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    The dark side of black people by Jamaican Black Commentator Leighton Levy
Leighton LevyLET ME START by saying that if I had my life to live over a thousand times, the one thing I would not change would be my race. I am proud to be a black man. There are times however, when I wish that certain people and I did not share that trait.

For the past few days, the whole world ... well, at least those who have access to satellite and cable television, have been seeing pictures of the virtually total devastation of the cities of the U.S. Gulf Coast by Hurricane Katrina. An estimated 90 per cent of homes in New Orleans have been destroyed by flood waters and more than 100 people have been confirmed dead.

We see people standing on the roofs of their submerged homes desperate to be rescued, others being airlifted to safety, and we have heard tear-jerking stories of families losing their loved ones. But in all of this, we have also seen the really dark side of black people. - (reader link) - (Commentary)

    Racial Reality And The New Orleans Nightmare - By Steve Sailer - It was the Perfect Storm - (Commentary
It was the Perfect Storm. No, not Hurricane Katrina. That could have been much worse. Back in the 1990s, my friend Rob Brennan wrote an unpublished novel called Category 5 about a ferocious hurricane that strikes New Orleans at the worst possible angle. Katrina, in contrast, was a Category 4 hurricane and hit New Orleans only a glancing blow. No, the perfect storm was actually the combination of social and governmental incompetence at local, state, and federal levels—and unmentionable racial reality.

    This Streetcar Lost All Desire  - by Sartre

“He acts like an animal, has an animal’s habits! Eats like one, moves like one, talks like one!”  Blanche DuBois didn’t know how true her words were and how well they apply to a cesspool called New Orleans.  The trolley that ran from Mardi Gras to Southern Decadence traveled from drunken profligacy to sadistic perversion.  The quaint French Quarter is hardly the home of saints.  Now that the streetcar has derailed off its tracks, the true nature of the degenerate lifestyle that tolerates, condones and favors predatory behavior has lost any residue of desire.  The pillaging of marauding thugs would make Idi Amin proud.  By what stretch of common decency are virtuous citizens obligated to sympathize with the plight of self-induced barbarism?  - (Commentary)




  • New Mexico: DNA match helps nab rape suspect Alfredo J. Garcia
    Alfredo J. GarciaA 33-year-old Las Vegas, N.M., man arrested this week in connection with a Santa Fe rape was identified through a DNA profile, court documents say. Alfredo J. Garcia, arraigned  on charges of rape and kidnapping, was being held in lieu of a $100,000 cash-only bond. A woman told investigators that she was hitchhiking when a heavy-set man with curly, ear-length hair picked her up in a 1970s bluish-gray sedan. The woman described the man as "nice" at first and said they drove around for a short time until he pulled in at a park across from the Boys and Girls Club. The man immediately punched the woman in the face "numerous times." The woman said she started to fight back but stopped because she thought the man would hurt her worse. The man then sexually assaulted her, threatened to kill her if she called police and kicked her out of the car. - (crime)

  • Ariz. Struggles to Deal With Immigration
    TUCSON, Ariz. -- The cost of dealing with illegal immigration exceeds the emergency $1.5 million Gov. Janet Napolitano agreed to send to Southern Arizona, county officials say. Citing security shortcomings by the federal government, Napolitano and Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico last month declared emergencies on their states' borders with Mexico. That freed up emergency funds -- a total of more than $3 million for the two states -- for law enforcement overtime, for repairs of border and cattle fences and for costs related to illegal immigrants' deaths. - (Invasion!)
  • Border Has Record Illegal Immigrant Deaths
  • Greed Lured GIs Into Colombian Underworld
    BOGOTA, Colombia -- U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Daniel Rosas was deployed to Colombia as part of the large U.S. mission to fight drug trafficking, but before long he found the lure of cocaine money too hard to resist. He formed a smuggling ring involving U.S. soldiers that was eventually busted, deeply embarrassing U.S. officials. Rosas' scheme was so amateurish that at one point he made a deal with a stranger he met in a Mexican nightclub bathroom. A fourth soldier, Spc. Francisco Rosa, pleaded guilty on Aug. 10 to using, possessing and distributing cocaine and making a false official statement. Rosas said he and two other Americans on the base -- Spc. Rolando Sandoval and a civilian defense contractor identified only as Jake -- pooled their money to buy about nine pounds of cocaine from Angel Gutierrez, a bartender at the officer's club
  • Syracuse University class of 2009 is nearly 24 percent students of color


    John English Faces Another Drug Charge - Former Fairfield Councilman Arrested At Cache Creek
John EnglishFormer Fairfield city councilman John English was arrested in Yolo County earlier this week after security officers at the Cache Creek Casino said they found drugs in a bag belonging to English. He left the bag behind at Cache Creek and went back looking for it on Monday. Casino officials said when they showed him the bag, English said it was definitely his, but changed his story when they said they had found as many as 30 doses of methamphetamine inside. Authorities said video surveillance showed that the bag was English's. - (Brewski) - (Norcal)

    First black, African-born mayor in the United States Emmanuel Onunwor convicted of taking bribes
Emmanuel Onunwor
Emmanuel Onunwor was once the picture of success. He emigrated from Nigeria, earned a master's degree and was elected mayor of East Cleveland. ...   Former East Cleveland Mayor Emmanuel Onunwor was sentenced today to nine years in prison for taking bribes while he led the city. Onunwor also was sentenced by U.S. District Judge James Gwin to three years of supervised release, ordered to pay $2,200 in fines and $5.1 million in restitution to East Cleveland. The 46-year-old Onunwor faced up to 19 years in prison on 22 counts including racketeering and extortion. He resigned as mayor in September. - (Brewski)





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  • Police Search For 9-Year-Old's Accused Hispanic Attacker
    KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police are searching for a man accused of attempting to sexually assault a 9-year-old girl. The man goes by two possible names: Alejandro Cervantes and Salavador Sanchez. He is accused of attacking his girlfriend's daughter on June 24. Officials said the man is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 160 pounds. He has several tattoos on his left forearm and on his right arm past his shoulder. - (White Boy)
  • MS-13 Member Pleads Guilty to Murder
    Prosecutors claimed Osmin Heriberto Alfaro-Fuentes's guilty plea Thursday as a first success using the federal racketeering law in the crackdown on MS-13.
  • Immigration Article webpage by Sartre
  • BETRAYAL - Bush's immigration legacy  - by Sartre
    "True Believers" in the lunacy that has become American politics have lost all sense of reality. This dementia especially applies to supports of George W Bush. The most contemptible treachery in recent times comes from the utmost bait and switch scam that threatens the very survival of America. The Bush double-cross will invite Pancho Villa to pillage your community and grant him amnesty so he can count the loot. The Quisling President has proposed immigration-law changes to allow workers from Mexico to enter the United States if they have jobs waiting for them. Those magical job offers at a time when systemic unemployment is rampant, is like offering a bone to a rabid dog. The canine will eat it clean and then infect a horrible death upon the hand that feed him. - (Invasion!)


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    THE SPIN AND WASH CYCLE - (Homeless Jack on New Orleans) by H. Millard © 2005
"Well, New Orleans just went through a spin and wash cycle, man," said Homeless Jack. "The big Swastika in the sky came roaring in. That's the way nature works. We have cleansing events that come along every so often. It's completely natural. Sometimes it's water, sometimes it's wind, sometimes it's shaking, and sometimes it's fire. In fact, these things are going on all the time, but every so often we have a bigger event than usual or we have one in an area that is different than we've come to expect. When we can't hold 'em back we run around like the ants we are and bitch and moan and act like its the end of the world. - (Commentary) - (H. Millard index)    

(conducted by Constantin von Hoffmeister in August, 2005)
1Constantin von HoffmeisterPavel Vladimirovich Tulaev. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers? Please tell us something about your activities in Russia.
First of all, I would like to thank you, Mr. von Hoffmeister, for organizing this interview. Let us glorify the gods of our race. Let them protect our meeting. What can I shortly tell you about myself? My complete name is Pavel Vladimirovich Tulaev. I was born in Krasnodar (southern Russia) in 1959, and I was educated in Moscow. Now I am well known as a publisher (editor-in-chief) of THE ATHENAEUM, a Russian New Right international review.

    Catholic Church & Charities Illegally 'Aid and Abet' Aliens? - By Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D. - (Invasion!) - (Commentary)

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