To Do Injustice or Suffer It
by Michael X. Collins © 2009

OPD–Sgt. Mark Dunakin, Officer John Hege, Sgt. Daniel Sakai, Sgt. Ervin Romans

In Memoriam
OPD–Sgt. Mark Dunakin, Officer John Hege, Sgt. Daniel Sakai, Sgt. Ervin Romans
Requiéscant in pace

The tragic–and should I even say, senseless–murder of these four Caucasian Oakland Police Officers by a violent Negro parolee should send a terror warning to White people everywhere.
In a sane society the reasoning would run thus: if a member of a White-hating, destructive race of burr headed, nuckle bumpers will kill four White police officers in broad daylight, think of what he’d do to you if given the opportunity. Fortunately, we won’t have to find out because SWAT killed the son of bitch. But it was a piss poor trade off. Besides, we no longer live in a sane society. Welcome to African Tribal Politics courtesy of the Democrat Party.
The sewer pipe media is already busy "humanizing" the monster and those who reportedly stashed some of the guns which the vile Negro racist used in the murders. And as sickening as it sounds, there have been rejoicing and celebratory parties of the dark creatures in their dens and huts at the events of the past few days. It reminds one of the serial love affairs that the Democrats have long had with other anthropoid butchers like Papa Doc Duvelier’s Ton Ton Macoutes, Jomo Kenyatta’s Mau Maus, Idi Amin’s State Research Bureau and of course the Democrats’ all time favorite Marxist killers, the necklacing Mandelas. The more primitive and vicious the anti White violence and the more property and Caucasians destroyed by it, the better it is for Democrats. They revel in the gore like a fat whore in a mud wallow.
I spent a number of years policing Oakland streets and have a few observations which, on this very tragic occasion I’d like to share with my brothers and sisters "in blue." Incidentally, if your Sheriff or Chief is one of the good guys, as mine is, these comments are for them as well.
Oakland has long been a dead city walking. It began dying after Todd-Kaiser’s Liberty ship yards closed down in the wake of WWII leaving thousands of transplanted Negroes from southern states within the city limits. It continued its decline through the 50s. Enjoyed short remission with the expansion Raiders in the 60s then returned to its downhill plunge through 70s to its death rattle in the 80s and 90s. Most of us who escaped from there can agree that It should have been abandoned by Caucasians to the Uhuru movement long ago. Without a doubt, under the Uhuru dictatorship with a Duvalier-Mugabe clone like Dellums as Exalted Ruler, Oakland could look like Haiti within 18 mos. Two years, tops. At this moment communist African tribal politics is in the ascendent and reached its zenith when the other affirmative action half breed, Colin Powell, endorsed the Usurper Mutt. The goal of the Democrat Party and its Negroes is to make the United States look like Oakland. Of course the Mexicans want it to look like Tijuana North, i.e., Los Angeles.
If you’re White and still believe that you have any further purpose in this country other than supporting welfare coloreds, breeding little White girls for their entertainment and buying tickets to Negro and Mexican athletic events you really need to quit accepting your messages from area 51.
Plainly stated, White America’s Enemy #1 is the Democrat Party and openly has been since the Marxists’ Chavez-Hayden-Fonda coup d etat in 1968. By itself the Democrat Party is the largest communist criminal gang in America and as such is the heart and soul of a continuing criminal enterprise which polls tell us is comprised of the 94% of Negroes who voted for Obama (aka Barry Sotero) simply because he’s half an African Negro, 80% of Jews because they are dedicated to the destruction of the Christian foundations of America, nearly all of McCain’s Mexicans and 54% of Catholics (my coreligionists) who have deposed Jesus, Mary and Joseph in favor of this baby murdering Kenyan Mutt. (His word, not mine. And a fine word it is too–look it up). Oh, bye the way, don’t expect help from the Republicans. They have become little more than catamites for the Democrat bull queers, i.e., think "prison bitches." Even White friendly Negroes and Mexicans can’t help now. So—We are on our own.

After all, America is ruled by an illegal Kenyan alien, whose communist affiliations make him the crown jewel in the Democrat diadem, surrounded as he is by dual citizens of foreign nations and terrorists who have been identified as the murderers of Caucasian San Francisco Police Sergeant Brian McDonnell. But as we know, the Democrat party is home to all communist racists, tyrants, killers and perverts. And it should be clear even to double digit IQ Bono fans, as it was to Abe Lincoln, that the millions of culture destroying Negroes represent a 3rd world cancer in the belly of America.
Make no mistake, if you are White you are marked for eradication which incidentally appears to have the imprimatur of the Usurper Mutt (the cheerful killer of born and unborn White children and for whom 1 out of 2 Catholics voted. Jesus must have wept.) It’s probably safe to conclude that the Mutt in Chief doubtless served in some way as a role model for Oakland’s murderous cop killer. Many anthropoid copy cats will doubtless follow the Democrat and Mutt’s example which dictates that "the law is what we say it is, Whitey." So, as police officers, deputies, troopers you need to remember a few facts if you expect to survive the coming murderous years.
1. As third world culture, criminals and tactics are swiftly taking over American politics, government and society, remember you were hired by timid, duplicitous people (appeasers and institutional cowards) who are in the business of pleasing extortionists even those in this country illegally. They also hob nob with celebrities, criminals and other important people–and you ain’t one of ‘em. Forget that and you’ll be handed a shovel and pointed to hard ground. These people of which I speak may, unfortunately, include members of your own department or agency. Most street cops will agree that, except for the snitch, nothing is more despicable than a copper who gets political and goes sideways on the guys he used to work with as might be the case with the wretched Commissar of Missouri State Police, Col. James F. Keathley. (see the MIAC Militia Report of 2/09).
2. Remember: the golden thread of American jurisprudence–presumption of innocence–does not follow a White policeman accused of anything by a Negro, Mexican or one of the ADL’s virulent anti-White Jews.

3. The people in #1 care nothing about your safety. What they will be totally consumed with is the very alarming (to them) fact that the strong-arm robbery suspect you captured in flagrante had so many dents in him and was dribbling crimson by the time he got to jail.
But, if you worry more about pleasing the politicians (i.e., being amiable) than staying alive you’ll end up accomplishing neither. Remember Officer Malone’s (Sean Connery) 1st rule of police work in Kevin Costner’s The Untouchables "A good policeman goes home after every shift." That means setting your life’s priorities properly. But, as you’ll recall, even Malone was gunned down in his own living room thanks to appeaser politicians and corrupt police officials. I would imagine much like those dog robbers working for the despicable Missouri Governor, Jeremiah W. Nixon. Who is probably no blood relation to the killer Mixon but certainly is a political soul mate.
4. The appeasers in #1 want people working for them who won’t cause problems but they want streets that are free of pot holes, first and foremost. Safe communities are a secondary consideration and they don’t want a policeman to be rude or profane in making that happen regardless of the vicious human trash you must deal with. Officer safety falls way down the list of a politician’s priorities. Most of the folks in #1 are more worried about their business profits and political image than they are about your safe return from a shift on the street. The others are public employees who care about neither profits nor your safety. You are useful only for your union dues and to advance a political agenda which most likely isn’t yours. That’s why police unions are usually self defeating in this battle for racial survival. I’m not anti police union but I’ve found that the bigger a union becomes the more its leaders start looking and behaving like the folks in #1 and the less they care about you or your problems. It’s been my experience that most policemen join unions as a result of peer pressure, desperation or coercion.
5. Aggressiveness of the beat bully makes political waves and disappoints the people who hired you. Violate this rule often enough and you’ll become a bad memory. Ignore your instincts and aggressive nature often enough and you’ll be a dead bad memory wept over by the people in #1 who will sit at your funeral moist eyed, up front with your family after you get wacked just like they cared (which they don’t). But, then, won’t they do the same thing for a popular crack gangster who gets greased in drug war?
6. If you screw up on the street (i.e., usually "aggressiveness" as judged by cowards) the people in #1 will stand in judgement of you. Recall the line from Mel Gibson’s Braveheart, "history is written by those who hang heroes." That goes double for you if you’re a White copper.
7. A really large partner is great to be behind on an entry team but size alone can be neutralized by a proven vicious bad guy who, though small, has survived in a hostile environment (usually prison) by dint of his iron will and viciousness. Keep in mind, you and your partner will have had all the latent viciousness screened out of you or suppressed into hibernation. As the Viagra™ of political diversity, amiability might be nice for a couple of hours but it can get you and your partner killed. You don’t have to be a brute, merely exercise a certain enlightened severity as the occasion requires.
8. No politician or career union honcho cares what you have survived on the street or how it has affected you unless it can be manipulated to be used against another appeaser politician or institutional coward with you in the middle. If you can believe this about some wide stance, toe tapping twink like Larry Craig or Barney Frank why can’t you believe it about a union organizer? Understand, they are all on the same side and it ain’t yours. If you doubt this, make trouble for the union and see how fast you get tossed under the manure cart.
9. Most people say they want strong law enforcement but they want it quiet, convenient and on the cheap. We are a necessary evil to be tolerated and endured but not to be liked or encouraged. As Marshal Jared Maddox (Burt Lancaster) is reminded by the cynical pimp in the Lawman, "people need us but they don’t like the smell."

10. Never lose sight of the fact that the public can tolerate anything but the truth or cancellation of a Negro sporting event. Don’t screw up by violating this rule unless pursuant to a superior’s command, a warrant or a court order.

11. The fact that you survived an intensive selection process, psychiatric screening, medical exam, physical agility test extensive background investigation, a sometimes brutal interview proves you are not a ruthless, vicious, violent person (or someone so identified by the Caucasian hating, anti-American ADL, SPLC, Missouri State Police Commissar, ACLU or NAACP those hugely financed anti-White hate groups that are the real rulers of our nation and an imminent threats to Caucasian survival) but the people you will deal with on the street have not been so screened. The people in #1 don’t know what that means but you damn well better. If you haven’t figured that out after 6 weeks on the street, you should find another line of work.

12. The public’s so-called "war on crime" is a very fragile flower eclipsed by rules #10 & 11. Don’t get caught between recognition of a problem and decision to do something about it. It is a decision that is not yours to make. Forget this admonition and you’ll end up being the tear-out guy in that piece of drama.

13. What makes our plight more difficult is the fact that we have become a nation of snitches encouraged by the ruthless appeasers, media pimps, perverts and cowards in #1 who govern our cities, counties, state and nation. The only people you can trust, as a general rule, are your partner and brother officers. But anyone can be pressured to flip by those people in #1. The officers most vulnerable to this type of pressure are those who are involved in some form of covert misconduct. To reduce your exposure to these additional pressures, you must organize and maintain appropriate conduct, internal discipline, protection and support. Again, I’m not talking about a labor union. In this war, a union is as utterly useless as the recently retired White guy with internet access, season tickets and a new set of golf clubs.

14. Never lose sight of the fact that every on-the-street contact is a racial encounter whether or not you think so. Forget that and you’ll end up looking for work, if lucky, or occupying cells recently vacated by BP Agents Ramos and Compean, if not.

15. Don’t forget, as a White, male police officer you are double f....d. Caucasian ladies, you are in slightly better position, but not by much. The majority of White civilian men are busy worshiping Negroes and Mexicans at ball parks, sporting event centers and golf course across the nation. Slutty White women have taken holy orders with Okra (please don’t write to tell me I’ve misspelled her name) and cheer at their own and their kids’ impending degradation and destruction. They are already too busy to help you.

That’s why you must stick together with your brother/sister officers and purge your private ranks of snitches by quarantine, shunning or feeding them to the hogs first before they do for you. Remember institutional snitches are usually working off some sort of a debt or for some reward. Find out what those are and use that intel to protect yourselves because when it comes to the rat killing that’s rapidly approaching, you’ll only be able to count on one another, your family and a handful of loyal civilians. Conduct your independent background investigations as if you were screening for a highly sensitive private security organization. So, if you’ve got to organize privately, conduct your own background investigations and polygraph your groups’ members to achieve the security you and your families are entitled to, then by all means, do so. No one else is going to help you. (If you require a model, look at the Molly Maguires–an early predecessor of the United Mine Workers Union–for one example).

Understand, this in no way contemplates protecting an officer engaged in illegal activity. Theft is still theft besides a police officer is held to the higher standard of conduct. Sexual impropriety is still wrong regardless of what the Democrats say. If you get caught with your tumescent member in someone’s mouth while on duty, how far do you think you’ll get with the notorious President Gonad defense that "it’s not really sex." Ask yourself, how you think that’s going to fly, say, with your wife? Or, with the IA investigator? Likely one will have your badge and the other your balls.

16.Understand that colored races, those with a totally negative value to Western culture and society, are ethnically predisposed to murder, rape and steal. It’s as if the violent, perverse and dishonest proclivities have been stamped into their DNA. See Training Day with Denzel Washington as an excellent example. They seem driven by a primal urge to bring everything down around them like a mudslide.

Caveat: if you blow the whistle on their activities, be prepared to have the corrupt State’s Attorney General or U.S. Attorney do nothing about it except to have you investigated. Remember: most corruption is trickle down and all centralized government, at any level, smells like a water front whorehouse at low tide. In any of its various configurations, it will look like Amy Winehouse, behave like Paris Hilton, be nearly as incoherent as Ozzie Osborne and as dangerous as Mike Tyson. Remember: Anyone who can boast of being "Democrat and Proud of It" could also brag about having genital herpes, HIV and AIDS.

17. If we don’t bring these corrupt and Caucasian hating bastards to heel immediately, be prepared for a time in the not too distant future when you will be drafted into the Kenyan Mutt’s national police force and sent to distant places in America to commit heinous acts against other Americans. If you haven’t already, you will begin to live by the motto: "Do Injustice or Suffer It." If you are still naive enough to say "I wont do it," you’d best examine first how this process worked in Hitler’s Third Reich (the Mutt’s model). Once the red fascists have us by the short and curlies, you’ll do what you are told because it will be way too late to safely object to anything. Besides, your families will have become hostage. We are fast approaching the point of no return if not already there. Some of the nastiest work done by the Nazis in occupied territories was carried out by its domestic police battalions whose members were drawn from the regular rank and file of police departments back in places like Hamburg, Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden, Munich and Frankfurt.( In other words, like thee and me). Ultimately, though, they paid with their heads at Nuremberg for the atrocities they had been forced to commit by their SS masters.

A final word of caution: if you rely on anything excreted by virulent White haters, Morris Dees at SPLC or Abe Foxman at ADL or anything from the Missouri State Police Commissar, Col. James Keathley, you’ll deserve the whirlwind that’s on its way to suck the air out of your body. Sadly, you are either a very lazy, reckless police officer or a member of group #1. In either event, I don’t think we’ll ever share a cruiser or a confidence.

The end


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