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The signs of decay were everywhere this week in sick and getting sicker post-American America.

These signs tumbled in from all directions like the lies and sweet nothings from the Bush administration.

The stock market was down. The trade deficit was up. Gas prices were higher than ever. More American factories closed. More American jobs were sent to the Third World. Middle class and lower class American kids were dying in a meaningless war in Iraq while the kids of the rich and powerful, such as President Bush's own kids, were partying. President Bush again repeated the lie that he had made no mistakes about Iraq even though the reason for him starting the war was a claim about weapons of mass destruction that no one can seem to find. Bush also pushed for an amnesty for illegal aliens that he didn't call an amnesty. He also denied that we'll have a draft, but our military is already stretched too thin. If the Iranian nuke plant is hit by the U.S. or Israel and Iran retaliates, we may have to invade Iran on the ground. To do this, a draft will be needed. Odds are that this will happen after the November election if the American people are stupid enough to reelect Bush. If Bush is reelected, get ready to say goodbye to your kids and friends between the ages of 18 and 32, unless they're elites like Bush family members.

The sickness is now permeating the whole nation at all levels. It's even invaded religion and marriage. In Utah, the state continues to persecute the Kingston family whose religious beliefs the state doesn't like. It seems the Kingstons have their heads screwed on right and know, maybe subconsciously, that having as many children as possible is our primary purpose in living. To make more of themselves, the Kingstons aren't cloning themselves, they're clanning themselves. They practice polygamy and have whole herds of little Kingstons. One of the Kingston men has fourteen wives and is reported to have more than a hundred kids. Hell, it just makes sense. Why should a man waste 9 months of sperm with a wife who, once she is pregnant, can't do anything with that sperm? Sex is made pleasurable so we will reproduce. If we can't reproduce, because our wife is already pregnant, then sex isn't performed for its real purpose.

The state doesn't like polygamy and wants everyone to follow the state's religious laws dressed up in secular clothes. One man one wife, says the state. This is a sure formula to keep the population down. Three cheers for the Kingstons. If they don't cave in to the state's persecution they'll eventually prevail as more and more people reject having the state butt into such matters. If the Kingstons are doing something wrong right now it is the fact that they're not being more militant. The state is a bully and loves to roll over people. It's only when people become militant that things change.

Look no further than homosexuals for an example. So long as they remained in the closet, the state could persecute them. It was only after they became militant that they started winning their freedom. It's time for the polygamists to come out of the closet and demand that the state leave them alone. As things stand now, the state is moving to protect and coddle homosexuals who defy nature's laws about reproduction while at the same time persecuting polygamists who follow nature's laws about reproduction. This is screwball and anti-life.

Of course, there's more to the sickness of post-American America than is being directly caused by the Bushies, but getting Bush and his mob of neocon creeps out of the Whitehouse is a step in the right direction to fixing this nation. Still, the real reason for our decline as a nation is due, in part, to incorrect thinking that race doesn't exist and that genes don't matter. With this mindset, it's no great leap to think that all people are fungible. This has led to the importation of millions and millions of non-whites and the encouragement of miscegenation. Post-American America has become a killing field for whites who are subjected to real weapons of mass destruction--alien genes.

Through bedroom genocide the white genotype is being replaced by a non-white genotype. And, if you think that the darkening of America is no great shakes and that this brown one is just like this white one except for skin color, you don't understand that our skin color is just an outward color code for millions of other genetic differences. Browns are not whites with different paint jobs. Millions and millions of non-white people are being let into post-American America by the mostly aracial white politicians--right now, that means the Bushies--who intentionally or just ignorantly are advancing the blending away of all distinct races, but especially the white race. And, you guessed it, the decay and the sickness of post-American America are growing as a result of the shrinking of the white genotype and the incorrect thinking of aracial white leaders with their goofy belief that race doesn't exist.

Post-American America is not the America of legend, myth and grade school propaganda. Most of the rest of the world believes that we, as a nation, have become as evil as those nations who we self-righteously claim are evil. Even though most of the rest of the world sees this, many citizens in post-American America are blinded to the truth by the massive propaganda to which they are subjected. On TV, this week, Bill O'Reilly--the same guy who proved his aracial bonafides by railing against a whites only prom--and who is now in the news because of alleged unwelcome phone sex, said we should "flatten Fallujah." Fallujah has a population of around 500,000 people. It is a major city. We should "flatten Fallujah"?

Nonsense. That kind of statement and that kind of thinking are representative of the comply or die thinking that we too often find in sick post-American America and which the rest of the world sees as evidence of the moral bankruptcy of our nation. Remember how we "flattened" a religious compound at Waco and killed a whole bunch of little kids? Remember how we "flattened" a cabin on Ruby Ridge? I find it interesting that some whites, who know they're white, and who the aracials would call racists, are often the ones to say that human life is precious and that we shouldn't flatten places such as Fallujah even though most of the people who live there are brown, while it is the aracials who say we should flatten such places. There seems to be an paradoxical correlation between aracial thinking and a disregard for human life.

At any rate, on a different level, the sickness of post-American America is just part of the big struggle and the big spinning. So too, is the awakening that I suspect is now going on among some white post-American Americans. Some whites, whether they believe the Bible or not, are also starting to think that sicko post-American America is on a par with cities written about in the Bible. Remember how Sodom and Gomorrah were flattened? Did the people of those cities realize that they were on the wrong path? Probably not. It is more likely that they believed that their society was good and other societies were bad--just as the masses of post American-Americans believe today about post-American America.

Our new reality as white people in post-American America is the fact that this is not OUR America. It is an alien and harmful place for us. This is not a place of freedom and a place where one may truly pursue happiness if one is white and is aware of this fact.

Well meaning whites, with eyes to see, know all of the above and they know that if they are to survive as a distinct people that they must either physically separate out from the larger nation or become a separate ersatz nation within the larger nation so that they remain part of the larger nation in some things, but remain separate in others. They need to start thinking in terms of Ourselves Alone and look out for their own people in all ways possible and not look out for others. They need to tribalize as one large white tribe and they need to make more of themselves as quickly as possible. A hundred kids for each white male would sure help insure white survival. And, if enough strong, aware white people--who I believe are often predisposed to their awareness as a result of their genes--did breed to the maximum, their genes could, in not too many years, become the dominant white genes in the white gene pool and might erase the weak, unaware white genes of those whites who buy the state line and who don't reproduce fully. In other words we, as a people, might evolve further by having the best among us--the aware whites--have more children while the unaware whites would just keep going along on their paths of low birth and miscegenation. Eventually, because of the high breeding, we might replace all other white genes in our gene pool and become the next higher step for our kind.

This is the sort of thing that has happened throughout history in various of our then isolated nations. Why, for example, are there more red haired people in Scotland than in other places? The answer is simple. Red haired people bred more and their genes for red hair forced out genes for other color hair. It's no different with all other genetically determined characteristics both seen and unseen.

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