A Filthy Cage of Unclean Birds
by Séan Carroll © 10/19/06

This is really great. If the reports are true, one of Las Tres Putas, I have written frequently about over the past year, has been outed as another faggot in that filthy cage of unclean birds, the U.S. Senate. How fitting that Larry Craig, a gift from the morons of Idaho, was one of the 62 Mexican whores in the Senate taking taxpayer dollars to supposedly represent Americans. Instead he was a fanatic advocate of amnesty for the millions of illegal Mexican invaders who are rapidly turning our beautiful country into a third world shit hole; at the same time he openly invited more Mexicans and terrorists to come in and take what they wanted; and, apparently he has a notorious reputation for using both ends of his digestive tract as sex organs.

So help me, you just couldn’t make this stuff up. Even if the stories turn out to be false, I still rejoice in his agony...assuming he has any...for what he has done to America. I suppose his constituents–most of whom are probably rich liberals from California who’ve brought their perverted death style to Idaho–will find nothing particularly objectionable in their Senator’s perverted and treasonous behavior. The wealthy elite are very understanding that way.

Now we can wait with eager anticipation to learn if the Northwest’s other two Mexican whores, Senator Gordon Smith and Representative Greg Walden–both gifts from the morons of Oregon–have engaged in similar conduct. We can only hope. You got to ask yourself: If a man will abuse himself in such a way, what do you think he’d do to you if it was fun or there was profit in it? (And the Lesbian-Marxists who are killing the state of Oregon ridicule us Californians). But in Oregon, perversion is hardly an impediment to political power. Rather it seems that polishing another guy’s weasel is more or less a qualification for public office, like lying at 60 words per minute or speaking Mexican. Even child rape by a former governor wasn’t despicable enough to operate as disqualification. But in fairness to the folks up in Oregon, they do love bugs, weeds, Mexicans and California cop killers (look up Robert Lee Burns).

If you want a chilling and revolting thought, consider what other damage Senator Craig has inflicted on us during his secret fudge packing adventures. If the stories are true and if the morons of Idaho wont remove him from office, maybe he contracted aids during his vile cavorting so that God can do what the voters won’t.

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