Bill O'Reilly
by H. Millard (c) 2005
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Ever hear a dinosaur? I did. I caught Bill O'Reilly's less than bright "race doesn't matter" smarmy act on the radio the other day.

It was a little like listening to someone who wants to be hip but who is behind the times and says things like "groovy" and "way out man" long after those expressions and the attitudes behind them have passed into the sunset. O'Reilly didn't say much, just a few words, but these few words spoke volumes about O'Reilly's aracial psyche, his lack of genetic consciousness and knowledge, and perhaps also something about superficiality and shallow thinking.

On this particular day, O'Reilly called the governor of Georgia a "dope" several times because the governor hadn't spoken out about an all white prom held back in 2003. O'Reilly couldn't even remember the governor's name (Sonny Perdue) so he told his staff to "get me that guy's name so I can knock him some more." Tough guy, this O'Reilly. Yeah, he's a real mouth warrior. Of course, some of this may just be part of O'Reilly's formulaic shtick as an entertainer. On just about every program he has at least one segment, usually about sex or race, that he can show righteous indignation about. "Harummph, white only prom, harummmph."

Still, shtick or not, O'Reilly had also addressed the all white prom on his TV program in 2003--and I also wrote a column about O'Reilly's lack of genetic consciousness at that time. He didn't get it back then, and he doesn't get it now. Maybe he never will. The conditioning has apparently taken. Say "all white prom"and O'Reilly salivates.

The dopes don't mind people making personal association decisions based on various superficial factors, but on the most important thing of all--genes--they think that people should be forced to associate. It's nutty and it's self-genocidal thinking.

Have no doubt about this; no matter what those such as O'Reilly say, those with some modicum of genetic consciousness are the bright ones and those without it are the dopes. O'Reilly, with his holier-than-thou hissy fit act because some whites actually prefer the company of other whites and would rather not mix with non-whites in an important rite of passage courtship ritual, shows which column he fits in.

Here's an important part of this matter. The whites in Georgia didn't use school facilities or public funds when they held their whites only prom. They had the legal and moral right to do as they did. That wasn't good enough for O'Reilly. He apparently wanted complete racial mixing. He wanted blending.

Like some other dopes who lack genetic consciousness and knowledge, O'Reilly apparently equates whites wanting to only be around their fellow whites--which is a genetic survival mechanism--as somehow being the same thing as whites hating blacks and wanting to force them to the rear of the bus. The fact is that America does not have Jim Crow laws anymore. People are free to associate or not associate with others in their private lives. Those who want to associate across racial lines are free to do so under the law. At the same time, and also under the law, those who don't want to associate across racial lines are free to not associate. Those higher consciousness individuals who don't hate themselves or their people who don't want to associate across racial lines shouldn't have to become the targets of the prejudices and intolerant attitudes of the aracial know-nothings and small minded bigots who believe that people should be forced to dance and mingle with those they don't want to dance or mingle with.

These higher consciousness people who don't want to mix--even if it hasn't dawned on them yet and even if they deny it-- are expressing what is essentially a religious view.

We are our genes. They are us. Our genes are the most important part of us. They are what is real and genuine about us. They are our ancestors and they are our descendents. They are the holiest of the holy about us and our identity. They are the words of God written in every cell of our beings. We are the projections of our genes. Our genes are not to be erased and they are not to be blurred. They are to be honored. They are to be kept from desecration. They are to be improved. They are to be multiplied, not subtracted. Other things--the schools we attend, the sports we watch or play, the politics we profess, the religions we have, the nations in which we live, the careers we have--are all artificial when compared to genes. Sure, many of these secondary things actually arise from and are due to our genetic programs, but they are still things that we can do away with and still be us. It's not that way with genes. If we mix our genes with those unlike us, we lose who we are. We become extinct. We die off.

Fortunately, it appears that more and more people are waking up to the truths of nature and they're rejecting the ignorance and hatred that seems to be behind the type of thinking expressed by those who want to force people into their own extinction via bed room genocide--which can begin with mixed proms and similar events. And, many of these people who are waking up don't hate anyone because of race or any other reason. They are polite to all people, but they also know what is important and where lines need to be drawn.

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