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Monday, May 31, 2004      
   Southern Cross Africa News - Alternative News for and from Southern Africa




  New Zealand: HIV-infected Zimbabwean refugee Shingirayi Nyarirangwe to marry one of his rape victims


  Rwanda Genocide Suspect Jean-Marie Vianney Mudahinyuka Arrested in Ill.
Jean-Marie Vianney MudahinyukaMudahinyuka grabbed an agent's shotgun and hit the man in the head with it when authorities tried to arrest him at his home. Another agent's hand was injured during the arrest. He's been arrested and accused of working on a death squad that murdered hundreds of thousands of people in Africa.
The U.S. Attorney's Office said that he was "a perpetrator of atrocities, including murders and rapes."
- (Google News Mudahinyuka)

  Zimbabwe closes 'racist' schools
"We are dealing with racist schools. They are all former white schools, all racist."

  'Whites-only' money for SA town
A whites-only enclave is launching its own currency just two days after South Africa celebrated the 10th anniversary of the end of apartheid. Orania is a small town in the northern Cape populated by white Afrikaners, including the grandson of Henrik Vorwoerd, the architect of apartheid. The currency will be known as the ora and is available in four denominations. A spokesman said the currency could only be spent within the town and would be worthless if stolen by outsiders.


   "Have you seen this Kenyan?" - (Who might be easily mistaken for an 'African-american'.)
A few links from a 'registration required' forum on the WakoWapi community. The premier Kenyan reunion and networking to the NNN Invasion archive page of 17 Nov 2003 - Let's see if we can 'spot the Kenyan' on the page!smiley face
   Massachusetts police searching for Kenyan migrant - key witness in a child rape case
Robert KiharaFoul Play Suspected In Kenyan's Disappearance - Robert Kihara who was last seen in Lowell, Mass. at 2 a.m. on Oct. 26. Kihara, a native of Kenya, was reported missing by a roommate. Kihara is a witness in a child rape case pending against another of his roommates, Benjamin Orlale, 37, also a native of Kenya. Orlale was arraigned on Sept. 2 in on charges of rape of a child with force and indecent assault and battery on a child over 14. Orlale failed to appear for a pre-trial conference on Nov. 5.

  Scotland: Black African "Student Sex Beast Jailed"
Malawi-born black African student guilty of sex assault on Scottish co-ed

A student who carried out a sex attack on a sleeping girl in his hall of residence room has been jailed for three-and-a-half years. Jailing Malawi-born Frank Mvula, 22, Judge Roderick Macdonald told him he would be sent to prison for a "nasty" offence. The judge also said he would recommend that Mvula should be deported at the end of his jail term.
- (reported by William of the White Hand on the NNN Reporters forum)

Where is Malawi you ask?
- (see forum post follow-ups for graphic images of Malawi and ''Mvula"s)
Somewhere in Darkest Africa... along the western border of the crocodile-infested Lake Nyasa...
from Karonga in the north to Monkey Bay in the south...
lying like an AIDS-infected whore between the drunken dark
bodies of Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique...lies landlocked Malawi...

(Phrase copyright © 2004 by NNN and Dr. Livingston )
Malawi HIV/AIDS - adult prevalence rate: 15% (2001 est.)

Main Export: Black African 'students' that carry the precious AIDS-virus
to host countries like Scotland and other places with warm and open hearts
that reach out to the impoverished and benighted disadvantaged -
in a selfish desire for the Diversity that brings Death.

  Mandela's Darkest Africa: "Man-beast" arrested for rape of 20-month-old baby
The suspect, the boyfriend of the baby's mother but not the biological father, allegedly raped the girl on Saturday night

   The Truth Behind The Cannibals Of Congo
- How An Astonishing Story Became Even More Chilling Than Claimed

  African Culture and Traditions: South Africa's president Thabo Mbeki has provoked anger
after saying he would beat his sister if she told him she had fallen in love with an opposition leader.


   Mass rape atrocity in west Sudan - Arab militias alleged to have raped black African women
More than 100 women have been raped in a single attack. - (Aren't they afraid of getting AIDS?)
A UN rep. said more than one million people were affected by "ethnic cleansing".
They accused the Arab-dominated government of ignoring the black African inhabitants of Darfur.

    White S. African family gets US asylum! - (Hellcat)
A South African family that felt unsafe as a "white family" in South Africa, has been granted asylum in the immigration appeals court in the American state of California. The case is seen as a milestone in the American judiciary system. The Thomas family fled Durban for Los Angeles in 1997 "to get away from violence and intimidation against their family". Their dog was poisoned, their home was ransacked and Michelle Thomas was threatened with death in front of her children.


  Diversity strikes again! - Assassination squad that targeted Mandela were "a black, an Indian and a coloured"
Mandela attack: Gunmen held
- Cape Town - A man is dead and two others are being interrogated after a foiled attack on former president Nelson Mandela's Cape Town home. Senior superintendent Selby Bokaba said three attackers approached the house about 17:00. "A black man, an Indian and a coloured man walked toward the gate. They asked to speak to Archbishop Desmond Tutu." British media cover up Nelson's gunmen race
"No doubt an attempt to blame racist whites-whites would not have missed." - (JB list)

  Man killed outside Mandela's home in apparent assassination attempt - A former South African soldier has been shot dead outside Nelson Mandela's house in Cape Town after he opened fire on security guards. He is believed to have been wanted in connection with the theft of weapons from a military base in Johannesburg last week. Police are holding the other two men involved in the incident for questioning.

  South Africa: Gay Massage parlour killers sentenced
to nine terms of life imprisonment for the murder of nine men at a gay massage parlour in Cape Town last year.
Cape Town markets itself as a top holiday destination for gay tourists.

  Darkest Africa: Plot to overthrow 'cannibal' president
Teodoro Obiang NguemaA conspiracy to abduct Teodoro Obiang Nguema, the president of the west African nation of Equatorial Guinea was revealed on national television by the alleged leader of a group of mercenaries. "Government-in-exile leader" Severo Moto Nsa denied any involvement in the plot and claimed on radio that Obiang was an "authentic cannibal" who "systematically eats his political rivals".

  • OUTRAGE! - African witch doctors looted graves of Britain's Boer War dead
    Skeletons have been exhumed for use in muti or black magic, bronze name plates have been melted down for scrap, and large memorials have been demolished by grave robbers mistakenly convinced they contain gold.

  • South Africa: Woman finds body of tortured ex-husband Hendrik Joachem Maartens
    An Irene resident was burnt with an iron and boiling water was poured over him before he was strangled to death, the Pretoria High Court heard on Tuesday. Hendrik Joachem Maartens was found dead in the bath of his Stopford Road home by his family on August 30, 2002. It is alleged that his gardener, Teacher Ntweng Phuti, and his friend, Pule April Buthelezi, were responsible for the death of Maartens.
    "Muti" black magic: Phuti told him that he had consulted a witchdoctor for muti which would protect him when he and four of his mates "did the deed". Phuti allegedly said his friends would later strew the muti on the property.


Why Africa is Africa - and Haiti Haiti - By J. Philippe Rushton

  Zimbabwe Seizes a U.S.-registered cargo plane carrying 64 "suspected mercenaries" and military equipment


Darkest Africa: Alleged cannibal "Elvis" appears in Zulu court
"Elvis" Mashaba MathenjwaA 31-year-old Mozambican national suspected of cannibalism appeared in Court in northern KwaZulu-Natal today. "Elvis" Mashaba Mathenjwa was arrested in September last year and charged with killing a local woman and cooking her body parts. Gloria Mthembu was later identified as the victim.
Ref: Man who 'cooked' woman in court
Ref: UK: Horror of a 'cannibal killing' by black mental patient Peter Bryan - (pictured)

  • Darkest Africa: Family joy as stolen Zulu baby is found in a house full of muti.
    There were scenes of delirious joy on Friday as a kidnapped Hammarsdale baby was reunited with his parents, 54 days after his disappearance. Five-month-old Siyabonga Xaba was stolen from his mother by a sangoma (witch doctor).
    The family feared the baby's life was in danger as they believed the sangoma might have taken him for muti (black magic) purposes. The boy was found sleeping on the floor in a house full of muti. He was alone, dirty and had a string around his waist with muti attached to it. A 32-year-old sangoma has been arrested and charged with kidnapping. - (Muti forum)
  • Naibori: The Life And Times of a Witchdoctor
    "My husband forced me to burn all the paraphernalia of my craft and get converted," she says. But the spirits of her art would not leave her alone. "I lost two sons immediately after they were born." Eventually, she abandoned Christianity and went back to being a witchdoctor. Shortly thereafter, she and her husband broke up.
  • Mombassa: The mysterious world of witchcraft
    a series of mysterious incidents, including deaths, have been attributed to witchcraft.
    Despite the traditionalists’ conviction that witchcraft exists, Muslims and Christians shun it as the work of the devil.
  • Exd 22:18 Exd 22:18 Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.


  • Darkest Africa: Mozambique 'human organ' nun dead
    A Brazilian nun has been found dead in Mozambique after some of her colleagues said they had exposed an organ trafficking network. Doraci Edinger had reportedly been strangled and beaten in her home in the city of Nampula. The traffickers are said to target the sex organs of children, which are sold to make magic charms. - (Svejk)
  • Namibian Residents to Protest Over 'Muti Killers'
    They are angered by new claims of another "muti-related" attack, a few days after a 42-year-old Zambian national had his private parts severely mutilated when three men allegedly tried to harvest his genitals for ritual purposes.
  • 'Muti Hunters' Go for the Genitals
    The Katima Mulilo Police have since arrested the three suspects who allegedly confessed to a series of previous "muti murders" - killing to harvest body parts for either traditional medicine or witchcraft. - (Muti forum)
  • South Africa: Tell-tale eyes of SA's worst child rapist - "a sex beast who preyed on little girls"
    Fanwell KhumaloSerial child rapist Fanwell Khumalo stood up and looked at his family with the same eyes that had struck fear into the hearts of more than 40 girls. Of the 132 charges Khumalo had faced, he was found guilty on 103 counts, including 39 of rape, three of attempted rape, 17 of indecent assault, 35 of kidnapping, eight of robbery and one of common assault. The trial was not without drama, right to the end. When the court adjourned for lunch yesterday, investigating officer Captain Bongani Linda intercepted a small parcel - apparently muti - being passed to Khumalo by his family.
    Khumalo's victim had HIV after rape

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