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    Lui Arrested in Wal-Mart Deaths * Wal-Mart parking lot shooting suspect mentally disturbed
Ed Lui
GLENDALE, Ariz — Two Wal-Mart employees were shot to death Tuesday as they gathered shopping carts in the parking lot of one of the retail stores in suburban Phoenix. Ed Lui drove into the parking lot, got out of his car and shot each victim several times with a handgun. The Asian gunman then drove away but was followed by two witnesses who were able to provide license plate numbers. Investigators initially sent a robot to Ed Lui's door, fearing he could still be armed. The man came out with his hands up and was booked on two counts of first-degree murder. Authorities did not have a motive for the shootings. It does not appear Lui knew the victims or had a vendetta against them or Wal-Mart. The gunman did not appear to have been under the influence of any substance. "We don't know why he did this. This was barbaric," Pena said.  - (Dragasès, Crusader) - (crime


    Horseheads Police seek 'Spanic rape suspect
Hispanic rapistThe Horseheads Police Department is currently searching for a 35-year-old Hispanic male suspect involved with a rape Monday night in the area of Westinghouse Road. The suspect is considered to be dangerous. He has an average build, is 5-feet-8 to 6 feet tall, has a mustache and was last seen wearing boxer shorts. Residents in the area are urged to take precautions and secure their homes and buildings. If you have any information regarding this rapist, contact police at 607/739-5668.
- (White Boy, Brewski) - (crime) - Citizenship status of suspect unknown 



    Rape suspect busted
Marcus DavidsonA Tampa rape suspect, Marcus Davidson, allegedly offered a ride home to a woman he met at a bar. During the drive, he started driving recklessly so she could not get away. Davidson then allegedly put his hands around the victim's neck, demanded sex from her and raped her. She was eventually able to escape and ran to a nearby home, whose occupants called 911. The  Police Department responded, spotted the suspect's car, stopped his vehicle and arrested him. Davidson first denied having sex with the victim, but later said it was consensual.   Davidson is charged with sexual battery and felony kidnapping.  - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB) - (crime)

    Black-on-black crime: Woman Accused Of Killing Rilya Wilson Could Bond Out In May
Geralyn Graham Rilya Wilson,A judge ruled Tuesday that the woman accused of killing her foster child, Rilya Wilson, should be released on bond. The judge made the decision after the key witness against 59-year-old Geralyn Graham refused to testify.  The witness is a woman who was in jail with Graham. She had told investigators that Graham had confessed to killing Rilya, but now she is refusing to talk about the case. Rilya's body has never been found. Investigators believe she was dead more than 15 months before the state Department of Children and Families realized that the girl was missing from the foster home where Graham cared for the girl. - (Brewski) - (crime)
Ref: Rilya Wilson's Accused Killer Allegedly Confesses 'I Killed It'

      Judge's down-low? 'minister' and aspiring opera singer boyfriend arrested - He tried to snatch a 4-year-old boy
Lawrence CraigLawrence CraigManhattan Supreme Court Justice Donna MillsThe boozed-up boyfriend of Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Donna Mills tried to snatch a 4-year-old boy - then used the judge's luxury sedan as his getaway car, police sources said yesterday.   "It was the worst, scariest feeling you can imagine," the boy's mom said, describing how she fought off the alleged intruder, Lawrence Craig. "I had to kick his hand and at the same time shove my son back," the mother said. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Donna Mills is perhaps best known for crashing her Rolls-Royce into two parked cars in Riverdale three years ago. She was charged with drunken driving but acquitted by a Bronx jury. - (Brewski)



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    Black-on-black crime: Mother Arrested After 3-Year-Old Shoots 10-Year-Old Sistah
Latimore girlSherice Latimore,A Miami Gardens woman was arrested this morning and charged with child neglect after her 3-year-old son shot her 10-year-old daughter Monday afternoon.  Sherice Latimore, 27, left a small-caliber handgun on a sofa in her home. Her 3-year-old son got a hold of the weapon and shot his sister in the chest. The 10-year-old girl is in serious condition at the hospital.
- (crime) - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB)

  • Immigration Invasion Prosecutions Up in Texas
    HOUSTON -- Immigration prosecutions shot up in southern Texas last year, far surpassing increases in any of the nation's other 89 federal court districts. The report offers no explanation for the increase in immigration prosecutions in the Southern District of Texas, where the caseload grew from 4,062 in 2003 to 18,092 in 2004. - (Invasion!)

  • Bush to meet with China's Hu at White House
    The first U.S. visit by Hu, 62, since he became president in 2003 follows a stormy summer in bilateral trade ties as China and America wrangled over energy, textiles, Chinese counterfeiting and China's exchange rate policies.  

  • Indonesia Seeks Death Sentence for Devil's Spawn Muslim Bomber Abdul Hassan - killed because of "Allah's will"
    Abdul HassanProsecutors demanded the death sentence for one of the Australian Embassy bombers, saying he was a key planner in the attack, which killed 11 Indonesians. Abdul Hassan, a 34-year-old worker at a state-owned agriculture firm, also is accused of buying bomb-making materials and hiding attack masterminds Azahari bin Husin and Noordin Mohamed Top, who remain at large. Hassan has said the victims of the September 2004 blast were killed because of "Allah's will." The dead were either passers-by, people lining up to enter the heavily fortified embassy or security guards. 

    Zimbabwe: Continued Black Racist Repression Forces Ethnic Cleansing - Exodus of Whites
Fewer than 50,000 whites remain in authoritarian governed Zimbabwe, down from a peak of nearly 300,000 under white rule, according to recent census data published Monday.The number of white Zimbabweans has continued to drop since the census was conducted in August 2002 amid the seizure of thousands of white-owned commercial farms for redistribution to black Zimbabweans, analysts said. Some independent experts estimate fewer than 30,000 whites remain. - (Africa)  - (African Crusader)

  • Idaho to seek death penalty for bisexual pedophile kidnap, murder suspect
    Joseph Edward Duncan III COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho (AP) — Prosecutor will seek the death penalty when Joseph Edward Duncan III goes to trial on charges that he bound and killed three people in northern Idaho. Duncan, 42, is accused of binding and killing three people in a scheme authorities say was designed to enable him to abduct two children for sex, Shasta Groene, 8, and Dylan Groene, 9. Court documents allege he then held Shasta and her brother for weeks at a primitive campsite in Montana where he molested them and eventually killed the little boy.

  • Missing Wisconsin 13-year-old boy found in Phoenix with a man wanted on a child sex charge.
    Justin Terlecki apparently took a bus to Arizona last Wednesday at the urging of Vernon Monk, 32, whom he met online, police said.
  • US lesbian parents precedent set
    In two of the cases two lesbians were living together and had a child after one of the "partners" donated an ovum to the other,
    who was then artificially inseminated.

  • Illegal immigrant faces host of charges in Hudson
    Police charged Winner Drumond, 26, of Brazil with speeding, disobeying an officer, driving without a license, driving an uninspected car and driving with unsafe tires.
  • Kansas: Drunken Illegal Immigrant Sentenced in Nurse's Death
    A 23-year-old illegal immigrant who struck and killed a nurse while driving drunk in Lawrence is sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison.   Adan Cruz killed Jodie Hatzenbihler, 25, of Olathe as she was leaving a Lawrence bar early on April 9.
  • How Did Drunken Illegal Immigrant Get Valid Driver's License?
    Rosalio Pedraza,INDIANAPOLIS -- The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles is under scrutiny as victims' family members question how a two-time convicted drunken driver, who was in this country illegally, was allowed behind the wheel. Rosalio Pedraza, 31, is charged with killing two members of a wedding party while driving drunk. In court he pleaded not guilty to 12 felony charges, including reckless homicide and DUI causing death.  Prosecutors said Pedraza had a blood-alcohol level three times the legal limit when he crashed into a car leaving a wedding party at the Indianapolis Zoo. Thomas Youngstafel, the father of the groom, and Joseph Geller, a family friend, died. Both victims were from Kentucky - (crime)

  • Landlord Sues Town in Florida, Alleging Discrimination Against Migrants

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    Jury Selection Begins Monday In Trial Of Man Charged With 89-Year-Old's Murder
Gregory Lee Jr.Lois CannadyJury selection begins Monday in the trial of a man accused of the murder of a Durham grandmother. Lois Cannady, 89, was shot to death in her home as she called 911 to report a break-in on June 6, 2002. Sheriff's deputies arrested and charged five males for her death. Gregory Lee Jr., who was 18 years old at the time of Cannady's death, is the fourth of five suspects to be tried. Two other men pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and another was found guilty of first-degree murder.  Authorities said Lee lived across the street from Cannady. - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB) - (crime) - (black-on-white)

      Pastor and NAACP president charged with homosexual child molestation of 12/13-year-old boy relative
George WatsonA Union County pastor, former NAACP president and Union County School Board member faces charges of child molestation. George Watson's picture and details of the molestation charges against him are all over the front page of the Union Daily Paper, while the charges date back nearly 10 years ago, the 21-year-old victim says he wants closure now. Watson is charged with three counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor. The victim is Watson's relative. The incidents allegedly happened when the boy was 12 or 13 years old through his senior year of high school.  Watson sexually assaulted the boy at several locations. The victim says Watson performed oral sex acts on him, against his will. Sexually instances allegedly happened at Watson's home, the church where he was a preacher at and Arthur State Bank. - (Svejk) - (crime)

      Bisexual pedophile sex assault suspect arrested for raping at least 18 little boys and girls
Zuri-Kye Latifbay McGhee
Aurora police have arrested a man suspected of sexually assaulting at least 18 children.  
Police said Zuri-Kye Latifbay McGhee, 31, met some of his victims by volunteering at local churches and schools. He also reportedly hosted sleepover parties. McGhee passed himself off as being between 13 and 15 years old, said police. His victims were both male and female, between the ages of 9 and 13.  The investigation began after a 14-year-old reported an assault last month. McGhee lives in Aurora, at a home with an 11-year-old boy. - (Alan Richards) - (reader link) - (crime)

    Temple of Faith Bishop Arrested for Lewd Act with a Seven-year-old Girl
Theodore Myers Richland County deputies have arrested a local bishop, charging him with crimes against a minor.
Sixty-one year-old Theodore Myers is charged with one count of lewd act upon a child and one count of indecent exposure. Myers is the bishop of the Temple of Faith Bible Way Church.  Investigators believe that on two separate occasions Myers enticed a seven- year–old girl up to his office located in the church. On one occasion Myers exposed himself to her. In the second incident, he is accused of placing his hands down her pants.  - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB) - (crime)

    Catholic Church & Charities Illegally 'Aid and Abet' Aliens? - By Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D. - (Invasion!) - (Commentary)

"Empty house"Homeless Jack was on a roll. The subatomic particles were strong.
"I see them, man, these dried up lifeless husks--these dead ends--these childless white people," said Jack. "They disgust me. They're here now because their ancestors had children, often 12 to 14 of them per couple. That's the way it should be. But, look at some of the descendents of those prolific ones. Lifeless husks. They disrespect their ancestors and their lines. They're useless protoplasm... - (Commentary) - (H. Millard index)

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