Bush's Jihad
by H. Millard (c) 2005
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President Bush, the neocon high priest of humanistic democracy, has declared a holy war on all nations on earth that do not bow down and worship the Great God Democracy--and especially in the American version of this religion. All people of the earth must convert to this religion that Bush is pushing. If they don't convert, they are to be invaded and forced to convert. It's for their own good, you see. These people will either worship Democracy or they will die. It's a tough job to bring this religion of humanistic democracy to the infidels around the world, but Bush is on a mission.

That, dear friends, is what it looks like to some who have been following President Bush's words and actions.

Implicit in many things being said by Mr. Bush and his fellow traveler neocons, including the low I.Q. running dog shills for the administration on so-called conservative talk radio and on at least one phony TV news network, is that democracy is somehow sacred, or, if not sacred, is at least the only proper way to run nations. Those peoples who don't bow down to the Great God Democracy are obviously living in the Dark Ages or are insane or both. This is repeated so often in so many ways that many people in the U.S. simply accept it as true.

As if on cue, and entering stage left, while pretending it's stage right, President Bush, this week, had this to say about the latest tape released by Osama bin Laden:

"His [bin Laden's] vision of the world is where people don't participate in democracy. His vision of the world is one in which there is no freedom of expression, freedom of religion and/or freedom of conscience. And that vision stands in stark contrast to the vision of, by far, the vast majority of Iraqis."

Puhleeeeeeze! Add that to the crap about people attacking us because "they hate our freedom," or that other nonsense about "weapons of mass destruction." Go sell that tripe in the trailer parks of the red states. Anyone with half a brain can see through these phony clichés and misstatements. "Vast majority of Iraqis?" Baloney. The vast majority of Iraqis want us out of their nation. They see us as invaders, not liberators. The few Iraqis who are on our side have been bought by us. Why are we in Iraq? To convert the Iraqis to American style democracy for the benefit of Israel. We're not there for Iraqi interests, and we're not there for American interests.

Also, what is this "freedom of expression" to which Mr. Bush refers, and which he says he wants to bring to that part of the world? It sounds good, but as is so often the case with Mr. Bush, what he says and what he does are two different things. Earlier this year, the U. S. shut down a newspaper in Iraq because the Bushies didn't like what the newspaper was saying. Some freedom of expression. This week, the Bushies blacklisted a Lebanese television network because they didn't like what was being broadcast. More Bush style freedom of expression. The Lebanese say it is the Zionists who are behind this blacklisting and that it is Zionists who are pulling Bush's strings. This is a claim that more and more decent people around the world are making these days.

And what of a lack of "freedom of religion and/or freedom of conscience?" Mr. Bush shouldn't throw stones--it's that glass house thing. Bush's much touted freedom of religion and/or freedom of conscience don't really exist in the U.S. Oh, one can have almost-freedom so long as one remains within the narrow bounds set by the government, but that's not real freedom. Sure, it's a matter of degrees and the U.S. is probably freer than many nations, but that's no thanks to the Bushies and the neocons. We're holding on to the freedoms we have solely because the Founders of this nation wrote a pretty good document that keeps most petty tyrants from being too outrageous in their persecution of others in this nation. Because of our Bill of Rights, the tyrants have to be careful in their persecution. So, Instead of outright persecution, we often see oblique attacks on those who fail to conform to the government approved beliefs. When the freedom haters in the U.S. attack and repress others, they always have some reasonable sounding color of authority or excuse to hide what they are really doing, and they count on the fact that most people aren't too bright and will buy whatever line they're selling. Remember Waco? Remember Ruby Ridge? There was no good reason for either of those tragedies. Good, decent people died at the hands of our government. Our government has as many tricks to make things sound reasonable as does a bad cop who purposely stands close to the front fender of a car he stops so he can shoot the driver and then falsely claim the driver tried to hit the cop with the car.

That's also the way it is in every tyranny in the world. There's always some plausible sounding rationale to manipulate the people into believing that repression isn't really repression. Ah, but post-American America isn't like the rest of the world, say the Stepford people. We're a democracy.

The fact of the matter is that "democracy" is not some sort of sacred system by which all must be governed. It is an experiment in governance, but it is not the only one. In fact, the original concept of democracy was partly predicated--even if this is not often openly said--on the fact that the people in a nation would all be related as one large extended family with similar genetically determined characteristics and that most people are intelligent and informed and will act honestly and in good faith for the common good. That's not even the way it is in Post-American America; the supposed bastion of democracy in the modern world, folks. Not by a long shot. First, the nation is now full of genetically dissimilar people. Second, most people are not that intelligent or informed. Third, most probably don't act honestly and in good faith for the common good, but are out to get some personal or sub-group advantage.

No, dear friends, in post-American America, democracy is not what it was intended to be. Even so, the Bush administration thinks it has the moral right to force it on the rest of the world.

And, do you think most people really act out of informed consent and according to their free will when they vote? Don't be a sap. Instead of having tanks in our streets forcing us to act in certain ways and move down certain streets and not others, we have modern public relations and advertising strategies that woo us into acting as the government wants. With a little knowledge of human psychology and with plenty of money to put together and run the right public relations and advertising campaigns it's no more difficult to manipulate people into their own genocide than it is to manipulate them into buying cigarettes. Post-American democracy is a farce. It's a few elites with big bucks manipulating the masses to vote the way the elites want--and the masses respond as predictably as hungry rats in a Skinner Box.

What got Bush riled up over bin Laden's latest tape, that surfaced on December 27, is the fact that bin Laden called on Iraqis to boycott the January 30 election. In the tape, bin Laden said that the basis for the election was "the constitution which U.S. occupier Bremer imposed." Bin Laden also said that the constitution was "manmade, pagan," was not based on Islamic sharia law and therefore "one of infidels."

Okay, so what bin Laden was really saying was that the type of democracy that the Bushies are trying to impose on Iraq is not in accord with Islamic government that is fundamental to Islamic societies and which is based on their religion. One has to know, at this juncture, that in Islam there is no separation of church and state--that concept is part of our tradition that we are also trying to impose on Iraq and other Islamic nations.

Bin Laden and those who hold his religious views believe that nations should be ruled in accordance with what they believe God wants, as has been set forth in the Koran and those rules and laws that have flowed naturally from it. They do not hold American style democracy in high regard and they point out that under the American system, a manipulated majority can, for example, approve homosexual marriage, which they believe is forbidden by God. In other words, in the type of democracy we are trying to force on Iraq, humans can overturn what God wants.

To say this even more clearly: Many Muslims believe there really is a God (no, not in the American Christian sense of a one hour a week God lite) and that He's in charge of everything and that man must conform to His laws. They believe that under American style democracy--the religion of the Bushies, remember--it is mere humans who are determining what is right and wrong, not God.

Mr. Bush also said "It's the difference between the ability for individuals to express themselves and the willingness of an individual to try and impose his dark vision on the world, on the people of Iraq and elsewhere. And it's very important that these elections proceed."

Hmmm. Yes, Mr. Bush got it partly right about the "ability of individuals to express themselves," at least in theory, but in practice our society also restricts the ability of individuals to express themselves. Every society does. In this regard, the difference between what bin Laden wants and what Bush wants is in the nature of the restrictions.

And, what makes Mr. Bush think that his attempt to impose his will--in the form of American democracy--on Iraq, is somehow more noble than bin Laden's trying to impose his will--in the form of Islamic government--on that nation? Does a non-Arab, Christian President of a nation thousands of miles away from Iraq have a greater right to impose his will on Arab Muslims in their own part of the world than an Arab Muslim who is from that part of the world? Many thinking people don't believe so.

Bin Laden is just one of millions of Muslims who believe that the type of democracy pushed by the Bush administration is not only not the best form of government, but that it is the polar opposite of a just, God centered government.

Finally, many people believe that each distinct people around the world should have the right to self-determination. That means they, themselves, decide how they want to be governed, not someone who does not share their genes or their religion or their geography or their history--sitting in Washington, D. C.

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