Dr. Moreau's abominations

Dr. Moreau Screwed Up
by Séan Carroll © 2009

Detective Alonzo Harris in Training DayA large biker bearing colors of a well known organization awaiting patiently like the rest of us for his lunch order to come up was watching the angry scene at the counter where a Negro customer was berating a young White counter girl. The biker blurted out to a companion standing a few feet away, “ what in the hell’s wrong with the nigger?” The belligerent darky and his fren pretended like they didn’t hear the question and abruptly departed the premises. If you’ve spent any time at all, as I have, around “niggers”(for this article I quote Detective Alonzo Harris in Training Day who uses that Negro nom petite throughout the movie) you’d know the answer to the biker’s question: these people behave the way they do because they are niggers.(op.cit.) This is not mere sophistry but an irretrievable fact that pisses them off. So, in a way they, “caint hep it.”

For those of you who have been farting against silk in the race relations department or living in a cave on Mars, “nigger” (op.cit.) is coin of the realm on the city streets, where I worked for many years, and is used with a frequency rivaled only by the beloved term, “motherfucker.” That is, once about every 1.6 minutes of what passes for dark and nasty communication in those places most White liberals never visit but will talk as if they know all about. Incidentally, these two words represent the high water mark of Negro contribution to the lexicon of Western Civilization.

Okra and MicheleMr. Moreau creatureBut back on topic, When you stop and think about it, these former denizens of the dark continent have got good reason for being pissed. Put yourself in their place. If you realized that this is how you’d look–or worse–for the rest of your life and that your women would look like Okra or Michele–or worse–and that you’d always be as stupid as a box of rocks and behave like some vicious sewer creature from a Stephen King movie it would be upsetting at the very least. If you knew you’d forever be seen as the violent, thieving, illegitimate and lazy bastard, you’d be pissed off too. Hell, it only stands to reason. The partial answer to that problem seems to be to find a White woman as stupid or stupidier than you to put up with your shit. From all appearances, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of such young, White, female volunteers.

Because cowardly Caucasians fear you as a primitive life form you regard that as a green light to do whatever you want and as much as you can get away with. You behave in a manner that seeks not to correct this notion but capitalize on it and take advantage of it. And when other White people, those you don’t scare, those who have got your number, those who know your con and your rap–like the biker–who are familiar with your vicious jungle antics have a mind to string you up, that pisses you off too. And you know, without a doubt, that given the right circumstances a lot of these bad ass White boys will do just that–in a “motherfucking” heartbeat. That pisses you off when actually you should be terrified.

Harlem’s Rev. Manning Harlem’s Rev. Manning (who in my opinion has a set of brass gonads) has warned you that day of reckoning is fast approaching. You have pushed the White folks too far and your epiphany is at hand. That also pisses you off. But stupidity prevents you from knowing when you’ve gone too far. So you are about to learn the meaning of an old Gaelic expression that loses something in the translation but says essentially: If you let them shit in your hair, don’t let them take your comb away.

Like a toxic, foul smelling, ever spreading mudslide, Negroes envelope and destroy everything they come in contact with. If that is a troublesome reality, thank a Jew, Vatican II Catholic or Democrat. No matter how much Tyrone extorts from fearful, groveling White Catholics and Jews, no matter how much slack is cut for Buckwheat’s monstrous criminal behavior by the plantation Democrats and the government media, it’s never enough because in the end Tyrone and Buckwheat are still the niggers (op.cit.) they hate, i.e., forever Rastus and Step’n Fetchit.

Forget the muscular bodies and athletic prowess. We’ve been beat over the head with that sthick for the past 40 years. Instead, for purposes of our model here, think...kinky hair, flat feet, supersized ass, liver lips, bad skin, flat nose and a brain the size of a peach pit. (Never mind that I’ve got no ass at all, a matter I intend to take up with the butt fairy when I get to Glory, and yet I’ve never rioted because of it). Anyway, every time Jamal looks in the mirror (bordered with “Black is Beautiful” bumper strips) or his kids look at him questioningly it reminds him of that inherited inferiority, of that God inflicted disability of being one of Dr. Moreau’s experiments gone horribly wrong and, of course, that pisses him off. So, he does what Negroes have done since Moses was a corporal, he riots, loots, destroys and rapes. Because it’s stamped into their DNA, Tyrone, Buckwheat and Jamal can’t explain why to their kids so they just teach them to go around being pissed off, miserable and bitter just like daddy...if he is daddy, or if they even know who daddy is.

Now, I still don’t think I quite understand the masochistic liberals, Zionist Jews and Illuminati Catholics wanting to absorb endless angry racial and sexual abuse from violent simian gangsters. That’s their choice; but, it’s positively baffling that these same self loathing, self destructive weenies expect all of us White folks to happily accept the same kind of abuse they wallow in like pigs in slop. Fact of the matter is, a lot of us won’t.

As long as we are on the topic, with their election of the Kenyan mutt, the majority of Catholics Fr. Malachi warned us about have apparently foresaken their centuries old dedication to protection of the unborn. By sending the baby murdering champion of the U. S. Senate to the White House, I assume they no longer adhere to St. Augustine’s, St. Thomas’ and St. Francis’ sanctity of life teachings. They obviously belong to that growing Death Cult of Pope Bernstein’s Roman Church (my Church, I’m ashamed to say, that could excommunicate a holy man like Archbishop Lefevbre but not a degenerate killer like Ted Kennedy). A Church that apparently takes its instruction from Abe Foxman, ADL and Area 51. The late Fr. Malachi Martin (another set of brass gonads. If you’re traditional Catholic and care about your Church you must read him) frequently quoted Pope Paul VI’s description of the Vatican, “the smoke of Satan is in the sanctuary and is wafting around the altar.” Therefore, given most new age Catholics’ seeming love affair with the devil and his demons, there is no restriction any longer preventing them from killing themselves in a sacrificial act of retroactive abortion. We can but hope.

Nathan Bedford ForrestBut, but...We faced a similar problem at an earlier time in our history. After three years of being bullied, threatened, raped, abused, robbed, murdered by former Negro slaves backed up by Federal bayonets–much like circumstances today–under the so-called Reconstruction Act in the South, Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, speaking for the citizens of Tennessee in 1868, saw the future unfolding in another massive blood letting; but, he warned the turncoat, prostitute Governor Brownlow: “If they bring this war upon us, there is one thing I will tell you–that I shall not shoot any Negroes so long as I see a white Radical to shoot, for it is the Radicals who will be to blame for bringing on this war.” Do I hear an ‘amen?’ For the victims of our government school system, I’ll ‘splain: General Nathan Bedford Forrest, the golden epitome of the Celtic warrior, was certainly a man to be reckoned with. During Lincoln’s War of Southern Extermination, 1861-1865, Forrest killed thirty men in individual, hand to hand combat by pistol, saber and knife, each kill confirmed. Those who knew him well knew that his threat was as good as a sacred oath. Neither of which he gave lightly.

For what it’s worth, Aggiornamento Catholics, Jews and Democrats would do well to pay heed to the warnings of General Forrest, Revs. James Manning (Harlem) and Jesse Peterson (Watts) and another courageous warning voice. But experience teaches us that they wont listen. I have discovered that heretic and apostate Freemason Catholics are too stupid and/or wicked to even pray with, Jews too hateful and bitter and most Democrats want precisely that violent, bloody revolution that they are engineering to consolidate their absolute power in a Stalinist state. Like the ancient Wickerman cult, they all rush euphorically to their incineration. You can take it to the bank that most of them have never even been in a fist fight. Revolution is something they think can be managed with the remote control.

But none of this is a secret. The blueprint for our destruction is found in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and its principle exponent is the Kenyan Mutt or should I say, the First Kenyan Mutt, thanks mainly to the usual suspects. And don’t forget the Protestants: Billy Graham who endorsed Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and the those so-called Christians who are now praying to allah plus those Treckies with their heads securely in rectal enfilade of the 6th Dispensation, praying for the rapture to swoosh them to Paradise. But those folks and their destructive antics are for discussion another time as is the Mexican contribution to our imminent annihilation.

And yet, I don’t wish to ignore or discriminate against (by failing to mention) the Indians (feathers not dots). Picture this: a battered pick up truck being driven by an Indian from the near by reservation (where isn’t there one?) with long braided hair incorporating feathers, beads and strips of colored coth.(feathers incidentally which a White man would probably be prosecuted for merely possessing). There’s a dream catcher (or broken squash racket) on the rear view mirror. In the gun rack are two long guns and a shotgun. The window sticker proudly proclaims “Obama ‘08.” Two things crowd immediately to mind: 1) this tribal moron can vote and 2) he has a driver’s license. Maranantha the arrow prayer that begs, “Come Lord Jesus,” would certainly be fitting, but all I could manage was, “Holy Shit.” The other Indian sticker said, “Custer had it coming.” I’m thinking, someday some enterprising White soul will manufacture a response bumper strip that says “So did Crazy Horse.”


Ted KennedyWhile I was preparing this piece that 200+ lb pile of shit in a silk stocking, Ted Kennedy, finally croaked. Of what, we’ll never know the truth. Brain tumor–yeah, right. Anyway, I certainly won’t speak to the condition of his soul–if indeed he had one, but guided by his history of anti-Catholic dry handed abortions while alive, I’d say a solemn funeral mass was more than just a scandal to the Church but a sacrilege that ultimately will require Our Lady of Perpetual Help to be reconsecrated.. In the meantime I would caution anyone attending mass, or seance as the case may be, thereafter might be compounding that sacrilege and putting their soul at risk.

What a horrible thing to bring into the sanctuary–the carcass of the prince of debauchery, the puffy, spider veined face of a degenerate drunk whose main purposes in life were to destroy America and grease his weasel. You have to ask yourself, why would an old, holy and honorable order like the Redemptorists scandalize Catholics everywhere unless____________. (You can supply your own answer).

What it tells me is that the Roman Catholic Church in America–Amchurch–has come to be represented not so much by works of piety, sacrifice, charity, prayer, education and protection of the weakest amongst us but by the puffy, debauched face of a prolific baby killer who fucked and traitored his way through 40 years in the U.S. Senate. The commemorative coin that will be struck to “celebrate” this occasion can have that visage on one side and that of Pope Bernstein on the other.

The shitworm Democrats in Massachusetts can be proud of the damage they’ve inflicted on our nation and its soul in the past 40 years and that includes the millions of innocents they have voted to destroy through abortion. Jesus surely wept. If the Catholic Church can live with that legacy it can live with Satan. If the Church ever needed a St. Francis, Dominic or Benedict (not the guy that’s there now, but the real one) now’s the time.

Father Vincent CapodannoWhat’s also very sad about the Kennedy cluster fuck is that it comes at exactly the same time as the memorial mass at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, for personal hero of mine, a true son of the Church, Father Vincent Capodanno, The Grunt Padre, and posthumous Medal of Honor winner for his service with the Marines in Vietnam. He’s been designated Servant of God as a first step on his way to canonization. You’d think a national hero, holy man and faithful servant of Christ like Father Vincent would rate at least some mention in the media on page 1 or 2 but even a popular Catholic publication pushed news of the event to page 6. This is just another example of how far down the shithole we’ve fallen as a Christian nation. Question is: do we like the smell down here or are we going to crawl out?

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