More Aztecs in the Cathedral

Aztecs in the Cathedral II
by Séan Carroll © 11/2009

After the Menendez brothers were convicted of murdering their parents they argued in mitigation for mercy because they were orphans. Don’t laugh. That wasn’t a mentally disordered appeal for sympathy. It was a cleverly contrived defense strategy based upon the well known stupidity of the average juror and anti American sentiments of the average jurist. To a sensible person, raised in America before Bush Sr., it was absurd beyond belief but to Oprah and Bono fans it made perfectly good sense much as the acquittal of O.J. Simpson did a few years later.

Now come certain Catholic Leaders who are stunned that Obama (whatever his real name is–it might be Corporal Tsavo of the Kenyan People’s Liberation Army for all we know)** would appoint Kevin Jennings, a “Christian basher,” czar. What the hell did they expect?! Obviously, they haven’t heard that it was their New Age, Vatican II Church that elected this vicious, racially ambiguous, champion baby killer of the U.S. Senate. Without the Cabala Catholic vote it is highly unlikely the Kenyan alien would have been able set up his Luo tribal totem next to the hammer and sickle medallion in the Oval Office.

Are these people actually that stupid or just being conveniently obtuse in order to evade the consequences of what Vatican II Catholics have inflicted on America? How could they not have known what this half breed monster planned to do to the White unborn and partially born of the nation? What, for that matter, has Buckwheat done since his election to change that opinion? Whatever the reasons, this is a good example of why normal, God fearing, patriotic Americans should have absolutely nothing to do with New Age Catholics who dominate the Church from Pope Bernstein on down to the parish councils. I’m guessing these same Catholics will be surprised, maybe even shocked, if the Kenyan starts sacrificing chickens and goats in the White House. But, then again, maybe they won’t..

The 46% of us Traditional White Catholics, our priests and nuns included, no longer appear to have a voice in the Church. In fact, it seems the perfumed princes, clerical Bosheviks and atheistic Jews who decide which of our traditional prayers we may say and what catechism we will be permitted to use will govern our spiritual destinies. Together they intend to force us out altogether to be replaced, no doubt, with Mestizos.

The Vatican did this at least once before in the last century by promoting the Czechs against the minority Germans with disastrous and far reaching consequences. In the early 20th century, the once dominant Germans in the Austro-Hungarian empire were reduced to minority status in subservient roles to the Czechs. This was bad enough from the political, cultural and linguistic point of view but the Catholic Church, always the silent conspirator in the Balkans, shoved in its dagger by placing cultural German parishes under Czech priests with full knowledge of the racial animosity shared by these peoples. This had the effect of generating widespread hatred for what they saw as a hostile and treacherous Catholic Church. This insecurity galvanized the Germans and led to formation of major pan-German movements throughout the country. These movements later would support and welcome the Nazi annexation of the Czechoslovakia.

One could safely say that the Church through betrayal, treachery, deceit, duplicity had the unintended consequence of helping Hitler come to power. And they paid a large price for that piece of subversion. So if you’ve ever wondered why so many Catholics ended up in Heinrich Himmler’s custody, this is part of your answer. And it looks like they are at it again. Zionist Catholics have a talent for conspiracy and getting it wrong. They are not as smart as their Masonic masters.

What they did to America in 2008 election make it clear that Vatican II Catholics are a lethal threat to what’s left of America. Nearly 35 million (according to Zenit) or 54% of all Catholics in the country, have enthusiastically ushered in the disaster that defines the Democrat-Kenyan-Zionist dictatorship that has us all under their cloven hooves. They midwifed the Negro-Communist tyranny that is eviscerating the Constitution and our historic legal protections.

As a matter of curiosity what does a Vatican II Catholic have to do to get excommunicated? We know that facilitating abortion of millions of babies and murdering dumpster loads of newborns, isn’t serious enough for the condemnation. Nor is the promotion of and participation in perversion, homosexuality and clerical pederasty. My guess is that Sodom and Gomorrah would get a pass by today’s Vatican II Church. But devoted protection of the Traditional Catholic Church as in the case of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, will trigger the sacred axe. So will resistance to forced school integration as in the case of Judge Leander Perez of Plaquemines and St. Bernard Parishes in Louisiana.

Such treachery is nothing new from Democrats, Negroes and Jews. They are profoundly and historically anti-American and anti-Caucasian. But New Age Catholic deceit and duplicity is absolutely breathtaking in its treachery. Any Traditional Catholic who still attends mass and drops so much as a nickel in the collection basket is a damned fool and/or traitor. In fact, if you’re in a Vatican II church you should consider grabbing your soul and departing for a faithful parish.

Recall that in April 2008 Pope Bernstein, presumably with the imprimatur, and possibly at the direction of, Abe Foxman, Gruppenfuehrer of ADL, traveled to America to chastise us for wanting to secure our borders against the tsunami of illegal Mexican invaders. This was after he changed the traditional Easter prayers so they met with Foxman’s approval.

Lifting a page out of the ADL/SPLC play book the little German Pope who came of age under the Nazi dictatorship warned us against “violence” and “degrading” treatment of the alien criminal invaders. Perhaps the self loathing former member of Hitlerjugend and Wehrmacht, from which he deserted, wants us to pay the price for his load of guilt. That’s typical liberal and globalist elite “nurturing.” Expiate your own sins–real or imagined–at someone else’s expense. It reminds me of Mark Twain’s description of Pacific Islanders he had visited who could free themselves of their guilt by sacrificing a family member to the gods. As Twain tells it, these people could go on sinning and being forgiven as long as their relatives held out.

To the best of my recollection the Pope offered no proof to support his hysterics. Nor, does it appear that he traveled to Mexico to chastise the criminal enterprise that controls that narco-plutocracy and directs the decades old policy of ethnic cleansing much as they did in exterminating the Christeros in the 1920s, probably because the Mexican gang in power is a mirror image of America’s Democrat party which is home to most Cabala Catholics and represents the Mutt’s (his word, not mine) idolatrous power base. Not to be overlooked, there is also the promise of millions of little Mexican boys who will freshen the dwindling population of male children available to that infinitesimally tiny predatory group of the lavender, Masonic clergy. Anyway, Pope Bernstein scuttered back to the Vatican apparently satisfied that he had done his devil’s dance for a campaigning Chicago pimp and his Zionist handlers’ in their work of destroying America in detail.

And yet, the Pope’s selective outrage doesn’t seem to extend to Notre Dame’s hosting the Mutt to shuck and jive at graduation ceremonies. But that’s understandable if you see his role not only to destroy the sovereignty of America for his illuminati masters but what’s left of the traditional Caucasian Catholic base as well. Pope Bernstein might well be exactly what Pope Paul VI, Msgr. Luigi Marinelli and Fr. Malachi Martin had in mind when they warned that the smoke of Satan has entered the sanctuary and is wafting around the altar. The ‘smoke of Satan’ and, we might add, the sin ravaged corpse of America’s most despicable Democrat traitor, Ted Kennedy. If I understood correctly, his was not merely a memorial service, mind you, but a solemn funeral mass.

Everything I was taught by my nuns and priests 60 years ago, about the sanctity of human life and the Church occupying the moral high ground, went up the flue when this decaying sack of excrement was wheeled into the nave of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. It couldn’t have more of a sacrilege if the corpse had been that of Satanist Anton LeVey. In either event the Church would require reconsecration. But we know that Masonic Catholics whether in the pews or attired in purple or crimson, tell lies just like the Satanic Zionists they also serve. Not only have they cheerfully led the Church into schism, they are clearly on the side of those who are putting White America–not just Traditional Catholics–to the sword. This virulently malignant form of Catholicism may be the consequence of diabolic disorientation, ignorance, denial of sin, cheap grace, easy penance, or what have you, but the result for Traditional White Catholics is the same. It bears repeating, heretical New Age Catholics are a scourge whose society we should scrupulously avoid be it as friends, allies, leaders or colleagues. In fact, they have even proven themselves too wicked to pray with.

Apparently, America’s perceived rudeness toward the Mexican criminals who are literally destroying the nation is of greater concern to the little German-Zionist in Rome than anything else. Our nation is under the Satanic attack from top to bottom and the Pope is in breathless fret over what side of the plate the forks go on. Case in point: on or about October 12, 2009 one of Buckwheat’s communist “czars,” the execrable Cass Sunstein advocated scavenging body parts from terminally ill patients, without their permission! I’m still waiting for Pope Bernstein to dash over and warn us about violence and degradation of those too ill to prevent their eyes and kidneys being removed from their bodies. But all is silence while the Pope carefully monitors America’s etiquette in response to the illegal Mexican invasion. Thanks to New Age Catholics who put Cass Sunstein von Eichmann in power, they have literally become the body snatchers of that earlier horror story. They obviously reason that if Oprah, Michael Vick and Pope Bernstein don’t care, why should they?

Three hundred years ago the heroic Catholic, Hernan Cortes, defeated the vile cult of the Hummingbird Wizard in Mexico, thereby dethroning its human sacrifice based cannibalism, to bring Christianity to the Aztecs. Today, the Catholic Church has joyfully flipped history on its head by promoting restoration of the Satanic Hummingbird Wizard in tolerating, with a wink and nudge, child sacrifice on a horrific scale in America. Anyone care to guess, now that they are being used in cosmetics, how long before their tiny corpses will be eaten by the new globalist elite as a fashionable delicacy? How else could a Kenyan pimp-abortionist, whatever his name is and whatever foreign power he might be employed by, be so revered by Cabalistic Catholics that they willingly betray the Commandments and a couple millennia of Church teaching and tradition and the country that gave them life. They are a despicable but worthy tribute to their Luciferian idols, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Cardinal Mahony and Rev. Pfleger–all allegedly Catholic.

Jesus surely wept. But, I think it’s reasonable to assume that if we bring our Lord to tears, guess who’s going to cry next!

**For that matter do any of these Vatican II pagans know whether or not the Chicago pimp they elected belongs to and is employed by the military of a hostile foreign power? Do they even care or is their sense of moral superiority–for having voted for a Negro, any Negro–so euphoric that they are blind to the irreparable harm they’ve done to America. Don’t think so? Do you really doubt that Idi Amin, were he still among the living, couldn’t be elected Mayor of Washington, D.C. without spending a dime campaigning?

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