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    Black quary killer who killed 3 co-workers and wounded 6 more shot dead
Shareef AllmanShareef Allman, the supposed disgruntled employee accused of opening fire on his co-workers at a California limestone quarry was shot and killed by deputies Thursday, authorities said. Three deputies on routine patrol in a Sunnyvale neighborhood encountered the man matching Allman's description around 7:30 a.m., Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith said. He was crouched behind a vehicle in the driveway of a home. The deputies opened fire after the man "displayed in a threatening manner his firearm," Smith said. - (Newsroom)

    Two blacks arrested in rape, robbery in Va. Beach
Rolando Lamont Goodman and William David CannonOn Saturday, police arrested William David Cannon, 25, in Norfolk. He is being held at the Virginia Beach Correctional Facility without bond on charges of robbery and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. On Sunday, Rolando Lamont Goodman, 26, was arrested about 8 p.m. at a Virginia Beach hotel. He was also being held without bond at the Virginia Beach Correctional Facility on charges of rape, robbery, abduction and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. - (Black rapes)

    Black arraigned on charges he raped an 80-year-old woman after breaking into her home
A Sterling Heights man was arraigned on charges he raped an elderly woman after breaking into her condo last month. Clinton Township Police say William Harrison, 29, entered an 80-year-old woman’s condo on September 13. They say he entered her home in the Heritage Estates through a window around 11:00 p.m., just after the victim had just fallen asleep. She awoke when Harrison allegedly lay on top of her. Investigators say at that time, he wrapped a towel around her head and forced her to open her safe. After taking $5,000 worth of jewelry, investigators say Harrison raped the woman. - (Black rapes)

    Black Ex-Jefferson Parish Sheriff's deputy facing rape charge indicted with kidnapping
Brett CasimerA former Jefferson Parish deputy facing trial for allegedly raping a woman he encountered during a traffic stop in Harvey two years ago now is charged with kidnapping her during the same incident. Brett Casimer, 38, who lived near Gretna, faces a charge of aggravated kidnapping in addition to aggravated rape in the Nov. 4, 2009 incident. The woman claims the deputy cuffed her during the stop and drove her to an isolated site and forced her to perform oral sex in exchange for releasing her. - (Black rapes)


  • Mexico extradites 2 rape suspects to U.S.
    Two Mexicans, one wanted in Texas for the rape of a minor and the other wanted in California for kidnapping, sexual assault and attempted murder, were extradited to the United States.
    Ignacio Romero, who also goes by the aliases of Ignacio Contreras and Ignacio Medina, was wanted for the "rape and aggravated sexual assault of a minor" in Bexar County, Texas.
    Pedro Vicente Aguirre, the other suspect extradited to the United States, will stand trial in Stanislaus County, California, for "kidnapping with the intent of rape, attempted murder, engaging in forced lascivious acts with a minor, rape, sexual assault, breaking and entering, and endangering the life of a minor."


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    Trial to begin for black Nigerian alleged underwear bomber
Umar Farouk AbdulmutallabThe trial of a young African accused of trying to bring down an airliner near Detroit with a bomb in his underwear is no whodunit. Prosecutors have his hospital-bed confession, dozens of witnesses, remnants of the explosive and an al-Qaida video featuring the 24-year-old explaining his suicide mission. Nonetheless, the prosecution of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab carries high stakes. His failed attack was the first act of terrorism in the U.S. during the Obama administration, and it could have implications in the debate over whether terrorism suspects should be tried in civilian or military courts. - (Newsroom)

    Black gets 18 life sentences for Waldo rapes
Bernard Jackson A Jackson County judge sentenced Bernard Jackson to 18 consecutive life sentences today for rapes he committed in the Waldo and Armour Hills neighborhoods almost 30 years ago. A jury convicted Jackson, 53, in July of seven counts of rape, seven counts of sodomy and four counts of robbery in one of the city’s biggest cold-hit rape cases of the last decade. Because of Jackson’s history as a prior and persistent sex offender, he faced minimum 30-year sentences for each of the sex-related convictions. Jackson robbed and sexually assaulted four women who lived alone in 1983 and 1984. Each of the women testified at trial how an intruder surprised them in their homes, either late at night or early in the morning, demanded money and then raped them - (Newsroom) - (Black rapes)

    Rape trial to begin for black ex-footballer
Demarco Whitley JrA former Glenbard West High School student is scheduled to go on trial today on charges that he raped a girl an hour before he was seriously injured in a car crash. After recovering from his injuries, Demarco Whitley Jr., 19, of Glen Ellyn, was arrested and charged last February with criminal sexual assault. He is accused of assaulting a 15-year-old girl in a car in a Rolling Meadows church parking lot on Jan. 29, 2010. - (Black rapes) - (Sports) - (Newsroom)

    Black wanted for murder in New Jersey trying to avoid extradition from Africa by marrying Portuguese
George WrightThe lawyer for George Wright says the captured American fugitive will claim a new identity to prevent the U.S. from extraditing him. His lawyer said that Wright became a Portuguese citizen, after marrying a Portuguese woman. The U.S. is trying to extradite Wright to serve the remainder of his sentence for a 1962 murder in New Jersey. Decades ago, Wright was in a New Jersey prison, serving a 30-year sentence for the 1962 robbing and killing of a war hero he had gunned down at an Esso gas station in Farmingdale, N.J. World War II Bronze Star recipient Walter Paterson was killed for the $70 in his pocket. In August 1970, Wright and two others escaped from the Leesburg, N.J. facility, stole the warden's car and headed to Atlantic City. From there they went to Detroit, where they joined up with the Black Liberation Army. Two years later, Wright and several others commandeered a Delta Airlines flight from Detroit to Miami -- Wright boarded the flight dressed as a priest, with a gun hidden in the cut-out pages of a Bible. His fellow members of the Black Liberation Army also boarded with weapons, and 88 passengers were held hostage. It was one of the most daring hijackings in history, and also one of the most humiliating for the FBI. - (Newsroom)





  • Book Release: Black Racism, White Victims: Reverse Discrimination, Black-On-White Crime
    - A new book, Black Racism, White Victims: Reverse Discrimination, Black-On-White Crime And Other Legal Problems, by John Publius, is available on in Kindle E-Book format and as a trade paperback. The ten major types of Black racism include illegal employment discrimination against Whites, Black-on-White crime and various types of casual racism that target Whites for harassment. Although Whites experience these forms of Black racism at work, in school and on the street, many Blacks pretend that Black racism does not exist, and do so for reasons they are careful to conceal from Whites. Both Black racism and the blanket denials that it exists are actually reflections of a covert mindset that legitimizes crimes and other forms of victimization of Whites. Most Whites know little about why this mindset developed, why it persists and who benefits from the conspiracy of silence that denies the existence and practice of Black-on-White racism. - (Books)

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    Police searching for black former Mr. Football in connection with rape
Police say Ohio's former two-time Mr. Football is wanted on rape, burglary and theft charges. North Canton police issued a warrant for Erick Howard, 20, in connection with a home invasion back in August. Seth Obermiller, 19, and Michael Taylor, 20, have already been arrested for the crime. Police said Howard and Obermiller broke into an apartment on Sunford Avenue SE with a handgun and bound a couple inside with duct tape. The report said the apartment was robbed and the woman was sexually assaulted. - (Black rapes) - (Sports)

    Black rape suspect tased in court Wednesday
Antwaan Deandre ClantonA man convicted of breaking and entering this week, who is also facing rape and kidnapping charges, was Tased in court Wednesday while his mother was detained following a courtroom fracas. Antwaan Deandre Clanton, 38, of Weldon, caused a disturbance when appearing in Halifax County Superior Court Wednesday for trial on breaking and entering, larceny and injury to real property charges. - (Black rapes)

    Black found guilty of first-degree rape, forcible sodomy and first-degree burglary
Shandale Maurice CooperShandale Maurice Cooper was found guilty of first-degree rape, forcible sodomy and first-degree burglary. Cooper was accused of entering the apartment of the victim in March of 2009 and beating and raping her repeatedly. - (Black rapes)

  • Black school principals do favors for their black teachers
    Sharing skin color with their principal makes life better for many American teachers.
    Back teachers are more likely to receive “supplemental pay,” such as extra money for coaching the high school basketball team, if the principal also is black. People are more comfortable with people who look like themselves”


Mexican who raped 9-year-old girl wears bulletproof vest to court
Alfredo Lopez Cruz A man in the brutal rape of a young girl makes his first court appearance. Alfredo Lopez-Cruz entered the courtroom amid heavy security because of the impact the crime had on the community. For six long years, Lopez-Cruz was Butler County's most wanted man. Today, wearing a bullet proof vest in addition to handcuffs and leg irons, Lopez-Cruz was led into court by the man who tracked him from Hamilton to Mexico for six long years---Butler County Deputy Paul Newton. A translator helped explain the court proceedings to Lopez-Cruz who was given a court-appointed attorney. He is charged with the 2005 rape of a nine year old girl--a case that angered neighbors. The house where the crime occurred was burned. Since his return to Butler County--the Mexican native has been under tight security. - (Newsroom) - (Invasion!)


  • Billings man gets long sentence for raping11-year-old boy
    Jimmy Jay GaunaA Billings man who admitted raping an 11-year-old boy under a bridge in an empty irrigation canal last year will spend at least 25 years in state prison. Calling the prosecutor’s recommendation appropriate, District Judge G. Todd Baugh on Wednesday sentenced Jimmy Jay Gauna, 26, to 100 years in prison with 50 years suspended. The first 25 years of the term cannot be suspended or deferred. - (Newsroom)


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    Columbus black charged with raping 15-year-old Kendrick High girl in woods
Jermain B. NathanColumbus police have arrested a local man on charges he forced a 15-year-old girl into the woods and raped her. Jermain B. Nathan, 18, of Columbus was jailed Thursday on charges of rape, aggravated sodomy, kidnapping and robbery, said police Lt. Ronald Hastings. The incident happened about 8:30 p.m. Monday. The girl, a Kendrick High School student, was walking near Forrest Road and Honeysuckle Drive when she was attacked. - (Black rapes)

    Black Corrections Officer Charged in Rape of his 10-year-old 'step daughter'
Robert BuchananRobert Buchanan, 45, was charged with predatory criminal sexual assault, a Class X felony. Buchanan allegedly sexually assaulted the girl over the course of seven months in the Harvey home where he lived with the child and her mother. In August 1997, the child told her mother about the assaults and was taken to a hospital where a rape kit was used and DNA of the offender obtained. - (Black rapes) - (Newsroom)

    Black cage fighter 'Big Diesel''s spit (DNA) links him to three other rapes
Jeffrey FordJeffrey Ford, a cage fighter, was pumping gas in Aurora, Colorado, recently when he let fly a wad of spit. After he pulled away, police collected it and learned that his DNA was connected to a 2009 rape of an Aurora prostitute. Ford — who goes by the fighter name Big Diesel — was linked by DNA to a 1997 rape in Kansas and a 2003 rape in San Francisco. Ford has been charged in the Colorado assault, but not the Kansas City or San Francisco rapes. The TV station reports that Ford was sent to prison for 10 years in 1987 for raping an 87-year-old Missouri woman when he was 17. - (Newsroom)


Migrant from Burma Set Wai Aung gets 20 years for brutal rape
Set Wai AungA judge sentenced Set Wai Aung from Myanmar (formerly Burma) to 20 years in prison in what he called the most brutal stranger-rape case he had ever seen.  Before 4 a.m. on Sept. 19 last year - several residents woke to a high-pitched screaming that prompted them to call 9-1-1. Reports described the sound as "surreal," maybe the moaning of a wounded mountain lion. All believed the voice was coming from someone or something in distress. The voice belonged to a 26-year-old woman, who police found in a church parking lot. She was naked from the waist down and bleeding, with one eye swollen shut and a missing tooth. - (Invasion!) - (Newsroom)

    Kingsport man Houston Isley pleads not guilty to homo rape, sexual battery of young boy
Houston Isley Houston Isley, 42, 641 Nelson St., Apt. 160, Kingsport, was arraigned and pleaded not guilty to rape of a child and aggravated sexual battery Friday in Sullivan County Criminal Court. The charges allege he raped and fondled a boy less than 10 years of age in December of 2010.


  • Suicide Bombing at Indonesian Church Injures 22
    A suicide bomber blew himself up inside an Indonesian church as hundreds of worshippers were filing out after the Sunday service, injuring at least 22 people, police said. The bomber's mangled body lay at the entrance of the Tenth Bethel Gospel Church. Around him, screaming people were splattered in blood.


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    Tulsa Police arrest black rape, robbery suspect
Rlando BowieOfficers arrested 22-year old Rlando Bowie yesterday on suspicion that he beat, raped and robbed a Tulsa mother during a home invasion attack on June 6th at the victim's home near 4500 East Zion Street. Police say Bowie kicked in the back door of the victim's home and threatened her with a gun. The victim's daughters, ages 13 and two, were present during the attack. - (Black rapes)

    Black Ex-NBAer Tate George charged in NJ Ponzi scheme
Tate GeorgeTate George surrendered to federal authorities in New Jersey on Friday to face charges stemming from what prosecutors say was a Ponzi scheme. George used his company, which he purported to be a real estate investment firm, to run a more than $2 million scam. Prosecutors claim that between 2005 and March 2011, George persuaded people — including former professional athletes — to invest in what he promised would be high-return real estate development projects. George instead used some of the new investor money to make principal and interest payments to existing investors - (Newsroom) - (Sports)

    Black accused of having sex with 14-year-old
Corey Lamar DavisA 25-year-old man sits in jail after being indicted on charges of rape and sodomy by the Morgan County Grand Jury in August. Corey Lamar Davis has been charged with second-degree rape and second-degree sodomy. He turned himself into Decatur Police on Thursday. He is being held in the Morgan County Jail on a $25,000 bond. On March 14, Decatur Police received a report that Davis had engaged in sexual intercourse multiple times with a 14-year-old girl. - (Black rapes)

    Alabama Executes Black Who Shot, Killed White Store Clerk
Derrick O. MasonAngela CagleAlabama has executed a man described by a police informant as trying to make a name for himself when he killed a convenience store clerk in 1994 during a robbery. Thirty-seven-year-old Derrick O. Mason was given a lethal injection and was pronounced dead at 6:49 p.m. central time Thursday at Holman Prison. Mason was convicted of killing 25-year-old Angela Cagle during the attempted robbery of a convenience store in Huntsville, Alabama. Authorities said he forced Cagle to strip naked and shot her twice in the face at close range. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)

    Black finally executed for murder of White police officer in 1989
Troy Anthony DavisMark Allen MacPhailGeorgia Executes Troy Davis … as Slain Police Officer's Son Watches ‎
Troy Davis was executed Wednesday in Georgia. The lethal injection brought some relief to the family of a police officer whom Davis was convicted of killing. Savannah, Georgia police officer Mark Allen MacPhail was shot three times on August 19, 1989 when he responded to a man’s call for help. The police officer was moonlighting as a security guard at a fast food restaurant. MacPhail was shot twice. He fell. He never pulled his gun. After falling, he was shot once more, point blank in the face as he lay helpless on the ground. Davis, who was just 20 years old, surrendered four days later. He was convicted of murder in August, 1991 and the Georgia Supreme Court upheld his conviction and death sentence in February, 1993. - (Black-on-white)

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    Black is first to receive lethal injection for rape and murder of 88-year-old White woman
Jerry Terrell JacksonRuth PhillipsA (black) who raped and suffocated an 88-year-old woman was the first person in Virginia to receive a lethal injection using a revised three-drug version, last Thursday (Aug 18). Jerry Terrell Jackson, 30, was put to death after he was found guilty of the rape and murder of seamstress Ruth Phillips in her Williamsburg apartment in 2001. It has been reported that Jackson broke into the woman's home during a burglary, put a pillow over her face and raped her. According to the police, Jackson then stole her car and used the $60 he stole to purchase cannabis. - (Black rapes) - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)

    Evil homeless Negro finally arrested for murder of White high school girl thanks to DNA
Billy WilsonGina GruenwaldNearly seven years after she was killed, police say they've found the man who killed Gina Gruenwald. Gruenwald's body was found August 21, 2004 in Denver, Colorado. Friends had dropped her off after a night out and her body was found just four blocks away the following morning. She had been stabbed in the neck. The crime scene showed Gruenwald had struggled with the person who killed her, including a bite mark made by the attacker. It's that bite mark, which left behind DNA, that led prosecutors to charge 42-year-old Billy Wilson this week. Wilson is said to be a homeless man who was arrested earlier this year on an unrelated case in San Francisco. A DNA sample obtained from Wilson was entered into a national database and was a match for Gruenwald's case. Gruenwald was an all-state softball player at Bixby High School. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)

    Black Nebraskan jailed in Congressman Boswell attack
David Palmer Dewberry Leonard BoswellDody BoswellA 20-year-old Fremont man who authorities say was the gunman in a burglary and home-invasion robbery attempt this weekend at the Lamoni, Iowa, farmhouse of U.S. Rep. Leonard Boswell was arrested Tuesday. David Palmer Dewberry was taken into custody in Independence, Mo., and was being held on a federal warrant alleging unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. Dewberry and his family had lived in Lamoni for a time before moving to Nebraska, and his mother was friendly with Boswell's wife. He had been to the Boswell home. Dewberry entered the home Saturday night and attacked the congressman's daughter. Boswell, 77, tried to fight the man off. As they scuffled, his 22-year-old grandson got a shotgun. The intruder ran when Boswell's grandson pointed the gun. It's not the first time that Dewberry has had run-ins with the law. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)

    Black Man Arrested In Killing Of White Greenwood Couple
Justin CarterSteven Konchinsky, 57, and his wife, Julie Konchinsky, 54.A man was arrested Monday in connection with the shooting deaths of a Greenwood couple in their home. Justin Carter faces two counts of murder and one count of armed robbery in the killings of Steven Konchinsky, 57, and his wife, Julie Konchinsky, 54. Each was found fatally shot on Saturday at their home. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)





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