Bush give 'One finger victory salute'

"‘(Screw) You, America,’ he smirked."
by Séan Carroll © 28 May 2006

 Sixty two self-confessed criminals in the U.S. Senate, orchestrated by Mexican George and Mexico’s feathered serpent, Vicente Fox, gang raped the American Republic this week. Celebrating the crime, they high-fived each other, rubbed their crotches and flipped us off. Are you surprised? Shocked? You shouldn’t be. It’s like tracking a menstruating elephant in a snow storm: the evidence is inescapable for anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear.

This act of high treason was accomplished with the connivance of a couple notorious and malicious drunks, a befuddled sufferer of the Stockholm syndrome (who probably should be in intensive treatment not the U.S. Senate) and a gang of clerics eagerly awaiting the new crop of Mexican adolescent boys being delivered to them. What a team. Just wait until you see what these commissars are going to do to us next. I can just hear the treacherous dipwad from Crawford threatening Americans, in his simian smirk, "‘Ya’all cause me trouble over this and I’ll send the M-13 boys and Kofi Annan’s air force over to ‘hep you understand. In the meantime, turn in your guns."

Do you doubt for one minute that this wretched creature won’t do it? He’s just waiting for the chance. Do you doubt that he won’t use his army of illegal Spic gangsters against us? If so, I’m going to love watching you scratching around like rats trying to find some place to hide when it comes down to the reckoning. What’s going to stop him? For that matter, what’s going to stop the Mestizos if they decide to take your guns themselves? After all, Bush has already said the Mexican invaders can have our stuff and the Senate confirmed the gift. It’s also feared that Senatorial rapists granted the Mestizo criminals perpetual immunity for all past and future crimes against Caucasian Americans.

It’s impossible for me to wrap my mind around the magnitude of the sell-out on a national level. Thinking regionally is bad enough but it’s about all I can handle right now. California is clearly lost. In addition, Vicente’s chief pimp, Mexican George, is presumably prepared to give the Aztec crime lord whatever else he claims belongs to Mexico. What remains of our country in the Pacific Northwest, that wasn’t claimed as part of Aztlan, is being pushed on the Mestizo-Fascists by people like the Las Tres Putas, Rep.Greg Walden, Rep-2nd District, Oregon, Senator Gordon Smith, R-Oregon and Senator Larry Craig, R-Idaho.

The gangsters in the Senate are also evidently prepared (probably already have done so) to surrender our major seaports in San Diego, Long Beach, San Pedro, Los Angeles and San Francisco to advance the Aztec Empire. Not only that but they are eagerly trying to give Lord Vicente Oregon as well as the Portland port facilities. It’s a safe bet they are pressuring Washington to do likewise. There must be one hell of a big pay day promised to members of a privileged class like the U.S. Senate to make them betray their nation and people to a horde of brutally violent aliens. My God, what an unparallel tragedy.

Although grimly amusing, one can see that during the transition to Greaser rule, these treacherous whores are in a mild state of panic, fearfully attempting to get their states included within the boundaries of the new Aztec empire before the lines are drawn by the rapidly approaching race war. (Make no mistake, as Caucasians we have been marked for removal and extinction). Otherwise they’ll end up on our side of the line and become subject to laws against Treason, Sedition and RICO. If I really cared about what happened to them (which I don’t), I’d recommend that these utterly corrupt and soulless men view the documentary films and evidence on the liberation of Paris. I’m not going to do that, though, because whatever unpleasantness does befall them will be richly deserved. But, it bears repeating that what happened to the Nazis who fell into the hands of the Resistence immediately before General LeClerc arrived is highly instructive to the traitors who occupy seats of power here.

Betrayal has a high price at the hands of citizens who are crushed by despair, betrayal, anger and terror. In addition, rage becomes a significant factor after being mocked and humiliated by Mestizo slaves of the elitist pigs representing the largest organized crime family in the United States. Perhaps these millionaire stool stains don’t realize the depths of hatred they have plumbed but they are about to learn and their wealth won’t protect them. All leaders who betray their people ought to reflect on the end of days of Louis XVI, Maximilian, Czar Nicholas II, Mussolini and Nicolae CeauÕescu after their people had had enough of their sh*t.

Once the American people realize they are being sold into slavery by the greedy thieves and pimps they have put in office, there will be retributive hell to pay. It won’t be organized at first just fiercely vicious and totally relentless. Only the protection of a Marine regiment or bugging out to a hasty exile in Mexico or Paraguay will provide these perfumed thugs temporary sanctuary. But, like all fleeing criminals that have gone before them, they will spend the rest of their days at the mercy of their hosts and being hunted until captured or disappeared as living embarrassments.

It’s evident that the rulers of California, Oregon and Washington don’t give a rat’s ass about what becomes of us nor do the other co-conspirators in the Senate. Probably because most Americans don’t care what happens to themselves as long as baseball season isn’t interrupted. In fact, its evident that illegals have been imported in their millions into the nation to drive down our standard of living and ultimately eliminate the Caucasian middle class altogether–that’s why you are likely to be unemployed in the near future and your guns will be seized. As I said in a previous column, if you want to avoid waiting for U.N. troops to come around to collect your weapons, you can drop them off anytime at the nearest Democrat Party HQ. Oh, and don’t expect a receipt. The Greasers need those guns and they don’t want any paper trails.

What in the hell do these elected criminals think is going to happen to them after they knock flat all the laws that have governed our nation for the past 230 years? Laws, which, incidentally, protect them as well. And having turned loose on middle America an army of primitive foreign invaders, they laugh as we struggle futilely in defense of our families and everything we’ve worked for. These drunken, bloated pirates should know that having voted to erase Caucasian America they have irrevocably crossed their Rubicon. There’s no going back, there’s no amnesty for them. But they don’t care. Their message to America is still remains: "‘(Screw) You, suckers!’ they grinned."

All it’s going to take is one strong man to lead us and a single spark to ignite events. I await both with hopeful anticipation.

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