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    (Black) Driver In Deadly Davis Crash To Be Charged With Murder (of 71-year-old White woman)
Steven Hendrix71-year-old Cynthia JonasenWOODLAND – The driver involved in a deadly crash in Davis will be facing a charge of murder, prosecutors revealed. Yolo County District Attorney Jeff W. Reisig’s office released their criminal complaint against Steven Hendrix on Friday, showing that they plan on filing murder, vehicular manslaughter, DUI and child endangerment charges. Prosecutors will argue that Hendrix willfully killed 71-year-old Cynthia Jonasen with malice aforethought in the Feb. 24 crash. Jonasen was turning onto 2nd Street in Davis when the car Hendrix was driving broadsided her. Four juveniles were in Hendrix’ car at the time of the crash, police say. Officers believe Hendrix was driving under the influence of drugs. The complaint also reveals that Hendrix has a lengthy criminal history, including convictions that led to him serving time in prison and having his driving license suspended and revoked. Hendrix is scheduled to be arraigned at the Yolo County Courthouse early Friday afternoon. - (Black-on-white)

    Another Black 'workplace violence' incident - Kansas Workplace Shooting Suspect Identified as Cedric Larry Ford
Cedric Larry FordBrian SadowskyRenee BenjaminJosh HigbeeThe man accused of opening fire at a Kansas business and two other locations, killing three people and wounding 14, has been identified as Cedric Larry Ford, 38, according to two law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation. Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton and several employees said the shooter was an employee at Excel Industries in Hesston, the principal target of the shooting spree. Paul Mullet, the president and CEO of Excel Industries confirmed earlier the gunman was a current employee at the company, which manufactures heavy duty lawn care equipment, but did not mention him by name. Ford was shot and killed by police during a gun battle with officers, officials said. Police have not officially identified him. Walton did not cite the motive for the shooting, although he said "there were some things that triggered this incident." Prior to Kansas, Ford previously had lived in Miami, Florida, according to a Broward County Sheriff's Office 2004 arrest record. According to the record and other government records, he was arrested for violating probation stemming from burglary and grand theft charges. He pleaded no contest in the cases, the records say. Ford also had arrests dating back to 1996 in Miami-Dade County, including burglary, concealed firearms and battery charges. The disposition of those cases was not clear. According to the arrest record, Ford had a "Laugh Now Cry Later" tattoo on his right forearm, "No" on his right hand, "Love" on his left hand, "Grim Reaper" on his left forearm, and a Chinese symbol for luck on his neck. According to the sheriff, four were killed, including Ford, and 14 wounded in the workplace shooting. Those who were hospitalized were taken to Newton Medical Center, Wesley Hospital and Via Christi Hospital.

    Murdered (White female) teacher’s family tells judge of their anguish during sentencing (of black rape-murderer) Chism
Philip D. ChismColleen RitzerChism will automatically get life in prison for killing his math teacher in 2013. But a judge will decide when he’ll be eligible for parole. Ever since her daughter was murdered more than two years ago, Peggie Ritzer can barely stand to take a picture of her remaining children. Instead of a trio, she’s left with two. “To take a picture of them together brings me so much pain,” she said, “because Colleen’s absence is overwhelming.” For an hour and forty minutes, Colleen Ritzer’s friends, family, former co-workers and teachers told a judge what they lost—and what Philip Chism took from them. Judge David A. Lowy will have to decide when Chism, now 17, will be eligible for parole after he was found guilty of murdering, raping and robbing Ritzer on Oct. 22, 2013 in a bathroom at Danvers High School. He will automatically receive a life sentence, but could be eligible for parole after as few as 15 years. - (Black-on-white)

    (Convicted black killer) Nikko Jenkins' uncle sentenced for role in (White woman) Andrea Kruger's murder
Warren LeveringNikko JenkinsAndrea L. KrugerOMAHA, Neb. - Nikko Jenkins’ uncle, Warren Levering, was sentenced to 40 years in prison for his role in the murder of Andrea Kruger. It’s the final conviction in the Nikko Jenkins killing spree of 2013. In court Friday afternoon Warren Levering, 54, pleads “No Contest” to amended charges of accessory to murder and attempted robbery. He's sentenced to 40 years but with “Goodtime” he’ll be out in about 17 ½ years. On August 21, 2013, Levering, Nikko Jenkins, his sister Erica, and their cousin Christine Bordeaux went to west Omaha because Nikko wanted to steal a car. Jenkins murdered Andrea Kruger at 168th & Fort St. He and Warren then stole her SUV. Levering was caught on surveillance setting her SUV on fire in an alley near 43rd & Hamilton St. “We're pleased with that result. It puts an end to this group's all the things that happened in that several weeks where they pretty much terrorized and murdered 4 people in Omaha,” said Douglas Co. Attorney Don Kleine. Nikko's mother, Lori Jenkins, was sentenced to decades in federal prison for giving him ammo.  His sister, Erica, is serving two life sentences.  Nikko is awaiting his death penalty hearing or sentencing for his four murders.  Christine Bordeaux, who cooperated with the prosecution, will be sentenced soon. - (Black-on-white)

    Ex-cop’s (White) daughter sucker punched by (cowardly crazy ex-con black scum) career criminal
Kareem BryantErin ReillyThe daughter of a former NYPD cop was slugged in the face by a mentally ill career criminal at the Times Square subway station on Wednesday, The Post has learned. Erin Reilly, 27, was clobbered by the ex-con — who has 36 prior arrests — as she tried to exit and walk to Penn Station to catch an L.I.R.R train at around 12:30 a.m., according to police sources. The Massapequa resident said she was “seeing stars” after the unprovoked attack — which unfolded in a matter of seconds. “He came in like a tornado and he was gone,” Reilly said of Kareem Bryant, a 41-year-old career criminal who’s been arrested more than 30 times. “He hit me square in the eyes,” she recalled. “My friends said I should have ducked, but I didn’t have time. There was no way I was able to. I was blind sided and sucker punched. " I noticed his eyes were bugged out. He looked crazy and was clearly angry. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) Timothy Moses Sentenced To 60 Years In Prison For Beating Death Of (white) Girlfriend
Murder Victim's Mother: 'It means nobody else is going to be hurt by him.'

Timothy Darnell MosesAngel SchroederSIOUX FALLS, S.D. - A Sioux Falls man who admitted to killing his girlfriend in December of 2014 has been sentenced to 60 years in prison. As part of a plea deal, 40-year-old Timothy Moses pleaded guilty to 1st degree manslaughter in the beating death of Angel Schroeder. The judge imposed the maximum sentenced allowed in the plea deal. That's exactly what Schroeder's family asked for in court Wednesday. Family and friends packed the Minnehaha County courtroom; almost all of them wearing purple shirts, paying tribute to Schroeder. Schroeder's Mother Shane Brandt said, "She was like a little elf sometimes and she was funny and she couldn't sing but she sang all the time and she had the most musical laugh anybody's every had. I just miss her." Police say they found Schroeder dead on the bathroom floor at her home on the 1000 block of West 22nd Street on Dec. 28, 2014 after they were asked to check on her boyfriend, Timothy Moses' well being. Both had been drinking and Moses claims he doesn't remember choking or beating her, while her young son and his friend heard her cries upstairs. Brandt says Angel never discussed their abusive relationship. Brandt said, "For reasons I'll never understand, my daughter did not use her voice because if she had we would not be here today." Before Moses was sentenced, Brandt addressed the court. She says the last time she saw her daughter's smile was on Dec. 24 and Christmas will never be the same. Brandt looked at Moses and said, "Satan takes on many forms and I'm looking at one of them." - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Berserk 87-year-old Black Man Arrested in Alleged Crow Bar Attack
Charles WarrenNORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- An elderly man is in custody, charged with hitting three people with a crow bar. 87-year-old Charles Warren is charged with battery, aggravated assault and criminal mischief. One victim was hospitalized with severe head trauma. North little Rock police received the call around 2:00 p.m. to the Sarah Daisy Apartments on John Ashley Drive. Prior to arrival officers were advised that Warren had hit several individuals and had broken out numerous car windows with the crow bar. Three victims were located inside the office area. One of the victims had severe head trauma and was transported to a local hospital for treatment. The other two victims complained of pain but stated that they would seek medical attention on their own. The 87-year-old was taken into custody by officers.

    Former D.C. cop, church pastor gets 18 years for sexually abusing two teens
Darrell Best Darrell BestWASHINGTON — A former D.C. police officer was sentenced to 18 years in jail Friday for sexually abusing a teen in D.C. police headquarters and another teen at a church. Darrell Best, 46, of Upper Marlboro, Md. was a D.C. police officer and church pastor when he was charged in March 2015. He pleaded guilty on sexual assault charges on two teen girls in October 2015 in D.C. Superior Court. A 16-year-old girl reported that Best, the pastor of her church, abused her three times, starting in December 2014. Best also pled guilty to sexually assaulting a second victim in early December 2014 when she was 17 at MPD headquarters. Best, the pastor at God - A Second Chance Ministry Church in Southeast D.C., was off-duty during the incidents according to authorities.

    Police: Houma man arrested for sexually abusing child
Derek JonesHOUMA, LA - Houma Police say the 16-year-old victim filed the complaint Monday about the sexual abuse that started about six years ago. According to a press release, the victim was forced to perform oral sex on Derek Jones when she was 10 years old. Officers arrested 41-year-old Jones yesterday for aggravated rape. He was booked at the Terrebonne Parish Criminal Justice Complex. In a three-year span, the sexual abuse allegedly happened at a home on the east side of Houma, as well as other locations.

    Sheriff's Office: Sex offender on probation raped girl
Ceasar Ramere BozemanWILMINGTON, N.C. -- A registered sex offender who was previously sentenced to probation on sexual battery charges has been jailed in connection with the rape of a 15-year-old girl. 24-year-old Ceasar Ramere Bozeman was arrested Wednesday on three counts of second-degree rape, three counts of kidnapping and three counts of statutory rape of a child. On Aug. 1, Nov. 14 and Dec. 28 Bozeman restrained the girl and raped her. Bozeman was convicted in 2014 of two counts of misdemeanor sexual battery. He was given a suspended jail sentence and 60 months of probation. As a result of the sexual battery convictions, Bozeman was required to register as a sex offender for up to 30 years.

    Three black female NY college students who claimed to be victims of racist attack charged with assault and false reporting
Asha Burwell3 black lying witchesRobert JonesThree black female college students who claimed to be victims of an assault by a group of white men and women have been charged themselves. The University at Albany announced Thursday that two of the women, Ariel Agudio and Asha Burwell, have been charged with misdemeanor assault and falsely reporting an incident. The third woman, Alexis Briggs, has been charged with misdemeanor assault. The women, all 20 years old, claimed they were attacked early on the morning of Jan. 30 while riding a bus. They claimed that they were called racial slurs and were physically attacked while bystanders looked on. Investigators say a review of multiple videos of the incident showed no evidence the women were victims of a crime or subjected to racial slurs. In fact, police said the women were the aggressors, assaulting a 19-year-old white woman. The white men Agudio, Burwell and Briggs claimed assaulted them were actually trying to break up the fight. "I especially want to point out that what happened on the bus was not a (white-on-black) 'hate crime,'" University Police Chief Frank Wiley said in a statement, according to the Albany Times-Union. The incident roiled tensions on campus and garnered extensive media attention, including a sympathetic tweet from Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. - (Hatecrimes) - (Black-on-white)

    Police: (Pointy-headed Black) Man threatened to "blow Philly officer's head off"
Shareef HaynesPhiladelphia police have jailed a man they say threatened to "blow an officer's head off" before the man could be subdued with a stun gun. Twenty-year-old Shareef Haynes is jailed on aggravated assault, terroristic threats and other charges for the confrontation Wednesday evening with Officer Michael Edwards. Haynes walked up and knocked on the window of Edwards' car and the officer asked if Haynes needed help. Instead, Edwards made the threat then tried to hold the door shut. Edwards called for help and eventually got out of the car. That's when officers say Edwards pulled his hands out of his pants and made a shooting gesture, but didn't have a gun. Veronica Haynes says her son has mental problems, and she's thankful he was subdued and not shot.

    Man guilty of assault on pregnant girlfriend that killed unborn child
Torey BranchA Brooklyn man was found guilty Tuesday of orchestrating — and then participating in — a bloody attack on his seven-months-pregnant girlfriend that left their unborn baby daughter dead. Torey Branch, wearing a three-piece suit, looked tearfully back at his family after the judge revoked his bail and a court officer slapped cuffs on him. He faces up to 33 years in prison for the vicious assault when he’s sentenced on March 1. Mia Jones, who suffered severe injuries during the merciless beating was present for the verdict, and held back tears as justice was served. Jones had testified that Branch and another, unidentified accomplice, ambushed her in the narrow hallway of her Crown Heights apartment building after she repeatedly refused “abortion appointments” he’d made, and threatened to tell the woman who is now his fiancee that she was with child.

    (Black female) Georgia police sergeant accuses own (black) chief, captain of ‘unethical’ attack on (criminal black) teen
Isiah Lee HarveyAngela HatchettPolice Chief Roosevelt SmithThe 17-year-old, identified in court documents as Isiah Lee Harvey, was one of two men arrested for a burglary on February 5, 2016. According to a Lithonia Police incident report Harvey ran from police when they arrived at the burglarized home and escaped into a woodline. Police set up a perimeter and quickly found and arrested him. The city of Lithonia is now investigating a complaint of excessive force after the boy accused Police Chief Roosevelt Smith of choking him as he was handcuffed for up to 10 seconds while Capt. Lloyd Owens held him down. Isiah said Chief Smith also threatened him with a Taser pointed at his head and “used obscene and profane” language. A complaint filed by Isiah’s attorney, Frank Smith, names Sgt. Angela Hatchett, a witness of the incident who corroborated the boy’s story.

    Family Says (black alcoholic) Woman Died of Dehydration While in Police Custody - her children turned her in hoping she would sober up
LLC(CHARLESTON, S.C.) — The relatives of a woman who died in police custody last year are suing the police and the jail saying they negligently caused the woman’s death. Joyce Curnell, 50, died of complications from gastroenteritis, the main complication of which is dehydration, at the Charleston County Detention Center in South Carolina on July 22, 2015, after allegedly being held for 27 hours without adequate medical treatment. Lawyers for Curnell’s relatives said that she had “fallen on some hard times” when she checked into a South Carolina hospital in July 2015. Curnell’s children arrived at the hospital with their mother, who was a known alcoholic, according to the family’s lawyers. When they were informed that there was no way to force Curnell to be treated for alcoholism, Evans said they made the “hard decision” to turn her in to the police since they knew she had an outstanding bench warrant following her lack of payments on a fine from a 2011 shoplifting charge. The children hoped that their mother would sober up while in police custody. State investigators looked into the death and found the cause to be natural, the sheriff’s office said in a press release, but Curnell’s family disagrees.

    Man suspected in Tyshawn Lee murder may be in Iowa, investigators say
Kevin EdwardsCHICAGO -- The man wanted for murdering a 9-year-old boy in Chicago may be hiding out in Iowa, investigators say. Kevin Edwards is on the run, suspected in the shooting of Tyshawn Lee in November 2015. Now the U.S. Marshals Service says he has connections in eastern Iowa and may be hiding there. The marshals are offering $5,000 to anyone who gives information leading to his arrest.

    Bankruptcy court orders 50 Cent to account for piles of cash on Instagram
50 centRapper 50 Cent's been called into court by a bankruptcy judge after uploading Instagram photos of himself surrounded by piles of cash. It must be nice to be so broke!



Man arrested for killing Stacey Aguilar is undocumented (illegal) immigrant, sources say
Esmid Valentine PedrazaHAYWARD, CA — Immigration officials have confirmed that the man arrested for killing 22-year-old Stacey Aguilar in Hayward is an undocumented (illegal) immigrant. Esmid Valentine Pedraza, 23, is from Mexico and is in the United States illegally. The body of Pedraza’s former girlfriend was found with multiple gunshot wounds in a rural area of Fremont. Officers believe Pedraza is to blame. Pedraza had already been on a Priority 2 list which labels recent illegal entrants. Pedraza has faced at least three arrests for murder, domestic violence, and DUI.



Hispanic (that didn't speak English) suspect arrested for domestic strangulation (of white live-together girlfriend)
Jose Vasquez-GarciaMADISON, Wis. --- Madison Police have arrested a homicide suspect for domestic strangulation. Police reported 39-year-old Jose Vasquez-Garcia was arrested for domestic strangulation Friday. He not been arrested for First Degree Intentional Homicide. Police said he remains the only suspect in the murder investigation of 24-year-old Christina Hatcher. Hatcher was found dead in her apartment on Calypso road Wednesday morning. Police said her death was domestic related.


Dangers of interracial dating

  • Ukrainian Brothers Who Promised Better Lives Get Prison Time in Pennsylvania Human Trafficking Case
    A federal judge in Philadelphia has sentenced two Ukrainian brothers to serve two decades in prison for their roles in a human trafficking operation. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports District Judge Paul Diamond sentenced Mykhaylo Botsvynyuk and Yaroslav Churuk on Thursday, saying they participated in some of the "worst crimes" he'd ever seen. The victims worked illegally, cleaning homes, office buildings and businesses. They worked long hours and were fed little. Resistors were beaten or threatened. At least two captives were raped.


    Suspended Priest Sentenced to 20 Years in Child Porn Case
Mark HaynesA suspended suburban Philadelphia priest has been sentenced to 20 years in prison on a child pornography conviction. Fifty-six-year-old Mark Haynes of West Chester pleaded guilty in June to using the Internet to entice a minor to engage in sexual contact as well as to possession and distribution of child pornography and destroying or concealing evidence.

    'Mr. Wonder' busted for raping kids
Frank John Selas IIIBATON ROUGE, La. — A former children’s television show host who vanished decades ago amid allegations he sexually abused children on a camping trip in Louisiana was indicted Thursday on rape charges. Rapides Parish Assistant District Attorney Brian Mosley says a grand jury indicted 76-year-old Frank John Selas III on two counts of aggravated rape, three counts of sexual battery and eight counts of indecent behavior with a juvenile. Mosley said the charges relate to one alleged victim, who testified before the central Louisiana grand jury. He allegedly fled to Brazil in 1979 after parents complained to authorities that he abused their children on a camping trip to Kisatchie National Forest in central Louisiana.


  • Judge Asked To Reconsider Sentence In Attack On Gay Couple
    PHILADELPHIA — A defense attorney is asking a judge to reconsider a five- to 10-month jail sentence imposed on a suburban police chief’s daughter in a group attack on a gay couple that prompted Philadelphia to add sexual orientation to its hate crime laws. Attorney William Brennan called the sentence imposed on 25-year-old Kathryn Knott “excessive” and said it was “the result of public opinion” and not the actual defendant or her crime.

    ‘Hate-crime killer’ caught on camera: ‘I f–king shot him dead!’
Elliot MoralesMark CarsonManhattan jurors were shown a cellphone video Thursday of homophobic killer Elliot Morales confessing to his crime before trying to lick the sidewalk in front of cops. “I f–king shot him dead!” Morales shouts, cackling, as several NYPD officers restrain him face-first on the pavement. “Diagnosis dead, doctor!” he continues, laughing to the police. “They don’t teach you that in the academy, right?” Morales then tries to lick the pavement and lifts his head as if he’s about to slam it into the concrete, but a cop stops him. Morales, 36, is representing himself at his murder trial in Manhattan Supreme Court for the hate-crime slaying of stranger Mark Carson in Greenwich Village on May 18, 2013.

  • Zuckerberg Tells Facebook Staff To Stop Crossing Out 'Black Lives Matter'
    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is scolding employees for what he calls "several recent instances" of people crossing out "black lives matter" on signature walls at the company's headquarters and writing "all lives matter" instead. Of course, it's important to point out that Facebook — like much of Silicon Valley — has been struggling to diversify its work force and remains a company that's heavily white and male.




(Asian) Suspect in 1989 Philadelphia Killing Nabbed in Massachusetts
Vicheth PrakA man wanted in connection with a deadly shooting outside a Philadelphia store nearly three decades ago has been captured in Massachusetts. Police say 43-year-old Vicheth Prak was located at a home in Lowell on Wednesday night after detectives from the Philadelphia Police Department arrived in the northeastern Massachusetts city with a warrant for his arrest in connection with a 1989 homicide.



    (Black) Suspect booked in slaying of (75-year-old White) retired Stockton police officer
Rafael WattsLauritus "Pepe" PetersonSTOCKTON The man accused in the death of a retired Stockton police officer was booked into San Joaquin County Jail on suspicion of murder. Rafael Watts, 59, was booked Wednesday afternoon after he was medically cleared from a local hospital, according to a Stockton Police Department news release. Watts is accused in the death of 75-year-old Laurits “Pepe” Petersen. Petersen died after the two were involved in a struggle in the 8300 block of Tam O Shanter Drive on Tuesday morning. A good Samaritan who tried to intervene was injured but is expected to survive, according to police. Watts reportedly fled into the surrounding neighborhood but was spotted by officers and taken into custody with the assistance of a police dog. - (Black-on-white)

    3rd (black) man charged in robbery-shooting of (White) lottery winner
Larry Felton JrJames WattsAndrel PagePatricia Manning - mother of victimWhite shooting victim (staples)LOUISVILLE, Ky. —A third person was arrested Wednesday in connection with the shooting of a scratch-off lottery winner. Larry Felton Jr., 23, is charged with robbery in the Feb. 7 shooting. The victim bought a $5 Win Win Win scratch-off ticket at a store near Churchill Downs. He signed the back and left the store with the ticket worth $1,000. He called his mother to tell her the good news and was on the phone when he was shot. Doctors had to remove the victim’s spleen. Metro police said James Watts, 40, was standing in line behind the victim. Watts is accused of trying to cash the winning ticket at other lottery outlets. He's charged with facilitation to commit a robbery. Andrel Page, 21, is accused in the shooting. Page is facing robbery and assault charges. According to the arrest report, Felton dropped off and picked up Page after the shooting. The report said Felton also drove Page and Watts to try to cash the ticket. - (Black-on-white)
  • A spleen for a spleen?
  • Deuteronomy 19:21 - Show no pity: life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.

    Grinning subway slasher ‘felt threatened’ by 71-year-old woman: police
Damon KnowlesThe man who slashed a 71-year-old woman’s face on a Manhattan subway train last month told cops he did it because ​​he felt threatened​ by her​, according to newly released court papers. “I observed a silver object in her coat​​ pocket and it made me loose (sic) it,” Damon Knowles, 21, told police at the 6th Precinct January 26. “I felt threatened. I approached her and slashed her face with a razor.” Knowles, who was bizarrely grinning from ear to ear, pleaded not guilty to two counts of assault at his arraignment Tuesday for the Jan. 25 attack.
  • NYC: (Cowardly anti-social psycho black 'Afro-american' demon) 'Slasher’ arrested after girlfriend’s grandmother recognizes clothing
    The man who slashed a 71-year-old woman’s face on a Manhattan subway train Monday was arrested after his girlfriend’s grandmother recognized his distinctive clothing from surveillance video and called police. Damon Knowles, 21, was picked up Tuesday after he went to his girlfriend’s apartment in Brownsville and started to get violent with her, police sources said. The woman’s grandmother then recognized the bright red hoodie, black jacket and red sweatpants Knowles was wearing from the surveillance video police had released following Monday’s slashing and called police.

    Cops nab (Negroid Hispanic?) alleged Greenwich Village slasher
Domincio HowingtonBobby BarbotPolice have arrested the teen who slashed the face of a worker at a Greenwich Village diner, cops said. Domincio Howington, 16, of Manhattan was cuffed early Tuesday and charged with assault with intent to cause serious physical injury and criminal possession of a weapon. Howington walked into the Silver Spurs diner on LaGuardia Place last Wednesday and began asking customers for donations for his basketball team, police said. Busboy Bobby Barbot, 25, tried to get the retainer-wearing kid to leave the restaurant, cops said. But the boy returned a short time later and cut Barbot’s face so deeply that the wound required 120 stitches, the man said.

    Police ID Suspect In Rape Near M&T Bank Stadium
Travis Alexander CassonBALTIMORE — City police have identified the suspect who allegedly raping a woman near M&T Bank Stadium. Travis Alexander Casson, 24, was identified as the suspect in the rape. A 33-year-old woman told police she had been raped while walking in the 1400 block of Warner Street on Feb. 9.

    Police: (Black rape-suspect) who allegedly killed himself was former teaching assistant
Leo Mackie, Sr.OKLAHOMA CITY - Authorities have identified a man who allegedly took his own life during a standoff with police on Tuesday. Around 2:15 p.m. on Tuesday, U.S. Marshals and Oklahoma City police went to a home near N.W. 83rd and MacArthur Blvd. while searching for a robbery suspect. Officers say they did not find the alleged suspect they were looking for, but stumbled upon someone else. Police say Leo Mackie, Sr. walked back into the home. Mackie, a former teaching assistant and coach at Putnam City North, was under investigation for an alleged rape. He was fired earlier this month after a teenage student told police she and Mackie had a sexual relationship. “According to the victim she and Mr. Mackie had a consensual relationship from October until January and had sex 10 to 15 times,” said Capt. Balderrama. The 16-year student told police she exchanged snapchat messages with Mackie, which led to a sexual relationship.

    UPDATE: Nashville rape suspect caught after I-75 police chase in Chattanooga
Cordarius CaldwellCHATTANOOGA, TN - UPDATE: Tennessee Highway Patrol Lt. Harmon said troopers were on the lookout for accused rapist, Cordarius Caldwell, before he was spotted near the TN/GA state line. Caldwell, 20, was involved in a police chase in Nashville after the reported rape.Shortly after Nashville police lost sight of the car Caldwell was driving, they called Tennessee Highway Patrol in Chattanooga. They gave troopers a denoscription of Caldwell and the car he was driving. Caldwell is accused of raping a woman early Wednesday morning. Troopers spotted the car shortly before 4 p.m., and once again Caldwell refused to stop. He led police on an 18 mile car chase that damaged more than a dozen other vehicles. A total of 15 cars were damaged in the police chase, including two THP patrol cars. One patrol car was being driven by Trooper Calvin Naipo. Tr. Naipo was taken to the hospital because of a slight head injury. We're told he's doing well and is expected back at work soon. The second patrol car was the one that slammed into the suspect's vehicle, ending the police chase.
  • Search (was) ongoing for suspect in rape, car theft in Madison
    Zachery HunterAnother man, 21-year-old Zachery Hunter, has been arrested for allegedly failing to stop the rape and for not rendering aid to the victim. He is charged with aggravated rape and false imprisonment and is being held on a $125,000 bond. Police said Caldwell brought the victim to Nashville from Rutherford County. They reportedly got to know one another through Facebook. Caldwell is wanted for aggravated rape and false imprisonment.

  • Shocking sexual abuse allegations against grandmother of three
    black granny child molesterHEMPSTEAD - Shocking allegations are pending against a grandmother in Waller County after a grand jury returns a three count indictment against her. Investigators say the woman forced her 4, 6, and 7-year-old grandchildren to perform sex acts on her. Those children are identified as two girls and one boy. The grandmother's 28-year -old son and uncle to the children was also arrested. He's also accused of sexually assaulting the three children at their grandmother's house.  

  Bill Cosby - black rapist


  • Masked (Black) Man Exposed Himself To Kids On Bronx Playground
    At 12:50 p.m. on Monday, February 22, a man approached a group of children on the playground at The Hunts Point School. According to authorities he engaged the group of 8 and 9-year-olds in brief conversation before pulling his pants down and exposing his genitals. The suspect has been described as a black male with a mask over his face. He was wearing a black jacket, black pants, and black and silver sneakers.

  • Man arrested in murder of 50 Cent pal to be set free
    The case against a man accused of killing a member of rapper 50 Cent’s G-Unit has been unraveling for months — and now the accused killer will be set free, Queens prosecutors told Judge Kenneth Holder that they were preparing to dismiss murder and attempted-murder charges against Jamal Scott in the 2014 murder of Mazaradi Fox.


    WATCH: New Surveillance Video of (black) Suspects in Shooting of Philly Cab Driver
black suspectvictimvictimPolice released new surveillance video of two men and a woman who are wanted in connection to the shooting of a Philadelphia cab driver. On Feb. 6 around 3:15 a.m., the three suspects were captured on surveillance video. Once they were outside, they waved down a taxi cab driven by 38-year-old Alex Destin. Destin told police he picked up the three suspects. While he was driving them to their destination, two of the passengers pointed guns at Destin and demanded money, police said. "The guy pointed a gun in my face, told me 'don't move' and he shot me," Destin said. Destin told police both men fired a shot at him, striking him once in the right shoulder. Destin then sped off. Surveillance video from a nearby deli captured Destin's cab speeding through a stop sign at 24th and Morris moments before crashing into parked cars.
  • Cab Driver Who Was Shot by Passengers Returns Home
    Police are searching for the three suspects, all believed to be in their 20's. One of the suspects is described as a black male with close cropped hair between 5-foot-3 and 5-foot-5 inches tall who was wearing a 3/4 length coat and carrying a tote bag. The woman is described as a stocky black female with long, wavy hair standing 5-foot-1, wearing a waist-length coat and carrying a bag.



(Hispanic) Barber shop was a front for drug gang peddling millions
Radames Lopez, Juan Perez and Christopher RodriguezWhen a Williamsburg barber shop offered blunts and bowls, it wasn’t talking about haircuts. L&L Barber Shop on South 4th Street near Keap Street was a front for a drug gang that peddled $1 million in cocaine and heroin a year — including near two elementary schools and a day care, authorities said Thursday. Twenty-two thugs were indicted in a sweep that involved two drug-trafficking crews — one of which kept a portion of their stash in the barbershop’s office. Authorities allege that four of the “Southside Bullies” crew — Armando Baez, Radames Lopez, Juan Perez and Christopher Rodriguez — prepared and stored the drugs in other “safehouses,’’ too. A second indictment unsealed Thursday charged Juan Pedraza, Juan Pedraza Jr. and two others with selling cocaine,

  • Hina Rizvi, 46, and her son, Muhammad Ali, 23, indicted for suspected jury tampering in murder trial
    Hina RizviA Queens mom whose son stood trial last year for the attempted murder of two cops has been indicted, along with her son, for tampering with jurors in that case, causing a mistrial, prosecutors announced Wednesday. Hina Rizvi, 46, and her son, Muhammad Ali, 23, were charged with four counts of first-degree tampering with a juror, two counts of second-degree criminal contempt and one count of sixth-degree conspiracy. Ali was on trial last fall for allegedly attempting to run down two Nassau County police officers who had shown up to his Queens home to arrest him for his involvement in a Long Island home invasion.


    Buffalo woman posts pro-ISIL, anti-FBI tweets, feds say
Safya Roe YassinFederal investigators say a Buffalo woman is in custody Thursday after she threatened two FBI agents on Twitter. Safya Roe Yassin, 38, was charged with communicating threats of violence over the Internet, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri. Federal investigators say Yassin made a post on Twitter in August with the names, cities and phone numbers of two FBI agents under the words "Wanted to kill."


Israeli flag

    Homo Sex Scandal In West Hollywood Reshapes City Government And The Fallout Costs Pretty Penny
Ian Owens and John DuranWEST HOLLYWOOD — A sex scandal that rocked West Hollywood last year continues to have implications for residents who are paying for the fall out. John Duran’s been one of the key figures behind the gay rights movement in Los Angeles and across the state. But for the past year West Hollywood City Councilman Duran was also embroiled in a homosexual harassment scandal that rocked West Hollywood City Hall. His accuser is Ian Owens – a man Duran hired to serve as hihoeputy on the council. Just this week the city tried to put the allegations to rest – agreeing to pay Owens $500,000.




As UK lets thousands flood IN illegally (White) widow aged 91 faces heartbreak of being kicked OUT
Myrtle Cothill In a case that highlights deep flaws in our immigration system, Myrtle Cothill faces being split up from her family and kicked out of the UK. Her heartbreaking plight comes after her family made a honest mistake in her application for residency. Mrs Cothill’s devastated daughter now fears she will die alone in her native South Africa because Government pen-pushers have failed to show leniency and common-sense. Mr Cothill’s desperate situation has shone a fresh light on a broken system that allows terrorists and rapists to stay in the UK because of their human rights but discriminates against others. 


University of Missouri curators vote to fire Melissa Click
Melissa ClickAssistant Professor Melissa Click, captured on video calling for “some muscle” to remove reporters from a campus protest site, was fired Wednesday by the University of Missouri Board of Curators, Chairwoman Pam Henrickson said in a prepared statement. The board voted 4-2 in favor of termination during a closed session in Kansas City, with Henrickson and curator John Phillips opposing the move, UM System spokesman John Fougere wrote in an email Thursday. Curators David Steelman, Donald Cupps, Maurice Graham and Phil Snowden voted in favor of firing Click.




  • The ‘Natural Born Citizen’ Issue & American Presidents
    Cruz & RubioCheFidel"If both of Marco Rubio’s parents, for example, were Syrian refugees instead of Cuban, we would likely not be having this conversation. Few people would entertain any notion of his eligibility, as if they were the Framers themselves. Likewise, if Ted Cruz had been born in communist North Korea instead of friendly Canada, to an American mom and an Iranian dad, instead of a communist Cuban refugee dad, it would boggle the American psyche—as it would our Founding Fathers, and for the same reasons—possibly divided loyalties and questionable allegiance. This interesting conundrum riddle teases out the logical errors:

    If your parents’ nationality is the requirement— How can Marco Rubio be eligible?
    If your place of birth is the requirement— Then how can Ted Cruz be eligible?
    If both blood and soil are required— Then how can either be eligible?
    If neither is required— Then who is not eligible?
    And if only one out of three is required— What combination of enemies can be excluded?"


Confederate flag



24 February 2016 - Archived - (click at left for full coverage)
New Nation News - Archives

    (Black) Man charged with murder of (White) Middletown mom
Brandon Charles CarrBrittany RussellBrittany RussellDAYTON, Ohio – Police have arrested a man in the death of a 29-year-old Middletown mom. Brandon Charles Carr, 34, was charged with murder, Sgt. Richard Blommel said. Officers arrested him without incident on South Holloway Avenue. "We will be meeting with the prosecutors tomorrow morning," Blommel said. "We’ve already been scheduled to meet with them on the first arrest we made back on the 12th [of February]." Brittany Russell, 29, was found dead in a car parked behind an apartment complex in Dayton on Feb. 10. Russell's body was discovered just hours after she was reported missing and police began a search for her and her 6-month-old baby, who was also found in the car, unharmed. Chris Edwards, the baby's father, said he got a phone call from Carr while he was talking to police that morning two weeks ago. At the time, police were still looking for Russell and the child. Edwards said he doesn't know Carr, but some of Russell's friends said she'd gone to Dayton the night before to meet Carr's (black) brother. Russell had been shot dead, but police did not suspect a robbery. - (Black-on-white)

    Video released of (black) suspect in Bellaire pizzeria robbery, murder (of young White man)
black killerPeter MielkePeter MielkeBELLAIRE, Texas - Bellaire police released surveillance video Tuesday, they said, showed a cold-blooded killer walking towards the Reginelli’s Pizzeria Sunday night. He is moments away from allegedly trying to rob the restaurant, then do the unthinkable: shoot and kill 19-year-old employee Peter Mielke. The video came from cameras outside the bank just across from the pizzeria. There is now a growing memorial of flowers and candles and well wishes to Peter’s family and friends. - (Black-on-white)

    (Cowardly black) Man charged in robbery, attack of 76-year-old
Daulon SampsonST. PAUL, Minn. - Charges have been filed in the attack of an elderly good Samaritan. Thirty-one-year-old Daulon Sampson was charged Monday with first-degree aggravated robbery. Police say they were called to the intersection of Milton and Lafond around 10:40 p.m. on Feb. 18 on a report of an aggravated robbery. When they arrived, they found a 76-year-old man in the middle of the intersection in front of his vehicle. He told police he had been at the SuperAmerica at the 900 block of University Avenue West when a man approached him for a ride. According to the complaint, when the 76-year-old was dropping him off, Sampson attacked and robbed him, leaving him injured in the street. The victim suffered a broken leg and arm. He is in the hospital and will undergo therapy. A police report shows Sampson has a lengthy criminal background, including theft, burglary and domestic assault.

    (Black) Rockland County Wrestling Coach Accused Of Homo Sex Abuse - raping a teen boy
Marcus StroudCLARKSTOWN, N.Y. — A volunteer wrestling coach is accused of sexually assaulting a teenage boy. Now, police in three counties want to know if there are other victims. Marcus Stroud, 18, initially met his victim through a wrestling program, Clarkstown police said. Starting in December, he used social media outlets like Snapchat to lure the boy into sexual acts, according to police. Parents are now being asked to find out if their children had any suspicious alone time with the man.

    Black Milton daycare worker accused of homo molesting boy child
Bernard BentaMILTON, Ga. -- A Milton daycare worker was arrested and charged with molestation, police said. According to Milton Police Lt. Charles Bartow, 46-year-old Bernard Benta, of Sandy Springs, is accused of inappropriately touching a juvenile male in his care. Benta was a teacher's assistant at Bright Horizons Child Care Center, police said. He is charged with child molestation and sexual assault by a school administrator. He's being held at Fulton County Jail. The mother and stepfather of the victim filed a report on the alleged incident on Feb. 11.

    Search ongoing for suspect in rape, car theft in Madison
Cordarius CaldwellMADISON, TN - One man is in jail and another is still on the run after police say a woman was raped in Madison. Cordarius Caldwell, 20, is accused of holding a woman at gunpoint and sexually assaulting her at a home on Cherry Street. A neighbor called police after hearing a woman screaming around 2:15 a.m. Wednesday. According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, officers knocked on the door but no one would answer. An officer went around the side of the home and saw the victim through a window. She said she could not get out the front door, so the officer pulled her outside. While this was happening, Caldwell allegedly jumped out of another window and ran to a gas station on Gallatin Pike, which is where he reportedly stole a car. Officers followed the car down Interstate 65 and even tried disabling it with spike strips but later had to call off the chase after Caldwell reached speeds of over 100 mph.
Zachery HunterAnother man, 21-year-old Zachery Hunter, has been arrested for allegedly failing to stop the rape and for not rendering aid to the victim. He is charged with aggravated rape and false imprisonment and is being held on a $125,000 bond. Police said Caldwell brought the victim to Nashville from Rutherford County. They reportedly got to know one another through Facebook. Caldwell is wanted for aggravated rape and false imprisonment. He may be driving a silver 2013 Chevy Impala with temporary tag number B26677. There is a dent in the bumper on the driver's side. Caldwell was last seen driving on Trinity Lane heading toward Nashville.

    Man arrested for animal cruelty, puppy recovering
Victor Glover Victor Glover victimINDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis man is facing animal cruelty and battery charges following a disturbance on the city’s east side. Indianapolis Metro Police arrested Victor Glover, 50, after being called to 217 Jefferson Avenue Tuesday morning. Glover and a 33-year-old woman were fighting over ownership of a puppy, according to IMPD liaison to Indianapolis Animal Care and Control Theresa Redmon. The woman was injured during the fight. The rescue group 'Every Dog Counts' said they believe the puppy was thrown to the ground. Wednesday, the group said they think the puppy can hear, but still does not seem able to see.


(Hispanic) Stripper mom accused of leaving (mixed-race) toddler to die in fire was being probed for neglect
Leila AquinoKalenah MuldrowThe stripper mom who ​authorities say ​left her 2-year-old daughter, Kalenah Muldrow, alone to die in a Brooklyn house fire was ​already ​being probed by city officials for child neglect. The Administration for Children’s Services have been keeping tabs on Leila Aquino since Feb. 15, when they began investigating the 20-year-old mother after receiving word that she had been leaving her little girl home alone while she went to work in a strip club. Aquino arrived home Tuesday morning to find her Bed​ford​-Stuy​vesant​ apartment in flames. Her daughter’s charred remains were found upstairs, underneath a bed where she was believed to be hiding, according to sources. She later admitted to investigators that ​​she was, in fact, stripping at an undisclosed location when the fire broke out.

  • Names of alleged targets provided in Minnesota terror case
    Abdirizak Mohamed WarsameMINNEAPOLIS – Prosecutors say a judge overseeing terrorism cases in Minnesota is among those who were threatened over Twitter last year, according to a court filing Wednesday. Khaalid Adam Abdulkadir, 20, is accused of tweeting threats against the judge and FBI agents after one of his friends was arrested on terrorism charges. Abdulkadir was indicted on one count of threatening to murder a federal judge, one count of threatening to murder a federal law enforcement officer, and one count of interstate transmission of a threat to injure another person. Abdulkadir is accused of posting the tweets after his friend, Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame, was arrested in December. Warsame pleaded guilty to a terrorism count earlier this month. Court documents show that one tweet included the words "kill them FBI" and the other said, "I'm kill them FEDS for take my brothers."
  • Khaalid Adam Abdulkadir
  • (Black Muslim Somali) Minnesota man pleads guilty to conspiracy to support Islamic State - Feb 11, 2016

    "African American" Dynel Lane, accused of cutting baby from (White woman's) womb, found guilty of attempted murder
Dynel Catrece LaneMichelle WilkinsBOULDER, Colo. -- Dynel Lane, the Longmont woman accused of attacking another woman and cutting the unborn baby from her womb, was found guilty of six felony counts, including attempted first-degree murder and unlawful termination of a pregnancy, by a Boulder County jury on Tuesday morning. The 12-person jury received the case late Monday morning and deliberated until about 5 p.m. without reaching a verdict. It returned at 9 a.m. Tuesday and said it had reached a verdict just before 10 a.m. Lane showed no emotion as the judge read the verdicts that included four guilty verdicts for felony assault charges. Lane had pleaded not guilty for the March 18, 2015 attack that left Michelle Wilkins' unborn daughter Aurora dead. Wilkins went to Lane's home after responding to a Craigslist ad for baby clothes in a ghastly case that shocked many in Colorado and across the country. - (Black-on-white)

    Dead adult (white female girlfriend of black suspect) found in Detroit house identified as missing mother, child's body remains unidentified
Marcus HightowerHeidi WalkerSavannah WalkerOfficials have identified one of the bodies that was found inside a house on Detroit's east side over the weekend as a woman who went missing with her 4-year-old daughter. An AMBER Alert was issued for 4-year-old Savannah Walker just after 2 a.m. Saturday. The home is about 3.5 miles from where Savannah was last seen. The second body is believed to be Savannah. A DNA test will be needed to complete the identification because the body is so badly burned. The AMBER Alert has been canceled. Relatives were able to identify the body of 38-year-old Heidi Walker. Thirty-three-year-old Marcus Hightower remains in police custody, after turning himself in. Hightower is Walker's boyfriend. He is being held for questioning. Hightower has a criminal record dating back to 2001. He is currently on parole and has serve time for assault with a dangerous weapon, child abuse and assault with intent to do great bodily harm. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    (Black) Man shot dead by police tied to (71-year-old White) woman's murder
Ali Eisa Abdalla YahiaNorma Jean McNeeleyA man shot by Urbandale police during a drug call at a hotel last week has been connected to the murder of a 71-year-old Des Moines woman. Blood found at the scene of Norma Jean McNeeley's Jan. 24 death connected 29-year-old Ali Eisa Abdalla Yahia to the crime. Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation officials matched Yahia with DNA from blood left at McNeeley’s house on Pioneer Road in Des Moines. Yahia, who had an extensive criminal history preceding his death Feb. 13, is believed to be the only suspect in McNeeley's murder. Yahia was fatally shot by an Urbandale police officer at Holiday Inn in Urbandale on Feb. 13. Police had responded to a drug complaint, but when they arrived, a struggle ensued in the hotel lobby, and Yahia reportedly shot at officers. An officer then killed Yahia during a brief exchange of gunfire.
McNeeley’s sister, Jannita McNeeley, said hat she could hear her sister’s screams coming from the floor below that night. Because of her disabilities, Jannita could not make it down the stairs quickly enough to catch a glimpse of the killer. Jannita said she heard her sister yell “Get out,” but she couldn't hear any other voices. “She called my name, ‘Nita, Nita,'” Jannita said. “She said, ‘Oh my God,’ and was screaming.” - (Black-on-white)

    Canada: (White man) Cooper Nemeth's accused (black) killer, Nicholas Bell-Wright, was on probation at time of arrest
Nicholas Bell-WrightCooper NemethA 22-year-old man charged with second-degree murder, after Winnipeg teenager Cooper Nemeth's body was found in a garbage bin, was on probation at the time of his arrest for an assault dating back to October 2014. Nicholas Bell-Wright was arrested early Sunday morning in The Maples neighbourhood of Winnipeg. The body of 17-year-old Nemeth was found Saturday night behind a house on Bayne Crescent in the city's East Kildonan area. Bell-Wright has one prior conviction for assault based on an incident that occurred on Oct. 24, 2014, according to court documents. Audio recorded during his July 2015 hearing reveals the assault took place in a field on the grounds of River East Collegiate. Bell-Wright spotted his niece talking to a 16-year-old boy. The boy was with another teen at the time who has an intellectual disability. At the time, Crown attorney Kerri Anderson said according to statements given to police, Bell-Wright grabbed the 16-year-old boy, threw him to the ground, punched him in the face and stomach. He then threw the victim against a tree and said, "If I ever see your face in this area again, I'm going to cut your head off," Anderson said. - (Canada) - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) Suspect indicted in Jessica Chambers (white female's) burning death
Quinton TellisJessica Lane Chambers and friendJessica ChambersJACKSON, Miss. — A man suspected in another homicide has been indicted in the December 2014 burning death of Mississippi teen Jessica Chambers. Quinton Tellis, 27, originally of Courtland, was indicted on capital murder charges by a special grand jury in Panola County as he sat in the Ouachita Parish Jail in Monroe, La., where he is being held on charges connected to the August 2015 death of a University of Louisiana Monroe exchange student. Tellis is believed to have been the last person to have been with Chambers the night she was killed. The two allegedly had a relationship in the weeks leading up to her death, officials said. While Chambers and Tellis were eight years apart in age, they both went to South Panola High School and grew up in the same neighborhood. - (Black-on-white) - (Burned Alive!)
  • Jessica Chambers Update: Last Words Of Mississippi Girl Burned Alilve Named Her Killer As 'Eric' Or 'Derrick'? - Dec 23, 2015
    The FBI and local police have started arresting black Mississippi gang members as part of “Operation Bite Back". Part of the reason police suspect that a gang member may be involved is due to reports that Jessica “spurned a relationship invitation by a black gang member” shortly before her death. More than 14 months ago, authorities discovered the blonde ex-cheerleader from Courtland, who had been set on fire. She was found on the road with burns over most of her body. She died a few hours later at a hospital in Memphis. Officials said thermal injury killed her.
  • Former ULM graduate student died from stab wound; homicide investigation ongoing - August 12, 2015
    Quinton TellisMeing-Chen HsiaoTellis was living in Monroe with his new wife when he was arrested by Monroe Police Department and charged with crimes connected to the stabbing death of Meing-Chen Hsiao, 34, of Taiwan. Local media reports say she had been missing for more than a week when her body was found Aug. 8. She had been stabbed to death in her apartment.


Dangers of interracial dating

    Troopers to Obama: Get ‘despicable humans’ like cop-killer Chesimard back from Cuba
Joanne ChesimardWerner FoersterThe head of the State Troopers Union, in a pointed letter to President Barack Obama Thursday, says Obama should demand Cuba return dozens of “despicable human beings” hiding there from U.S. justice. Among them is Joanne Chesimard, convicted of killing a New Jersey state trooper in a 1973 gunfight. The Black Panther activist, who also goes by the name Assata Shakur, remains atop the State Police Most Wanted list. Christopher Burgos, president of the State Troopers Fraternal Association of New Jersey, wrote in the letter to Obama: “Upon hearing of your planned trip to Cuba and meeting with the Castro regime dictatorship in March of 2016, I must remind you that what has been forgotten by you and your administration, is that dozens and dozens of U.S. fugitives of justice remain harbored in Cuba, given safe haven by this regime.” - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) California man arrested after threatening a woman with a pellet gun
Phillip A. R. WorshamTina SpencerIDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Idaho Falls Police arrested 21-year-old Phillip A. R. Worsham for aggravated assault after he threatened a 56-year-old Idaho Falls woman with a pellet gun Sunday afternoon. Worsham of San Jose, Calif., was booked into the Bonneville County Jail. According to reports, officers responded to the 400 block of West 19th Street around 3 p.m. for a report of a child custody disturbance. The 56-year-old woman reported to police that Worsham and 21-year-old Tina Spencer arrived at her home demanding to take the woman’s grandchild. The woman’s grandchild is the child of her son and Spencer. Worsham and Spencer were told no and asked to leave. They left. The woman then said she left her home a short time later to run an errand. At which time she noticed Worsham and Spencer following her in a truck. When the woman returned home and was walking into the house, Worsham and Spencer appeared back at the home. Worsham ran toward the woman pulling a gun from his pants. The woman ran into the house and called police. Worsham and Spencer fled the scene but were later stopped by Idaho State Police on Interstate 15 in Pocatello. ISP seized a pellet gun from the vehicle.

Dangers of interracial dating

    2 teens charged in Rock Hill, S.C., puppy shooting
De’Monte Ty’Juan Douglas"Brody" - victimRock Hill, S.C., Police have arrested two teenagers they say tortured a 6-week-old puppy by shooting it nearly 20 times with a BB gun and throwing a knife at it. The suspects, ages 14 and 17, were arrested Tuesday and charged with cruelty to animals, according to Capt. Mark Bollinger. De’Monte Ty’Juan Douglas, 17, was placed in the Rock Hill city jail, where he remained without bond Tuesday afternoon. Per state law, the 14-year-old’s identity is protected because of his age. He was petitioned to Family Court by detectives and released to a parent pending a court appearance, Bollinger said. Warrants state Douglas and the 14-year-old shot the puppy 18 times with a BB gun and threw a knife at it, torturing it “without reason or cause.” Both suspects live at Wildwood Spring Apartments, where a utility worker on Sunday saw a group of 15 to 20 juveniles playing with a black puppy. A few minutes later, the worker went to check on the puppy and saw it was “bleeding heavily” from multiple wounds, police have said. Officers spoke with the teens, who told them “someone who stays in the apartment complex had stabbed the puppy and shot the puppy with a BB gun,” the report states. The puppy was taken to Ebenezer Animal Hospital, where veterinarians found 18 BB pellets lodged in the dog’s skin and muscle and a number of intestinal parasites.


Police: Illegal immigrant used fake paperwork to seek state ID
Luis De La CruzFORT EDWARD | An illegal immigrant from the Dominican Republic was arrested Monday after he allegedly used fake paperwork to try to get a state non-driver identification card from the state Department of Motor Vehicles Office in Fort Edward, police said. Luis De La Cruz, 39, was charged with first-degree filing a false instrument and criminal possession of a forged instrument after an investigation by DMV and the Washington County Sheriff's Office. De La Cruz had a fake Social Security card and other documentation that he presented at the DMV office. Staff there became suspicious when he did not speak any English.

22 February 2016 - Archived - (click at left for full coverage)
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