You’re the Piñata
by Séan Carroll © 2007

It’s become pretty obvious to me, that if I were an illegal Mexican, my destination of choice–without question–would have to be Klamath Falls, Oregon. And when I got there, I’d go directly to one of the newspaper offices and demand work, housing, food and medical care because I would have been led to believe that they will be my best friends in America.

Conversely, as a Caucasian trying to escape the Mestizo tsunami in California, Arizona or Nevada the last place I’d go for refuge would be Klamath Falls which, with the rest of Oregon, is fast becoming a new Mexican colony. Any White person who moves there deliberately is just nuts, in my opinion, and deserves what he gets. If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that us White guys, according to the Democrats, have only two remaining functions, paying taxes to support the illegal hordes and breeding little White girls to pleasure the Aztecs and Nigras.

May 1945 marks the anniversary of VE Day, the invasion of Luzon and the Battle of Okinawa. But the local newspaper which my daughter sends me, devoted most of the week to cinco de whatsit and I was unable to locate any account whatsoever about the American victory over Germany in 1945 that took four vicious, bloody years to accomplish, employed 12 million American kids and freed hundreds of thousands of slaves from Nazi and Japanese captivity and near certain death.

At the hands of its leftest propagandists, American history and its heroes are being erased right in front of the eyes of many who made it. In its place is substituted by the dust and shadows of a third world culture whose most recent prominent feature was human sacrifice and cannibalism. Now we are fed images of smiling, singing, dancing, piñata wacking Mexicans. Most I would guess here illegally. As usual, it was kiss-my-ass front page stuff almost all week celebrating an insignificant one day pissing contest in 1862 between a drunken, incompetent French officer and a ratty-ass gang of Mexicans near the dirt village of Puebla. The stupid White race killers in America’s classrooms and news rooms are the engine advancing this monstrous racial and historical lie.

Everytime I travel to Oregon I find something new there that disgusts me. If my daughter and her husband weren’t residents I wouldn’t go. Aside from the official welcomed invasion of Mexicans, it seems that one out of three Oregon drivers is crippled. Or at least is displaying a handicapped card. Based on the presence of eagle feathers, some kind of hair, and ‘dream catchers’ hanging on rear view mirrors, a quarter of those must be Indian. Parking lots have air craft carrier sized sections set aside right up front for cripples to park their trucks, farm equipment, RVs and vehicles towing ATVs, bicycles, boats and, I’m not making this up, on one occasion, a tow truck. Also, a couple of weeks ago the Oregon Legislature validated sexual perversion. I can only imagine the after-vote get together: all the legislators grinning–a playful goose here and there–and the more affectionate patting each other on the ass. No doubt, anticipating more comprehensive appreciation in the privacy of the cloak room. No surprise though. I would expect that over half of them are Rump Rangers anyway. Oregon loves its perverts. But so, it seems, does Idaho. You know, like U.S. Senator Larry Craig. The Oregon Solons gave its anal commandos preferred political status by placing faggot hook-ups on a parity with Christian marriages. That little exercise showed us just what the Catholic, Mormon and Fundamentalist family values vote is worth. Any thoughts I once had about moving up there have vanished. But, I can’t help thinking: with the corresponding influx of Muslims, what’s going to happen when Bruce of the Sequined Jock Strap meets muhammed? My guess is, the camel jockeys will be sawing heads off of both ends. I’ll miss seeing that. Then again, maybe they’ll televise it. What a hoot.

But most despicable on the list of Oregon’s Caucasian hating, anti Americans, is the deadly Mexican whore, Republican U.S. Senator Gordon Smith, who is working feverishly for amnesty for illegal Mestizos. ‘Deadly’ because every American citizen butchered in the illegal Mexican invasion is killed with Smith’s blessing and at his facilitation. For as much good as it will do, you can track your own legislative killers in the Congressional Record. We know there are at least 61 others in the Senate alone.

I can’t look at this treasonous gum boil without thinking about the scene from Denzel Washington’s heart pounding 2004 action flick, Man on Fire where Denzel as CIA operative, John Creasy, terminates the services of a corrupt Mexican police official (Lt. Victor Fuentes played by Jesus Ochoa) with a lemon sized explosive device tucked up his rectum. KaaaBloooy and the crooked copper disappears in a pink mist. Yesss!! It’s one of the great revenge scenes in the movies. (This guy had used his official position to engineer the kidnapping of nine year old Pita Ramos played by Dakota Fanning who Creasy was guarding). Because it is the perfect measure of justice for a heinous crime, you can expect Hollywood to tone down sequels so as not to encourage copy cats in dealing with our own corrupt-treasonous politicians. People frustrated to despair might get ideas on better uses for the anuses of their elected queer elite.

Please don’t misunderstand. The sell-out traitor, Congressman Faggot, can still shove stuff up there for his pleasure; But, it just might give a whole new meaning to how he spends his last Thursday afternoon on earth. While we are on the topic, I am still opposed to torture except for newspaper editors and elected representatives who have betrayed their country and constituents. Particularly those who have endorse and voted in favor of torture’s use. In fact, they’d be among the first ones I’d water board–if the decision were ever mine to make. They’ve got to fall down on their knees–they know how to do that–and thank God, be it the Almighty or gaia–someone like me doesn’t have any power.

Back in the World War II days of the French and Dutch Resistance, penalties for traitors and Nazi collaborators was generally a fatal beating or garrotte. The IRA, in its war with the Brits, added the Celtic touch of also burning down the traitor’s house. But we’ve become much more sophisticated. (Okra would have us believe–please don’t write to say I’ve misspelled the fat Nigra’s name–that everyone yearns to be sensitive, feeling and compassionate). The result being that traitors caught out in their perfidious political prostitution–like Gordon Smith, Larry Craig, the mentally disordered simian from Crawford, most of the US Senate and all of the elected officials in Oregon–may one day endure certain anxieties and discomfort that would make a length of piano wire with handles seem a blessing. We can only hope. I’d like to see something of a reckoning for these treacherous bastards before I pass on to my own.

I know, I know you are more interested in Barry Bonds breaking Hank Aaron’s home run record, or a millionaire burrhead cavorting with a ball or some nasty Smudge screaming how "dey gonna kill all de m-----f-----g Whites, hip hop, hip hop." In an earlier column I raised the question: ‘you say you are ready to die for your family, but are you ready to kill for them?’ The VTech massacre answered that question. ‘No,’ came the whimper. What happened there reminded me of film and photos of the pit executions carried out by the SS Einsatzgruppen in the Ukraine where the victims passively stood in line waiting to climb down into a trench on top of the bloody bodies of their neighbors so they could be shot in the back of the neck in their own turn. Don’t think for one minute that the lessons of VTech were lost on the primitive Mestizos and other non-White killers who will be coming to a public facility near you very soon. They are arriving daily in response to your invitation of indifference and cowardice.

Before the blood had even dried on the classroom floors in Virginia, Liberal, Democrat, Dispensationalist and Fundamentalist Caucasian robots everywhere were pronouncing their forgiveness of the killer, demanding gun bans and blaming everyone but the crazy Gook mutant who pulled the trigger and the Nigra bitch who put him up to it. (It would have been interesting to see the result if he had attempted his massacre at Grambling). What happened at VTech is nothing more than what Mexican George and Gordon Smith envision for the whole of America–and the Whites are going to let them do it! The queer, occult elite want us defenseless, unemployed and bankrupt. Make no mistake, when the rat killing commences the they will use the Muslims, Nigras and Aztecs–who won’t be disarmed–to crush us. If you doubt that, take a look at what controls our largest metropolitan centers now.

One more thing: we’ve all seen people praying to God in the wake of VTech. Truth is that God has nothing to do with it. Instead, lesbians, Nigras and Mestizos are the deities in control of White America and our futures. Loathsome pimps like Sharpton, Jackson and Kennedy dictate national racial policy and the whores in Congress rush to meet their demands. It’s probably too late already but unless Caucasians get racially assertive real quick, Vtech is our future as engineered by the vilest elements in society and led by the most perverted. But, you’re too busy to care. Too passive to get involved. Too cowardly to set fire to your assailants. So, I hope you enjoy the fiesta; you are the Piñata.

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