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April 2, 2004 * Pacific

  Cornell Officials and Ithaca Judges: “F--- White Girls” - by Sara Townsley
Sara TownsleyThe victim is white, and the perps are black. While mauling her, the victim alleges that the assailants shouted racial epithets at her, specifically, “Get your white hair out my face,” and that "they were gonna f*ck up my pretty white face."
Last November, a Cornell junior was viciously beaten in a campus parking lot by six assailants after a Ludacris concert. The victim alleges that she was confronted by the attackers at the concert – five women and a man – two of whom punched her.... - (Hellcat) - (NNN Hatecrimes)

   Hate Crime Is Thought Crime - by Colonel Dan - © 2000 SierraTimes.com - (Rick Dean)

  Feds Probe University of North Carolina E-Mail About 'Hate Speech'
an instructor sent an e-mail to her class accusing a conservative student of "hate speech" for a statement he made about homosexuals. Elyse Crystall referred to the student by name, calling him "a white, heterosexual, christian male" who "can feel entitled to make violent, "heterosexist" comments and not feel marked or threatened or vulnerable." - (awyattmann)



  Detroit News: Cross burning shakes mixed-race couple
Nancy Halliburton and 'Jason'Police will conduct 24-hour surveillance of a neighborhood for several days after a mixed-race couple Nancy Halliburton, who is white, and her African-American husband, Jason (allegedly) found a burned cross and racial graffiti at their home. County Sheriff Mark Hackel said undercover police and deputies have been called to the Halliburton home several times because of complaints from neighbors about suspected drug activity. - (Rick Dean)

  • Teens Plead Guilty to Hate-Crime Charges
    RIVERHEAD, N.Y. -- Two teenagers pleaded guilty Thursday to hate-crime charges for throwing fireworks into a Mexican immigrant family's home on Long Island and watching the place burn. Kyle Mahler, 18, of Farmingville, and Scott Soucek, 16, of Holtsville, pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment as a hate crime.
  Father of hate crime suspect insists cops got it wrong
Frank ScaliseFrank Scalise, 25, who is white,
was released from jail Wednesday on $10,000 bail after he was accused of smashing Zachary Borne's car with an aluminum baseball bat and yelling, "Get away from here, nigger!" last Friday in the Bridgeport neighborhood.
"A hate crime is a hate crime when the victims are niggers and the perp is white.
We have seen this over and over and over. Remember Wichita!" - Tyrone N. Butts

  ADL of B'nai B'ri Settles Defamation Case
DENVER -- The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith has settled a bitter 1994 defamation case by paying $12.1 million to a couple it accused of "anti-Semitism". William and Dorothy Quigley won a jury verdict in 2000, but the case was appealed the U.S. Supreme Court. The high court declined to hear the case.

  Authorities looking for Negro who faked hate crime to collect insurance
James Green Tracey and Nicholas  Gatlin HOUSTON — County arson investigators say they're looking for a man who collected thousands of dollars after faking a hate crime. Nicholas Gatlin was sentenced to ten years in prison for spraying hate graffiti on a co-worker's house and burning it down. Investigators say Gatlin and James Green (at left) spray painted racial slurs on each other's homes then burned them to collect insurance money. Green walked away with $450,000 and now he's disappeared. - (Hellcat)

Ref: Black Couple allegedly torch their home, then say it was hate crime

  ADL must pay over 10 million for false defamation of couple as "anti-Semites"
The Anti-Defamation League must pay a former Evergreen couple it denounced as anti-Semites more than $10 million, after the U.S. Supreme Court refused Monday to review the lawsuit. The dispute that raged for nearly a decade through the federal courts began when the Quigleys' dog fought with a dog owned by their Jewish neighbors, Mitchell and Candice Aronson, in their upscale foothills neighborhood. The Aronsons called the ADL.
Jefferson County prosecutors charged the Quigleys with hate crimes, and Saul Rosenthal, then the ADL's regional director, denounced the Quigleys as anti-Semites in a news conference. The hate charges were dropped, and Jefferson County paid the Quigleys $75,000. A Federal jury found that the Anti-Defamation League had defamed the Quigleys. The jury awarded them $10.5 million. Horowitz estimated the judgment now totals more than $12.5 million, once interest is included.
The Quigleys' children were affected because "they grew up during some of the most trying circumstances of this case," he said. At one point, the family hired bodyguards. They received a box of dog feces in the mail. Their own Catholic priest criticized them from the pulpit. - (Hellcat)

  African-Americans Admit To Distributing White Supremacist Literature On Campus
Hate literature has appeared at another local college campus, this time at Spalding University. School officials there say racially inflammatory fliers were placed on approximately 15 to 20 cars on campus Tuesday night. Meanwhile, two African-American UofL students admitted Monday they placed racially charged fliers on another African-American's car, calling it "a prank." - (Tyrone N. Butts, Affirmative Action APE Reporter)

  Yahoo Groups: The Hate Crime Files
"This group is for posting hate crime committed against whites from around the world.It is based on the F.B.I and Department of Justice findings titled "The Color of Crime" available online at American Renaissance(amren.com). Let's face it, crimes against whites by minorities are at an all time high and there's no end in sight..."


"The First Amendment says nothing about a right not to be offended. The risk of finding someone else's speech offensive is the price each of us pays for our own free speech. Free people don't run to court -- or to the principal --
when they encounter a message they don't like. They answer it with one of their own." -- Jeff Jacoby - (from Sophia)

  • Georgia: Attacks on Hispanics may transcend money
    For 15 years, Domingo Lopez-Vargas has been a stranger in a foreign land.
    In Canton, the attacks have increased racial tensions between Hispanic "residents" and "White residents".
    They help illustrate the dangers faced by the area's growing pool of day laborers, and the gap that sometimes exists between the police and the Hispanic community. - Note the article refers to "residents" - not "Citizens".
    American Citizens are now reduced to being "residents" along with illegal aliens.
  • Hate crime suspects held without bail
    Kasey Arlene Bieri, 23, and Mark Allen Davis, 27, both of Watertown, allegedly fled Wisconsin in fall after posting bail for charges related to the hate crime beating. Bieri and Davis, along with two other men, allegedly attacked a Hispanic man outside a downtown tavern Oct. 5 because he was not white.


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  When Preaching The Bible Is Outlawed, I'll Be An Outlaw - By Chuck Baldwin

  Dallas Texas: 'Whites Only' signs win reprieve
John Wiley PriceDALLAS - Fading "Whites Only" signs on water fountains at the county records building will be uncovered and marked with plaques explaining their historical significance, Dallas County commissioners decided. Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, the only African-American on the Commissioners Court, led the push to uncover the signs, saying they represent a part of history that should not be forgotten. "Our only real option is to preserve it and review it and use it as a barometer and a landmark for the future," Price said.

[Reader comments] "Commissioner Price is a member of a prominent black Dallas church where a very suspicious "hate crime" in 2001 prompted passage of the Texas hate crimes law, profiled in my website www.texashatecrime.com
Price says that the signs represent history that should not be forgotten. Of course, he and other elected officials who attend that church don't want people to remember what happened there. We won't see a sign in front of a church saying "We were hate crime victims!"

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Australia: Pack rapists' racial taunts
[reader comments] "Thank God these were not "hate crimes"

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Unlike the daily saturation news coverage of the "Texas Dragging Death", the Wyoming gay bar soliciter and the NYC cop sodomizing the Holy Haitian Immigrant - we are not finding daily national press coverage and follow-up on the cases of minority on white 'hate crimes' and many other cases with the 'wrong victim'...  [that may be found in the NNN archives...]

The [gay-rape] murder of Jesse Kirkhising and the 'norms' at The Washington Post (link fixed)

Concerned Women for America:
Hate Crimes Law Could Harm People for Having Religious Beliefs on Homosexuality

" Mr. Clinton announced new federal initiatives to prevent and punish hate crimes" - (link updated)
Justice for Police Officer Daniel Faulkner - gunned down by "Mao-mao" Jamal
National Police Officers Call For Boycott Over Cop-Killer.
Justice for Eric Balagot murdered in prison

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