Gringo de Mexico

Gringos v. Greasers
by Séan Carroll © 2006

 Don’t know about you but I’m way past tired of the primitive, dirt stupid Mexicans illegally in this country calling me a Gringo. So, I propose leveling the playing field of discourse by referring to these gangsters, thieves and race pimps with the appropriate appellations, all of which have equally as colorful historic origins as Gringo.

Let’s see how it might work.

The 2003 History Channel’s production of The Alamo, features an interview with Professor Josefina Zoraida Vazquez from El Colegio de Mexico. In the educated view of this cruel, Spic bitch that Deguello–murder every living thing you get your hands on–as applied by Santa Anna to the Alamo’s defenders was totally justified. It was her sanguinary opinion that ‘Deguello was important because Alamo’s defenders were illegals and it was Mexican territory. They were defying Mexican government therefore killing them all was acceptable.’ Uhuumm. Thoughts, anyone?

The Greasers have told us to get out of our country. They have threatened to kick us out if we don’t go voluntarily and soon. Actually, the expulsion will apply to Caucasian males only. The Chongos will keep the white women. How much more are we going to tolerate, I ask myself? Ooops, sorry to interrupt. I forgot, it’s baseball season. Most white men, and white women come down to it, apparently would sooner lose their daughters than their season tickets or cable hook up.

In our face, the Mojado scavengers disrespect our country, our history and Old Glory in favor of the Pepper Belly rag featuring a vulture and worm perched on a pile of donkey shit. Common sense racial survival should dictate that these brutally violent Beaners be rounded up and driven out of our country as quickly and with as much force as necessary.

Any Caucasian who feels more Mexican than American–you know, like Mexican George–needs to pack his bags and travel south with his primitive friends. That would clean out most universities, news rooms, public school faculty rooms and government offices. Then in Greaserland they can build the human sacrifice based Aztec Utopia they lust after.

Anyone who thinks this invasion is going to be settled peacefully is either a Democrat, tertiary syphilitic or just plain nuts. Already, New York’s mayor Bloomberg is cranking up the gungrabber juggernaut before the penny drops and Caucasians decide to defend themselves. Wait until Hillary the Hun puts her considerable thigh weight behind that movement. I don’t have any guns but those of you who do best get ready to give them up. If you’d rather not wait, just deliver them to the nearest Democrat Party HQ.

Armed defense by Caucasians would be out of the question because the Democrats, M-13 gangsters and Mexican George want Caucasian America’s unconditional surrender to be as quiet and as bloodless as the Greasers will permit. After all he doesn’t want to turn over damaged property to his Aztec crime lord and Chief Greaser, Vicente Fox. Of course, if the Spics want to kill us white folks, Mexican George will reason that ‘you’ve got to break a few eggs to make an omelet.’ Besides animal torture, murder and slavery are cultural sacraments that Mexican George considers the ‘backbone’ of America. That this treacherous moron can still claim over 30% approval rating shows how far gone we are.

While California is already lost to the Pepper Bellies, Official Oregon and most newspapers up there are working devotedly to be included within the boundaries of Atzlan. Even though fishrwrapers like the Oregonian and Klamath Herald and News are little more than newsletters for illegal Greasers, it ’s not likely that the Mex’s will enjoy anything like the control they now hold over Southern California. But there are obviously enough of them in Oregon to cause the sell-out of most elected officials not only in that state but many in Washington and Idaho as well. So, as events move ever more rapidly toward a violent denouement, these wretched, treasonous bastards in public office must work furiously and indefatigably to assure the total success of the Wetback invasion. Otherwise when the new boundaries are drawn they will find themselves behind enemy lines. There they will be subject to New America law as seditionists and traitors. And, you can bet, summarily judged. I’m close to the end of my earthly journey but I pray for just enough time to see that happen.

See, how such colorful racial appellations and vituperation, like Gringo, give balance to the illegal Mexican dialogue? You might even say, ‘way cool.’ But you wont see it until things get real hot around each palace of lies–newspaper factories. That will be when they are face to face with the explosive Caucasian reaction that’s coming just as certainly as Ted Kennedy being drunk by noon. Caucasians are constantly threatened with Mexican rage, Negro rage, Indian rage, Arab rage, but you ain’t seen nothing like the white American rage that’s bubbling and seething just below the surface. Held suppressed there with the threats of coercion by our national and race traitors.

I recall an interview many years ago with a member of the Nakam Jewish revenge organization (I believe that was its name) that traveled the length and breadth of world for years after WWII executing former SS and Gestapo men and Jewish collaborators. When asked what motivated him to such acts he replied that he had seen a Gestapo man in Prague make an old Rabbi eat excrement off the sidewalk. He was a young boy then but it was an image that never left his mind. He vowed if he survived the war he would dedicate his life to revenging the injustice and cruelty he had witnessed. And that, boys and girls, is what’s in store for today’s traitors. "You’re forcing us eat shit today for which you will pay the price tomorrow." How can anyone with enough brains to bait a fish hook not see that coming? Thanks to a subversive educational system, most Americans are history idiots but enough of us remember to make a difference when the time comes.

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