believe that Bush wants a complete blending of all nations, peoples and religions into one lumpen conformist mass of humanity. He does not want distinct peoples, distinct nations or distinct religions.  He wants conformity.
So Chavez got something right.  But then he takes a  wrong turn  when he says: "Wherever he [Bush] looks, he sees extremists. And you, my brother--he looks at your color, and he says, oh, there's an extremist."  
This implicit claim that Bush doesn't like non-whites is the usual cheap shot and it's also not correct and actually distracts people from understanding Bush's real goal of blending. If I'm right, Bush isn't picking on non-whites and calling them extremists simply because of their skin color.  It just so happens that many who oppose Bush's blending (but they usually define their opposition in different terms) are non-white. 
But, maybe, dear reader, you don't buy my theory that Bush wants to blend all mankind.  If so, then see if you can come up with an answer that explains all the things that we see Bush and the neocons doing and saying.  
For starters, explain why they want the U.S. to have open borders.  Explain why they're bringing in people from Africa and settling them in mostly white with people and white with snow New Hampshire--both of which are alien to those being settled there. Could there be a more illogical location to settle Africans?  New Hampshire is nothing like their natural environment. Doesn't this also smack of trying to make New Hampshire less white or maybe to blend away the Africans by putting them in an area with a much larger white gene pool?  Explain why European immigrants are not as welcome in the U.S. as they once were. Explain Iraq.  Explain why Bush is trying to force American style democracy on peoples who don't want it. Explain why Bush and the neocons are even now attempting to blend Mexico, the U.S., and Canada into one nation.  Explain why the blenders are trying to sanitize all religions and make them mild and much like each other. Explain the constant conditioning of the American people to convince them that race doesn't exist.
Explain these things and others that you can think of yourself.  I don't think you'll be able to come up with a really satisfactory answer unless you arrive at the conclusion that there is an attempt to destroy distinct peoples, distinct nations and distinct religions.  And, while Bush may be one of the most visible of those who want to blend humanity, he's not the only one. 
This goes beyond one politician and one political party. And, as I've written before, this blending theory doesn't require one to believe in a massive conspiracy.  All one has to accept is the fact that in every age there is an orthodoxy in thinking--a zeitgeist--that arises that is sometimes correct and sometimes false. When it is false, ignorance rules the age.  We are in such an age right now.
In my view, blender thinking and the underlying beliefs that lead to such thinking are as incorrect in our present dark age as the widespread belief held in earlier dark ages that the earth was flat or was the center of the solar system. Blending is genocide. It is anti-life. It is anti-religion. It is anti-nature. It is anti-evolution. It is anti-freedom. It cheapens the diversity of human life. 

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