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21 April 2005 archive
    Population Alert: Whites Must Breed or Face Extinction!
It is estimated that France will be a Muslim country in 35 years. In 100 years, all of Europe will follow.

In Europe, most immigrants are Muslim. These newcomers come from societies that practice customs such as slavery, public death by stoning, and female genital mutilation. A Europe where they are the majority would not necessarily be the liberal place it is now. In Holland and Denmark, Islamic leaders have called for courts run according to sharia, or Islamic Law. This does not bode well for the white people who were so kind as to let these newcomers in.



    Report: "Migrant" Moussaoui (a French citizen) plans to plead guilty to 9/11 charges
Zacarias Moussaoui
Zacarias Moussaoui, the only person in the United States charged in connection with the Sept. 11 attacks, is offering for a second time to plead guilty and a federal judge is evaluating whether to accept the plea, a legal source said Tuesday. The government accused Moussaoui of participating in an al-Qaeda conspiracy to commit terrorism that included the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington. Moussaoui, a French citizen, tried to plead guilty in 2002 but took back the plea a week later.


  • UK: The dangers of diversity
    Many people who watched the BBC show ' Crimewatch ' on Wednesday the 13th would have been stunned to have realised that
    9 of the 12 wanted rapists whose pictures were shown on the programme were illegal immigrants.
    - (Madkins)
  • Swedes wooed by migrants' soccer magic
    About 50,000 Assyrians, Middle Eastern Christians, arrived when Sweden needed cheap labour for a postwar industrial boom. There was tension as Sweden's population of eight million rose by a million between 1970 and 1990. The Eighties were marked by arson attacks on refugee camps, racism in football and a rise in intolerance that is only now subsiding.


  • Britain's Parties Seek Tighter Immigration
    LONDON -- The conviction of only one of nine North African terror suspects accused of plotting to spread the deadly toxin ricin has thrown Britain's immigration and anti-terror policies into sharp relief just weeks before national elections.





  • Hungary: Attila's Hun Descendants Want Recognition
    Hungary's MPs will hear an application from a group of people who claim descent from Attila the Hun and want recognition as an ethnic minority. Nearly 2500 people have so far identified themselves as Huns on a petition presented to the Hungarian parliament's national elections committee.

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Erwin RommelFrederick the Great
THE OTHER PRUSSIA some 'language'
by Constantin von Hoffmeister (c) 2005
Constantin von Hoffmeister

    UK: Mohanid Alobaydi charged over taxi rape

    Germany: Church Horror as Tamil Migrant Swordsman Runs Amok
The peace and tranquility of a regular Sunday church service in southern Germany was shattered when a man armed with a samurai sword and pistol ran amok, killing one person and severely wounding others. A man wielding a samurai sword killed a 43-year-old woman and seriously wounded three other people during a service in a Protestant church in this southern German city Sunday, authorities said.The assailant was likely an ethnic Tamil, as were most of the 70 members of the congregation. "There are cut-off limbs lying around the church," a police spokeswoman said.


    UK: Child rape fiend picture
black rape fiend
THIS is the man police are hunting over the rape of a young girl in her own bed. The unnamed child - aged between five and 10 - was attacked at her home on the Craylands estate, Basildon, Essex. Her mother and five other children were asleep in the house at the time of the incident on Wednesday night. Cops have released the artist's impression of the fiend after the young victim described her attacker. He is black, aged 18-20, skinny, with black hair, dirty teeth except one distinct clean tooth. - (Madkins)
    UK: A girl child - who is aged between five and 10 years old - was attacked as she slept in her bedroom by a black beast
The child - who is aged between five and 10 years old - was attacked as she slept in her bedroom on a housing estate in Basildon on Wednesday. Police said they were studying "a large number" of calls from the public. The rapist was described as black, aged 18 to 20, with dirty teeth and wearing a ring bearing the word "Boyz". The victim also described him as skinny, wearing a grey top with dark writing and loose-fitting, ripped trousers, probably designer. - (reader link)







    UK: Cannibal killer gets life for killings
Peter Bryan
A convicted killer with "a desire to cannibalise his victims" has been jailed for the "rest of his natural life" after admitting killing two men. Peter Bryan, 34, was arrested as he was eating part of one man, Brian Cherry, 43, at Mr Cherry's London flat. He went on to kill Richard Loudwell, 59, at Broadmoor special hospital in April last year, while on remand. Judge Giles Forrester said: "You killed on these last two occasions because it gave you a thrill and a feeling of power when you ate flesh. Hammer killing "The violence on each occasion was extreme and unpredictable, accompanied by bizarre and sexual overtones." Bryan was sent to a secure hospital after admitting beating 20-year-old shop assistant Nisha Sheth to death with a hammer as she worked in her family's clothes shop in Chelsea. But he was freed in 2001 after applying to a health review tribunal. - (Svejk)

    Vienna: Psycho Nigerian migrant under arrest on suspicion of a series of brutal attacks on postmen and women
Viennese anti-crime department head Roland Horngacher said the suspect, named as Pimea K, had admitted one of the attacks in which the victims was struck down from behind with an iron bar. - (PietSkiet)

  • Mussolini anger at Italy poll ban
    Alessandra Mussolini,Alessandra Mussolini, grand-daughter of Italy's fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, has been barred from taking part in next month's regional polls.She also announced that she would start a hunger strike on Monday in protest at the decision.
  • Mussolini on hunger strike
    The granddaughter of Italian wartime dictator Benito Mussolini started a hunger strike today after being barred from next month's regional elections over signature forgeries. - (Madkins)

    Paris: Blacks, Arabs go on rampage, beat up and mug White teens
About a 1,000 Arabs and Blacks gathered around about 9,000 highschoolers that held a demonstration. They begun to assault the kids, beating them up badly and mugging them. Tens of kids were beaten up, several had fractured bones, broken noses and so forth. - (Aetius)

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    UK: Assistant nurse jailed for sex attacks on three women patients
Josiah OladeleA man who lied about his past to get a job as a hospital nursing assistant sexually assaulted three women in his care. Josiah Oladele, 42, lied to gain employment as a nursing assistant at St Thomas' Hospital. London's Central Criminal Court heard he carried out sexual assaults on women patients he was supposed to be caring for on an acute psychiatric ward at the south London hospital, between June 2003 and January 2004. Black man jailed for rape at St Thomas' - Nigerian immigrant?

    Sports: Nigerian-born ex-athlete jailed in Finland for rape
Former world champion athlete Billy Konchellah has been given a two-and-a-half year jail sentence in Finland for rape - two months after being cleared of raping a student in Coventry. The 42-year-old is being held at a Finnish prison, 360 miles north of Helsinki and has until March 21 to appeal against the sentence, regional court officials have announced. He was convicted of rape, sexually abusing a minor and a drugging offence by the Oulu District Court in central Finland.

    UK: Black illegal Jamaican migrant gets four-years for trying to rape a 14-year-old girl in a cemetery

    Thistle in the snow, The Anders Gustsfsson case - (c) 2004 by Madkins

    Two Swedish patriots  killed just for loving their people and country - by Madkins

    Pro White : A Eurocentric Community Dedicated to People of European Descent

    40% Increase In England's Black Population Since 1991

    The Race Riots of 1919
An account of the race riots which were widespread following the introduction of Negroes to Britain during WWI

    "A genocide by stealth, that is the fate that awaits the European peoples of the world."
Within Europe, from Italy to Ireland, from Norway to Germany, the story is the same, low White birthrate, mass immigration and replacement...

    The Camp of the Saints by Michael Gilson De Lemos
When I was a young man in Europe there was a vogue for what was called “invasion literature.” Several underground science fiction epics explored what would happen if the unthinkable occurred and there were mass invasions of Europe and America...

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