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January 20, 2004 * Pacific

  Historic Black Church founded by slaves Vandalized; Two Charged
The FBI, which typically becomes involved in hate-crime cases, has joined the investigation

  Brooklyn bodega: Racial Bias Behind Attack, Cops Say - Ramos, a 32-year-old ex-convict with assault
Five Russian construction workers were attacked early Tuesday in Brooklyn by a group of men who had mistaken them for being Polish, police said. One of the injured nearly died from the racially-bias attack.
"What are you Polacks doing in this neighborhood?" one of the suspects said.
Tuesday, investigators from the police Hate Crimes Task Force, which investigates bias incidents, hit the streets of Bushwick to look for as many as seven other suspects involved in the incident. - (reader link)

  Transvestite castrates self - fakes 'hate crime' - (reader link)

  Black Washington DC Ward 8 Democrats Shelve Official's Ouster Over "poor white trash." Slur
The president of the political organization, read aloud a statement disassociating the group from the slur used by Mary Cuthbert at a meeting last month. We are aware there are increasing tensions between newcomers . . . and blacks and whites in our ward, as in other wards across the city." - (Brooklyn reader)
Also: Racial Comment Reveals Ward 8 Tensions - (fast free cookie reg)
"If the roles were reversed and a black person was being nominated and someone engaged in that type of anti-black hate speak, the heavens would open and the storm would descend." - (forum)


  Questions For Liberals - By Doug Hagin
Further these self-appointed discrimination fighters seem to love hate crime laws. These laws of course punish some criminals more harshly than others based on their skin color and the skin color of their victims. If we are to be a truly color blind society then why are Liberals supporting laws which accentuate the differences in skin color?


  FBI Won't Investigate Hate Crime Against Church
Agent allegedly ignores vandalism, threatens pastor instead.
When vandals defaced a sign outside the First Baptist Church in Gravois Mills, Mo., because it read "Homosexuality is an abomination, there is forgiveness," Pastor Ted Haynes called local law enforcement and the FBI. The vandals actually did more than just spray paint the sign. They left obscene and intimidating messages on the church's answering machine and told a church member that if the sign wasn't removed, they would remove it. - (from Pastor Morris L Gulett)

   Some Say Hate Crimes Legislation Promotes Discrimination
The passage of anti-discrimination legislation, in addition to the governor's strong support, disturbed some Marylanders who believe all crimes should be punished without prejudice. Johnston referred to hate crimes as "a repetitive redundancy" and that everyone should have equal protection under the law. He said hate crimes afford special protection for an exclusive list of people and that list would eventually have to cover everyone.
"There's no such thing as a love crime, you commit a crime because you hate anyway," Johnston said. "I don't think a crime should receive a worse punishment because the perpetrator hates people of a certain race, or a certain ethnicity, or a certain religion, or a certain gender. I think the crime should be punished." "Does someone deserve more protection just because they're homosexual, or even black, or Hispanic, or Asian -- or even Christian or Jewish?" Johnston said. "I think it's kind of divisive." - (Sons of YHVH)

   Jewish woman charged with filing a false police report - after admitting she put swastikas on her own door
SLEEPY HOLLOW — A village woman who reported finding swastikas on her front door three times this month was responsible for at least one of those incidents, police said yesterday. Sharon Miller, who initially told police that someone left swastikas on her door on Nov. 3, 10 and 17, later admitted that she put the swastikas there herself on Nov. 17 and "wasn't sure" if she did the same thing on Nov. 10, Detective Sgt. Paul Hood said. Miller, 42, of 11 Tappan Ave. was charged with filing a false police report, a misdemeanor, in connection with the Nov. 17 incident.
"I basically wanted attention in terms of making something happen," said Miller, a "modern Orthodox Jew".
Judge Joan Waters ordered her evaluated by a county program that deals with mental health.

  4 Blacks in hip-hop attack on White not charged with Hate Crime
The white female student told police at least two black attackers hit her, resulting in a ruptured ear drum and 13 stitches to her lower lip. Initial reports said the attack may have been racially motivated. - (Rick Dean)

  Arab Man Raussi Uthman Convicted of Hate Crimes in N.Y. for burglarizing and burning down a Jewish temple

  Evanston cops: Hispanic student made up racist attack
Jaime Alexander SaideEver since Jaime Alexander Saide told police a man put a knife to his throat Nov. 8 and whispered an anti-Hispanic slur, the Northwestern University freshman has given interviews, spoken at an anti-hate rally and even penned an op-ed column recounting his plight. Saide's father was born in Mexico. On Tuesday, the day the column ran in the university's newspaper, Evanston police said Saide made it all up and charged him with two felonies. - (reader link)    Northwestern Student Charged With Faking Racist Attacks

  Hate-Crimes Bill Itself A Hate-Crime - By Paul Craig Roberts - (reader link)

  Cornell University Police Department investigating black on white hate crime assault at Nappy Roots concert
The sponsors of the concert, the Cornell Concert Commission, the African Latino Asian Native American Programming Board and the Minority Concert Fund Advisory Board, all refused to comment to The Sun. - (reader link)

  Officials: Cornell probes attack by pack of blacks on white woman at "hip-hop concert" as hate crime
ITHACA, N.Y. -- Police at Cornell University were investigating a weekend assault against a female student as a hate crime, officials said. The attack occurred as more than 3,000 people left a hip-hop concert Sunday night.
A Cornell police officer came to the aid of a white female student around 11:45 p.m. as she was being punched outside the concert hall, Grace-Kobas said. The student told police she was treated for a ruptured ear drum, received 13 stitches on her lower lip and had other cuts and bruises. Moss said it was not clear how many people were involved, but Grace-Kobas said the student identified five or six black people as her attackers. Cornell police have made no arrests. - (reader link)

   Bond set for Aryan Nations city council candidate
Bail of $50,000 was set today for a member of the Aryan Nations who is running for a seat on the Hayden City Council.
24-year-old Zachary Beck was arrested for malicious harassment on Friday for allegedly attacking a Hispanic man in a grocery store parking lot. The charge is a hate crime. Beck lives with Aryan Nations founder Richard Butler, who is running for Hayden mayor on tomorrow's ballot. Another Aryan Nations follower, City Council candidate Karl Gharst, also is on the ballot. - "Who'll make his bail ?" asks Pastor Morris L Gulett of (The Church of the Sons of YHVH)

  Hate Crime: White Woman Racially assaulted - called "Dumb White Bitch"
A Council Bluffs woman suffered injuries in an alleged hate crime assault Tuesday. Council Bluffs police reports stated the 27-year-old woman was walking on North Eighth Street when someone began yelling at her. The victim told investigators that a man exited a vehicle with three other women and allegedly grabbed her by the hair yelling "You dumb white bitch," and "(Expletive deleted) white bitch, what's your problem?" The man allegedly then punched the woman in the head multiple times. The woman was able to get away and the man left with the three women. - (Tinsoldier)


Fake "Hate Crime": Anti-Black Graffiti Tied To Black H.S. Student
WELLESLEY, Mass. -- School officials said anti-black graffiti scrawled on a bathroom stall at Wellesley High School was the work of a black teenager enrolled in the school through the Metco desegregation program. The graffiti, discovered Oct. 7, said the school would "burn" on Oct. 15 or 17 and that "there will be no blacks." Police were investigating and the public had expressed concern about racism in the school. - (Tinsoldier)

  Net Tenn. man in NYU hate-mail hunt
Cops investigating a rash of anti-Semitic and anti-black E-mails sent to undergraduates at the Stern School of Business in Greenwich Village traced the messages to Scott Bain, a 41-year-old white man from Brentwood, Tenn. - (The Bobster)

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  When Preaching The Bible Is Outlawed, I'll Be An Outlaw - By Chuck Baldwin

  Dallas Texas: 'Whites Only' signs win reprieve
John Wiley PriceDALLAS - Fading "Whites Only" signs on water fountains at the county records building will be uncovered and marked with plaques explaining their historical significance, Dallas County commissioners decided. Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, the only African-American on the Commissioners Court, led the push to uncover the signs, saying they represent a part of history that should not be forgotten. "Our only real option is to preserve it and review it and use it as a barometer and a landmark for the future," Price said.

[Reader comments] "Commissioner Price is a member of a prominent black Dallas church where a very suspicious "hate crime" in 2001 prompted passage of the Texas hate crimes law, profiled in my website www.texashatecrime.com
Price says that the signs represent history that should not be forgotten. Of course, he and other elected officials who attend that church don't want people to remember what happened there. We won't see a sign in front of a church saying "We were hate crime victims!"

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Australia: Pack rapists' racial taunts
[reader comments] "Thank God these were not "hate crimes"

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Unlike the daily saturation news coverage of the "Texas Dragging Death", the Wyoming gay bar soliciter and the NYC cop sodomizing the Holy Haitian Immigrant - we are not finding daily national press coverage and follow-up on the cases of minority on white 'hate crimes' and many other cases with the 'wrong victim'...  [that may be found in the NNN archives...]

The [gay-rape] murder of Jesse Kirkhising and the 'norms' at The Washington Post (link fixed)

Concerned Women for America:
Hate Crimes Law Could Harm People for Having Religious Beliefs on Homosexuality

" Mr. Clinton announced new federal initiatives to prevent and punish hate crimes" - (link updated)
Justice for Police Officer Daniel Faulkner - gunned down by "Mao-mao" Jamal
National Police Officers Call For Boycott Over Cop-Killer.
Justice for Eric Balagot murdered in prison

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