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  • Johnny Lopez , 38, accused of rape remains at large
    A 38-year-old man accused of raping a 15-year-old Perth Amboy girl in a Sayreville motel is being sought by authorities. Johnny Lopez was charged with sexual assault and other offenses in the Feb. 18 attack alleged to have occurred at the Parkway Motor Lodge.
  • Illegal Mexican National Indicted In Fatal Mandeville Fire
    NEW ORLEANS -- An illegal immigrant has been indicted on two counts of first-degree murder in connection with a fire that killed two men in Mandeville. Alejandro Orozco-Benitez, of Mexico, is accused of starting a fire June 2 in a condo on Caribbean Court. Police said Orozco-Benitez told investigators he set the fire because he was upset that his paycheck had been docked. He faces the death penalty if convicted. - (White Boy) - (Invasion!)
  • Claim Filed Against Hispanic Mayor of Baldwin Park for Supporting Hate Crimes & RICO Violations Against Senior Citizen
    BALDWIN PARK, CA -- The law firm of Lively & Ackerman, of Temecula, CA, has filed a formal governmental claim against the City of Baldwin Park, its Mayor, and Police Department. The firm represents Murrieta senior citizen Laura "Dottie" Dalton. According to the claim, "This governmental claim relates to an incident that took place on May 14, 2005, near the Danza Indigenas monument at the Baldwin Park Metrolink Station. The Claimant is a senior citizen who attended a peaceful protest against racism engaged in by the City of Baldwin Park through its support of a monument which denounces white and other non-Latinos. - (another angry white) - (hatecrimes)


Five black teenagers are accused of shouting racially charged threats and stabbing three young white men
For the second time in a week, an attack that appears to have racial overtones led to violence in a struggling city neighborhood. Five black teenagers are accused of roaming through a Lovejoy neighborhood late Friday night, shouting racially charged threats and stabbing three young white men, including a recently discharged Marine. In the incident Friday night, several neighbors and police said the confrontation began when the black teens left a house on East Lovejoy and marched single file along a sidewalk shouting racially inflammatory words about whites and saying, "We own this block." Neighbors said they called police but before they arrived, the five black teens encountered four white men and a fight broke out. The five teens who were charged were identified as: • Markethy McClellan, 17, of Pullman Place. • Angelo M. Kidd, 17, of Dodge Street. • Percy P. Turner Jr., 17, of 14th Street. • Domonic D. Williams, 18, of Woltz Street. • Mark A. Porter, 16, of Goodyear Avenue.
The injured were identified as: •
Jacob Dabb, the 19-year-old ex-Marine of Moreland Street, who was listed in serious condition in Erie County Medical Center's intensive care unit Saturday night. • Eric Dragone, 16, also of Moreland, who was discharged from ECMC Saturday after spending the night there for stab wounds to his back and side. • Frank Mietlicki, 27, of Longnecker Street, who suffered knife wounds and was treated at a local hospital. The attacks were denounced by Buffalo Mayor Anthony M. Masiello and Police Commissioner Rocco J. Diina.
- (reader link) - (black-on-white) - Attack in Lovejoy carries racial overtones * Racial Tensions Spark City Violence
“They were walking up Green causing trouble and we were walking up Green and they started saying stuff to us like 'ah we run Lovejoy, were gonna kill all you white boys from Lovejoy.” He says the black teens outnumbered the white teens.

    Mentally Retarded Black Murderer's Fate With Jury
Daryl Atkins
The life of a convicted murderer is hanging in the balance while a US jury considers whether his intelligence has increased enough to allow him to be put to death. Daryl Atkins was named in a landmark Supreme Court ruling in 2002 that said it was unconstitutional to execute the mentally retarded. But the intellectual stimulation the killer got by constant contact with lawyers in the case is thought to have raised his IQ above the threshold of 70, which puts him in line for the death penalty in Virginia. In 1996, he and another man abducted Eric Nesbitt, 21, a US airman from Langley Air Force Base.

Ref: Race And IQ By Dr. Thomas Sowell
Ref: Thinking More About the Unthinkable: The White-Black IQ Gap - By Steve Sailer
Ref: Race differences in average IQ are largely genetic

    Teens Accused Of Forcing 10-Year-Old Into Sex - (gang rape)
Jason Glover, 17, and Jeremy Kent, 18.Three teens in Titusville, Fla., including a 13-year-old boy, were arrested over the weekend for allegedly coercing a 10-year-old girl into having sex. Investigators said Jeremy Kent, 18, Jason Glover, 17, and a 13-year-old boy took turns having sex with the girl on July 13, a police report said. Kent was placed into the Brevard County Jail. Glover and the 13-year-old were placed into the Brevard County Juvenile Detention Center. Kent has also been charged with sexual battery of a 14 year-old, in an unrelated case which in May of this year. In that case, Kent had forcible sex (rape) with the 14 year-old female, according to a police report. - (Gman) - (crime)


    Man found guilty in brutal sexual assault and kidnapping case
Mark Steven Brown Since 1996, Grand Rapids police had no suspects in a brutal sexual assault and kidnapping case. Then came a major breakthrough and the verdict. Mark Steven Brown was found guilty on two counts criminal sexual conduct and one count home invasion. Prosecutors say Brown, already in jail on drug related charges, was a perfect match for DNA found on the victim's body. Police say a woman was tied up and raped several times, forced into the trunk of her own car, and then driven around Grand Rapids. - (White Boy) - (crime)

    Man Accused Of Robbing Hospital Patients
Virgil JohnsonA man is accused of robbing terminally ill and disabled patients from Stroger Hospital. Bond was set at $300,000 Saturday for 18-year-old Virgil Johnson. He is charged with robbery, attempted aggravated robbery, attempted robbery and unlawful restraint.
Johnson attempted to rob a number of people, who were all patients at Stroger Hospital. On June 29, officials alleged Johnson stole a purse containing $40 from a 33-year-old disabled woman. On June 30, prosecutors say he demanded money from a 62-year-old man in a wheelchair in front of his house. - (Brewski)

    Man Arrested For Posing As Police Officer, Robbing Elderly Person
 Javon Ellison Police arrested a man Friday for robbing an elderly person while posing as a police officer. Investigators said Javon Ellison approached an elderly man, pretended to be an officer with the Selma Police Department, and told the victim he was going to drive him to a town-sponsored event for the elderly. Instead, investigators said, Ellison drove the victim to a remote part of town and stole his money. - (Tyrone N. Butts) - (TNB)

  • Ireland Haven for Pervert Catholic Priests? * Accused priest battles extradition
    Arizona doesn’t meet Ireland’s standards of justice, say lawyers fighting the extradition of a Patrick Colleary, former Scottsdale priest who stands accused of molesting an altar boy. Colleary is one of three priests living abroad who were indicted after a yearlong investigation into sexual misconduct at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix.
  • Baptist Pastor Faces Sex Charges
    Tommy Ray Holbrook, Sr., 59, is charged with taking advantage of a 15-year-old girl
  • An 18-month-old girl allegedly raped by her mother's boyfriend Matthew Carovillano is now dead - (Tyrone N Butts)
  • Oppose Kennedy's hate crime bill
    This is a top priority of the homosexual lobby because it would effectively outlaw public (opinion) opposition to gay marriage and them adopting children, etc.
  • Police Crack Molester's Code
    Dean SchwartzmillerA man who authorities say could be the nation's most prolific child molester was crafting a lengthy memoir about his sexual exploits with boys when he was arrested, police said. Authorities also said they have cracked "99 percent" of the detailed code that Dean Schwartzmiller used in notebooks he kept, apparently to chronicle crimes both real and imagined. Schwartzmiller is being held without bail on one count of aggravated sexual assault on a child under 14 and six counts of lewd and lascivious conduct on a child under 14 involving two 12-year-old cousins. He faces two life sentences if convicted.



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    Samantha Runnion's killer Alejandro Avila sentenced to death
Samantha RunnionSANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — More than three years after 5-year-old Samantha Runnion was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and murdered, her mother on Friday confronted the man who killed her. "I know she looked at you with those amazing brown eyes and you still wanted to kill her," Erin Runnion tearily told Alejandro Avila in court, before a judge formally sentenced Avila to death. "And I don't understand it, and I never will. Avila grabbed a kicking and screaming Samantha as she played outside her Stanton home. Her nude body was found the following day in the mountains left on the ground as if it had been posed. - (crime) - (Svejk)

    Authorities Arrest "Jose Rodriguez" Accused Of Molesting Boy, 12
Jose Miguel RodriguezHOUSTON -- Jose Miguel Rodriguez has been charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault of a 12-year-old boy. Investigators said the boy and his 8-year-old cousin were leaving a Dollar General Store when the man approached them and asked for help ordering food at a fast-food restaurant across the street because he could not speak English. The children, both bilingual, agreed to help him and got into his van. Jose sent off the 8-year-old then took the 12-year-old boy to a secluded, industrial area and sexually assaulted him while threatening to kill him. - (Brewski)

    Jury Spares Life Of Man Convicted In Triple Murder of 3 White Students 'Execution Style'
Vernon SpenceTodd BensonhaverErik HlassAaron GrexaKayla HurstA jury on Saturday recommended that a man spend the rest of his life in prison for killing three young people execution-style two years ago in a drug robbery.Spence, 31, of Columbus, was convicted on Tuesday of multiple charges of aggravated murder, aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary and kidnapping. Prosecutors said he killed the three in an apartment near the Ohio State University campus after he and two accomplices robbed them of five pounds of marijuana and $70 in cash. Spence's lawyer, Gerald Sunbury, said he was elated that the jury did not recommend the death penalty. "Spence had a troubled childhood and shouldn't be sentenced to death."
Vernon Spence, 30, killed three people during a robbery at an alleged drug house. Kayla Hurst, 21, Aaron Grexa, 23, and Erik Hlass, 22, were found shot in the back bedroom of a house on July 23, 2003. - (White Boy, Gman) - (black-on-white)

    Arrest Made in Stone Mountain Park Killing * Woolf was on probation for child cruely
Mark Anthony WoolfAnita RedmonAuthorities have made an arrest in connection with the slaying last week of a Stone Mountain park attendant. A judge declined to set bond for Mark Anthony Woolf, 36, during an initial court appearance in connection with the killing of Anita Redmon. The 63-year-old woman was gunned down at 12:30 a.m. Saturday during an apparent robbery attempt, said John Bankhead, a spokesman for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Redmon's brother said "We want to get this over with so the family can have some closure." - (Tyrone N. Butts, Brewski ) - (crime) - (TNB) - (black-on-white)

    Ex-convicts charged in cabbie's shooting death - fare ends with gunshots, laughter, quick arrests
Timothy DegerThe cousins were just 15 when they were sent to prison for robbing three people in 2001. Andre Woodcock and George Williams spent most of their teenage years behind bars, getting out two months ago. Police say they and Williams' sister, Mary Rosemond, needed a ride Tuesday night from a tough corner in Avondale. Their cell-phone call to Towne Taxi sent them Timothy Deger, a 42-year-old husband and father who'd been a cabdriver for four months. Although investigators think the three intended to rob Deger, they never took any money. They took his life, police say.- (sharpshooter, White Boy, Brewski) - (crime) - (black-on-white)

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