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by H. Millard (c) 2003

You can smell the fear coming from liberal Democrats in California these days. It's pouring out of their sweat glands even faster than the devolution of the state to Third World status. The stink is everywhere. These Democrats are sweating like fifty illegal aliens stuffed in a mini-van driven by coyote Gray Davis. It's as though they've just run the border and now, after being wildly driven across the desert, find themselves stuck in the middle of a train crossing. As they peer wide-eyed out the windows, they see two trains headed their way. One train is named Recall and the other is named Schwarzenegger. They frantically try to open the doors and windows to escape, but find they can't open them. The van was made in Mexico.

Democrats sacrifice DavisWhat do they do? The front of the van, where Davis is sitting, is sure to be hit by Recall. So, while they're still telling Davis that he's their amigo, they're urging Mexican-American mestizo Cruz Bustamante to try to push the back part of the van off the tracks and save them all (except for Davis, of course). Unfortunately for them, Bustamante may not be buff enough.

How did the Democrats get stuck in the van? It's a long sad story that mirrors the decline of the Golden State. At least part of the reason can be found in a version of noblesse oblige racism that has manifested itself in the political sphere with screwy and misguided forms of political correctness, tolerance, inclusiveness, and nonjudgementalism that have resulted in a California Democrat Party that now seems to accept things that are destructive of European-American culture, are un-American, and are openly anti-white.

In defense of the California Democrat Party, many would say that the party just wants to make itself look like America and to also keep its traditional base of lower class working people. However, the way this has worked out is that the party seems to have become subtly but institutionally anti-white, and mostly seems to represent the interests of non-whites, including illegal alien "immigrants," who are increasingly the entry level workers in post-American America California.

To understand what has happened to the Democrats, it's not really enough to say that the Democrats are nuts. People want to know what variety of nuts they are. This leads us to a discussion of noblesse oblige racism. Since I may have coined the term, it falls on me to explain. Noblesse oblige racists often appear aracial, but they subconsciously and neurotically believe that the basic human model is a white person and that all people are really white people under their skins. Thus, in the subconscious minds of noblesse oblige racists, non-white skins are a little like birth defects that simply overlay the real white person underneath. These non-white skins trap the inner whites inside where they yearn to be released so they can act white. In addition, these dark skinned, inner white people have suffered because some evil white skinned people don't like these inner whites simply because of their non-white skin.

As a result of this skin color prejudice, the inner whites have poor school test scores, high crime rates, and high levels of social dysfunction. To help these poor trapped inner white people, the noblesse oblige whites believe that because of their noble births it is their duty to help the less fortunate dark skinned inner whites escape from their non-white prisons. Of course, noblesse oblige racist whites would never describe their neurosis this way, but they are, after all, neurotic, and may be excused their lack of self-knowledge. Also, like most mental illnesses, noblesse oblige racism has gradations from the mildest form to the most severe. This being the case, the expression of the disease is sometimes very easy to see and sometimes not as easy to see. Descriptions of the disease in this column are generally based on the more severe forms.

"in white man's clothes"Now, noblesse obligee racists mostly don't want to directly impose their aracial, but still white, world views on others. That would be un-PC. Instead, they prefer to let these aracial white ways seep in slowly. Thus do we find many Great White Mother and Great White Father whites acting as patient teachers and mentors of non-whites to gently encourage them to act white. They often try to bond with the primitives to gain their trust. Then they try to civilize the child-like savages. Along the way they often dress them up in white man's clothes and give them white man's haircuts. They teach them the white man's religion. And, they praise them to high heaven when they act white in even the smallest way.

"inner white people"White-masked Mexican surferThey also overlook things that they do wrong, that they would never overlook in a fellow superior white. Then, when the non-whites are ready, the noblesse oblige racists start giving some of them increasing levels of responsibility. This sometimes makes some non-whites feel grateful to their Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers--who will always remain nearby to give wise and gentle motherly and fatherly advice when needed. Once exposed to this white love, the savages will understand the superiority of white ways and white people and will be freed from their non-white skins so the inner white people can beam forth and so they can aspire to be brown skinned white people.

Of course, the reality is that many non-whites don't want to be white at all and they resent such condescending attitudes. However, this is often lost on the noblesse oblige racists whose minds are closed to the reality that only white people are really white people under their skins and all human types have different blueprints right from the sub cellular level on up. In a sense, humans are like automobiles. A Rolls-Royce and a Volkswagen are both automobiles, but they are also far different from each other.
So, that's where the California Democratic Party is today and how they ended up in that van.

Art TorresHispanic Art Torres, who took over the Chairmanship of the Democrat Party in California from white Bill Press, may have summed up what is going on in the Democrat Party in California even better when he told a cheering audience of about 400 Hispanics on January 14, 1995 "[Proposition] 187 was the last gasp of white America in California."

Torres' error in that statement was that he confused all of California with the Democrat Party. What he should have said is that Proposition 187 was the last gasp of white Americans in the Democrat Party. It is the dwindling number of whites in the California Democrat Party who are gasping.

In fact, so many whites in the Democrat Party are gasping because they are being treated like second class citizens--and often to non-citizens--that the Governor Davis recall election may just be one of those major political realignments that we see every several decades.

Not all white liberals can figure things out--they are liberals, after all--and so, some of these condescending goof balls can be expected to vote for brown Bustamante, precisely because he is brown, so that they can show how much they love non-whites. However, one suspects that many other white liberals aren't so blinded by PCitis and can see that things have gotten to the point that the Democrat Party in California has become the anti-white party.

Another reality of post-American America, that is no less true in California than elsewhere, is that aracialness (which is often part of noblesse oblige racism) is still primarily a white disease and not many non-whites are infected. These uninfected non-whites, and in this context, we mean Hispanics, still actually like themselves and their own people and they work for their own people--not those who are not part of La Raza (the race). Democrat whites who understand this and who look at where Bustamante has been, may start concluding that they're going to lose any power they may have if he becomes governor.

"Adios Gringo"They may be liberal, and they may love all minorities and hate all whites who know they're white, but they're still white themselves. They may not always notice this fact of their birth, but some are starting to understand that brown racists never forget it. Whites are the wrong color. And, no matter how much these white liberals shuck and jive and try not to be white; they're still white. They're gringos. They're the man. They're the hated Europeans. Their skin shows their sin. They are the oppressors of mestizos like Bustamante. They're not La Raza. They are the ruling elites keeping the brown people down. Out with them!

Is Senor Bustamante a brown racist? We can never know what is really in the heart and mind of another, and Bustamante would probably deny it, but the fact remains that he has some Mexican racist baggage. In fact, he was once a member of a group called MEChA or Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan. MEChA, among other things, wants to take back California and parts of other western states for Mexico or for a new nation that they call Aztlan. Can it be that the seeds for a new civil war are being sown in California? Some believe so.

Aztec warriorsThe moral justification and authority for creating Aztlan is found by the Mechistas in old myths that hold that Mexican Indians apparently, once upon a time before national or state borders, called all or parts of what are now several western states, including California, Aztlan. Because of this, Mechistas figure that they have dibs on all or parts of these states, and that white people stole Aztlan from them. They want these areas back. Their method of conquest has developed as a natural adjunct of the mass immigration of illegal aliens to the U.S. from Mexico.

Many of these illegal aliens are apolitical and have mostly just come chasing the buck--being the money grubbing criminals that they are--but they have become the army of invasion and occupation. They are simply resettling the western states and especially California. When their numbers are low in any area, they try to remain invisible. However, once their numbers increase, they begin taking over and replacing white people in all areas of life. As already mentioned, they've pretty much taken over the Democrat Party in California.

Cruz BustamanteMany brown racists use the hate term "gringos" when they talk about whites. This isn't a cute term. It's every bit as bad a racial pejorative as nigger, kike, spic, wop. While a special hateful place is reserved for whites in the minds of brown racists, they also apparently don't like other races either. Bustamante, whether he is a brown racist or not, once publicly used the word "nigger" when speaking to a group of blacks.

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