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Which way Western Man?
Guest column by NNN reader Ken
Oswald Spengler


I just discovered your web site New Nation News and the first thing I read [upon clicking the NNN phoenix logo] was:

"New Nation News editor notes: trying to refine and focus the purpose of this website".

I normally don't bother wasting time responding to every interesting Internet voice I find during my web browsing wanderings... yours however immediately struck a chord.

I felt the immediate sense that although you obviously don't have all the answers as many seem to think they have you are asking the right questions. To my mind asking the right questions will inevitably lead to the right answers just as correctly identifying problems lead to their solutions.

Of course, as you pointed out, getting others to use the brains God gave them to see the light of truth is a whole other ball game. So I saw you asking the right questions which prompted me to respond even though I obviously don't have all the answers myself. So what's my point? Well, perhaps it's simply a matter of cause and effect. You asked the right questions which sparked an irresistible urge within my Faustian soul to answer even if I don't quite know how to... I must.

So not knowing exactly how to go about it I must endeavor to try and answer your questions. Indeed I have been trying to answer very similar questions for many years now and have come to a few tentative conclusions. So here goes.

Truly a worthy and noble cause if I ever heard one. It is however in need of a little clarification. Or perhaps it achieved its intended purpose by raising still more questions in my [the reader's] mind. Such as [in no particular order of importance]:

"Pavlov's dog"1. Considering those of us who have already come to an overwhelming conviction in matters concerning the survival and future direction of our endangered people, whether we came to such a conviction by force of emotional or intellectual persuasion, how were our minds changed? Was it by any form of coercion such as the subtle application of Pavlovian socialization [i.e. brainwashing] or propaganda concocted by charismatic cult programmers and their zealous proselytes? Or did we actually think for ourselves and come to our own conclusions whether we depended on the insights and efforts of others or not? Surely we who are full of conviction will answer that we were and still are solely responsible for our own decision making and that our persuasion was the result of fully conscious and volitional decision making on our part. In other words we exercised our wills and freely chose in spite of any coercion for or against our chosen conviction.

"What I am trying to arrive at is both a rational and emotional presentation for those that have not yet 'been committed'. I am not even sure if it is possible to really change anyone's mind - short of either forced brainwashing or the gentle persuasion of the daily drone of the multi-faceted mass media."

If we then accept that it is indeed possible for minds to change [not to "change anyone's mind" as you said which taken literally means coercion] without force or brainwashing, what then? Is it simply a matter of discovering the right methods or buttons to push to achieve a mass conversion from those believing lies to those believing the truth or does the destiny of the race not actually depend upon a mass conversion?

AsatruerNotice I prefer not to use the word 'persuasion' in the negative - I believe persuasion to be a good thing - it is the act of expressing and exposing our ideas to others without actually cramming them down their throats or force feeding them. I like the modern American Asatruer saying: "Change yourself and you change thousands." The best form of persuasion is by example. This is similar in spirit to the saying "Practice what you preach," minus the actual 'preaching' part.

No amount of 'preaching' can compensate for lack of consistent 'practice'. To me the tendency of some of our more overtly radical self-styled variety of racialist to push their ideas on [to coerce] others or to advertise their ideas in the same manner as the typical treasure-hording super-corporate-capitalist advertising industries is simply overcompensation for lack of faith in the truth. The truth shall set us free and in the end shall prevail.

But though it is proper that we should therefore love, respect and obey the truth as we understand it we should not cling to it as though the slightest breeze might blow it away. I am reminded of a lyric from a classic rock tune - "hold on loosely... but don't let go... if you cling too tightly... you might lose control..."

I never really understood those lyrics until I got a little older and wiser with experience. But it is not the meditative mystical detachment of the Eastern philosophies and religions I am talking about. I am simply referring to the natural detachment which comes with the confidence of one who is sure of the unaided strength of his own convictions.

When one is sure of himself and what he stands for he does not cease from effort or struggle but he also does not stir restlessly or expend wasted energy as though the truth was merely a fleeting flight of fantasy which depended on the number of and coercive powers of its devotees for it to carry the weight and ring of real truth. The true believer is not restless or overzealous but is able to rest and conserve and perhaps redirect his energy when it is wise to do so. One is not as threatened by his perceived enemies when he possesses faith in the power of truth to stand up to lies, to stand on its own merits, to stand the test of time and to in the end prevail against all odds.

"Zombies for Gore"2. But if all that is true then why does it seem that the truth does not prevail over the lies which so blind the masses? Indeed it is hard not to get restless and give in to the urge to shout at the deaf, dumb and blind zombie hordes until we are blue in the face. But kick and scream all we might I think there are some hard truths we must face squarely. As much as pride is on the wane this is no excuse for allowing free reign or license to any and all forms of so called 'pride'.

There is still even for us [who have regained our pride or dignity] that foolish and arrogant sort of pride to swallow. Although we may have good reason to believe we are in some way [or many ways] superior to the masses [of any color - including our own] we mustn't allow that to go to our heads. We must maintain perspective. We must be able to face certain facts squarely.

It is tempting to succumb to the ahistorical and narcistic perspective of modern consumerist popular culture which lives one lifetime or generation at a time thinking only of what is happening right in front of them and directly and personally to them at any given moment. Never seeing its past historical precedents or causes and never seeing where their present thoughts and actions are taking them and not just them personally but collectively and not just collectively as in their generation but as in all of posterity or future generations.

Oswald SpenglerI think another important aspect to this perspective is the knowledge that much of what seems so overwhelming to us in this modern day world and age is due to a large extent to the unprecedented population explosion the world has undergone as a result of the worldwide cultural diffusion of Western civilization which sustains populations of seemingly unlimited size. As Spengler pointed out in The Decline of the West - one of its imperatives seems to be to expand and to seek out space to stretch out into and fill up.

The limitless horizon has always inspired Western Man. This however has become a curse. Now this urge to expand and fill up has been inherited via cultural diffusion by every other race of people on the planet and naturally, Western Man being the worldwide minority, stands to be squeezed out of the picture. But this in turn causes other questions to be raised. Such as: Who in the end shall truly inherit our civilization or culture or way of life or racial soul?

ruinsWhen Western Man is gone will one or more or a mixture of the remaining races of the world inherit our legacy and carry it onward and upward into the future thus fulfilling our destiny for us? Upholding truth, we know the answer. We know that true cultural diffusion and inheritance is only possible within the race or intra-racial not inter-racial. In the end they can only inherit ruins.

And so long as there remains even just a tiny remnant of our kind [provided that remnant is properly grounded in certain truths about who and what they are] there is hope for the future [even if the world at large is thrown back into the Stone Age]. In fact, I am of the opinion that Spengler was on to something when he conceived of his morphology of cultures or the life and death cycles of civilizations. I believe that nature is indeed at work in the world of men as much as it is with the animals.

Forces are always at work towards returning all things to a certain equilibrium. The equilibrium is in this case being the ascendancy or ennobling of man. Out of the many breeds of man one must eventually rise to the top. When one rises to the top we may be sure that he was made of something special or greater than the rest. And that something special or the right stuff in him is the same stuff which causes him to show generosity and charity towards those less fortunate than himself. Thus he who rises the highest is often the one who doesn't mind pulling others up along with him.

Yet in doing so if those others are joined by still more others and then more under them and so on he who has risen to such great heights will eventually fall and all will consequently be brought low. Now you might think that it is at this point that I am suggesting the natural equilibrium of man has been reached but it is not. This to me is a disruption of it.

When all are brought low and made equal at the bottom nature once again takes over and the one who has the right stuff once again begins his ascent with or without the others for it is simply his destiny, his inheritance, his inherent expression of who he is. That is what I see as the human equilibrium. This is each type of man playing his chosen role or part on the proverbial world stage.

Just as women and men are inherently predisposed towards different roles in life so the races are inherently predisposed towards differing expressions of themselves in the world. Each has its own cultural expression. And the ultimate expression of the Western soul is civilization plain and simple. Given the facts it stands to reason that we are on the verge of a great fall but also a new beginning when the natural cycle of cultural morphology continues to reestablish equilibrium once again.

Right now the weight of the world which hangs on Western Man is dragging him down with the world. Perhaps earlier on in history Western man could have taken John Galt's advice [from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged] and shrugged the weight of the world from his straining shoulders and today the world would be experiencing a Golden Age unsurpassed in all history since at least the Sumerians.

Tower of BabylonBut it is too late for that. It is not, however, too late to do what John Galt and his fellow men of skill, intellect, creativity and integrity did. The remnant of those of us who still hear and listen to the call of our inner natures can shrug off our support of this Tower of Babylon and simply let it fall of its own weight.

When the tower of Western Civilization has fallen so will have the very force which has sustained the world's largest population in history and equilibrium will bring every race numbers back down to their natural and size. Similar to the way an individual human can lose weight naturally by staying on a normal diet until his own metabolism returns to normal. Then will our problems no longer seem so overwhelming by comparison to today.

In sum all we can do is to be fishers of men like the Biblical Jesus and keep throwing out a line or life preserver for any passers-by. We welcome all wandering strangers and treat them with hospitality for we know not who they are [or what they are made of - or whether they have the right stuff] until we have given them the benefit of the doubt and given them the opportunity to prove themselves.

In the Bible I recall tales of entertaining guests only to find they were angels in disguise sent to test the hosts to see if they were showing hospitality to strangers [giving them the benefit of the doubt]. Why would this be in the Bible? What is the point of extending such kindness to all strangers who happen by?

Could it be for the very seem reason I am proposing we do it? This is because you never know who you'll meet along the way. Like Jesus' Kingdom which was not of the world around him we too are a part of an invisible empire which requires us to test all the spirits [and men] to see whether or not they are of or from God [in other words true and in the case of men whether or not they are one of us being of like mind or persuasion or racially conscious].

I am reminded of lyrics to an old No Remorse [a British skinhead band] tune The Invisible Empire in which Paul Burnley sings about how we could be found anywhere and everywhere "it's all around you..." were on your corner, were in your job..." were on your street, etc... I can't remember them exactly but that's the gist of it... you just never know who a fellow racialist might be - he could be the one you least suspect but see everyday.

I think it is also a mark of the true man who has grown into full racial maturity that he is not a show off or someone who likes allot of attention or one to cause a scene. He likes his privacy and doesn't feel the need to prove anything to anyone much less all those overpopulated hordes [the masses] of strangers out there in the world.

Thomas JeffersonGeorge Washington (DWEM)This type of man was described by Morris Berman [The Twilight of American Culture] as the New Monastic Individual or NMI's for short. He is known in popular multicultural history books as the dead white European male or DWEM's for short.

Although, even a few or more of them have only been singled out because they garnered too much attention to themselves, the greatest of men make up the silent minority who historically speaking "speak softly and carry a big stick."

The true movers and shakers in the Invisible Empire throughout history are seldom remembered except among those who can truly appreciate them who in turn seldom represent what is typical of the masses of men.

New Nation News reader Ken


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Posted Tuesday, October 14, 2003
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