"George W. Caligula"

George W. Caligula
by Séan Carroll © 9 Feb 2007

Caligula: "Sometimes I think I’m going mad. Has that thought ever crossed your mind?

Claudius: Never! That idea is preposterous. You set the standard for sanity for the whole world.

Caligula: Why is there always this galloping in my head? Why can’t I sleep?

Claudius: Gods don’t need as much sleep as mere mortals. (I Claudius - Robert Graves)


While the vicious cretin from Crawford is eagerly poised to give citizenship to millions of Aztec-Mestizo criminals, Merck pharmaceuticals is waging a campaign to require all girls ages 11 and up to be vaccinated against cervical cancer from sexually transmitted diseases. It would probably be more appropriate to issue them personal lubricants with instructions on how to swiftly grease up when Bush’s piñata wackers decide to engage in a little cultural child rape.

Those of you in Oregon can personally thank the Mexican whore, Senator Gordon Smith for this new exciting diversity adventure. Massachuesetts morons owe a debt of gratitude to just about all of your rulers including the presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and that drunken geriatric from Chappaquiddick who they are so fond of. And don’t forget the idiots in Idaho who sent us their own puta, Larry Craig, Prince of the Loo. Catholics have the seditious pervert defender, Cardinal Mahony to be proud of while the Jews can thank just about any of their ‘holy men’ with a few courageous exceptions. These are just examples, every state and religion can boast of its unique contribution to building multiculturalism which we are forced to embrace under threat of criminal prosecution. Oh, and don’t forget that antique pimp, Billy Graham, has already endorsed the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

Realizing that most fathers of little white girls are more concerned with Tyrone’s rushing numbers, Rasheed’s free throw stats, Pedro’s RBIs, photos of pudenda piercing and cheap shit at WalMex, the personal lubricant cultural enhancer should also be made mandatory. And because we enjoy so much sexual diversity, thanks to despicable creatures like Bush, Craig and Smith, little Caucasian boys should be trained in personal lubricant first aid as well.

Ask yourselves, If not the American people, who are these disgusting, treasonous bastards actually working for?

So besotted with Negro sports, Negro actors, drugs and Internet porn are they that Caucasian men have bequeathed to their children a horrific future in which little white kids become the chattels of primitive non-Caucasian perverts and sometime cannibals. Recently, I heard some dipwad–probably Pat Robertson– proclaim Bush a ‘Christian gentleman.’ Maybe he is by Pat’s standards and those of Rev. Graham and Cardinal Mahony. But, if that is so, I’ve spent a long life in the wrong house of worship as have those holy Catholic priests and nuns that helped raise me. Jesus always did get a bad rap.

QuetzalcoatlPerhaps when five or six recently legalized Mexican families move into the house next door, throw trash in the street, shit in the yard–maybe yours–and raise Mexican hell at all hours (if you’ve never lived amid Mexicans you have no idea what that means), you’ll feel different. But, I doubt it. Just point me to someone more arrogant than a stupid White man. I use to believe that there was nothing as useless to our national survival than a 14 year old girl with a cell phone and MP3. Now, I’m convinced that there is no greater waste of air in the struggle to survive than a retired White guy with internet access and a new set of golf clubs. Besides, it will be too late to do anything anyway. If you think not, consider the Mestizo gang take-over of Los Angeles and then take a look at what George Caligula has done to our law enforcement and Border Patrol agents. Ask Hispanic BP Agents Compean and Ramos, victims of one of Bush’s most despicable acts in an administration defined by the successive torment of despicable, subversive acts. It’s also worth remembering that Bush’s Lord of Torture, Attorney General Gonzales, is one of the Feathered Serpent’s progeny.

Caligula has surrendered us to vile, racial enemies in the monstrous prison culture he has fashioned of our nation. Think not? Wait until el groupo of Mexican thugs–Bush’s and Gordon Smith’s new citizens–come to your house to slap you and the wife around for complaining to the police that they are selling drugs out of a house in the neighborhood. Who do you think will help you when they threaten to burn your house down and rape your daughter? Name me one agency that will stop illegal Mexicans from doing anything they want to do. Actually, you have a better chance if being abducted by aliens than having the ‘law’ intervene on your behalf.

The question is often asked: "Would you die for your family?" it would be better put, "Would you kill for your family?" The answer to that will thin out the White herd considerably especially if it interferes with game day. Also, for so-called Christians, claiming ‘forgiveness’ hides a lot of cowardice. Between innings or at half time or before you T off you might ask yourself, ‘Now that I’ve sold out my kids (sotto voce: what a great driver this is), what’s next?’ I suggest that you look for the UN to assume control of the Internet with Caligula’s and Hillary’s help thereby further isolating Caucasians, one from the other. It’s well to keep in mind that Bush’s true ethnicity is as suspicious as was Hitler’s and Heydrich’s. The last act will be confiscation of your guns. (I say ‘your guns’ because mine already went with my eyesight). If you don’t believe your government backed by the UN will do this, you have spent too much time looking at nipple rings and shaved mommy parts. Guilt ridden and self loathing Whites, manipulated by psychopathic liberals and treacherous neocons are killing the rest of us to expiate their guilt and self hatred.

From a historical perspective, a people as stupid and cowardly as White Americans have become deserve what’s coming. And that’s going to happen pretty soon as Mexico’s Tortilla Revolution gins up. Wait until you see what floods across our border then! Come to think of it, maybe you better pick up a personal lubricant for your own use.

What, if anything, can we do? There might be a slim chance to interrupt this titanic disaster by backing the right candidate for president starting now. While one man alone can’t be expected to turn back destruction wrought by Clinton-Bush, their occult handlers and Mexican allies in the Democrat-Communist party, the campaign itself can be a useful vehicle in unifying those of us who are sick at heart and who desperately want to save our country. But, at the same time I shudder at the prospect of a vicious internecine battle amongst the supporters of the two or three very courageous men who stand a chance against the Anti-American party in 2008. In my opinion the only men who have consistently shown the real stuff have been Pat Buchanan, Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul. I like them all, would work for anyone of them and feel each would serve our country well in this racial crisis–make no mistake, ethnic cleansing is exactly what we are threatened with. Problem is, these men are much too decent. Decency is not an attribute of the Democrats and their Aztec-Mestizo compadres.

Never lose sight of the fact that the glue that binds these two massive destructive forces together is human sacrifice: the Aztecs and Mayans for at least 1,000 years in honor of their Satanic Hummingbird Wizard and the Anti-American Democrats since Roe v. Wade in tribute to the great god of Lucre. Both have proven themselves to be murderous, corrupt and treasonous beyond Biblical magnitudes. Their sponsors–Kennedy, Bush, Clinton, Pelosi and the sixty two Senate whores who voted for amnesty–are equally as poisonous and equally as cursed.

So, we are driven to the wall with the questions: "Would you die to save your family? Would you kill to save your family?" It is against this wall that we will make the decision to live or die. By the way, if you don’t know what genocide means, you ought to look it up...but, I bet you won’t bother even if I tell you that us Whites are on the menu. If you are at all curious, your future can be read in Zimbabwe’s recent past.

Michael 'Savage'Ron PaulTom TancredoAnother impediment to survival emanates from the spoilers–popular so-called conservatives with hidden agendas who will enter the presidential contest simply to draw votes away from serious patriotic contenders. Most prominent of these at present is the very successful radio talk show host, Michael Savage–whose real name, by the way, is Weiner. Having repeatedly told us that he would never run for public office, Weiner now claims to be exploring a possible presidential run because, according to him, there is absolutely no one else in the country who represents the American people on the critical issues as well as he does. If they’re ever mentioned at all, Congressmen Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo are dismissed as having insufficient gravitas to be in Weiner’s league. Not only that, he apparently has no objection to allowing the millions of illegal Mexicans already here to remain in America if drug lords who run that country will agree to give us a barrel of oil for each Mexican living here. As with all neocons, Lucre is the only answer to the problem. It might be that Weiner’s main purpose is precisely to nobble the efforts of Tancredo and Paul so they wont be able to mount a serious challenge to either the Republican or Democrat wing of the Anti-American Party.

It’s not all bad news though. I understand that you can obtain a personal lubricant that is fruit flavored and scented. Better yet, you’ll probably be able to buy it at a discount from WalMex and it might even be endorsed by Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID). Anyway, the scent of strawberries should brighten the otherwise grim cultural rape experience for your child. So, with all the assurance you can get from a tube of grease, that costs less than five bucks, you can return to the ball game. Hell of a deal...Except you may want to re read Matthew 18:2 so you know what’s going to happen when the Mexicans are done with you.

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