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  • Whites are in Minority Among New Births in U.S.
    For the first time, minorities make up a majority of babies in the U.S., part of a sweeping race change and a growing age divide between mostly white, older Americans and predominantly minority youths that could reshape government policies. Demographers say the numbers provide the clearest confirmation yet of a changing social order, one in which racial and ethnic minorities will become the U.S. majority by midcentury...

    Twelve states and the District of Columbia now have white populations below 50 percent among children under age 5 -- Hawaii, California, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Maryland, Georgia, New Jersey, New York and Mississippi. That's up from six states and the District of Columbia in 2000. - (Newsroom)


    Black father with HIV raped 6-month-old son
Lenny LovePolice have arrested a Silverton father after they say he raped his 6-month-old son. Police say Lenny Love, 29, raped his 6-month-old son in March. Police also say that Love did so while knowingly carrying HIV. Police arrested Love Friday and charged him with 2 counts of rape, 1 count of felonious assault and 1 count of possession of marijuana. - (Black rapes) - (Newsroom)

    Black accused of raping unconscious woman - "whom he thought was dead" - ("necrophilia defense"?)
Melvin JacksonMelvin Jackson, with his pants unzipped, told police officers that he thought the woman he's accused of raping "was dead." Jackson is accused of raping an unconscious woman at 34th and Troost around 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday. A witness told police that she saw the woman lying on the ground in the fetal position and Jackson with his pants and underwear around his ankles raping the woman. The witness said she yelled at Jackson, who pulled up his pants and walked northbound on Troost. As the witness waved down a patrol car, she overheard Jackson say, "I thought she was dead." - (Black rapes)

    Black boxer charged with rape of young girl
Larry Duncan White JrLarry Duncan White Jr., a 33-year-old professional boxer from Pensacola, Florida, has been charged in Dothan, with 3 felony counts of first-degree rape in connection with the alleged sexual assault of a young girl. - (Black rapes)

    Seattle black says ‘God told him’ to rape and stab lesbian couple
Isaiah KalebuTeresa ButzA man in Seattle, US, has admitted the rape and stabbing of a lesbian couple, claiming that “God told” him to do it. Isaiah Kalebu, 25, is accused of breaking into the couple’s home in July 2009 and and torturing and raping them repeatedly before stabbing them. One of the women, Teresa Butz, 39, died in a pool of blood in the street outside her home as neighbours tried to help. Her 36-year-old partner survived and identified Kalebu as the attacker. Friends said the pair planned to marry soon. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white) - (Black rapes)

    Four Black Men Charged With Sex Trafficking and Rape of 13-Year-Old Girl
Damien CrooksTwo men were indicted on charges of forcing a young girl in Brooklyn into prostitution for eight years. Damien Crooks, 31, and Jamali Brockett, 27, are charged with sex trafficking, rape and compelling prostitution. According to the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office, the men met the victim in 2003 when she was 13 years old. They allegedly raped her at a neighborhood park before they forced her to perform sex for money and beat her when she refused. Two other men, Jawara Brockett and Darrell Dula, are charged with rape. - (Black rapes)


  • Texas warns of travel to Mexican border town for the Fourth
    Texas authorities are urging residents not to cross into the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo during the Fourth of July weekend because of intelligence that a Mexican drug cartel plans to target U.S. citizens. The violent Zetas drug cartel, which operates in Nuevo Laredo, will be targeting crimes at Americans who cross the border into the city this weekend.






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    Virginia sets execution date for black rape-killer of 88-year-old White widow
Jerry Terrell JacksonRuth PhillipsAn August execution has been set for a Virginia inmate convicted of raping and killing an elderly woman in 2001. Twenty-nine-year-old Jerry Terrell Jackson is set to be executed Aug. 18 for the rape and murder of Ruth Phillips of Williamsburg, an 88-year-old widow. Jackson was convicted of rape, capital murder and other charges in 2002. He was found to have broken into the home of Phillips on Aug. 26, 2001, through a partially open bathroom window, raping her and smothering her with a pillow. Jackson, then 20, fled in Phillips' 1987 Dodge sedan, taking her diamond wedding ring and other jewelry. DNA from the murder scene matched Jackson, and he confessed to the crime in a videotaped statement. The jury recommended death, with a judge imposing that sentence in 2003. After state appeals went against him, Jackson came within days of execution in 2006 before getting a reprieve in order for an appeal to be heard. - (Black rapes) - (Black-on-white)

    Black Deputy Jailer Charged With Raping Female Inmate
Robert Bradshaw A deputy jailer has been charged with rape of an inmate at the Shelby County jail for women. 53-year-old Sgt. Robert Bradshaw was arrested and charged with Sexual Contact with an Inmate, Rape and Official Oppression. Sheriff’s investigators say they received a letter from an inmate at Jail East that stated she and several others witnessed suspicious activity between a jailer and an inmate. During the investigation, the inmate in question told authorities that Bradshaw had touched her inappropriately. - (Newsroom) - (Black rapes)

    Black Memphis Man Found Guilty of Child Rape (of his 8-yr-old step-granddaughter)
Michael McVay A Memphis man was found guilty of sexually abusing his step-granddaughter for nearly eight years. 51-year old Michael McVay was found guilty of rape of a child, rape, aggravated sexual battery, and sexual battery by an authority figure. McVay started sexually abusing the child in the year 2000, when she came to live in his home at age 8. The sexual abuse continued and escalated until the child was 15 years old. - (Black rapes)

    Portsmouth black man charged with rape of 11-year-old girl and 44-year-old woman
James Warren Key, Jr. Portsmouth police have arrested a 59-year-old man they say held a woman against her will and assaulted her. James Warren Key Jr., was charged with rape, abduction, attempt to kill, malicious wounding and damaging property. Police say he lured a 44-year-old female to his home and lured her into the bathroom, used zip ties to restrain her and then assaulted her. He repeatedly threatened to kill her during the assault. Key was also involved in a sexual assault of an 11-year-old girl when he was babysitting the girl. - (Black rapes)

    Black charged with raping 15-year-old high school student
Dewayne L. KoenA grand jury will review the case of a 32-year-old Bay Minette man accused of picking a 15-year-old girl up last month at Baldwin County High School, having sex with her, then dropping her off. Judge Jody W. Bishop determined there was enough evidence to move forward with the second-degree rape case against Dewayne L. Koen. The girl had arrived for school when she received a cell phone call from the school around 7 a.m. and left in Koen's truck. The pair went to a house on Daphne Road where they had sex, then Koen took the girl back to school, according to police. - (Black rapes)

    Local colored man charged in teen’s rape
Kelcione M. AndersonA 30-year-old man is accused of raping a teenager. Kelcione M. Anderson was charged with rape, aggravated kidnapping and coercion of a witness. Investigators allege Anderson took a 16-year-old girl to Chickasaw Trace Park off State Route 7 and raped her during the early morning hours Wednesday. Anderson had been socializing with the girl earlier that evening. Investigators believe he threatened to drop her off on the roadside if she did not come with him to the park. Authorities allege Anderson then threatened the girl with harm if she reported the rape. - (Black rapes)

    Cleveland police release sketch of black rape suspect
black rapistDetectives are asking for help to identify the man who raped an 18-year-old woman in December. The attack occurred in the early morning near East 79th Street and Kinsman Ave.The man pulled out a small, black semiautomatic pistol during the attack. Afterward, he ran east through the Garden Valley Apartment complex. The black man appeared to be in his late 30s or early 40s. He had a scar or scratches on his left cheek. He is 6 feet 1 with a medium build. There was a gray patch in his beard. - (Black rapes)

    Genocide court jails female Rwandan former minister for life
Pauline NyiramasuhukoRwanda's former minister for family and women's affairs yesterday became the first woman to be found guilty of genocide. Pauline Nyiramasuhuko, 65, was also found guilty of inciting rape at the UN-backed International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, which is prosecuting those accused of orchestrating the killings of more than 800,000 people in Rwanda in 1994. She stood accused alongside her son, Arsene Ntahobali, 41 who was also convicted of similar charges yesterday. The pair were sentenced to life in prison.



Cost of illegal foreign wars

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    Black church preacher convicted of sex assault on 11-year-old girl
Morris EubanksRev. Morris Eubanks told a judge in Lake County Thursday night that God will punish those who bore "false witness" against him during his trial for sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl. Eubanks, now 59, was convicted of fondling the girl on two separate occasions in August 2008. Eubanks has been in jail awaiting trial since his July 2009 arrest. The girl, now 14, said she was scared and embarrassed. She did not report the abuse until telling her mother nearly 11 months later. “I thought it was time to tell her,” she said. - (Black rapes) - (Newsroom)



California mom, Ka Yang, charged with murder after she microwaves baby to death: cops
Ka YangA California mom was arrested Tuesday on charges that she murdered her 6-week-old daughter by microwaving her to death. Ka Yang, 29, of Sacramento, is being held without bail The baby, Mirabelle Thao-Lo, was found dead in her home with "extensive thermal injuries" on March 17. "She had some really deep tissue burns," Sacramento County coroner's office told the Sacramento Bee. "…It was probably the worst case I've ever seen." - (Newsroom)

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    UK: Picture and African name released of illegal African alien black wanted for rape
Kohwam Dayoh Adio AgnidePOLICE HAVE released the name and picture of a man wanted in connection with a rape last year. Kohwam Dayoh Adio Agnide is wanted in connection with the rape of a 22-year-old woman at a residential address. At the time of the incident the female victim was renting a room at this property when she was left alone with the suspect, who was also a lodger at the premises. This was when 23-year-old Agnide allegedly raped her. Mr Agnide, who is originally from Benin in Africa, is believed to have entered the UK on a business visa in December 2009 and is potentially staying in this country illegally. - (UK) - (Black rapes) - (Invasion!)




  • Minority men falling behind academically, study finds
    The reports cull census data, academic research and in-depth interviews to paint a bleak picture of the educational experiences of young men across four racial and ethnic groups: African Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Latinos and Native Americans.

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    Black arrested in rape victim tweeted about
Charles NewboldPolice have arrested a suspect they say raped a woman in Ybor City in May. Officers arrested 28-year-old Charles Newbold. The victim in the case is an avid social media user in Ybor City who went on Twitter after the sexual assault to tell her followers how she was doing, and to describe the suspect. Investigators took DNA evidence from the scene and matched it to Newbold, according to the sheriff's office. He is charged with sexual battery and burglary. Investigators say he has several previous arrests, mostly on narcotics charges. - (Black rapes)

    Tulsa police seeking black suspect in violent rape case
Orlando BowieTulsa police are looking for a man who they say broke into a woman’s home and raped her. Officers have issued a warrant for Orlando Bowie. Investigators say the suspect broke into the victim's residence and waited for her to come home. When she opened the door she saw the man and tried to run with her children. Officers say the suspect pointed a pistol at one of the children and said he would shoot if she did not come inside the house. He then began assaulting her in front of the children. According to investigators, she begged him not to commit the acts in front of the children. He ordered her to lock them in another room before brutally beating and raping her. - (Black rapes)


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