by H. Millard (c) 2003

I haven't sensed such activism from white voters in California since Prop 187 was being considered. Prop 187, you may recall, was the initiative that would have cut off many freebies for illegal aliens in California. It passed in a virtual landslide but was then gutted by one liberal federal judge. Then, the now soon to be ex-Governor Davis, refused to fight to get its provisions reinstated. That's when the anger really started rising against Davis. It finally reached a head this year when the screwy stuff this guy has been doing just became too much for too many people.

I'm picking up the vibes everyplace I go. If my gut is right, something big is going to happen during the recall election on October 7. No, the big thing isn't that Davis will be recalled. That's going to happen. The anger against Davis is so thick in the state that you can cut it. And, the anger just seems to increase the more this pencil necked goof ball appears in public. Davis is gone. Bet on it. The big thing that I think is going to happen is that we may see a major realignment of voters in the state as average white people shift away from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party.

If the shift happens, the new majority status of Republicans may not be reflected in the voter rolls right away--old habits and memory traces of what the Democratic Party used to be may die hard--but the reality of this recall campaign is that more and more white voters are starting to see that the California Democratic Party isn't what it once was and that their interests aren't being served by that party that has become, essentially, the Brown People's Party.

Art TorresAlexandra Gallardo-RookerAlicia WangReginald Byron Jones-SawyerDoubt it? Here's a list of the statewide party officers of the California Democratic Party: Art Torres, Chairman; Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker, 1st Vice-Chair; Alicia Wang, 2nd Vice-Chair; Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer, Secretary.

Not one of the above is white. So much for diversity.

But even more troubling for whites in the California Democratic party is the fact that Party Chairman Torres is the guy who told a cheering crowd of Hispanics on January 14, 1995 that "[Proposition] 187 was the last gasp of white America in California." Imagine the outrage had a white said that something was the last gasp of brown America in California.

Cruz BustamanteNow the Brown People's Party is apparently trying to make Torres' last gasp statement a reality by pushing Cruz Bustamante, a former member of MEChA, as the member of La Raza (the race) to replace Davis. If Bustamante gets into office, some expect he'll try to carry out MEChA's slogan: "For the race [mestizos], everything. For those outside the race, nothing."

You'd think that even the stupidest and most liberal whites would understand that they are the ones who will get nothing if Bustamante wins. Yet, some of these dunces are actually trying to say the slogan doesn't reaaaaaalllly mean what it says. Naturally, these are the same type of people who scream racism and call in the feds if some white kid looks at a non-white with anything less than a Kumbaya smile on his face. These are also the same kind of numbnuts who tell local newspapers how disgusted they are if they find a truthful flyer in their towns about the horrendous level of non-white on white crime. Get it straight, you dopes. MEChA's slogan is simple and clear. It means what it says, and Bustamante hasn't renounced it.

No one with more than a two digit I.Q. should be surprised, given the perceived anti-white nature of the California Democratic Party, and the anti-white statements coming from some top Democrats, if a major realignment does occur. Of course, there are still plenty of elites in both parties who figure that whites won't stick together as whites and that such a realignment, as I've suggested might happen, won't happen. After all, haven't whites been conditioned to not consider themselves part of a race with its own group self-interests?

True, whites often avoid public expressions of whiteness and may give cover reasons when they do vote white. However, whites, no less than other humans or other animals, have an instinct for self-preservation. The instinct for self-preservation may seem slow to kick in among whites (which is largely a result of the conditioning), but when whites finally do understand that they are being attacked for being white, watch what happens. Specifically, watch on October 7. This is going to be a Brown vs.White election, no matter how much the PC types in both parties try to hide that fact. What is happening in California is no less than a major battle for California and America as a European dominant culture.

But, isn't that racism? Call it whatever you want. It's really just enlightened self-interest. Whites have been beaten down for so long in this nation while being told that they are the oppressors, that they're starting to revolt in quiet, white ways. If I'm right, voting patterns in the October 7 recall should tell the tale. And, if things go as I think they will, whites in other states might also have their individual and group consciousness raised so that they will start seeing the vile anti-white hatred that has been aimed at whites just because of the color of their skin.

This, as you can well imagine, leads to a talk of fish. For years, the elites have been pandering to non-white voters as racial/ethnic blocs as though they are vast schools of fish who they can get into their massive nets with the right racial/ethnic bait. "Hey, look there's a school of blacks. "Helloooo! Come this way...we love blacks. Black Power. We love Colin Powell.'" At the same time, these elites have figured that whites don't travel in schools (they've been conditioned not to) so you have to catch them one at a time with fishing poles. With such thinking firmly in their minds, the elites have been doing what they figure would get them the greatest number of votes with the least effort. Forget the single poles and the alienated (from who they truly are) white fish. With the same effort, you can catch a whole bunch of ethnic fish in a net. And the rule is, one fish, one vote. So, the more fish you catch the better, politically speaking. Hey, fish are fish.

While the elites of both parties have been trying the big net ethnic approach, the Republicans haven't been very good at casting their nets. The Democrats, on the other hand, have been netting vast schools of black fish. Realizing that they can't catch many blacks in their pandering nets, the Republicans have been trying to break apart the schools so they can catch black fish the same way they catch white fish and so the Democrats can't catch as many in their nets. That's why we see Republican fishermen elites pushing the idea that all fish are individuals and that individuals are all different. That's also why they use blacks who act white as chum.

55 ChevyChum, of the white working class variety, is what the Republicans need. If there is such a major political shift in California and whites start heading for Democratic Party exits, the Republicans have to be smart enough to catch them. You see the problem. The Republican elites are mostly a very dumb lot. They got their party positions from their pals in the party down at their country clubs and don't really understand the psychology of average white people. They don't really know how strongly millions of average white people in California--whether Democrat or Republican--feel about immigration reform. These are the people who passed Prop. 187 and who will recall  Governor Davis, as surely as this guy looks like a bauble head in the back window of a '55 Chevy. Despite the fact that the California Democrat Party is now the Brown People's Party, there are still some whites there. They mostly vote the same as conservative Republicans anyway, but it would be better if Republicans could get them to switch their party registrations and come out of the closet. Unfortunately, to get them to do that may take smarter, more in touch with reality, people than I've seen in much of the GOP these days.

If the Republican elites want to attract more voters, they should stop treating white immigration reformers in the Republican Party as though they are peculiar relatives who must be hidden away. It is these immigration reformers who supply most of the energy and who will supply most of the votes come October 7. In addition, the first whites to leave the Brown People's Party will be immigration reformers who somehow stuck in there where they are really hated. They'll vote to recall Davis, and they'll vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger to replace him. Once Arnold is in charge and his persona makes the GOP more acceptable to Democrats who voted for him, we may then expect to see these white Democrats officially switch to the Republican Party.

If the Republican Party becomes the majority party in California after October 7, GOP elites will owe it to immigration reformers. If these elites then want to keep the GOP as the majority party, they'd better start moving immigration reformers to positions of authority in the party, and they'd better start paying at least as much attention to white voters as they are paying to brown voters.

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