Larry Craig

Traitors, Rump Rangers and Monkey Syphilis
by Séan Carroll (©8/30/07)

With the approach of the 2008 Presidential election, we see the usual proliferation of bumper strips that scream: "Democrat and Proud of it." Considering what we’ve learned about Democrats since FDR, I find that announcement actually a more loathsome self indictment than bragging about being infected with Monkey Syphilis.

Unlike the post WWI Germans who joined the Nazi party only to learn much later that it was a criminal enterprise, today’s Americans join the Democrat party precisely because it is a criminal conspiracy. One that promises, in exchange for a vote, to steal from fellow citizens and give a portion of the booty to its members. It brazenly promises to kill the inconvenient, annoying and weakest amongst us. Dismemberment and starvation being the preferred methods of Democrat exterminators. Hell, even the Nazis didn’t do that and I doubt the Soviet butcher, Stalin, did either.

Unlike America of the 21st century, Germany of the 1920s-30s was still a moral nation and would have rebelled. Hitler and his Gauleiters knew it and avoided the confrontation. But, killing the defenseless is a holy sacrament of the Democrats and it is the very glue that cements them together. Without abortion as its crown jewel, the Democrats would be stuck with a dykie, tattooed and saggy honey badger as its poster whatitz; namely, the unionized, non Caucasian, lesbian Marxist. Much too narrow a heroine for Hillary’s big tent Democrats. Killing babies gives them the inclusiveness most Democrats require to feel good about themselves because, no matter how they try to dress it up, every true Democrat, by definition, is at heart a thief and killer. A monkey in silk is still a monkey.

At least the 1920s Germans were struggling to climb out of a pit of post war defeat, despair and utter economic desolation when they joined a political movement that promised recovery for their country. Insanely, Americans in their affluence join the Democrat-communist gang principally to destroy their nation, to surrender their nationality and everything else earned with the blood of past generations. They do this so they can be affirmed in their degenerate death styles, so they can watch endless Nigra sports (engaged in by suitably criminal non-Caucasians), buy tons of cheap shit at WalMex, get 4 hour erections, free abortions and free treatment for STDs plus whatever else their public restroom homosexual, transsexual, or metrosexual party bosses steal from the rest of us. They don’t even mind sharing the loot with illegal Mexicans just so they get their cut off the top.

If any civilization ever deserved the Krakatoa finish that’s convulsing beneath our feet, America is it. (And that’s without knowing whether the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, like their Old Testament ancestors, has attempted to bugger any of our Lord’s Angels yet). But for a brief window of time the treasonous agents of this fast approaching disaster–who are unable to execute a timely escape to their retreats in Dominican Republic or Paraguay–will be available to receive special thanks from enthusiastic well wishers who have lost loved ones and everything they’ve spent a life time working for to the greed, perversions and the black arts of their elected elites.

I guess that anyone up in Oregon or Idaho who "proudly" votes Democrat and longs for an STD that can trace its pedigree to anthropoids in Zaire, can also vote for Republican Senators Gordon Smith and Larry Craig with untroubled vacuity. Many citizens have come to regard Smith as Oregon’s deadliest Mexican whore while Craig, it is said, represents a double threat–that of traitor and pervert. But don’t be gulled by the GOP’s decades-late efforts to get Craig to resign. It’s probably just more "look-see-pidgin." Likely not motivated by a new found morality as much as by the questions the Gay Old Party’s bigshots will have to answer about their knowledge of senator Twink’s lifelong proclivities. One might suspect that the Republicans will find another faggot to take his place faster than you can tap your toe. Certainly the newspapers will help.

After all, it seems that treason and same sex perversion in the U.S. Senate go together like ham and eggs (or depending on your view, like a wiener in a jar of chunky peanut butter). But, as we’ve learned, Oregonians and Idahoans love their traitors, perverts and illegal Mexicans. If you doubt that just pick up a newspaper published anywhere in Oregon. Of particularly interest are newspaper polls which purport to show that its readers prefer treason, corruption and perversion to justice, honesty and decency. If that is true, then the battle is truly lost and we’re finished.. The only alternative explanation is that the editors and publishers have been lying to the public. If that’s the case you’ve got to ask yourself why?...and who is really paying the bills for the Daily Bugle–new equipment, new staff, new buildings, etc.? With plunging readership, what do you want to bet it’s not the Bugle who’s writing the check?

Anyway, back on point: I’m guessing that an  injected dose of incurable green monkey syphilis would be a suitable expression of gratitude for the traitorous Senate rump rangers who have dragged us into the abyss. In which case, the thank you card won’t be necessary.

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