Night of the Long Knives

Lancing the Boil
by Séan Carroll © 2006

  The army was ‘stabbed in the back’  was the lament of patriotic Germans in crushing defeat at the end of WWI. It became Hitler’s battle cry and the nationalist indictment of international Jewry, Communists and Social Democrats. which at that time controlled the German government. Contrary to what the leftist Schlesinger and Kissinger schools of history say, Hitler was no political dilettante, intellectual inferior or coward. In fact he was a political genius, and, before 1939, a brilliant military strategist. Recall, also, he served the entire four years of the 1st war engaged in trench warfare on the western front. During that time he was decorated for exceptional valor with the Iron Cross First Class (depending on circumstances, roughly equivalent to our Medal of Honor, Navy Cross, or Distinguished Service Cross). He also received four or five other citations for bravery including the Iron Cross Second Class (roughly equivalent to our Silver Star) and various Regimental commendations (equivalent to the Bronze Star with the V for valor). He was wounded twice and ended the war blinded, a casualty of mustard gas. Can any of our current corrupt political leadership point to as illustrious military career? As the American republic is torn apart by the same forces that drove Germany into the arms of Nazism, Hitler’s is a clear voice of prophecy and "Stabbed in the back," has an eerie resonance.

How many were slain during the purge 6/30/34 was never definitely established. In his Reichstag speech of July 13, Hitler announced that sixty-one persons were shot, including nineteen "higher S.A. leaders," that thirteen more died "resisting arrest" and that three "committed suicide"–a total of seventy-seven. The White Book of the Purge, published by emigres in Paris, stated that 401 had been slain, but identified only 116 of them. At the Munich trial in 1957, the figure of "more than 1,000" was given. (Shirer, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, pg 223). In fact, the latter figure is likely a gross underestimate when you consider the top Nazi leaders from Hess to Goering, to Goebbles to Himmler and Heydrich had old scores from the party struggle days to settle and fresh grudges to expiate. I would suspect that the British and American agents secretly inserted names of their own. On that ‘night of the long knives,’ the Gestapo and SS ranged throughout Germany summarily administering justice to the treasonous elite from lists compiled by the Nazi hierarchy. In fact it’s worth remembering that the first guests at Goering’s club Dachau were those very same Communists and Social Democrats who sought to complete the destruction of Germany, left unfinished by Germany’s surrender. Much as the intestinal worms of our own Democrat party infect and destroy America.

Consider the Hamdania and Haditha so-called murder cases being prosecuted against the Marines by Bush. The military has trained these men in their thousands to do just what the Marines did. What’s worrisome to our treasonous elites is the fact that they may well end up as did their spiritual ancestors in the revolution of 1919. Many of the military, who learned their craft well and whose enlistments are up, will be returning home with life long health problems only to find piss poor VA medical services and a disastrous economic situation. This may be the real reason why so many deployments and enlistments are being extended. It has nothing to do with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but protection of the beltway criminals from the inevitable day of reckoning. The conditions here at home are made more intolerable by the bi partisan political sellout to savages in silk suits who constitute Bush’s masters in the UN. Back home our Caucasian veterans will learn that the principal weapon in the race war against white middle America are millions of disease riddled, primitive cultures of colored races illegally squatting on the land and stealing the benefits our troops believed they were fighting for. What a hoot! The Aztec and Negro invaders are encouraged and supported by state and federal governments who give them enormous power and preferential treatment at every turn while prosecuting its own citizens for entertaining forbidden thoughts of justice.

What will happen when these men freshly return from bloody combat lose their homes and jobs to Mexicans or Africans imported here by Bush, McCain, Kennedy, Clinton? You may well ask. If you are at all interested, you can find the answer in post WWI Germany, mainly in Berlin and Bavaria, later during the Roehm purge throughout Germany and during Germany’s death throes. You can also consider the French reign of terror and Bolshevik revolution. Asked another way: should these despicable bastards–elected by us–suffer any penalties whatsoever for what they’ve done to America? You’d better think fast because if you wait until Hillary (the love child of Fidel Castro and Bella Abzug) takes possession of the oval office, you’ll end your days in a reeducation camp where your guards will undoubtedly be the most vile of the racial invaders. But what the hell, by your decades long indifference and thrall with anything Negro you’ve asked for just what’s coming. In fact it’s already here.

By way of example, what Bush-Cheney-Rumsfield are doing to the Marines at Camp Pendleton is nothing more than what they and Clinton have done to the entire Caucasian population of America. The gangsters ruling us aren’t concerned with the truth of Hamdania and Haditha. Justice is not an element of their calculus of power. Nor is it something they have to be concerned with. Like the 18th century French aristocracy or 20th century Russian nobility, our leading thugs have regiments of Marines and Airborne to protect them from enraged American citizens. Plus, they undoubtedly already have arranged for comfortable exile in Paraguay. Incidentally, while our own political leaders are poised to bug out as soon as the front door is kicked down, remember, Hitler remained at his post in Berlin until the very bitter end of the war.

While the elite commissars slither away, the lower ranking, average Lesbian-Marxist bureaucrat–like those who have a death grip on Oregon state government (much as they had in Bavaria)–will be left behind with the very people they have been abusing for decades. Given the historic examples, those traitors who now hold positions of power would be well served if they simply killed themselves. But, like the Ceaucescaus, they probably think they’ll get away with their treason for ever. Imagine their surprise as they were stood against a wall.

Ultimately despair will give way to the terrible swift sword of retribution fueled by rage and hatred. You have to wonder if the President’s thugs and sluts have ever asked themselves ‘what’s going to happen when the white morons find out what we’ve done to them?’ To any sane person ‘Rage’ and ‘Retaliation’ would pop immediately to mind. Some commissars obviously have figured it out, hence the fury against the Marines at Camp Pendleton and Camp Lejune (recall also pfc Sites and Lt. Pantano) being charged with murdering the ragheads who were trying to kill them. In simple terms, these young American warriors know how to fight, know how to force entry into a house against murderous adversaries and drag the occupants outside to administer appropriate justice. What’s more, they have actually done it! It’s not just theory or a training exercise. Therefore, they constitute a threat to the criminal conspiracy of America’s ruling elite. As such, they can’t be released back into America society to train others to do the same thing unless, of course, they are Mexicans or Negroes. As our commissars see it, a warning must be sent and an example made of every Caucasian male they can liquidate. But it’s too late for our indigent Communist leaders to try and discourage such deadly retaliation. In fact it’s a little like trying to put shit back in the donkey. A chill must run up the spine of political sock puppets who have been bought body and soul by Union, Lesbian and Marxist thugs.

In a way it’s kind of therapeutic to contemplate the appropriate justice for your most racist white liberal, Mexican or Negro government officials and judges. The mind virtually dances with possibilities. Just don’t let the Democrats hear you thinking. Most of us wouldn’t know how to go about forcing entry and dispatching an enemy terrorist but our boys fresh from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan certainly would and that is precisely what nags at the tiny minds of the Communists and Democrats who are working for the ultimate destruction of America. That is why the boldest and most proficient of our warriors must be killed or buried alive in a federal prison. If history is any indicator and you are one of those who advertise, "Democrat and Proud of It," my guess is you are headed for a bad end. The day you have worked for is here and like millions of people who have chosen the wrong side in a violent upheaval, your choice will be to commit despicable acts or be victim of them. Again, suicide is an option. But if you wait until your Democrats take our guns, you’ll have to jump in front of a truck or wrap your head in plastic to escape a very unpleasant 4th quarter–for those of you who only think in terms of Negro sports.

So, for most patriots it is a small comforting reminder that when our constitutional government goes in the tank, those responsible for the disaster, and who been tormenting us, will be left behind as the elite bug out. And that, as they say, is when the fun begins. Our tormentors’ situation is remarkably similar to the collaborators in France and Holland after the Germans departed. If you got shot you could consider yourself lucky. That’s where we are headed and if I’m still alive I will rejoice at the fall of every pervert and Marxist son-of-a-bitch who destroyed my wonderful country. I’m too old to do the necessary work myself but I’ll buy extra rope and hold the coats of our bold Caucasian men who do the job. In the meantime, we should consider what has to be done as merely lancing a nasty boil.

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