Cosmic Fire
by H. Millard (c) 2004
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"I'm glad that Stephen Hawking guy finally gets it," said Homeless Jack. "See, for about 30 years he's said that black holes would take stuff in and then maybe shoot everything out the other end into some sort of different dimension or alternate universe. He's now changed his mind and says he now thinks that black holes hold the stuff they pull in and then eventually send it back out in mangled form.

"I could have told him the way they really work a long time ago. See, black holes are a little like tornadoes or hurricanes and if we had the right kind of eyes we'd be seeing all the spinning around. It's the spinning that's the important thing. But, here's something that I don't think Hawking has figured out yet: black holes are like cornucopias which are also called horns of plenty. Don't say you don't know what they are, man. You see wicker basket versions of them every Thanksgiving. Cornucopias come down to us from Greek mythology and are supposed to be a she goat's horn that refills itself endlessly with fruit. It's used as a symbol of abundance. I gotta tell you man, like many myths, this one has some truth to it. Hawking's original version was like the Wizard of Oz where the tornado picked up Dorothy and Toto and deposited them in a strange new dimension. His new and correct version would have Dorothy and Toto picked up and spun around and then they'd be all mangled and spit out of the same mouth where they started from. But, Hawking's term "mangled" might give the wrong idea to people who might think of it being as though a piece of paper went into a black hole, and then it was all crumbled up in a ball and spit out. That ain't the way it is, man. What would really happen to that piece of paper is that it would be reduced to its basic atoms and vibrations and combined with other atoms and vibrations and then be spit back out when the black hole loses its power and stops spinning. At that time, all that was inside would suddenly seem to just appear.

If we could stand back and look at our universe, we'd see the whole damn thing spinning around and looking like a hurricane. And, inside, everything is also spinning around like smaller versions of the big spinning. Just a whole bunch of spinning stuff. If we then looked closer and closer and closer we'd just see smaller and smaller versions of the spinning. In the big scheme of things, black holes ain't that big a deal, man. Here's something else. Everything--all of existence--started as a single point and grew from there by spinning. Look at snail shells for a rough idea. See how the shell starts at a point and then grows in a spiraling fashion? That's all of existence, man. That's the way it all is. It's the same way with black holes and with tornadoes and all the rest. It's the spinning that is the thing, man. There's your friggin' cornucopia. It's the engine of destruction and creation and it just keeps working. Here's somethin' else that scares some folks; the swastika, which is also called a fylfot and a bunch of other terms, is a representation of this spinning and spiraling around. The mouth of the black hole is the center of the swastika and the arms are matter that is being pulled in as the center turns. Look at a spiral galaxy or water draining out of your sink or a photograph of a hurricane from above. They're all the same basic thing.

"So?" I asked.

"Geez, man, you don't get it do you?" asked Jack. "This all has to do with God and religion and our people and evolution and the life force and all of existence."

"It does?"

"Yeah, it does. This spinning that we see in black holes and tornadoes and all the rest is represented by the swastika, but the representation is more than just a representation. The representation itself is like magic or something. Somehow, there are hidden lines or forces or keys or something that connect with the Big Guy in some strange way when the symbol is drawn or displayed under the right circumstances, by the right people, and it brings in the good and the light and blocks out the evil and the dark. That's one of the real reasons that some are trying to keep our people from using it as a symbol. Part of the magic is that it also opens a door to God and his Shining Ones for those with the right stuff inside.

"Black holes are just one version of the spinning and they're as religious as they are scientific. See, true science and true religion say the same things. They're not enemies as some people in some religions believe. If religious truths aren't in tune with science and the truth, then they're false, man. If some so-called religious people deny true scientific discoveries because their religions say something else, then they're just ignorant boobs. God ain't selling anything that ain't true. I believe in true science and true religion and they both support God."

"Yeah, but you do know that some people have a hard time accepting the concept of a God?"

"Look man, people have the wrong idea about God and all this stuff. Let me say that my idea of God is completely in tune with all types of science including the science of human psychology."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Just what it says. The masses need a God, and they need him to be a certain way. It's all wrapped up in human psychology. You figure it out.

"You know that cornucopia stuff? Well, there's this one dumpster that is almost making me think it's something like that because I keep finding books and papers and stuff in it that cause me to learn new things. I figure it's really just that Arman guy I told you about and maybe he's tracking me and putting stuff in the dumpster just before I get there. Hell, I don't mind. The stuff he puts in there makes me think about some of the big questions.

"I'm telling you man that nothing is complicated in our existence. Everything is simple. It's only the explanation that is complex. This stuff I just told you is all simple, but when a guy like Hawking wants to explain it, he needs complicated math and physics and all the rest in order to prove it as true. That doesn't mean the subject of his study is complex, it just means that the explanation is. Everything is really basic and dependent on simple things like hot and cold, dark and light."

"So, are you then saying that the oriental concept of ying and yang is correct?" I asked.

"Not exactly. See, if you totally buy that concept you'll always be thinking in terms of opposites and that can lead you down the wrong path. Look, hot is not really the opposite of cold, it is just a part of the continuum that we call "temperature." It's the same with light and dark, and many other so called opposites. They're not really opposite. Forget that stuff, some things may be opposites, but such thinking can be a distraction. What you need to know about is the spinning and the struggle. See, dark is the state of things at low energy. You don't have to burn energy to have dark. However, you have to burn energy--struggle--to produce light. It's like that with cold also. Cold just is. Heat requires struggle.

"So, what's this all mean?" I asked.

"Damn, man, I already told you. This is the stuff that's behind genes and race and all the rest of life," said Jack. "This is the stuff that's upstream of everything. See, if you talk about human races without a grounding in all this stuff, you're just way too far down stream and you're only scratching the surface of reality. You need to know about this black hole stuff and all the rest to really get it and to understand how racial realities are based on more than just race. We're talking cosmic stuff here, man. We're talking stuff that is older than all life. If you don't get it then you'll never understand why genes and race and evolution and all that kind of stuff really are important not just in a zoological sense but in a physics and religious sense as well.

"It's all about spinning and struggle. Get it?

"No, not really," I said.

"Never mind, man. Just don't ever stop struggling."

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