Mexican riot

Towel Boy in the Promised Land
by Séan Carroll © 7/23/06

In his masterful–but savagely pro Union–book, This Hallowed Ground, Bruce Catton writes of the Confederate leaders nearing the end of our first Civil War being " a queer, trance-like state, where the real and the unreal danced slowly in and out before minds that could no longer make sober meaning out of the things their eyes saw." Although written in 1955 about events which occurred one hundred years earlier, Catton could have been referring to Mexican George and his 62 senate whores as they blunder us into Civil War II and possibly World War III. Incidentally, it is worth pointing out that the Mexican whore, Republican Representative Greg Walden, 2nd District, Oregon, has a lower patriotic voting score (20% Conservative Index) than congressional bolsheviks like the Sanchez sisters-Cal, Charlie Rangel-NY, Ted Kennedy-Mass, Nancy Pelosi-Cal, Dennis Kucinich-Ohio, Barney Frank-Mass. People who live up there tell me there are still folks in Oregon who regard Walden as a conservative. So you see, not all morons live here in California. So far, only one–ONE–elected representative in Oregon gets it. That is Dave Ralston, Springfield City Councilor. He had the audacity to say "...we cannot continue to absorb the flow of illegal immigrants...they want to invade not assimilate..." Needless to say the open border globalists became incontinent with sputtering rage.

As Mexico fast forwards into one of its incessant civil wars, it might be time well spent to read the chapter, "Mexican Reconquista" from Thomas Chittum’s 1996 Civil War Two because America is going to be part of this one. Many of us in California will lose everything we own. One of the enduring gifts of Las Tres Putas and the other open border criminals in Congress and the White House will be the violence it brings to our families and communities. If you wonder what form that will take, read about the primitive behavior of Mexican troops in the past against their own people.

Also, consider this: last month three Mexican police officers are murdered just south of the California border...and beheaded! (NewsWithViews 7/16/06). Probably at the hands of MS-13. Thanks to Mexican George and Las Tres Putas that terrorist organization is crawling all over California like cockroaches. Someday, somebody (probably a teen age boy of a victim) is going to connect the dots between the loss of a family loved one and the criminals in public office who have turned us over to one of the bloodiest street gangs in American history–all for cheaper shit at WalMex! That day is the day the 62 whores, those still living in the United States, including Las Tres Putas hope they can get invisible because they’ll never find a rat hole in our betrayed and terrorized nation to safely hide in. Think Mussolini and Partisans.

Ask yourself if they do this to their own, what do you suppose these Mexican savages will do to us? You wont be able to find out from Mexican George, the whore house towel boy, or the pimps for the Mexican invasion because most will be in comfortable exile in Paraguay. In the mean time make do with great sale prices at the mall, stadium beer, and viagra–it’s the best it’s going to get before a Mexican communist or MS-13 thug drags you and your family off to entertain their pals. But on the brighter side, maybe you’ll die intoxicated with a hard-on. What could be better than that?

In the movie, Patriot, pacifist Benjamin Martin’s (Mel Gibson) son is killed by British Dragoon Colonel William Tavington (Jason Issacs) in a senseless act of savagery and another son (Heath Ledger) is taken captive to be hanged. Martin, with two pre-teen sons, chases down the column of British troops who are marching his oldest boy to his death. In an absolutely ferocious ambush, energized by the pent up fury of a grieving father, Martin shoots, stabs and hacks to death–with a Cherokee tomahawk–all British soldiers. As a father of sons, I found it one of the great revenge scenes in movies and totally justifiable. It is instructive because that blood letting clearly demonstrates what happens when the tyrant, be he a fool or syphilitic, pushes decent men, even pacifists, too far. It is a lesson that bears repeating because it’s the political future of the traitorous Las Tres Putas (The Three Whores for those of you who haven’t lived in California) and their towel boy, Mexican George. And, if history repeats, the denouement comes when they are all hanging by their heels from a service station canopy. Oh, not to be forgotten, the treacherous Catholic Cardinal Mahony will be allowed to give his co conspirators extreme unction right before his fresh carcass is hoisted up by its red silk slippers to join the others. (It would appear that Mahony is the type of churchman betrayed the heroic Mexican Cristeros, but that’s a story for another time).

I’ve heard some thumb suckers mither about how all this might effect their grand they’ve got time to worry about that! Holy shit! That shows how far up their ass they’ve buried their heads. You’ll know them–they will be the ones you hear whining, ‘why can’t we all just get along?’ The threat is here, it’s now and it’s brutally nasty. You may not have grand kids when this is over. Well, no male grand children anyway. The Aztecs will kill the white boys and keep the little Caucasian girls. Remember the age of consent for the mestizo primitives who are taking us over is twelve years old and you can expect that to drop to eight very soon. You see, sex with children is a cultural thing like torturing animals for fun. Get used to it, Gringo. This is the America you have fashioned for yourselves. But, hey, beer is cheaper at WalMex.

If anyone tells you this surrender of America to Mexico will occur without a great effusion of blood and fire get away from him fast. Most likely, this moron will be one of the more accessible targets and hence first to be taken out in the counter strikes. Not every Caucasian wants to be an Aztec slave. Some men will fight to the death to stay free. If you think merely being white or having big tits will save you, think again. In fact, you’re going find brown and black Americans fighting side by side with Caucasians to stop this insanity. I’ve been around long enough–way too long, in fact–to know that if you menace United Americans–whatever their color–you do so at your peril. So, you don’t want to be anywhere near one of these traitors or appeasers when the rat killing commences. In the process, the Caucasian leftist, Negro and Mestizo race pimps–you know who they are–who have been turning America into a third world shit hole will be of special interest to all betrayed and terrorized citizens. That will really be swell, dontcha think?

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