Nappy-headed cone

Trying to Improve the Flavor
by Séan Carroll © 2007

Although I’ve said it before, it bears repeating: I’ve never owned a slave of any race or returned one to its owner; I’ve never invaded Mexico; I’ve never gassed a Jew nor have I massacred an Indian nor bombed a Muslim orphanage. But, without knowing me, every newspaper & TV network owned by a Jew, every Mestizo radio station, every federally owned Indian and every shuck ‘n jive ass Negro accuses me of having done all those things because I’m White. The question Caucasians must ask themselves if we are going to be accused, indicted and convicted of racism hadn’t we better become racists in self defense?

Without question, Don Imus’ reference to the Negroes on the Rutger’s female (?) basketball team as "nappy haired hos" was ill chosen not because it was hateful or racist but because it lacked vigor and imagination. You might ask yourself what that African sack of excrement, Al ‘Brawley’ Sharpton and the other race pimp, Jesse Jackson, would have said if Imus had been a little more creative and referred to the Rutgers Africans as Burrheads, Blues, Jigaboos, Spades, Boogies, Smudges, Coons, Jigs, Spooks, Liver Lips, Spear Chuckers, Jungle Bunnies or any other of the many colorful sobriquets that have come to be closely associated with the Darkies. Incidentally, if memory Ho is a contraction for whore, the Nigra pimps’ contribution to American culture. But what the hell, you’ve raised your daughters to be accommodating to all forms of diversity no matter how disgusting or degrading. It’s something to brag about to your White liberal friends at the cocktail parties or church. I know, I know, the absolute jewel in the diversity crown, of course, is to have your little girl produce half breed grandchildren.

Don’t know about you but to me those team pictures don’t exactly cry out, "Black is Beautiful." From what I’ve seen of the Rutgers Africans--yikes--one or more of them has processed her/his hair. Meaning they have jabbed on hair straightening salve, or "Conk" as we used to know it in Oakland. Which raises the question: if it’s not "Nappy," why the straightener? Why the need for the straight hair in the first place? Might it have anything to do with the fact there are scarcely any nappy headed female porn stars? Why is that, do you suppose? Not only that but based on appearances opposing schools might want to demand gender specific chromosome verification before engaging in any further gender competitive activities with the Rutgers tribal athletes, whatever their professed sex. Further, it’s obvious from file photos that Sharpton, also processes his kinky hair...can we still say kinky? (Or do da rev say no?) Really works, doesn’t it? With that straight hair it’s hard to tell he’s a Smudge.

So "Nappy" was clearly inappropriate. But, the word "Nigger," for example, is highly energized. Besides, it’s the all time favorite of the Negroes who use it almost as often as they do "Motherfucker" which is at least once every sentence or 1.8 times a minute whichever is more frequent. (Nigras might not have invented anything to advance civilization, discovered miracle cures or ruled any empires but you’ve got to admit they are clever word smiths). In the event it’s escaped your notice, popular American culture, which is essentially Nigra sports, has been reduced to these two words. So you see, if your child is fortunate enough to be learning Eubonics instead of English she must necessarily learn the intricacies of "Nigger" and "Motherfucker" and a lot of other witty expressions of the Negro gutter culture that is rapidly displacing our own. Of course, if you are White and raising teenagers, you already know this well enough. In fact the deterioration of youthful Caucasian behavior and morals has its predicate and principal model in the urban cesspools and professional Nigra sports. It gives legs to the expression that "diversity is like mixing shit with ice cream trying to improve the flavor of the shit."

Urban race sewers of yesterday have become today’s models for suburban and rural high schools all over the country. And the primitive, violent behaviors emulated by Nigrified White kids have become the norm which is obviously endorsed by most Caucasian parents. If you think not look at the clothes you let your kids wear, the vicious, anti-white, hate filled music you allow them to listen to, the way they behave and the way they talk. Also, I’ll guess you send your kids to government schools and encourage them in tribal African conduct by letting them watch the felons on the Negro Football League and the Negro Basketball League then you go out and buy them the clothes and shoes worn by select Africans you want your children to emulate. Wait! I’ll bet some of you are ready to tell me that MLK is one of your heroes. Good. You poor dumb bastards can sing "We Shall Overcome" at your daughter’s rape rehearsal.

Someone from the outside might wonder why you just don’t sell your kids into prostitution? At least they would learn a trade and could make a living. I know this sounds harsh, but don’t lose heart, if you continue their training in front of the Negro dominated media, sports and movies they might still become as violently primitive as you want them to be particularly if they do everything they are taught in government schools and if you continue to vote for the same White whores you’ve always supported. (Pretty soon even that won’t make any difference with the millions of illegal Mexicans being encouraged to vote). So, look at the bright side; if you are Caucasian and don’t mind your kids being used by Negroes as their White Niggas, Bitches, Bottom Boys, Twinks or Hos, they might also be lucky enough to contract diseases they wouldn’t otherwise have. After all, what could be more diverse than sharing a needle with a Rastafarian or having sex with a Zulu? Here’s the good part: if the kiddies are still living at home, you’ll become eligible for select government benefits to cover the cost their medical treatments and possible burial. You know, a few extra bucks here and there helps buy $200 basket ball shoes, hip hop concert tickets and monogrammed golf balls.

In case you haven’t noticed, White life in Nigra America has become a ride to the bottom on the bow of the Titanic.

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