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15 April 2005 archive American Patrol Stop The Invasion! "All of Immigration" - Illegal links

  • Lou Dobbs of CNN is doing a pretty good job reporting on 'Broken Borders' and Free trade at all costs?
  • The Bush administration is trying to push the Central American Free Trade Agreement through Congress quickly and quietly.


    Illegal Alien Meliton Espinosa Praxedis Accused Of Leaving Fatal-Crash Scene Arrested
A man accused of leaving the scene of a two-vehicle crash that killed an Indiana University student was arrested Friday morning in Delaware, IU police said. Meliton Espinosa Praxedis, 22, also known as Alberto DeJesus, was arrested in an apartment in New Castle County, Del., on a warrant charging him with leaving the scene of Monday's crash in Bloomington.
Police said Praxedis, who they said is an illegal alien, admitted that he was the driver of a station wagon involved in a crash that killed Ashley L. Crouse, 21, of Carmel. Police said they believe Praxedis had been drinking alcohol before the crash and was speeding when the wreck happened. "We had numerous names on the person (and) numerous Social Security numbers, which made it difficult," - (Brewski)


  • An Army reservist was arrested on charges of holding seven Mexicans at gunpoint
    at a rest stop in southern Arizona, where civilian efforts to watch for illegal immigrants have raised fears of vigilante violence.
    Sgt. Patrick Haab, 24, was apparently acting alone and not involved with the Minuteman Project, which has organized volunteers for a monthlong effort to watch for immigrants and drug smugglers along the border. He was being held on seven counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. - You would think that our government had been taken over by Mexicans. The undocumented immigrants were being held by the Border Patrol in Yuma. Jim Gilchrist, an organizer of the Minuteman Project, denounced Haab's alleged acts.
  • Illegal Workers Raise Security Concerns
    The Homeland Security Department arrested 57 illegal immigrants last month working at airports and other risk-sensitive facilities around the country, underscoring concerns that lax employment background checks are leaving a security breach for terrorists to exploit.
  • Recent Arrests of Illegal Immigrants
  • Survey Shows Support for $3 Toll at Border
  • Mexican Immigrant Fights to Stay in U.S. - Ruiz-Heredia came to the United States illegally with his sisters at age 14.


    Illegal alien Islamic teen girls planned suicide bombings in U.S
One is from Bangladesh and the other is from Guinea, and they were living in the country illegally. An Islamic community activist said one of the girls came under investigation for skipping school. When federal agents searched her home they found an essay about suicide and Islam on her computer. - (White Boy)



  • Mexifornia: Miguel Ramirez Loza - Suspect in attacks on two teens freed from Mexican prison
    Loza lives as a transient, they say, and at that time frequented shelters and campsites in Santa Cruz. He is believed to be in Mexico.
    In a situation that frustrates detectives and others, Loza has been jailed twice in Mexico since the assault. But Mexican officials will not extradite suspects accused of crimes that could result in a sentence of life in prison without possibility of parole, or the death penalty. In October 2001, the Mexican Supreme Court ruled that imposing a life sentence violates that country’s constitution.

    "If you steal a car in the United States, Mexico will return you to face prosecution and punishment. But if you kill the driver, Mexico will protect you," Feinstein said in a statement Wednesday. - (Spanic Sexcrimes)



  • 'Minuteman' Project Reports Results
    Mike McGarry, a spokesman for the project, said while volunteers were surveying their patrol routes over the weekend, 18 illegal (alien)s were spotted. McGarry said volunteers called the Border Patrol, who arrived shortly afterwards to pick them up. Also, he said one illegal wandered onto the campus of a Bible college where some 100 volunteers are staying, seeking food and water. Again, officials alerted Border Patrol agents who came and picked up the (illegal alien) migrant.

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  Mexican ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION CRIME WAVE - by Frosty Wooldridge - (

    Migrant from Somalia Not Fit for Trial - Suspect in Senior Home Attack Is Psychotic, Court Told
Mustafa MohamedA housekeeping employee accused of slashing six people in January at the Alexandria retirement home where he worked suffers from paranoid delusions and is not competent to stand trial, a judge ruled yesterday. Mustafa M. Mohamed is psychotic and unable to understand fully the felony charges against him or to assist in his defense, a doctor concluded in a court-ordered report to the Alexandria General District Court judge. Mohamed allegedly stormed through the halls of the Goodwin House retirement home Jan. 9, stabbing a fellow employee, a visitor and four elderly residents, one of whom suffered a broken vertebra in the attack. - (Brewski)

    Migrant Mississippi Professor from Africa charged with felonly child abuse filed in Hinds County Circuit Court detail what Professor Festus Oguhebe is charged with doing to his six children. The professor, who is from Nigeria, is accused of tying up one of his children, placing him in a bathtub, covering him with ants, putting pepper in his eyes and leaving him there overnight.
He is also accused of blending a pepper and putting the juice into his child's eyes and body. "If you whip your child and put a bruise, that becomes a crime," Oguhebe said. "Unfortunately go to the Ibo land of Africa and you don't see kids behave this way." - (Tyrone N. Butts)

    Migrant Somali national living in Columbus To Stand Trial For Allegedly Providing Support To Al-Qaida
Nuradin M. AbdiNuradin M. Abdi, 32, a Somali national who was living in Columbus, accused conspiring to blow up a Columbus-area shopping mall, is scheduled to be arraigned and have a detention hearing.
Abdi's attorney requested a government psychiatric evaluation for the Somali. The evaluation showed he was competent to stand trial. Then Abdi's attorney requested an independent evaluation that is now complete. Abdi faces federal charges for allegedly providing material support to terrorists, and to al-Qaida, along with charges of fraud and misuse of documents, to gain entry into the United States. The government is seeking the maximum penalty on all four counts. - (Rasp)

    Migrant from Somalia - Mustafa Mohamed used a knife to slash several elderly people at retirement home
Mustafa MohamedA judge denied bail today for a housekeeping worker accused of knifing at least six people at an Alexandria retirement home, including several residents in their 90s.Thirty-year-old Mustafa Mohamed is charged with two counts of malicious wounding in yesterday's attack at Goodwin House. Mohamed worked at the retirement center on the housekeeping staff. Sengel said in court the attack apparently stemmed from a dispute between Mohamed and his supervisor. Mustafa Mohamed, a 30-year-old immigrant from Somalia, faces the possibility of additional charges in the case. Mohamed was born in Somalia, but that she did not know his immigration status or how long he has lived in the United States. If he is not a U.S. citizen and is convicted of an aggravated felony, he would be subject to deportation. - (Brewski) - (Google news Mustafa Mohamed) - (Not the same suspect as 911 suspect Mustafa Mohamed Fadhil)

    Time Magazine asks "Who left the door open?"
Despite all the talk of homeland security, sneaking into the U.S. is scandalously easy–and on the rise. Millions of illegal aliens will pour across the U.S.-Mexican border this year, many from countries hostile to America. TIME looks at the damage, the dangers and the reasons the U.S. fails to protect itself. -

    DRUDGE: 3 Million More Illegal Aliens Expected This Year

  Illegal Mexican migrant "Spic Spanic cleanser"Spic 'n Span: What Happened?
"When I was a kid, "Spic 'n Span" was a synonym for clean. Something has since altered my perception of english slang. This morning, I saw a "Spic 'n Span" bathroom & kitchen cleanser commercial and thought: "What an odd name!" It sounded like a racial slur combined with an architectural term..."
NNN Editor note: we need a border-to-border 'clean sweep' of illegal aliens.

    New Book: Metamorphosis: The Impact of Third-World Immigration on American Culture

    The Camp of the Saints by Michael Gilson De Lemos

    The FEDERAL Government of the United States of America continues to COMMIT TREASON!
"Mexi-Jima"  from
US Constitution - Article IV - Section 4. The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence. - (forum)

Ref: Documented with demographic maps - slow load but well worth it. - (reader link)

  Rampant Third World Immigration Is Nothing Short of Demographic Warfare
Repressing White Americans - Census 2000 Data Shows Whites Will Be a Minority (in US) by 2050
- (Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins)

  • Draft emergency program for America - (written after 9/11 - ed.)
  • Close borders and guard borders and coasts with Military and Militia
  • Relocate all non-citizens to bases protected by Military for their own protection
  • Interrogate all non-citizens prior to deportation
  • Use empty oil tankers to repatriate all non-citizens
  • Expropriate UN buildings and foreign embassies for displaced WTC office space
  • Bring the troops home
  • End all foreign aid
  • Once the Cities and the Borders are secure - go after the foreign enemies of Americans


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 "Haste thee, and come; for the Philistines have invaded the land."

"That 'giant sucking sound' may be the estimated 37 million abortions in US since 1973."
   Remember: migrants only take the jobs that the aborted  DEAD american babies
and the UNBORN babies of homosexuals - will not do.
The 'NAFTA' railroad serial killer Ramirez New Nation News report on Epidemic of 
''Spanic'' and Mexican sex crimes
in Northern California

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