by H. Millard (c) 2004
H. Millard

"If you're a non-Jewish white person of European descent, keep your eyes straight ahead. Don't stare at anyone lest it be taken the wrong way. Don't smile at them for the same reason. And, especially, don't laugh if someone who looks different than you is nearby. Don't read this or that book. Don't raise your arm a certain way. Don't wear this or that symbol. Don't talk about certain historical events. Be careful of every word you say. Don't feel pride in who you are. The eyes and ears of the Thought Police are everywhere watching and listening to you. They are ready to pounce. Your white skin makes you suspect of thinking the wrong things. Welcome to Europe, your ancestral home."

Some say that anti-Semitism is a problem in the world. The truth is that anti-Aryanism seems to be the larger problem.

We live in crazy, repressive times. Hatred for white people is endemic. Europe, the ancestral home of white people, is being destroyed--eaten away from within. Haters rule and they color their genocidal lies with fine sounding phrases while multiracialists work overtime to wipe out all whites. The white masses are being told that any expressions of their whiteness are evil. Many people are confused and are going mad within their skins as they try to stop being what they truly are. They limit themselves and their aspirations lest they do something wrong. Once, they were a free and growing people, and the world was their oyster. Now, many of them have become emotional slaves to non-white sensibilities and they are contracting. Their once positive, expansive, anything goes, and I can do it attitude is now subdued. As a race, they seem to have become old and decrepit.

They often deny that they are a people lest they be called racist or anti-Semitic. The dangers that face them are Biblical in proportion, yet few see the truth. They deny their own extinction even as they see it before their own eyes. They listen to that age old deceiver Everyone. And, as is so often the case, Everyone has led many astray. "If Everyone believes that multiracialism is good, it must be so," they reason. Those among them who believe in the Bible or those who read history books should already know that they should ignore Everyone and read their books and understand that many times in the past Everyone believed something and it was false. Everyone once believed that the earth was flat. Everyone also once believed that the earth was the center of the solar system. Everyone once said that things were okay in Sodom and Gomorrah. Everyone once said that Noah was wrong. Everyone once said to buy stocks on margin. It goes on and on. Forget Everyone. He's an idiot.

The twin claims of racism and anti-Semitism are in Everyone's quiver of words to try to fool you into your own genetic suicide. If you let yourself be wounded by these claims you'll be forced to live a milquetoast life in which you barely exist as a genuine authentic person. And then you'll die in the night and no one will care and no one will remember you and you might as well not have lived at all.

To really understand the often false claims of racism's twin, anti-Semitism, we should probably remind ourselves of a few foundational terms and concepts that are in play in such a discussion.

First of all, a "people" is a group of genetically similar individuals. These similar genes give the people its natural and primary (God given, if you prefer) physical characteristics and its identity. Beyond providing the physical characteristics and identity, our genes are also programmed to have us higher-thought, thinking animals take on secondary identities based on beliefs which are often philosophical and religious. While these things--these abstract ideas--are of the mind, the mind is of the brain, and the brain is of the body, which is of the genes. It is to the genes that these abstract ideas are most beholden.

In the best of circumstances, these secondary identities are also mostly the natural products of our personal genes and the collective genes of those like us as these genes react to the world around us and send signals to our brains which then wonder about the big questions and send us to find answers that help us. With proper thinking and guidance we find some of the right answers. However, in the worst of circumstances these secondary identities are unnatural and are used to control us, sometimes to our own detriment. Everyone is often in this second category these days. Let's try to not be like Everyone.

It must always be clear that the secondary identities, which are dependent on thought, do not trump the primary identities that do not require thought and which we are born with. For example, if we are born with blue eyes, we may secondarily believe that we have brown eyes, but our secondary belief doesn't change our primary reality.

We also need to know a little about the word "Aryan." No matter what Everyone tells you, this is an appropriate shorthand term for "non-Jewish white people of European descent," and saves a lot of words. However, there are those who hate Aryans and who try to falsely convince others that the use of this word is somehow anti-Semitic. This tends to deny Aryans a word by which they may define and identify themselves. Those who demonize the word are often making a hateful attempt to keep Aryans from unifying as the distinct people that they truly are.

Some even try to argue that there's no such thing as an Aryan. This is a childish and illogical argument, because if we define Aryan to mean "a non-Jewish white person of European descent," as we do, and if there are non-Jewish white people of European descent, which there are, then Aryans, by definition, exist. However, there is no magic in the word Aryan. It's just a convenient term. Any word that is accepted by the people it defines could be substituted for this term. You could, for example, say that the name for "non-Jewish white European people," is Xktlp, and it too would be valid. Ultimately, all words are just made up ways to express something.

We can, as a working approach to our existence, probably say with some degree of certainty that nature or God has given every distinct people, or sub-group of people, a right to self-definition, self-identity and self-determination as they alone see fit, free from the wishes of those who are not part of their people or sub-group. We arrive at this working approach by believing that we as individuals have some sort of free choice and that this free choice (limited as it may be) also applies to groups of individuals. Thus, if a group of people wants to worship a turnip hanging on a string and they define themselves as the Turnipers and they wear turnips around their necks as expressions of their faith and identity, they have a natural or God given right to do this and they should be allowed to live their lives as they wish. So long as they do no harm to others, it's no one's business what they believe. Their faith in turnips and their display of turnips is not a denial of the right of others to worship differently or to display symbols that these others might find meaningful. In other words, if you are for turnips, it doesn't mean that you are anti-carrots.

Let's be clear about something else. In general terms, Christians are not a genetic people in the same way that Jews are a genetic people. Christianity is primarily a religious belief--a secondary identity, that one can change in the blink of an eye without changing what one truly is. By contrast, Judaism is a religious belief, but in its orthodox, and thus purest form, it holds that true Jews are only those who are born of a Jewish mother. Thus, one must have the right genes to be a Jew. That's why you can be a Jew and also be a Catholic or a Buddhist or have no religion at all. Your genetic Jewishness precedes your Jewish religious faith. This is also why orthodox Jews don't try to convert people to Judaism. How do you convert genes? How do you make yourself be born of a Jewish mother if you weren't? It's a contradiction in terms and would be like having a blue eyed religion for blue eyed people that tried to convert brown eyed people.

Thus, it is often not correct to think in terms of a Christians/Jews dichotomy, because the comparison thus stated is between a religion on the one hand and a genetic group on the other. A truer comparison would be Aryans and Jews (or,say, Arabs and Jews or Chinese and Jews). It does get bollixed up in the real world, but essentially these terms are largely grounded in genes, not beliefs and not nationalities. Confusion often sets in among people who haven't given much thought to these things.

Of course, there are exceptions and many non-orthodox Jewish synagogues accept converts. But, as an aside, and as an indication of the genetic/Judaism link, there is some fear in Israel that millions of Arabs might simply all convert to Judaism and take over Israel in a sort of absorption invasion. Aryan Christians with low genetic consciousness might not even understand this fear, and they might think that having all the Arabs become Jews would be a win for Israel. After all, these Christians--whose religion is based on belief, not genes--would consider it a win if all the people of the world became Christians. Orthodox Jews, however, who do understand the necessary genetic link, fear that such a mass conversion would be the end of Judaism. They're right. In the long run, you really can't have Judaism without genetic Jews. Some liberal or secular Jews try to deny this and often say that the essence of Judaism is tradition rather than genes, but they're wrong. Tradition is important, but it is an outgrowth of genetic predispositions that would eventually fail if the genes failed.

All of the above is prologue. There have been a number of columns over the past few months in newspapers and on the internet, mostly written by Jews, who express outrage at what the writers say is an increase in European anti-Semitism and a failure of European nations to do enough to stop it.

Some of these writers have claimed that many Jews in Europe avoid outward signs of their Jewishness in public and don't wear Stars of David or yarmulkes to keep from being attacked because they are Jewish.

Being attacked just because of who you are and because you have expressed yourself in a way that is meaningful to you with religious attire or symbols simply isn't right. However, these Jewish writers should walk a mile in the shoes of a non-Jewish white European--an Aryan--these days. Far more Aryans avoid outward signs of their Aryanness in public, than Jews. Aryans who show outward manifestations of Aryanness are persecuted by many European governments. And, often it has been Jews who have pushed through laws against expressions of Aryanness. This is resented by many Aryans. It may be this resentment over their repression, that some are calling anti-Semitism.

Some may ask, isn't wearing a Christian cross an expression of Aryanness? The answer is it isn't. Again, thinking that it is, is a confusion of a secondary religious identity with a primary genetic identity. A real expression of Aryan identity might be the wearing of a swastika. In fact, there are Aryans who believe that a variation of the swastika (which goes back thousands of years) is a sacred religious symbol representing them as a people and also their belief system. They view this symbol in a way similar to the way that many Jews view the Star of David. But, most of these people avoid outward expressions of their Aryanness and don't wear symbols in public lest they or their children be attacked for no other reason than that they are Aryans. Which, of course, is the same claim that the Jewish writers mentioned, make about wearing Jewish symbols.

Most of the Jewish writers appear to be concerned almost completely with Jews being attacked by street toughs. This is telling, because it points up the fact that it is not governments attacking Jews. In fact, many of these governments are far too busy attacking Aryans.

Attacks by street toughs can happen anywhere to anyone--not just Jews--for various hateful reasons. Catholics might not like Hindus and attack them. Blacks may not like whites and attack them. Gays may not like straights and attack them. However, these are all extra-governmental attacks and are illegal. Those who carry out such attacks are criminally liable if caught. Contrast that with the far worse and really disgusting attacks on Aryans who manifest their Aryanness in public by their own governments that their taxes pay to support.

Shouldn't such repressive governments that persecute people for expressing their basic identity be considered a much bigger problem than attacks by street criminals? Of course they should.

I'll bet that if one talked to white people in Europe, when these people feel that they can be open and truly express themselves with no repercussions, that we'd discover that many of them really do find their identity in their Aryanness (if they don't understand the word Aryan, they may express it in different words, but it'll mean the same thing), but most are forced to hide it these days lest they be victimized by their own governments.

Have no doubt about the fact that the real problem of hate in Europe seems to be that various governments are repressing their own non-Jewish citizens. Indeed, in many nations of Europe, thanks to Jewish pressure, anyone who wears the wrong symbol is arrested and thrown in jail. Anyone who raises their arm the wrong way in some European nations can be arrested. Reading some religious, philosophical, or political books will also get some white Europeans arrested. One guy in Germany was even arrested because his dog raised his paw the wrong way. Saying you don't think 6 millions Jews died in the holocaust will get you arrested. Saying a wrong word will get you arrested.

There is no end to the repression of non-Jewish white people in Europe. They are being denied their peoplehood and their innate religious feelings. The only non-Jewish white people who are left alone are those who deny their identity or hide it in a bland aracial everyman type of existence that seems to be based on the false belief that white people just appeared out of thin air and have no genes or unique beliefs at all. And, my guess is that many white Europeans believe that claims of anti-Semitism are often a cover for hatred for non-Jews and especially for whites who find their sense of identity in their whiteness (in this context "whiteness" is a synonym for "Aryanness).

Ah, but as far as the swastika goes, some will probably argue that it has a history involved that makes it a symbol of hate. Well, many Arabs would argue the same thing about the Star of David. Do we accept the characterizations of others about OUR symbols or do we demand the right to have our own symbols no matter who doesn't like them? Our natural freedom as human beings demands that each distinct people choose its own symbols and types of worship as that distinct people likes, even if others don't like either.

But this matter of symbols being banned if one group doesn't like them, goes even further. Many European nations are now stopping Muslim women from wearing headscarves in public schools, but it doesn't appear that many of these same nations are as vigorous in stopping Jews from wearing yarmulkes. There are basic principles of human freedom and fairness involved here. Everyone should be allowed to express their religious feelings by displaying their symbols and doing those religious things that do no harm to others.

Given the repression that exists in many European nations toward any expression of religiosity or identity that seems to be unacceptable to many Jews, might a reasonable person not wonder if the anti-Semitism that some Jews now claim is so rampant, is just a reaction to anti-Aryanism expressed by many Jews, and now incorporated into the laws of many nations? In other words, what came first, the present anti-Semitism, or the repression of non-Jews by Jews?

Of course, on a different level, the present anti-Semitism and anti-Aryanism are really just the genes of both groups warring on each other for dominance. Once, the Aryan genes controlled the governments of Europe and attempted, through government action, to dominate the Jewish genes. Now, the Jewish genes appear to be controlling many governments and you can forget all the old moral high ground that these genes once tried to claim. Today, they're doing the same things to Aryans in Europe that they once claimed Aryans were doing to them, and they're doing worse to Arabs in other places.

No people has a moral high ground. Those peoples who survive, do so because they struggle and fight to survive.

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