Tex Mex

America’s Elected Traitor Class
by Séan Carroll © 2006

On May 5, 1862 an insignificant one day scuffle between an incompetent French commander and a ragtag bunch of Mexicans at the dirt village of Puebla is the stuff that fills the tiny mind of the treacherous moron from Crawford.

More important, what does this Texan peawit find of significance in American history in the month of May? Practically nothing it would seem. Here’s what our Mexican President is apparently ignorant of. In May of 1945, we finally defeated the Nazi Germany war machine after a bitter and costly war; and, were at the midpoint in horrendous and bloody struggle for Okinawa, ending in an American victory which hastened Japan’s defeat. While engaging a total of 550,000 Marines, soldiers and sailors, America fought one of the bloodiest battles in its history that cost the lives of 19,000 killed, 38,000 wounded. To a real American President that should be what May is about in the United States.

Yet, Mexican George burbles with praise about the ‘glorious’ pissing contest between two foreigners in an outhouse of a country nearly 150 years ago. What kind of treacherous, disgusting creature would tell the ghosts of 300,000 American war dead ...."You guys are a bunch of saps! It’s not you but my Mexican companieros that are the backbone of this nation." (Recall, Mexico sat out the war as a neutral, its people torturing animals for pleasure, drinking tequila and wacking piñatas). But what can you expect from dim bulb who gives himself a blackeye in a fight with a pretzel and who, his wife tells us, can’t distinguish a mare from the stallion he tried to milk. The memory of America’s dead heroes can not let this treachery go unaddressed.

You have to ask yourself, what it’s worth for a man to betray his country and race?

Almost any Democrat or AmChurch Catholic should have a ready answer for that.

As for Republicans, you can ask traitors up north like Rep. Greg Walden 2nd District, Oregon; Sen. Gordon Smith, Oregon; Sen Larry Craig, Idaho and, of course, Mexican George. Fact is they have been asked. Guess what? Not one will give you a straight answer. In fact, Walden’s candidate’s statement in the current 2006 voter’s pamphlet doesn’t even mention the Mexican invasion! Why do you suppose that is? He’s insane, a moron, he’s too deep in the anti-American conspiracy to get out, he’s another Vicente Fox puppet, or a paid stooge of the Mexican narco-terrorists? Whatever his motivation, it’s a safe guess that Walden’s survival as an amnesty and open border globalist depends upon his concealing his Mexican sympathies from the folks who put him in office. But this is not a surprise, FAIR gives him a 0% rating on controlling the illegal Mexicans who are rapidly taking over the United States. With representatives like this Is it any wonder that Oregon is a most favorite destination for illegal Mexicans sneaking into the country?

So, your schools have become pits of treason, Mexican racism and disease? Give Walden a call and thank him. You’ll never get him on the line and if you did he’d double talk you cross eyed. More and more of your neighborhoods are starting to look like Tijuana and Tecate? Write Greg and tell him how much you appreciate his efforts in turning your lovely communities into 3rd world cesspools. Social and health services are going to illegal Mexicans instead of elderly or needy Caucasian citizens? Your kids tell you that Mexicans in school throw their shitty toilet paper in the trash barrel instead of the toilet? Hepatitis, anyone? (Walden will probably just tell you to get over it you selfish, greedy, white racist).

‘Good job, amigo Greg. You’ll always be welcome in Guadalajara if the stupid Gringos ever find out you’re working for us and kick your white ass out of office.’  

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