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Friday, February 27, 2004      
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  Updated website link for South Africa - The Truth

  Southern Cross Africa News - TERROR TRAIL - more whites killed by blacks


Southern Cross Africa News site hacked

    Darkest Africa: Muti/juju: Police Arrest 6-Man Gang for Exhuming Corpses for ritual purposes

   Uganda's atrocious war - graphic image
Uganda's rebel Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) has become synonymous with torture, abductions and killings
"First he chopped my left hand, then my right. Then he chopped my nose, my ears and my mouth with a knife." - (Svejk)


Rense: Whites To Be Slaughtered In South Africa? By Jan Lamprecht - (reader link)




  South Africa: Hunting season for "apartheid cops" is open

  Nigeria: Boy's eyes plucked out in withcraft ceremony
Four Nigerian men were charged with plucking out the eyes of a 13-year-old schoolboy for use in witchcraft, the state news agency reported today.
Police suspect the attack was commissioned by one of the defendants to make a charm believed to make people invisible. The case will be heard by an Islamic court. If found guilty, the defendants could have their own eyes removed under the Islamic sharia code. - (reader link)

  Health - Reuters - Permissive African Sexual Traditions Spread AIDS - By Helen Nyambura - (WF:Raptorman)

  White slaughter in South Africa?
Plans made to conduct campaign of genocide after Mandela's death
- (Smedley Butler) - (Pastor Morris L Gulett)

A Plan was given to Mandela by the Kremlin (Russia) which would go into action when Mandela isnt there anymore. The plan is known under different names in different provinces - OPERATION WHITE CLEAN-UP, OPERATION UHURU, NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES, OPERATION IRON EAGLE and a few others.

  White Zimbabweans hit by wave of racial sex assaults by possible AIDS carriers
Up to a third of sexually active Zimbabweans are infected with the AIDS virus.

The three attackers wore Zimbabwe Republic police flak jackets, Conrad Honeywill said. - (Tyrone N. Butts)

  • A Scottish man who emigrated to Kenya has been killed in a machete attack at his remote farm
    The Foreign Office in London confirmed that Charles Stonewigg, believed to be 74, had been killed. Local police said he was attacked on Wednesday or Thursday while sleeping at the Rift Valley farm he shared with his wife, Ann. She was seriously injured. Three people have been arrested. There were no signs of robbery and no obvious motive for the attack. A Foreign Office spokeswoman said Mr Stonewigg had been living in Kenya for "many years" while reports said he was believed to have emigrated in the early 1960s. - (British Nation)

  British and Zulus mark battles



  South Africa: Top judge Siraj Desai charged with rape in India during forum on women's rights
Siraj DesaiJohannesburg - Judge Siraj Desai, senior judge in the Cape High Court, spent Sunday night in police cells in India after the mother of a four-month-old baby accused him of raping her. Desai will probably appear in a Mumbai court on Monday to apply for bail. Justice Minister Penuell Maduna confirmed on Sunday that Indian police had arrested Desai on a rape charge. "The minister is aware that Desai was part of a group of South Africans attending a conference in India," added departmental spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago. Desai, as vice-chairperson of the Human Rights Foundation in South Africa, was attending the World Social Forum Conference in Mumbai with 10 other South Africans when the rape allegedly took place. The forum focussed on women's rights.
Mark David Isaacs, the husband of the plaintiff, Salome, said on Sunday that the group of South Africans retired for drinks in Desai's room after dinner and eventually only Desai and Salome were left. She was allegedly overpowered. "When I told him that I would kill him if he had raped my wife, he said he was tired and wanted to go to bed. He put the phone down in my ear. Ref: Judge Siraj Desai's children didn't think their father was a really important person
Ref: Justice Siraj Desai sentenced two men convicted of the gruesome rape and murder of 14-year-old Valencia Farmer


  Stunning Success Of White Farmers In Zambia - From Jan Lamprecht

  UK: Bigamist African "as*ylum seeker" gave HIV to Liverpool lover
African Kouassi Adaye
, 40, pleaded guilty at Liverpool crown court to causing grievous bodily harm to the 48-year-old woman. Adaye, originally from the Ivory Coast, had sex with the victim eight days after being told he was HIV positive. The news had been broken to him by his wife who was still living in South Africa. - (reader link)
[Reader comments] "Another black immigrant piece of garbage has been allowed into the UK to spread AIDS.
There are tens of millions more of these things just waiting for their chance to sneak into Europe/US/Australia."

  South African Man Matshoba accused of raping two-month-old baby girl
The girl had to undergo reconstructive surgery .

  South Africa: Blood betrays baby rape
Free State - A two-year-old baby was raped in the Free State township of Hlohlowane, police said on Monday.

  South Africa: Stop discriminating against white youngsters
The Freedom Front Plus (FF+) has today called on the government to stop subjecting white matriculants to affirmative action when they applied for their first jobs. Over the same period, the number of indigent white pupils is said to have increased dramatically, partly because many of their parents have reportedly lost jobs to affirmative action.


  • Muti murders plague Mpuma
    Secunda - Mpumalanga police fear that a muti syndicate may be responsible for yet another beheading in the province's muti murder triangle in the eastern Highveld. A string of headless bodies have been recovered from streams and in the veld over the past three years with the most recent discovery being made on November 18. In 1998, three heads and three bodies were found, a week apart, floating in different dams and rivers near Delmas and Sundra. The heads did not belong to the bodies, however, meaning six people had been slaughtered. - (Dr. Livingston)
  • A traditional healer in Nigeria has died after an anti-bullet charm he prepared failed a potency test.
    traditional healerThe herbalist reportedly tied the charm round his neck and asked his client to shoot him to test its efficacy. The traditional healer's skull was shattered after he insisted that a gun be fired at him.
    Belief in witchcraft and charms thrives in Africa.
    Traditional healers are widely consulted for "cures" of various ailments and magical powers to protect their clients from a wide range of misfortunes.


  Blacks Turn Parts Of Johannesburg Into Deadly Hell-Holes - From Jan Lamprecht

  Liberated South Africa: Son 'rapes' bedridden mom
Soweto police said the 48-year-old man entered his mother's bedroom after 02:00 on Friday and allegedly raped her, saying his father was dead and he was now her husband. He allegedly warned her not to tell anyone what had happened. - (WhiteForums)

  • US missionary shot dead in Kenya - Pastor Paul Arnold Richie was shot dead by unknown gunmen who demanded US dollars after entering his house in Malaba town, western Kenya.

  Zimbabwe 'repossesses' land expropriated from White farmers
About 400 farms distributed to black Zimbabweans under the controversial land reform exercise have been repossessed, a state newspaper says. The farms had been taken by people who already owned land and would be given to "deserving people", a minister says. Critics say the seizure of white-owned farms has ruined Zimbabwe's economy and been tainted by corruption.

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  Updated website link for South Africa - The Truth
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The Kinsmen Rescue Project White Revolution is sponsoring the Kinsmen Rescue Project, in response to the continued state-sponsored genocide being perpetrated against Whites in South Africa and the former Rhodesia, particularly.

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Warning for Americans: A Message from a South African - By Robbie Noel
People used to say that South Africa was 20 years behind the rest of the Western world. Television, for example, came late to South Africa (but so did pornography and the gay* rights movement).
Today, however, South Africa may be the grim model of the future Western world, for events in America reveals trends chillingly similar to those that destroyed our country.

Why I'm fleeing South Africa by Anne Paton (widow of Alan Paton)
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