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Las Tres Putas
by Séan Carroll © 6/30/06

 Run your orbs down this partial list. What do you suppose all the following people have in common? Answer: They are all beneficiaries of Mexican George’s and Las Tres Putas’ and the Catholic Church’s deranged and seditious open borders insanity. Each name represents the unfortunate victim of an illegal alien (read mostly Mexican) murder, rape or mutilation. As you can see, 15 of them are police Officers.

Arango, Hugo (Officer)

Atkinson, Marc (Officer)

Ayala, Laura


Bryant, Robert (Officer)


Buris, Randy

Cerna, Ana


Chaska, Helen Sr.

Cisneros, Mariana

Clodfelter, Bret (Officer)

Collings, Kenneth (Officer)

Cornell, Joey

Crummy, Joseph

Cumpston, Annie

Eggle, Kris (Officer)

Epling, James (Officer)

Espinoza, Ricardo


Gordon, Michael (Officer)

Hen, Victoria

Herring, Sheila (Officer)

Hope, Stanley

Inman, Dustin


Johnston, Faith

Klug, Sierra

Law, Nancy

Lazarus, David

Leon, Angie

Leon, Felix


Lisa Dilks

Long, Christina

March, David (Officer)

Marti, Sage

Marti, Sean

Marti, Natalie


Merkle, Amber


Monnett, Bruce

Monnett, Marjorie

Morfin, Rubin

Nadel, David

Natividad, Tanee

Oakford, Callum

Owen, Tracy

Payton, Troy

Pevia, Dana

Quezada, Alexis

Quezada, Lucero


Sanchez, Adriana (Officer)

Schwartz, Baby

Seitz, Michael

Selby, Gary

Sellouk, Ariel

Seuis, Will (Officer)

Sitek, Robert (Officer)

Soto, Jose

Squires sisters

Suarez, Maria

Swartz, Holly

Tamayo, Jenette

Taylor, Tricia

Terry Dilks

Valenzuela, Walter

Vidlak, Barbara

Vinessa, Hoera


Wallace, Norman

Winfield, Brandon (Officer)

Young, Don (Officer)

Zeppetella, Tony (Officer)

Who are Las Tres Putas? They are illegal Mexican lobbyists, Senator Gordon Smith, R-Ore, Representative Greg Walden, R-Ore, Senator Larry Craig, R-Idaho. As I’ve said previously, forget the Democrats. They are completely in the grip of communists who seized power in 1968. If that popping noise was you pulling your head out of rectal enfilade, you might take a moment to compare the Democratic Party Platform with the Communist Manifesto and try to discover a single point upon which Howard Dean and Karl Marx disagree. But to their credit, Democrats openly profess their Marxist plans for the destruction of America. So, even as we face the world’s greatest race war since the 16th century Ottoman Empire attempted to conquer Europe, most Democrats are preoccupied with Tyrone going for long yards. Also, forget California (my state of birth) it is a sewer run by foreigners and pornographers. I fear we will soon–if we haven’t already–lose control of our vital and magnificent seaports at San Diego, Long Beach, San Pedro, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Truth be known, I suspect that President Gonad and the Crawford Dipwad, have irreparably damaged America’s ability to defend itself. Forget the Catholic Church (my faith since birth). I’ll just bet that Cardinal Mahony is all rubbery in the knees in anticipation of receiving millions of Mexican adolescent catamites. After all, the years of destructive pedophilic scandals and multimillion dollar settlements with priestly victims of perversion has made it difficult to find little Caucasian boys who are still willing to come to the rectory for special instruction. You might also forget the Pope. He has nothing to say in repudiation or rebuke of his treasonous cardinals who are leading an open invasion against my country. Upon further thought, however, this might be a simple act of papal revenge. After all, it was my country that well and truly kicked his country’s ass in America’s last legal war.

So, keep in mind that when you morons vote for Walden, Smith, or Craig or contribute to your parish collection plate, you are, like Manchurian Candidate McCain, essentially telling these dead and crippled Americans, "Kiss my ass," In fact if you had any guts you’d find out how to get in touch with their surviving relatives and tell them personally. But like Mexican George, the seditious sixty two senators, the subversive priests and Las Tres Putas, you’ll slither, hide and lie. My personal hope is that you or someone in your family becomes a beneficiary of Las Tres Putas’ benevolence. I mean that in a good way, you know, as a chance to grow spiritually.

Ironically, one of the leading destinations for illegal Mexicans in the Pacific Northwest seems to be Klamath Falls, Oregon where I have family and where an Oregon State Trooper and a Catholic nun (both Caucasians) were murdered by illegal Mexicans. It appears that certain influential people in that beautiful little community act like they are in a blistering contest to encourage more illegals to settle there than have squatted in Medford-Ashland or Woodburn areas or other Marxist-Catholic centers of influence. Go figure. How totally debased and soulless do you have to be to promote killers in your midst? You want to bet they won’t tell us? Hell, the local newspaper won’t even run stories about the savage crime wave in Mexico where police victims’ heads are cut off and stuck on sharpened sticks in front of the court house and city hall as warning to any citizen who wants law and order. This is America’s future and you can thank Las Tres Putas, Mexican George and Cardinal Mahony. Oh, and don’t forget to send a thank you note to your local newspaper. In the mean time the authorities will  undoubtedly pass legislation making it a felony to possess a sharpened stick near government buildings.

I know, I know, file all this under: who gives a big rat’s ass? Jamal is at the free throw line, Alvester is up with bases loaded and Antoine just signed for $18 million to catch the ball. Who says we’ve got our priorities screwed up? (I’d like to say this is just a head’s up but you might consider it in poor taste).

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