by H. Millard (c) 2004
H. Millard

Forget black. Tan is in. For 24 years, Orange County, California has had a Black History Parade during Black History Month. It was never well attended but that's probably because there aren't many blacks living in the county (about 1.7% of the population according to the 2000 census). Still, the event boogied on with some funding from the City of Santa Ana, where the parade is held, and from some corporate donors.

Now that's been changed. The City of Santa Ana, which is mostly Hispanic and heavily infested with illegal aliens, has pulled its funding. The stated reason for defunding the event was given as budget constraints.

In order to continue with the Black History Parade, and to get funding from other sources, the black organizers have renamed the event the "Multicultural Parade and Faire." Right. So, to have a Black History Parade, you must not have a Black History Parade. Many blacks are complaining that this new parade isn't the same thing as the old parade. They're right of course. But, times change. The old favored minority has been replaced by a new favored minority. Welcome to a world that wants to blend you away, black folks. But, don't feel rained on. It also wants to blend away all other distinct races, all distinct religions, all distinct cultures, and all distinct countries. The big genocidal blending wheel is moving across humanity. Black is too extreme a color. White is too extreme a color. A blended color is needed.

Dignitaries at the newly renamed parade will include a few blacks, some Latinos, and some Vietnamese. It is not clear if there will be any token white dignitaries present, but if there are, they will probably be aracial.

So, what does this all mean?

It's just another indication of the blending that is taking place in society today. I often write of the blending that is being foisted on whites, but the blending doesn't just affect whites. It affects everyone. The blending is just going through different stages on its way to homogenizing humanity and creating a Tan Everyman to replace the present different races of man.

When the Blenders speak of "multiculturism" they really mean uniculturism. They don't want a bunch of different cultures, different races, different religions, different nations. They want a blended new reality. They want one culture, one race, one religion and one nation. About the only things they want that are multicultural are different ethnic restaurants.

When speaking of blenders, it's important to note that this isn't a conspiracy of a few people. It's a massive world view that has taken hold on our planet and which has sent most of humanity down a fork in the road of evolution that leads not to the old relatively exclusive gene pools, but to a gene ocean and genocide. What crawls out from the exclusive gene pools is like the parents. What crawls out from the gene ocean is a Tan Everyman.

There are rebels--separatists--who see what is happening and who want to remain out of this gene ocean, but they seem to be in a minority today. If they succeed in staying out of the gene ocean long enough and can be isolated from those not like them, they will eventually evolve to the point where cross breeding with the rest of humanity is not possible and they will then be considered a new species. We know this, because that's the way it happens in nature. However, the modern shrinking world leaves few places where evolution can do its work of bringing forth a new species out of humanity. As soon as any group starts separating out, it is pulled back in and is blended away.

Today, it's one small Black History Parade that has been blended away. Just a small thing as the world turns, but it's a clue to the genocidal blending that is taking place.

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