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by H. Millard (c) 2004
H. Millard

One of the chickenhawk neocon radio phonies told his audience this week that President Bush had a tough weekend because his 22-year old twin daughters had graduated from colleges in different parts of the country. This, according to the radio phony, caused a lot of stress for the Bush household. Imagine, two daughters graduating at the same time from two colleges on opposite sides of the country! The stress is almost too much to contemplate. And, out where the Stepford people live, one can imagine Ma and Pa nudging each other and smiling warmly over this human interest story about their president. "What a leader, Ma! Somehow he handled the stress."

Jenna BushThe first, first twin, to graduate was Jenna Bush who got her degree from the University of Texas on May 22. You probably heard about the graduation on the news and you may have seen photos on TV or in your local newspaper.

Pfc. Michael S. Adams, 20, Died of injuries sustained in a fire during a small-arms fire exercise.  What you probably didn't see on the news was the fact that also on May 22, a 20 year old U.S. Marine was reported to have died in Iraq. He was two years younger than the Bush twins. Not only did you probably not hear about his death you surely didn't see his casket being snuck back into the U.S. It just wasn't important news like the double Bush graduation. There also wasn't any talk about any stress on the part of this dead kid's family and loved ones. Hey, they didn't have to worry about two graduations on the same weekend, you know.

First Daughter Barbara Bush with a date.Then, on May 23, President Bush flew to Connecticut to celebrate the graduation from Yale of his other twin daughter, Barbara. You probably also saw something about this on the news.

Pfc. John D. Amos II, 22, Killed when a car bomb exploded at a temporary checkpoint What you probably didn't see on the news was the fact that also on May 23, it was reported that seven young American servicemen had died in Iraq on that and the few preceding days. It wasn't very important when compared to the graduation of Bush's daughters, and the stress caused by having to handle two graduations at the same time.

Lance Cpl. Levi T. Angell, 20, Died due to injuries received from hostile fire  The children of the elites go to college and graduate so they can take their places in the elite ranks that send the cannon fodder children of ordinary Americans to die for the elites. Don't worry though, according to the elites, we don't have social classes in this country. And, hey, we had to attack Iraq. Remember 911? Now, don't be unpatriotic by pointing out that 911 and Iraq had no connection. Just accept the propaganda of the elites and send your kids to fight and die. Remember, we have to protect the Mexican way of life here in post-American America that Bush is giving us. We also have corporate elites who are making millions of dollars sending their factories and jobs offshore. Our working class kids have to protect these corporate interests.

Lance Cpl. Aaron C. Austin, 21,  Killed by hostile fire in Al Anbar Province, IraqNow that Bush's daughters have graduated from college, the parents of dead U.S. servicemen will be happy to learn that Jenna and Barbara have pitched right in to help bring freedom to the Iraqis. The first thing the Bush twins did was give an interview to Vogue. Now, they're apparently going to help search for those weapons of mass destruction by taking a European vacation. Once they finish that search, they'll return to Washington to help the war effort by working in their father's reelection campaign.

Pfc. Chad E. Bales, 20,  Killed in a non-hostile vehicle accident during convoy operations The 20 year old dead Marine and the seven other servicemen and the more than 800 servicemen who have died in this meaningless Iraq mess probably never gave interviews to Vogue. Few probably ever took a European vacation. Not many of them even went to or graduated from college. Instead, these working class kids graduated from military boot camp. Their parents probably didn't even have the money to go see them graduate and head out for duty in Iraq.

Spc. Jonathan P. Barnes, 21 , Killed when a grenade was thrown from a window of the Iraqi civilian hospital  Welcome to post-American America. Please don't tell me that there isn't an unofficial class structure in this nation. You know there is and I know there is. It's the phonies in the elite class who don't want you to think we have classes. They're the same elites who manipulate ordinary non-elite kids into going into military service with talk of patriotism, while their own kids go to Ivy league colleges.

Lance Cpl. Aric J. Barr,  22,  Died of injuries received from enemy action in Anbar Province, IraqNow, don't get me wrong. This isn't a complaint against the Bush twins. They were born into their particular circumstances just as the kids who are dying in Iraq were born into theirs. The Bush twins are living their lives as is normal for their class, and the kids who are dying are doing what is normal for theirs. My gripe is that the elites are too quick to send the kids of the ordinary citizens of this nation to die in meaningless wars while not sending their own kids into danger. This isn't right and it's not the American way. Furthermore, any leader who wants to send someone else into danger should volunteer to lead the charge, not sit back in a mansion where it's safe. Any leader who isn't willing to lead the charge or send his own children into danger, shouldn't ask this of others. Call it the Golden Rule restated.

Spc. Todd M. Bates,  20, Bates was on a patrol on the Tigris River south of Baghdad, IraqBut maybe I'm wrong. Perhaps my belief that the war in Iraq is a meaningless waste of life is colored by my belief that all life is sacred. Maybe the elites have it right with their apparent belief (that they'll never say publicly) that the lives of non-elites aren't worth very much.

Anthony ZinniFinally, does anyone with more than a two digit I.Q. really believe that American kids are dying in Iraq for America and not Israel? If you believe they're dying for America, don't tell it to the Marines. Retired Marine General Anthony Zinni isn't buying the Bush administration lies, and neither are most other thinking people.

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