Aztecs in the Cathedral
by Séan Carroll © 2009

White folks are about to be dragged into a revenge driven, Mau Mau nightmare of Negro tyranny. They are shuckin & jivin their way to certain enslavement, mimicking their masters, jabbering nasty rap lyrics, tugging on their crotches, calling each other “dawg” and “ho” with hats on backward, pants down under their asses, with their most valued possession firmly in grasp: the remote control. Maybe it’s just as well that the end is near. The alternatives are just too grotesque to contemplate. Democrats have long been cheer leaders for unlimited sports, sex and chains. And, White boy, you’re about to discover why you’ve been wearing your pants exposing your fundament. Surprise, it’s not about being cool, it’s all about access. I suggest you learn what the terms “bottom boy,” “twink,” and “catamite” mean then stock up on personal lubricants.

Who’s To Blame?

Certainly, there’s a lot of blame to go around. White people, without question, are principally responsible for their own downfall. But, the engineers of our disaster warrant special recognition. Democrats have openly sought a Marxist United States for the past 100 years, at least. They have been working for a communist takeover of America since 1912, give or take. Apostate Jews have been diligently trying to destroy the Christian foundations of our nation. They have pretty well succeeded with the enthusiastic help of apostate Christians. And, of course, stupid and violent Negroes will follow their White Democrat pimps and Jewish handlers anywhere as long as they promise to steal White folk’s stuff and give it to them. This process is now so far advanced there is little hope it can be halted short of a massive effusion of blood. Don’t lose sight of the fact that the Obama’s character is dominated by the violent Negro half of his genetic make up. What’s more, as he’s made clear, it’s his preferred half and he takes pride in the menace it conveys. After all, violent Negroes are the tip of the Illuminati spear in the hands of Vatican II Catholics and atheistic Jews.

But we should know this already. After all, that’s how the Reconstruction and Great Society worked. Besides, Negroes seem to be breaking free of the old restraints and looting, stealing and raping White women on their own in ever increasing numbers without direction from their Jewish conductors. And why not? There’s no one to stop them. White men are at the ball park (in person or via tv) or on the golf course. For the most part White males treat this life and death race war like a spectator sport: something to watch, nothing to get involved in. When it bores them, they think they will simply change channels. I pity any White woman or child that is counting on them for protection. These guys will not be missed.

Violent crime is, after all, Blackie’s contribution to Western Civilization. They absolutely excel at it. Imagine what this hell will look like after the Mutt and his commissars take our guns. If you are Caucasian and believe you’ll get through this without some serious bleeding, please tell me what meds you are taking and where I can get some.

New Age Rats in the Sacristy

And yet as dangerous as they are, Negroes are not the biggest threat we face. The absolute biggest menace to our survival as a nation and a race, the greatest traitors, those who put the Mutt in the White House, the most poisonous religious reptiles, the most treacherous amongst us are the New Age-Vatican II Catholics who represent over half of all Catholics. (54% to be exact according to Zenit) I point this out because when non-Catholic America wakes up and connects the dots realizing what Gnostic Catholics have done to us there will be hell to pay and as a True Catholic I don’t want to be mistaken for one of those occult traitors. Those who manage to survive the outraged Protestant and other non affiliated American patriots will then have to contend with Traditional Catholics. That will be a reckoning any intelligent person would want to avoid at all costs. For those of you who don’t understand the magnitude of what that means, take a quick review your Irish history, 1920-22.

Whether out of stupidity or design, these treasonous, Zionist Catholics have become a deadly alien cancer in the belly of America. They number in the millions and not one of them can be trusted. They have proven themselves to be politically and socially ignorant, unreliable, disloyal, unstable and absolutely treacherous. That includes the like minded clergy among their number right up to Pope Bernstein. Even in the light most favorable, they are way too stupid to even pray with. At worst they are rats who gnaw at the cords that bind the Church together and will inform on the rest of us to their masters.

Consider: if this subversive movement will betray it’s own Mother Church to implement abortion on a scale unheard of in history, worship a mulatto Rasputin, endorse a black communist government with cop killer terrorist associates and White hating black racists the Mutt calls “czars,” how much of a seal do you think remains on the confessional of a priest, say, like the execrable Rev. Pfleger and diabolical Cardinal Mahony? Recall what happened to the Irish miner’s organization, the Molly Maguires, in the Pennsylvania coal fields in the 1870s. After nineteen of their leaders were hanged, it was widely rumored, and, what’s more important, widely believed, that much of the information used to convict and hang them was acquired by way of the confessional.

In the Name of Deceit and Betrayal

After all, lying, deceit and betrayal are the mother’s milk of this globalist Illuminati conspiracy. Miracles have been replaced with magic and good works with Marxist political reliability. Admit the wrong thing to an Obamunist priest in confession and you’re likely to end up being worked over by the IRS, losing your guns, your driving privileges, your kids or suffering some sort of accident or contrived confinement. If the rumors about the betrayal of the Mollies are true, the consequences for us could be much, much worse.

What exactly have these despicable Manichaean Catholics ushered in? Some results of which are not here yet but soon to arrive. Among other things: Economic suicide; Genocide; World wide abortions paid for by American taxpayers; third world health care; Gun confiscation; Surrender of us and our nation to third world invaders; Jewish approved prayers and redefinition of our century’s old religious traditions; Sending American kids to die in another Democrat-Israeli engineered war in which the enormous burden of death and wounds will be, as they are now, suffered by White boys a significant number of which will be Catholic; A system that recognizes no absolutes, no truths, no morals; Elevation to the highest office in the nation of an illegal alien communist; enthronement of deceit, atheism and violence; being spied on by our children; brainwashing on a scale that would make Pavlov and Lenin blush with envy; being snitched off by our friends and neighbors in numbers that the KGB and Stasi wouldn’t be able to keep up with; betrayed to the secret police (every agency has its own); secret executions (in prison or combat); a concentration camp system 20 times larger than that operated by the Himmler’s SS; confiscation of private property; infanticide; euthanasia; violent forced integration; race wars; officially condoned Negro on White voter intimidation; destruction of the Constitution; establishment of the police state by the military to execute a policy of eradicating Whites altogether; and employment of a domestic and Ugandan army of black cockroaches that will make Papa Doc Duvalier’s Ton Ton Macoutes look like a Yale rowing club.

Consider this: if six million (according to Zionist Jewish sources) died in Hitler’s 40 camps, just imagine the chunk of White humanity the Mongrel plans to exterminate in his 800+ camps.

Termites in the Cross of Christ

Keep in mind: the crimes of Pelosi-Kennedy “catholics” are the crimes of Gnostic “catholics” who together have surrendered America to our enemies. Thanks to a globalist New Age Catholic Church that is rotting from the head down, these “catholic” degenerates have in a very real way become most persuasive recruiting models for young people to convert to Islam.

Once the Catholic Church and its Pope fought valiantly for the lives of children, widows, orphans, the ill and elderly, i.e., those unable to protect themselves. No more. The heroic church of Joan‘d Arc and Thomas More has become a sleazy Democrat tool and a subservient mouthpiece for ADL’s Abe Foxman. White Catholics are of use only to vote the way their Democrat masters and atheistic Jew managers dictate. The 2008 Presidential election was a perfect example of this process at work. If you don’t understand this, you should turn in your driver’s license and move back to Iowa.

It would be poetic and fitting that, like the Essenes at Masada, these Illuminati Catholics draw lots to see who should kill the others then commit suicide in their own turn. But let’s not ignore the spin factor. To make all of this more palatable to Kennedy-Pelosi “catholic” crime family, these suicides can be treated as acts of retroactive abortion. No problem since the Ten Commandments are now regarded as the New Age Ten Concepts. After all, nothing is more sacred to Democrats than the sacrament of infanticide. It is the cement that holds that continuing criminal enterprise together. The 5th Commandment–5th Concept–be damned! Like the Aztecs–also much revered by Democrats and other baby killers–the party of Wilson-Roosevelt-Johnson-Buckwheat-- proudly count the millions of butchered pre born and barely born babies with the same enthusiastic reverence as the Aztecs did their mountainous skull racks collected from tens of thousands human sacrifices and cannibalism. The true miracle of our age will be that Jesus Christ doesn’t incinerate us all immediately for facilitating infant murders on a scale that rivals any horror inflicted by Attila, Stalin, Hitler and Mao.

The Negro has time and again proven himself to be a creature of explosive violence, a vicious pack predator, admired by White and Jewish liberals for his insatiable and unrestrained sexual promiscuity. If you don’t believe me, check in with Harlem’s gutsy Pastor James Manning. He charges that “Negroes destroy everything they touch.” (If Manning and I had been policing the streets together in an earlier time he certainly would have earned the nickname, Iron Nuts). In spite of the fact that he may be working for Hillary, Pastor Manning speaks clearly about the crippling disabilities of his race as I hope I can those of my Church. We also see these mutual weaknesses being manipulated by White Satanic elites and Zionist Jews to keep us forever at each other’s throats. These buggers–in the purely literal sense–enjoy security in the chaos they create. They also realize that if the real victims of their oppression were ever allowed to join forces, New Ager Catholics and Frankist Zionists would, in short order, be turned into non-kosher parrot food. So, if you choose not to believe either Rev. Manning or me, well, you’d better go on living in your parents’ basement.

You have to keep in mind that our elected enemies won’t do what we want because they know that they can get away with ignoring us plus there seems to be an unspoken understanding that White men don’t pack the gear to take care of business. What they do understand and respond immediately to is Negro violence, threats and extortion. Hmmmm. Is anyone starting to get the germ of an idea about what ultimately needs to be done here?

Maybe it’s time for White taxpayers to stop pleading, coaxing, demanding that our elected officials do what we tell them to and what the law requires and take a more dramatic approach–start driving around with mock-up guillotines in the beds of our pick up trucks or trailers. No signs should be necessary. Even the stupidest Democrat should be able to find someone at ACORN, ADL or SPLC to ‘splain the historic implications to him/her. But understanding the depths to which Democrat stupidity plunges, perhaps posting a sentiment like “It’s worked before,” or, “The sure cure for tyrannical blindness”might be helpful for the criminals in public office to grasp.

Today, just as during the murderous so-called Southern Reconstruction, White radicals and northern churches, for their own personal profit and political gains, encourage and employ this toxic Negro predisposition to violence, mayhem and chaos. Remove these White and Jewish handlers and the Negro will turn on himself. For proof, look at Katrina New Orleans, look at Watts, look at the recent beating death of a high school honor student in Chicago, look a dozens of riots across the United States, look at the most recent statistics from the Center For Disease Control or DOJ crime stats. And what about the IOC’s decision to award Rio as site of 2016 Olympics over that sewer of Black barbarity, Chicago. Think it might have had anything at all to do with the ever escalating level of Negro violence that is smothering that city? Maybe the rest of world doesn’t enjoy the prospect being robbed, raped or murdered by urban Africans as much as the Democrats or New Age Catholics think they should. That’s why so many of them were “shocked” by IOC’s decision to go with Rio. Normally, anyone who is that disconnected from reality would be regarded as “disoriented as to time, place and identity,” and committed for their own protection and that of others. But in the Democrat’s asylum of America they are sent to Congress or Sacramento, California.

Killing his own is as natural to the Negro as Black on White gang rape on a Sunday morning, or burglary, robbery and dog fighting on the feast day of St. Francis. Whatever else they might be called, Negroes are first and foremost destroyers of civilization. What Christian Whites are facing is nothing less than the tag team of the Black Golem and Satanic Jew. And, in the sweep of time since the Egyptians built the pyramids up to the time of their new Democrat owners, Negroes have never created a civilization of their own that wouldn’t wash away in the first heavy rain. So, they will continue to destroy ours until they are brought to heel.

“Heavenly Father, preserve us and deliver these Satanic angels to the very horror and evil they planned for us. May they be chastised as witnesses to their own torment and destruction at the hands of the black and Jewish monsters into whose power they have delivered us. Let good pour forth from this evil intention as the Bible promises. Give us the strength to endure the coming ordeal and to forgive those who have so afflicted us. Through Christ Our Lord, Amen.”

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